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Wednesday January 10th, 2018


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Okay do you get. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. Well good morning happy Wednesday welcome. Great to have you here slow Joseph is here as well or anybody Monica really is Andre I slept so good last thing then I think it's because Iceland naked are. I don't know to get into it but you have to Sammy this article about the benefits I had an enormously good boxer briefs so I just went all the way. Proof our remaining intuitive but I was like Iraq. Is that happening where you fall asleep and you just don't move into the cycle woke up in the same position that's the best dressed and or maybe it was the bachelor I don't know half the fact that so many options none FFF that's. I listened get a foot showed today it just a couple of minutes. We give you good example of how I screwed up in my house by not listening. Also does a great story that's going around. About how frustrated women can really get with men because we don't listen. Also really a special. Edition of the mug club coming up at 610 don't miss that you early birds I'm excited. Yet you haven't heard and dad's it's going to be fun under the before talking to this particular person and you'll know why we need your Chevrolet tickets at 710 to beat the street. It's gonna be all good but right now. We are looking for a first responder the first person to call the show today tell us why they are up early we only need one. U2 06421. Wall. Trevor in Bremerton what he do it up early. Ordered them. Well that would put her well a lot of people that are going of the job a lot of people and have the overnight shift that are driving home it's all kinds of reasons to be ticketed 5:10 AM Trevor so. What time do you have to go to work and howling and spend the gym. I was there about an hour that you and but it is ready school where it's limited to work a little early here it's sort of the day and then you know. Yeah workbook or needs you don't just spewed personal lyrics are adult. Heard your door terrorized Haiti to personally there last totally amazed that analogy is David Trevor just say get a New Year's staying or do you always go to the gym before work. Not all in all yeah that's good man that's a great routine to get into that I love. Working out first thing because in the rest today you can you chip you're gonna yes slow Joseph lot. Always said that if I could say you know I blame my work we have to get through them like I wish I could do us feeling you go to the gym before work. Well we were unemployed for like nine months and I it's like okay well I can get up early amused to getting a brewing go to Jim. Never had not won and it is not an on time now one hand yeah I'd take semester because it's so easy to hit that test news flash you know when we have to get up and go to work we have to there's no choice you have a choice to go to the gym so Trevor. I think we both salute you here brother and well thanks to us earlier period hey what would a billion driver. Oh start Jessica I think that at my question was what are you gonna do at the gym. Over to do little whatever it's been you know a debit stored urine didn't judge that in they gave their focus so ships. Foot. Route already announced. It's just a. Doesn't doesn't Trevor sound like guiding as the day and yes it does sound of his voice he sounds like you guys gonna have a bad he's ever protein shake after a broad Jessica. I think he he he order it now remember I turned you are married or single guy. Under okay your marriage to the house to say piercing again I don't even look around there is no point dating a woman at the gym the worst idea ever it's even more commendable that you get everything go to the gym in your marriage you know my only motivation I could. Let's see myself doing it as if see. Going you know warm body next to embed it's even harder to get our heads out Trevor did on your body and a good luck Dario at the gym and look it's the worst I love ride my bike outside it goes by so quick though when I'm on a machine and I was only yesterday for two hours. It's brutal. Bro I trends dumb bastard ever had we love you and thanks for being a part of morning wolf pack and we really appreciate you listening and taking the time to call. They silver Mercury dealer sent him. I like Trevor man he's all business in Enola hats off to anybody who's doing the same night and get network out in both was like that stokes he go to work he just feel like you party accomplish success so good sounds phenomenal in theory the theory thing is. All right coming up next the morning wolfpack daily share I'm gonna tell you how I screwed up royally in my house and it's all look at that wasn't listening. You're listening to the morning it's. Alistair yeah it's our mine the mail when I had. You ask any woman she'll tell you the most frustrating thing we as husbands and boyfriends do let's face it is meant as a species. Is we don't listen. And at that point was never proved. More evident the other day wind Vanessa my wife asked me we're trying to sell our house in Arizona. So she asked me to put up this old wooden ammo box outside on a column to put the barbecue tools that make it look real nice and have like you know stuff slain around. Still we weren't put it in issuing about tuner on things or I wasn't listening so I'd. Proceed to drill two huge holes in the Stucco with my giant drill output anchor bolts in the whole deal. She comes as if we do it. Sort of putting up your mailbox. Tested no dummy not here. On decides he can't see it from inside the house and then when she explained of course it made perfect sense but it wasn't listening and it just was like again you Baghdad Baghdad data and I got my drill and a lot of dough and that's. So guilty of that. Every minute this is not it is not this is not specific to me. We don't listen in and like I say this because when you ask women. They wanna got to make some laughs in the most thing the most frustrated by his husbands and don't listen and everything and I guarantee right now. As we get into our daily share that's my share no money you're rich you guys have ladies of the morning wolfpack this one is for you. Simple question. What did your husband or boyfriend screw up because they weren't listening. You can give us a call right now 206421. Wolf or you can text us at 46150. Again. What are your obvious you're up to this because he wasn't listening. Slow Joseph over there by the way you're newly married Michigan was so to Furl while dad do you have an example. Of something you screwed up because you were little. And I got tons and that's obviously their biggest complaint and I thought our I thought I was just it was just turn just saying this but it recently we had an example we just move into our new apartment. So our address is 901 dot dot dot dot. So she's been ordering a bunch of stuff for the house and I've been there like you know among blogger and she has. And so