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Tuesday, January 9th

Tuesday January 9th, 2017


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Okay do you get. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. Well good morning everybody is the morning wolf back I'm Matt McAllister slow Joseph is here as well it was great to have you here if you news station due to show. May be just looking for eight talking voice at 5048. Am if I'm pretty sure it. In Seattle Washington so we're grateful to be here thanks for listening. I just wanna say thanks to the wheel of people and IDS and armored. We hand visited India is their first showed a drop of 2018 they join the month club and I'd Jessica Taurus was so excited. When we called her and say you know we gonna come down and say hi in person and Joseph wasn't a cool feeling to show up yesterday and she was actually. The beside herself that we showed her business and pleasure I think she was shocked that we actually came even though we you know confirm several times they were coming I don't think you believe this know that's an awful lot of Graham lets trick play on somebody you'll be there in ten minutes or doughnuts. It was flattering really yeah I was great and everybody in the officer in the warehouse such as stated we got to meet this really great bunch of people glad to elicit the wolf. Couple those folks were a former came PS listeners who were really happy that they've not embrace the wolf and given us a shot as their country station absolutely our first trip to Auburn do yet that's a cute little town at the hood and almost as great as IDS which by the witty manufacture bolts and things like this. Was that little donut place we went to it and we decided to support the local economies who went to Auburn picked up but does in and just this really awesome Korean couple Joseph and after the drive to Auburn had to go to the bathroom he'll let us use their private bathroom they'd then they can have been any nicer I think it was like muffins and donuts is something I've very simple right by the railroad tracker there again I just really nice people so anyway great trip to Auburn yesterday Levitt. If you are doing the mud club it's really easy just go to Seattle wolf dot com our address is there send us a coffee mugs for more ever it is it's you work. Where and that's how we get to know you and give local businesses a little bit love. I speaking of love religion for our first responder right now at 206421. Wolf why are you up early who's listening. Call. Marion clean in how are you today. That area fantastic. What do you reliving Mary. I changed all of that's awesome where you teach school. What are in need Kent school district he said. Yeah that's good hell you doing that marrying. I'm back here teachings I graduated school Everett Pennsylvania. And packed up my card here are. Plus he drove all the way across country. How's that. And you write about you Megan who work for an America that is just like drinking coffee guys does that because you like your little bit busy here you're getting ready for work is this the deal. I. Out of all now that would explain as early for elementary school and a. Yeah I usually go and look where they're going at it and work all morning that it is like get out at the end of that. About it it. Yes the old Jerry Rice one I had the first one to the field the last one to leave coach it would isolate them personally he's gonna. So a Mary how old are the students that you work with everyday. I point there about it it's pretty great age right. I think I still like my kids and they're in fourth grade have to sixth grade seven mandate. Like even as well. Eight days yeah I'd be almost every about what we're they're spartans. Reality that she is but I get it back at what it would mean yet. Yes I am. A question for in this is just a little personal hot button for you but how many your fourth graders have cellphones. So I don't you think that evening felt they didn't clap and yet they have some. But I never won in the entire clear -- how to put able itself and I try to use it. But you do have kids that happened that own cell phones in fourth grade. Yeah Ali eating happily. Panic hit ballot rich funny cute kids. Is that they yeah a lot of them are like flat it. They're like they're gonna get there this court and let that or they have. And I thought they can tax stopped. Yet funny that we are gonna livid that I was a latchkey kid mama worked we figured out a way to get that done that a cellphone but I think I guess is a lot easier my body you know what though I think it has a lot to do with parents these days I think they think it is line they have a way to contact their kid that their kids safe purse amounts. I think it probably admin as this is much coming from them as it is the kid wanting itself allied. Rosemary we appreciate you listening to morning wolf pack thanks for giving us a call and have a wonderful day there. At the news this blows name your school again. I. You cut out what was America. It got on sunrise elementary have a wonderful day at sunrise and we appreciate you being part of our family. Thank. You to Mary thanks for being our first responder it's the morning. Oh I now. 107. Fell wolfman McAllister here and I'll admit it sometimes I like to take. Small daily gambles in my life to spice things up a little bit I think he's been a point where if you know your life's pretty routine you have the same thing you know staying every day you get a go to work go to be you know it's. So I find myself taking these senseless daily gambles chest to. Like I think he did to the days of me flying to Vegas for the week hitter over. A one year old son Terry means so. I guess I figure. I take little risks to make it exciting live and on the heads yesterday was a really good example of that and actually bit me in the rear because. Slow Joseph and I drove to all burn we took some doughnuts to some blisters great to meet the people and IDS. And then when I was driving you backed up to downtown. You got would have liked remember though the low gas light came on I think ahead 35 miles gag you're maybe less easy kept debating jets that now and I got him but I decided to ride the white lightning that all the way back to Issaquah. I like to stop at this little gas station there right on front street so fast days on the I can make that I can do it. So as I was getting off the offering and this is when the heart starts racing in the adrenaline starts pumping I mean is overloading my system. I get an author you know I got off the freeway there my exit I I was down the zero to zero miles a lighted and on forever. And I. I'm rolling in there's always a little bit of traffic on that Tulane sternum. And I ran out of gas rights. I think I had about a miles ago I had the whole distance of front street which is downtown the heart of Issaquah sided dvd they Oden. Gas can walk of shame and GT close not to lock him up Florida burner exactly and again could have been worse it could happen on the freeway are gonna nightmare in the but gas. Then you realize how stupid the daily gambles like putting what do you do it why why why is this worth their while I wasting my day yeah you had several opportunities that ever again I had passed up many gas station laughing all the way. Well they'd still like I said. Yesterday I look I gambled