apparently she's been asking me like K just confirming our address is 900 you know that that that. And apparently I'm just going yep yep yep that's right that's not listening to a she's actually says that she's got like. Ten boxes of like furniture all the stuff. And finally she realized that she was getting shipped to the wrong address because I said there at a sellout at the bank the other day yet and literally she's had to spent the last week calling UPS and FedEx and try to divert these packages to our correct address because that is apparently could not pay attention. I. There's a great story that is going around day yesterday a lot of people talking about this it was a woman in Arizona. She gets so frustrated with a husband because he wouldn't listen she went in what he was on the toilet just to get him to listen. As a 69 year old woman picked up a shotgun. And put two holes in the wall seven inches of buzz today. Just because she said I wanted to get his attention this is a quote. I shot two bullets at the wall above his head to make him listen to be a little extreme listen to me in listen I don't need a man police say the shots were fired while he was slouch on the commode seven inches above his head the. Back with Matt Stairs. One place. So Walsh Miramar so Loria and Larry you know doing fantastic happy new year. So let's get right into it is I'm dying to know how the story ended with a guy who criticize you on social media you know I'm talking about. You giggle I thought it was fantastic the way that you handled it in a master servicer of the story but as one of these Internet trolls it was body shaming you about your bikini. And you invited him to a meet and agree to fund not mistaken. I did it my gosh yeah I don't think a picture of me to have an audience to granted. That. I'm wearing a bathing suit because that it songwriter at bowling Alley. And there's this like I unfettered says I who beat you get a boob job though they're just domestic. And I was like so in shock because like first of all I didn't. And second of all of it none of your business and I just says that. But guess that you're calling yourself a meet and greet of your choice so he can head to my face yeah. And there. He did not at time. Yeah act kind of figured that was how it was gonna play out because none of those people those cowards on line would see any of that stuff to anybody's face they just feel real account for about a keyboard. No I mean there's but the thing is just total anonymity but I think. A lot of times when people say stuff like that they don't think the artist is going to hit you know. They do mean a lot of us checkered social and we don't have like people running them rest so we we are locked into it and we even at least least he has comments though. You know most of the time in 1990 and this time they don't respond or beyond walk somebody but. Ballot I really couldn't helmet. How much time do you actually spend looking make comments that people leave on the stuff that you post. Firm yeah I mean honestly I would say the majority of it is very positive yet. I think. You know there's sort of like. Ruled that you have to put in place for yourself like it depends on the percent like for me I don't wanna wake up and look at Twitter comments. Or lakes and giving comments I hate I think if there's one that's like me or derogatory it's like how to ruin your day though. I yeah I mean I think. I was luckily for the most part every line that I aid is followed by ray is very supportive and very lucky though. And I love having open forums and means I have a couple and that I am. You know I I catlett I'm instant message and you know I keep. In the loop on what I'm getting started so yeah I mean at that it's such a great tool but he can do is downsize everything but I think it's all how you look at it he's. Knowing. You know yet taken a stand by. It's not about you and I. If you just tuning in the morning wolf pack we've got Mary Morris on the phone do you think this is gonna discourage you from putting up pictures like that in the future. No I mean I honestly like I am I'm not ashamed of my body I'm very proud of that you know I think. Everyone should be terms of their own and so I. I think like if anything and they graded me to be more you know. Confident opens with my life it's like I. You know don't let anyone change the way that you do things because obviously it has to do with them about about you. Hey Mary thanks to take the time it's always great catching up and we love it when you come to the PNW so come see us soon and we'll idea. Yeah I eat you gotta get a great day and Pataki of. Always Mary Morris are coming up next. You know my wife and taught me how to return things she is a master at that she knows what stores take back anything you and I'm gonna believe what a woman tried to return yesterday. Yeah talent there rated and these here and 100 points. So Wolff story that is going around the Internet this morning. About a woman in Los Angeles in you know I'm a huge cost advantages there are two days ago I love Costco will. But you know you go to casket. The longest line is always the returns line which has its own door drag and before you walked into the main entrance and you show your card you got like get passed all those people in. Cost goes one of those places and thanks to my wife and I notice. Home Depot. Costco. There's a couple places like Nordstrom minorities they'll take anything yeah I think you did you buy TVs at Tesco use it for a year take it back considers a glitch. And as long as you have the receipt they will take effect the last time are the costs go same thing lock him either return guys got to shopping cart at a TV and it it looks like somebody kick a hole in it yet in my he's really gonna try to return Wednesday in a fortunately is it is a business and every have a really good customer service policy like this people take advantage. And I really trying to do in fact until I met Vanessa I never took anything back I just felt guilty about it. Just donated to go there are some I just felt that I was just delays in. Well that's comes in and play sometimes two but people who work it man know how to work a but I think this is the most egregious example of a return. Amber and this woman is now getting publicly shame on mr. Graham Twitter social media I think because she tried to return her Christmas tree. On January 4. A real Christmas tree got to stay Chris mystery. A real treat these serious there's a picture in fact I've got the photo the guy took a line he put a little extra her face she couldn't be I think. Who had driven out of town. But out will thrown out on our wolf wolf social here about two seconds. But she dragged her Christmas tree in there and the staff you know Sydney so what does a reason you returned mystery on January 4 she said because dead. That's absurd and look it. And it didn't let me finish the story before I get to comment their slow joke. Moscow gave her the refund I know some of the staff through Shea either way and there was a little bit of an argument about it at the end of the day. Man the lesser of the toppers the customer's always right so they gave her refund for her dead Christmas tree on January 4 lady out of the shame zone as a bad precedent you know I'm sure that is going to be remember it like. You know at thirty dollars or whatever that's I now I think you've got to draw the line someone that's ridiculous but there's been an egg into their employees. Like you know the president of Costco is staying there to make it official ruling on this decision but. Anyway. It's the good the bad about social media. You know I think we just heard about some of the bad from Marron Morris from people make personal write comments but the good. Pick a woman like this is taking so much advantage of a business has run really really well wrath. Gets a little shade thrown her way for Internet anyway I am going to tweet out. And up put the picture on mr. Ramsey concedes he you know what I'm Megan Astoria but some believe large stick around it a mug club coming up next. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAlister. Now on another episode of club and it's pretty special today got a letter among at a patch. Hamad in the morning wolf back to budgets ought to drop the line and tell you that I love the show and elicited a morning in my way to the fire station. We even have been known to corrected to lose in the fire trucks thanks for the great music and what you do for the community which is funny he's saying that to me. And this is from toward him because he's a firefighter and paramedic from the JB LM fire department engine 0104. It. It tuned to C a number are. 08. Torment everyday body. Editors. Alec DB hands that Campbell playing guessing game or use send me something in the mail ring any bells oh. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. This. Nanette is my brother how you feel well let me start by just saying how honored we were that you took the time to sinister coffee mug I mean. We have so much respect for firefighters paramedics first responders police. It just meant a lot that you take the time do them like us and and we were honored no problem I'm glad you are gone and glad you're enjoying it. I did it meant a lot I mean listen I have so much respect for what you do and the danger you put yourself in and to know that your crank in the wolf elicited the morning wolf pack on the way to do that and maybe we can and few up and helped you a little bit out in your day feud that just means the world to me. Also aired a problem like that what your radio station and then yeah we appreciate you and the like that we do looking the country music. Archer compact and is it JB LM fire fighter. You got to educate me a little bit manner as most of the work you do on base thirty guys go off these two most are working on base but we you go off it slowly provide mutual. You aren't even sweat tears and those type there is. Well with that in mind tour and I'm just assuming that you guys were there win the Amtrak train went off the rails yeah armed and actually you might Lyons company with a actually Ers guard. Seem to that call up a where you really yet how the first paramedic on pizza that was pretty intense. And we had obviously a lot going on but note the great thing about double play. We had so many units came and responded and we all work together that's what this. You good collaboration. Torre in your lifetime you've never seen anything like that I mean that's you know what you're preparing for in your tree every single day the oh and in a wheelchair for the unexpected in that. That they would definitely an unexpected events sell out the pretty intense colts are sure what a shocker do you have any residuals from that I mean inning keeping you and I are you okay. All of you know I mean. Luckily we have a lot or little markers or. Yeah Hattie critical incident stress injury after that call. We actually have a chaplain. And our fire department will you be able to come in and helped oh cool that's all night. I'm glad you guys are getting support for what you do and that god bless you for your service in death for all the help you provide everybody in the community guys of their heroes men make no mistake yet. I'm all about getting giddy about a celebrity now and again but our real heroes should be you guys teachers. Military yet that's where our respect needs to go. All we dealt with everything is going on interest Tony right now you know it's just it is humble privilege before the arc welder. It's I'm told cops are now they're millionaires or so I would call here at the current. Well I would Andy in it you're talking about our fallen officer deputy McCartney that's correct. I was thinking about that this morning and you see those two little girls in his widow. And yet ask yourself would you be willing to do that would you be willing to put yourself in front of a bullet for a stranger. Credit is that every available and we UCL lack of respect in our country for for police and for. Even our elected officials and that's that's what's re paying in America is far it that's just my humble opinion my brother but I respected. We precedes you as well that I think you have got that job on the planet earth kind of put a and it being able to go ahead and click continue to be part of the community I think that's great. It's a blessing I'm not gonna lie to you have been very lucky and I never take one day for granted that I get to do this his. I had this job taken away from me for about nine months and I was a lost soul man it's definitely what makes me tick. I hear you got a great shot on the planet to get a lot nick if I predict it. Well I don't I don't think you're got really need wealth and welcome my job is neat feature saving people's lives so let's not confuse the two things and I have one favor for its organism it's ago. We've please stay away for my wife with the fire truck with all the handsome dudes because. Every time you guys come around my wife is rubber neck and her cup and well you know promised to their net. At least Iraq at least you're honest hey all I've LA so we like to it and it looked at each up. You know you just gotta think they're too good lord god ever gave her all the other foot and put out the longer blocking it and you know I agree it appreciate call. AV honors all linemen it really is into orbit now but I get to me two days shaking hands and thank you in person makes three total fire department down there and it to the morning wolf pack clubs will be at all. Thank you. On the mug club maybe I'd Staley this coming up next despite what you may think you are not getting better at anything by watching it on TV. I like Palestine as a progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. Do you ever think you'd be good at something just because you watch a ton of it on television fact that the best. Yeah every demo let's take a professional bikers are they able to be better regular night it just doesn't work out that way. However. I do disagree with this article a little bit. And they called us the CSI effect. Basically people who think they're good stuff just because they watch it on TV they did a study about all these crime shows and actually win in the past. Criminals. Gee were you able to pull off a crime better BT's you watched a crime show you figured out how they caught you. And did that help view in New York felon eyes everybody says that I I you know and it regulator and it analysts a lot of first 48. Iowa after watching Dexter I was pretty sure I knew how to get rid of a couple of life I can do that accept anything. Not that I ever would be an but. Kinda disagree I just got done this podcasts and actually slowed JU turn you onto called thirty Jun dad and assist the true story about this to grifter who takes advantage of this woman when everybody would in the story I only given away. But the only reason that this woman this young girl in this podcast who lives a true story. Is because she was watching the Walking Dead death and she was able to fend off a guy trying to kill her with a knife because she said. And it looked a zombie showed junkies and that show taught me how to hold the knife Tommy had a stab Tommy had to go for the base the head there and taught me how to kill or be killed she's literally said the old she is like them a meager 85 pound tiny little twenty year old girl is it only reason I survived. Is because the Walking Dead so don't tell me. That watching a TV show isn't. Well I've got I've got an. They example for the other side when I was unemployed they released Bob bronze on Netflix eager to watch him paint all they have yet very hypnotic by the way. I'm like I can do I've got time I'm at a pace and landscapes I tried it it was the biggest disaster artery Emmy show for a burned at all I think it's awesome. Bras like. You're a morning wolfpack. What do you think he'd be good at just because you watch it on TV. The phone numbers to a 6421 wall you can also text S of 46150. That's a little bit easier for you don't text and drive. What do you think he'd be good at just because you watch it on TV go. Yeah we're talking about this new article came out the CSI effect. You will not get better at stuff just because he was a lot of it on TV I can't attend to disagree. And I would also use this is an example my wife Vanessa is an incredible interior designer we just looked house and made some money she's just great that. I would say that I think she's gotten better I wouldn't get early credit but she's a fixer upper junky joining games dad I think she's definitely got better. By watching you know I mean they're good at something already and then maybe get ideas gas stuff like that and just a little reminder you guys please call all the time morning wolf pack to a 6421 wolf but when you text which remain in attacks so we can at least say hi to get to know the audience here. You guys. So we got a text here American ninja warrior which is the show I love the fact that. But I don't have any illusions that I can get through now I'm easiest that are narrowed we would look so awful try to do that another text I love watching dancing. It looks so easy I tried I'm off. Pack backpacks they even say like Dancing With The Stars those people as the most grueling physical thing they've ever been and that's including professional athletes. Another text I'm a 100% certain I could remodel my kitchen after watching home handy network as Jack in Tacoma. Cost me an extra 101000 dollars to have somebody fix my mistakes. Another text would only be start singing cooking athletic competitions and terrible at all three cornered. Is the callous. You 100 points. Wolf by the way did you hear Wendy Williams yesterday throwing shade of Carrie Underwood. And I think a lot of us have been no little curious about this carrion would face situation that more on that later but listen dole Wendy Williams gone off yesterday. I heard about Carrie Underwood. I was more shocked. To hear about our. Well we're not gonna talk about it because I really don't know a whole bunch about evidence that she. Allegedly fell down a bunch of steps that are house broke her wrist. She released on Twitter that we might not recognize her when it's all said and done I don't know what that means. An excuse for a facelift. And power output port at golf now what we're cynical. She was already cute. I don't know what she's doing what happened. All I'm saying is falling awarded fees in the loss in the lobby in Mexico. With nowhere near as bad as bully and the steps in your home. By yourself how won't let there. Who's going to save you the the. If she did I dog. But in talking and I have no idea and you know the ironic thing is that Wendy Williams just recently passed out during her own show an excuse dehydrated or something she could very easily. We have to do with 4050 cities interface and way to what does this allegedly she's talking like at some cry or something she fell on that's Wendy Williams trying to generate something interesting Adam where there really is and what is she talking about like who is their rescue her was spectacular and talking about I I feel like maybe when he went off the rails a little a little as one person. In country that you don't go after its Carrie Underwood or if the woman would not step on an anti what is she like thirty should that they did not need to face left I think. You know existed just to talk about the Kerry thing real quick because again there was a picture taken with a woman at the gym with Carrie and her face looks exactly the same breath Kerry in a matter she's one of the Shia sweetest people I've ever met in my life so what I think happened was she did have obviously a bad fall. I do think there was some damage to a face threat but I think she probably just was self conscious and didn't wanna say anything just figuring the plastic surgery whatever they did was gonna. But when. May be the an inaccurate to unite and build a timing wrong now. But for her probably seems like a lot I was just hoping and then she got to a place where she's a well I think you can still tell I'm gonna have to tell people that happened to my face. Because otherwise people are just gonna stare at your face and a gonna make judgments about. It's pretty much yet. But yeah. Accusing Carrie Underwood of having a base list at thirty. Seems a little bit stressed that any kind of today to a 642 or will you can always gives a text to 46150. Just put your name in attacks. The morning when needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts doesn't help until than a dollar. All here's Matt McCallister yeah. It's no wolf the morning wolf pack I'm Matt McAllister are slow Joseph thank you so much for listening starting your day commute station welcomed the love having you here. And I apologize in advance. If I'm gonna talk too much about the Tonya Harding thing that's happening right now because I'm behind us and I'm I'm just passed. Everywhere too with the documentary in the movie and I've got some great audio she is actually it is that she's doing press everywhere now promoting both things. And she walked out our ended an interviewer piers Morgan yesterday I've got that awkward moment where she basically just that it can done. But. I think time is it a little confused in your head that just because there's a documentary coming out or there's a special tomorrow night I cannot wait for that. And there's a movie coming out. That somehow she's the victim in all of us that somehow she still spinning the story this year knowing about it. She lost her career over this and it's just tragic I think. Somehow she may have been confused about all on her side here it's very campaign I mean I don't. I've never felt bad for Tonya Harding got so bad for Nancy care not so when everybody feels and I'm sorry I'm just gonna say it. Nobody believes that you knew nothing about I certainly don't gillooly whack inherited an NBA or was it shot at a and I they are shocked that man I am so fascinated hubby and I cannot wait well the Tonya Harding is a show. Tomorrow night I blame Hollywood because you know they paraded her into the Golden Globes like she was like the star and I think yeah I think an audio clip you're about to play. She calls it nine movie in like it's like it's like like her biography. And she's dead and an act hundreds and review the actress as Allison Janney who won the Golden Globes. She's like thank you for sharing your story thank you for being so it's. Thank you on the Hollywood nonsensical. We celebrate very effective she can worsen the board and to take up the competition bush even as an obvious though she admitted a couple weeks ago this year at least knew if not like many if not word they hit that you can do about it oh she says she knows about it I think she's is delusional. OK without further reduce this is what happened when piers Morgan started asking her the same thing. I am really here just to talk about. The future and it's right what it means. My movie now to me. Is going to help so many people to realize that if it's OK. To ask for house. It took me sold them so long to be able to ask if the sun gets up at me and let me just interrupt and do you think that's why I'm here speaking to. Another day maybe sixty to play the victim but I think the victim in all this wasn't you it was Nancy Kerrigan who had Olympic drains. Saxon what actually it has led to believe. That we all. Thank you so much I appreciate being on your show but I think I'm gonna have to say have a good night. Don't give it away and Steve because I think the Nancy Kerrigan was the victim and all you. You are letting me finish I think that many people are the victims. Of abuse every single day. And yet they stepped up to this and I am sympathetic to any woman who is dealing with domestic abuse is what I think she's talking about it but. And that is not the Tonya Harding story that everybody's duty in full maybe you're gonna have maybe eleven reverence you only see yeah yeah it was I don't know I don't until like is that I'm fascinated by our beat the street coming up for sure Atlanta gets. The morning. Oh I now. 1047. Cell wool slacks had the pavement since its history. Good morning sandy in Puyallup are you today angry Harry you know and fantastic campy Wednesday. I had a pair tickets syrups and you're looking at a negotiation landing going to be the excessive show present at. Oh boy you're fired up for the show June 7 I'm ready all you have to do is get through five questions and thirty seconds do as good you can. And then we'll go to street slow Joseph found somebody else this morning working into the west lakes animal if you can beat the street you'll win the tickets you gotta write sandy. I'm gonna do that I got them all right sandy here we go thirty seconds on the board a serious question number one. Which marvel superhero is played by Chris Hemsworth. All kept in America which TV network airs the bachelor. Eighty feet. Paterson and Newark and Atlantic City are all cities what's staked. New York's Chris Cornell was the lead singer of what Seattle saint of August. I have no idea I don't know who sang a nineties hit any man of mine. And tonight so my mind. Do you know on the moon. Let's find out how you did sandy by god meeting your challenger in beat the street today and again slow Joseph was out at the Westlake center mall. What's your name where you're from every news. Randy from Port Orchard. I work for the city of Seattle here we go question number one which marvel superhero is played by Chris Hemsworth. The war. Or is the right answer Sandia forge a semi nude well you said Captain America so I can tie you all. All Derek so just like that Ravi has a lead and you won nothing let's go to question number two weeks TV network airs the bachelor. And. Sandy you got it right you said ABC says just like that we got a after two great way to hang in sandy 011 heading into question number three. Paterson Newark and Atlantic City are all on what state. New Jersey. He said New Jersey and it used to edit new York and fortunately he was right the correct answer is New Jersey Randy takes the lead here two to one after three questions heading to question for it is our local Seattle question Chris Cornell is the lead singer for west Seattle based path. Sound card. Sound Darden was right imports a city you did not know that so. Yeah man this is now looking good heading into the last question all of Randy on the street has a 321 lead it does not look like you're really come from behind on this one but let's get the last question anyway considering the ninety's country hits. Any man of mine to. Garth Brooks. Garth Brooks is not the right answer sandy you got the country apply the right I'm happy about that but. Plus you do spin Walsh behind Randy he got three right you only get to right so you do not win beat the street the morning wolfpack has to take a loss today. Wow you won't. Wolf well sometimes it is but you know what I'm gonna do we begin little obligated to take it anyway without electricity. No way empty handed I want you feel good today I think -- you are more than welcome sandy you're gonna be there everybody's talking about sugar land and are common to Seattle June 7 we'll see there being straight anyway I was so fun I love it -- they took it upon the morning wolf that they kill you they have a great day you had to say about the way so the 2018 the official scoreboard ended the streak the morning wolfpack has via the streets. Too so we're still on top coming up next they've now figured out why Loretta Lynn fell and broke her hip. Really actually kind of integration details of the a couple of minutes a morning back with Matt Stairs. One place the ball a little update for you in the world country music Loretta Lynn. Maybe purely on the side of things. To open up my generation Peter good one of the pioneers in a letter to the black alleged. Alleged it hall of Famer country music one of the one a female pioneers. She fell and broke her hip and she's 85 years old she's still out there kicking and she's on tour as she's about to conduct Alan Jackson into the country music hall of fame. She still go the coal miner's daughter still knows who anyway she fell and broke her hip. At 85 on New Year's Day there's not a good way to start out two days and 2008 team there's really no more information about it today. Yeah her daughter talk and say you know what. The reason she fell she's got a new puppy. And she tripped over the new puppy and felt broker hit man with an Asher eyes you know. But my mom doesn't walk around so well either so that's that's definitely concern when you get a new dog or an animal. Sometimes your own pets can reroute and caused some damage house Jim you've got data. A giant Bassett have he's massive he's like like big piece that tripwire at your program all the time two weeks ago our electric government and landed on this that this this stairway banister. At my aunt Sophie is mom's house and huge gash in my chest. Injured Chad dad are mourning will affect the daily share this is where we ask you to share with us love to hear your stories. How did you get hurt by your own pets so it doesn't have to be a dog any kind of a pet how did your own pet heard you. 206421. Wolf or text 46150. Right now. Hello and I in Olympia solo readily in. The country music legend fell broke him if he tripped over her new puppy heavy urban her by Euro pat. Well. Let me another lecture me and he was there in two. Aunt and my does he get about protecting him in the hunt. And often and boom and so he was a fragile as it were in your dog when it tackle them yeah. What happened to your data that I'm the only home he's he's values and treating it seriously hurt I don't know he is okay. Yet you're noticing some some good head injuries is go to a dog park is a kinds of mayhem going on there that's for sure it pretty. Right on Hannity thanks for being part of the morning wolf back appreciate your phone call yes Chris thank you. But it a cat that's got this weird fear that the candidate can kill me well honestly hats and that's I don't breast cancer and no disrespect to you cat lovers. Some tax company here to hey we've had four broken bones that are fairly thanks to our horses but we love him anyway that's Tracy out and Issaquah. And I'm a mini docs in Chester. He was the size of aggressive data when news of puppy during puppy classes the structure tripped over remember broke her ankle. I have come if you got to pay for the night I would feel terrible on that. So here's the daily share how did you get hurt by your own pet to a 6141. Wolves. Exotic animals welcome as well above a good snake injury. Where she can text us as well 46150. Does make you put your name on your tax. Hello Shawn is never edit how old were you hurt by Euro debt. It was actually actually on day she was attacked by her cat. Hey. Do you. That was maybe any chilly night beyond it was sit on the couch. And then out of nowhere they chatted track your run out if he she want to get it right there he's did you get your head. Mr. And when she came home from the hospital room was washing your air. Our budget gap closed came out of here debt. Is so terrifying John you have no idea. Or maybe yeah maybe you do don't I don't I don't like well good and I don't wanna make cat people upset because I know. They're great cats out there but I had a similar experience with a cat back in the day were the cat did my finger. My finger swelled up to the size of a twinkie I almost had to have my finger caught off. All because they have this weird bacteria in their mouth that dogs don't have I just can't do the chanting god bless you can't people love it but showing your story's not Helton. It. Yet this particular problem persecuting democratic again the united I dig it ace John thanks for being a part of morning wolf back we love you crystal at Tacoma have you been hurt by Euro that. I have my grandmother. She tripped over the age an age old. And pumped her right shall learn. A little flat out about yeah that's brutal is it let me just ask you this question is my grandmother had a Poodle named tippy is every did including Graham of the grown up have a brutal. I'm Emily didn't I always it always all right same here and now I think we all have golden doodles and whatnot so that's the new generation that's. Crystal brutal helps yield up nicely she got pretty lucky click it they're down eight that the felt pretty well though there. Where she got broad areas that. They can't do anything about it look Kristol thank you for sharing this this morning we appreciate you being a part of the show. Yeah our landlord know curry QB have been hurt by your own pet. Yeah it's stupid question and I extract literary younger and I went to. They really jump on the bed next to her and actually get capital and that you were an elderly and your eighth. It only deepen the situation again did you permanent. Another cat moment. Boy that this is really turning into an anti cancer I mean in I didn't intend for it to go that way protests. Hopefully yours is aren't you hates the closet then it's inhumane to take him now but it's kind of scary happened and that Lauren and hopefully your sister he'll look okay. Yes all right and is talented thanks for being a part of the morning wolf back. And I am in my mind. You know as Texas 46150. Skeleton carries and had a Los so total makes it got really excited when I was a dry and a month after bass. He jumped out head butted me in the mouth and knocked out my tooth. As another when I was at a heading into. I was petting a Lama it's spit in my face. I couldn't see for two days. I know it was bacteria that's had an armored that I couldn't see very well for two days lone loser funneling about I've heard that can be kind of nasty and you hosed you keep your distance on them. Here that morning. I'm still a party. Cell walls and Matt McAlister with some breaking news. On this story FT NT right now. This is pretty crazy here wonder what it's like to be Harvey Weinstein right about now. This is a little example of his life so last night. He's a dinner. Ironically in a restaurant Scottsdale Arizona where Joan I'd spent the last ten years actually know this place its elements. At the camelback resort. And he hit it like a rehab in Arizona and gas so he's doing the what I think is the celebrity spin control that and I have a problem I can't control and I got to go to rehab cigarettes are for me. I don't buy it but the US had given. So we salmon dinner with a sober coach so at least he's given in a run I don't exactly know what his problem is other than harassing women. But here's how it goes two guys walked up while he's having dinner with a sober coach Charlie Weis he's ahead do we get a picture. And apparently Harvey was really nice about it you the two guys said he was jerk. I don't know who I believe but he said I am having dinner but no thanks for it but thanks for whatever who's asking for his picture look at in this climate in videos that's a beautiful Otis Graham bad. Add little that's. It's not like Bernie and do. Anyone else thank you. It was so funny intensively fallen icons I was like my mind and wanted to say Jared the subway and his university luck. I think universally loved by everybody until the day. As so anyway. So that you guys go off they perceive to go get really drunk at this restaurant. And I would say two hours pass. And they're walking out in Harvey Weinstein is walking out the same time is over coached. One of the drug dudes hands his phone to his buddies this tape video this year gonna wanna get this he walks up he says hey Europe blank blank blank for what you did all those women. And then punched him in the face twice now away now the manager of the restaurant says both. Punches missed because he was drunk. And I tend to agree because at the end of it. Harvey Weinstein and the dude talked about no oath. Charges were filed and everybody left and went home is there video of it now that I don't know. Slow Joseph I would think it is our producer that's of the new got to get on Al Rahman it's well yeah I mean this is buddy video on grass so it's out there somewhere or we keep looking for it. You're listening to the morning and welcome back. But Alastair. Our mine. The mail 100 points. I don't know right now what did you have to change. When you met your significant other. We've all been there. To give my wife a ton of credit and when we met she was a night out Tuesday at two to 3 in the morning blogging and doing whatever. I'm like I go to bed at 730. And god bless her soul should change your whole routine sort of getting up early not when I do but earlier we sort of go to bed at 9 o'clock we kind of met in the middle on that one the we all have to change something when we get mayor. And it was also my wardrobe you know getting that right now. My wife made a couple of trips to goodwill with garbage bags all my Maui Jim stuff exciting. I'm kidding but yesterday the reason we're talking about this mega Markel who's now engaged to Prince Harry deleted all of her social media accounts. Which for those of Muslim and I'm. I love my social media like I'm kind of addicted to bad idea sting especially because all of her followers. Skyrocketed. After she announced using. Not a dogs and stuff like we'll tell what you don't know is that the royal family is not on the social immune. Kensington tolerance to learn so yes we have FaceBook accounts. That's where we share official news of prince George in prince has shown it but we don't have no personal accounts McQueen tweets. That's exactly right so Megan Markel I'm sure she'd love to have an all those new followers and permit them and she was on top of the world and she. Was probably told the weigh in wasn't a choice to get rid of all your social media no longer so here's a I don't know morning wolf pack. What did you have to change when you got married to a 6421 Walter you can Texas at 46150. Include your name. So make DeMarco had to give up all over social media accounts yesterday because the royals than it is on to social media. As slow Joseph said the queen don't tweet row. Got to get rid of it. What did you have to change or give up when you got married. Everybody's got a story. Quick text there had to drastically reduce the use of the F bomb. Another Texan I gave up my family entering. I don't know why it or. You have to give up your family that doesn't seem likes a healthy choice lagging everything I you know I can see that but yes sometimes lets your militia families looney tunes to keep birdies today I don't know there's not much more that attacked. Again you can reach out to a 6421 wolf or you can Texas have 46150. I mean there's little tweaks. And then there's the example of our old boss. Who had to. Join the church of latter day saints when he met his wife in a converted from Norman hasn't yet which. That's to stick man and there's a lot of the stories too out there. Where you meet somebody they're very devout about their faith and you wanna conform as it was back and allowed only she'd do crash soon. You know I know people that. You don't have given up their christianity become Jewish and they wanted to get married I am my best friend his wife was Mormon and then gave that up when they got me. Kimberly says ahead as they're putting actual food in the fridge when I got married no more steak comes in beer and by the way that's from Kimberly you'd think that would be from a guy had love that handle most of my situation I've made I'm basically a vegetarian 90% of the time it's a visit vegetarian so. We just don't have a lot of meat. Yeah it and I did feel bad for you slow Joseph your stand in my house amateur record took a big fat yes he drives have. And if this is looked at it upped the lead in the all over the place like half. You're carnivore you wanted to savor the mile cave manner I'm morning wolf Bakke at the number to a 6421 loss taxed 46150. What did you have to change. When you got me. Hello Leslie and avarice and DiMarco the actors had to give up Voller social media accounts because now she's gonna be in the royal family they don't tweet so what did you have to change when you met your significant other. I had to change 'cause I didn't. Yeah it was terrible. Once we got married and that I do I didn't even know. App personally. I don't understand. I didn't leave air so. You got married. In the day after you got married he turned into the Spiegel jerk creating match he why do you think he marries you. You know I have no idea I have no idea you know it was incredible. These are so confused and as he was trying to swing to you for all your money or something what's the deal. I have no idea bad idea I did an application that I'd be that I didn't recognize that hurts and it's. So how long did this marriage last. All it and not long at all. Probably. Probably about. Six months cohort was well finalized. Yet while I'm really sorry to hear that lets them as a shock. It oh yeah but makes no sense at all and that could did you ever ask him like why did you marry me if you were putting on the show the whole time Michael was in for him. IE and I know I'll and I did eat out here after that it's like you know we didn't talk at all it was like you at all analyst at. You know I I got a while back Arum that. Fact I didn't even know that person and that. You know pretty much shut down all communication and yet in Turkey. Yeah I just to let you know how I thank you sir lit should be. Leslie we love you thanks for being a part of morning wolfpack and you have a great day day by going iron. It's callous. You 100 points. Yeah so I am in watching this show black Mir on Netflix which is all about where we're headed in the future with technology jokes those are turning out and it's amazing. But. I think this is the future and got a crazy engineers over Nike ads are brilliant. Anybody can put a gigantic piece of furniture to a shoe boxes. You got my respect so this is a thing this is actually happening right now we are turning into black here on the senate chip in bed installed in my head. IKEA to started running now and now it's for a crib you know women's magazine Sweden so it's for a crib right now guess what else he had does. It tells you you're pregnant. So what if it's a pregnancy test an act so the women if you're curious. In your in Sweden grabbed your IKEA catalog you ripped out the ad you take it to the bathroom. You go to the bathroom on. And it tells you if you're pregnant. A lot of time to realize. UK. PPI here and if you have. Yeah I mean I'd recommend mammograms and gloves or some two days but. You also get a discount if you bring the pregnancy test and we keep to the store to buy the crib that aren't there are no assistance and there again getting getting imagine being the cashier Ehrlich in it's are you sure this is the real story I've promised a kick it's an ad week right now. This exists at IKEA is running an ad for women's. For criminal women's magazine. So there ago that a weird story error black Mir coming alive. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Yeah. The portable Tagamet McAllister and output of Barak morning wolf thank useless poll of the day on our Easter it's story and on Twitter to Seattle wolf for all the social. And it was my own personal curiosity slow Joseph without a female on the show yet and its ability to buy but the women in the morning wolf pack yet they're simple. They get a feel on the new bachelor aren't gonna finally caught up but at last that I want to show I'll save my own opinions are okay now I've but I'm curious. And about mind that you're you feel it and wealth that's an odd question to ask a guy but I would just tell you. He's not somebody that I would hang -- he's fair game uses meeting them really on this time seems like an ice and do whatever but he's kind of famine. That's the only thing I would say he's not like a guy's guy you know he's he's a race car driver he rides a motorcycle crash he's extremely. Feminine I told you this that he used to date a friend of ours. Yes actually I'm not even a friend echo of war I don't nugget in there are pretty well and she they gain for a long time and he was apparently. Like a philanderer. I just thought the first episode was so odd why would you ever. First of all let's just take the TV show putter over your box why would you take a first date nominee your parents. And then what you add in the fact that it's a dating show and still twenty other women that you may end up marrying particular brings us one of the random girls to meet your parents went which repairs through II why I didn't I didn't understand the whole thing with us because the -- is absolutely terrible in my humble well I really I don't bill and a pleasure. So anyway I know my wife's not feel in the media but I dirt up there it's are useless poll of the data results. Well 83% of New York feel and are either new bats were either only 17%. At least that's on our is the grand story dated go vote right now we wanna know which you think. The palace raid and these here and. So what you know the Japanese those from Amazon is going to be the one complaints of chipped in our head eventually all about it allows us to everyone in our memories in order time in. Yeah I can see that being a pretty powerful duo. The reason memory and up is because yesterday was declared the jet these doses now the richest person in the history. Of the world. At a separated just let that sink in for a minute now Bloomberg adds that Bill Gates who would have had a net worth of a 150. Billion. Making him the wealthiest person in the world however he's given away so much money he hasn't had that network anymore either something in the water appear and I hope they drink it yes we create wealth in the Pacific northwest. Just in case you're curious Jeff Jesus net worth is a 105 point one. B Leon dollars that is astonishing. He's already added six is the end to his. Empire this year alone were like what ten days into the new year and it's insane either way if any of Jeff for anybody else that Amazon is listening we just wanna come take a tour of your bio dome that I guess they just finished yet that would told them you know 642 on wolf but they Jimmy Kimmel had a funny line last night he's like look bald dudes if Jeff p.s those can't figured out there is no hope for you. All the blood in the war wrath. Yeah calloused as progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. The morning wolfpack are kind of winding down here because it's 9 AM bullets almost. And that's where we led Dili take over good morning. So good to see you believe it's good to see you see Matt soleil what are unity talking about today during your show always liked catalyst agony through the walls by the outing of the lessons of Vietnam. Well I guess the Seahawks on the brain to because of the big firing with terra bubble yup it's a coordinator and Gerald double leg is you know instrumental in developing Russell Wilson as a quarterback also making it Doug Baldwin a star. And but correct me if I'm wrong about this part. These noted. In our Super Bowl against the patriots I believe Darryl double as the one that made the call. To not give these mowed the ball all okay right in the end up losing on first and goal right there. And the game is over and everybody's hearts are broken and personally I feel like that's why beast mode left. And went to oak Glen which slowed Joseph you Europe. Oh yeah man yeah yes you know. It's I think when you're a sports fan. Ticket hung up on one thing or one player when you know hindsight 20/20 you know remain and UK okay you can. Hey guys they're mustering Colin for his head after that game is now is just that huge lie. I watched that Jacksonville playoff game over the lead the saints and a number one running team in the NFL to try to throw it on for it's likely we just doing sometimes that you it is ahead stretcher and it turns her what they're doing your lame man game by the way Oakland graduates and John Dugard. Take care I don't miss Jon Gruden though calling it I love I suck period I love Kentucky back IT you talk in Seahawks and I hearts a little heavy me I don't Pete Carroll sorts of little heavy too because they're like best friends absolutely just have you got a letter may get letter brought ago. Hello and it is the first big firing. The Seahawks since the 2010 again for me it's just difficult to watch the NFL playoffs without the Seahawks and it. So I'm asking our listeners today you know are you watch in the NFL playoffs without the Seahawks and it. Yes you know I'll be honest with their games of the c'mon it's going to be skin in the game I don't care now and again think about my gonna wake up tomorrow don't care if the answer usually know this this limits on late at night that's the cars and our assessment though I think is the Panthers in the Redskins do like him now you know I don't wanna go to the I don't like the golden girls yeah okay now I don't need an intervention on that right now immediately. Our morning wolf back we're gonna lead you in hands of Dili to see you back tomorrow at five. Yeah that. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point 701.