and I lost. Boy I wanna know right now kind of our daily share here in the morning was package is what is your daily gamble. Like what does that little thing which you dude it spice things up a little bit I know you do the same thing because everybody does depends on what it is a 206421. Wolf. So the daily share is what are those little gambles you take every day another senseless stupid but just to spice up things a little bit. Mine bit me yesterday I tried to ride the white lighting on that empty in the car ran out of gas about a mile away from the gas station. Had to do to gas can walk of shame. Susan says okay and these are saw a couple of FaceBook comes to get started here this morning she says okay pushing the gas gauge just irritates the you know anatomy my husband doesn't YY. For half. That's the still Nancy Kerrigan why. She said just get gas already I don't get ahead. Lives and gas yes food no and what I do is I go the normal speed and I pass up a cop on the freeway. That's always Durham and even just even though I've done nothing wrong for a lot of years even seeing a police officer on the road is still I get that little nervous ligament in his your. Catherine says I walk through the yard barefoot. Even though we got three dogs two goats and a chicken of the property affect anybody away sometimes we get frequently visited Mack-Cali and neighbors pig my act is rolling the dice that is an area she's a high roller Katrina says putting the shirt on the cat even knowing that shall try to kill me and my sleeve. Good Lisa's got a great ones do in my wife Vanessa does this all the time she loves it. I think the only daily gamble I'd take you see how many minutes I can relate to cross bed and he'll still let me into the glass. Vanessa does that we've airlines with flights AM I had. Your hours I didn't just gives me excess of one airline alike the stakes are too how I read I can't sit at the table slow Joseph you got one before we dig a couple of calls I got a couple I think probably my walked to work is a daily gamble yet it is just a matter of time at Forrester may have happened they got to go right near homeless camp but I just and I know Glen day's gonna urinary yes. We should get a couple. And while that's as one of them I. Ten the heat through this way past the expiration date because that's a good about. I've got this I've by end of you know it's a conspiracy. Decade of fireworks through. Well they used to be a time when there was no such thing that I smell it look at and I figured out I what is your daily gamble morning wolf back time for you to call 206421. Law. Yesterday I ran out of gas playing that game how long you can go. Christmas actually I can't believe he didn't stop for gas after labors and having that cover say server thirty minutes of it's just figured I can make it as just wanted to go to my station and just while you you know it does that things you're watching the gates says he got five miles or whatever it'll fluctuate back couple miles like out of nowhere either copper down one depending too if you're going down Hiller until Zach and gas gauge indefinitely fluctuate. To a 6421 wolf is the phone number. Good morning Marianne and to come what is your daily gamble did this to spice things up a little bit. Well each morning I set two alarm and I get that act as I could use a little bit. Ali this morning I echo what it off. Oh that is such a dangerous game I don't even play this news game because I'm so afraid of the consequences. Well fortunately I'm not auto pilot I look at about fifteen minutes played still made it. Oh good for you so tell me your alarm system because I like everybody else is use my iPhone. What do you actually have a real alarm like an old school Leno hit the buzzer type deal. I had my notes about thirty years old that I only gave up. I'm on my Droid X got bigger. It's a great debate though to snooze or not this news Marianne really appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf back thanks for sharing with us. This morning. Palace here rate and these here and 100 points. Though wolf I'm Matt McAllister welcome happy Tuesday slowed Joseph is here as well by Belichick Twitter this morning Oprah 20/20 is still trending. From the Golden Globes on Sunday which let's be honest was a Seth Meyers joke. When he talked about how trump decided to run there he shamed him at the white house correspondents' dinner so he said the same thing to Oprah as a joke. If you watch the Golden Globes Oprah was right there in the front seat with Stedman and it was all about overly every single person the got a public only essential for a late last. She's definitely had the buzz in the room so yesterday. My mom my my wife took my mom to go by and you watch and I guess they sort of got into it and I got into open had a conversation. What is this a joke or is she actually running. Here's the latest. When Bloomberg Astor backstage she had any plans to run seriously she said I don't I don't. When the LA times faster they said hey you think about it she said okay. Yesterday CNN sent two anonymous close friends of Oprah's claims she's quote actively thinking about it. One of them said she's been considering it for several months Stedman through a little fuel on the fire to. He's quiet police talks its meeting. He said. It's up to the people she would absolutely do it. Last June she told Hollywood reporter quote I will never run for public office that's a pretty definitive thing. But. Some of us remember Donald Trump saying the exact same thing years ago you don't know what to believe anymore our politics back. But we have right now our morning wolf thank useless poll of the day supplements to Gramm. And on Twitter as well there's a couple more options on Twitter interestingly enough it's it's fun to go back. Aways and listen to Donald Trump in the early years. I know people are talking about whether or not you wanna run would you would you ever. Probably not. But I I do get tired of seeing the country that why would you not I just don't think. I really have the inclination to do it I love what I'm doing I really like it also doesn't pay as well. Whether that's Oprah interviewing Donald Trump it. Back in the deadly dose from 1988. Now listen this tiny 9% to 991 of those eighties autumn night again here's another clip and I think this is just too ironic talking about Trump's. All of on the board tonight talking about lots of issues as he announces the formation of exploratory committee. To possibly see the candidacy of the reform party. Give vice presidential candidate mine. Well I really haven't gotten quite there yet. Because just over a level for Opel that was humans is just I think she's really great woman she's a terrific woman she's she's somebody that's very special. I have not even thought about it. I guess we'll see we'll see maybe that's part of the whole process. Did Donald Trump backed candidates during Larry King Seth that's the hope through BC's meet is to get at colonial fashion they'll elect politicians and the little political experience yeah I that's the only guy I was they do we really wanna go down that millionaire TV star were right in. In I'm with you Joseph good call on that oil. Back with Matt Stairs. And once or twice the walls now on another episode of club so grateful to all of you to take the 10% cost drugs from wherever it is that you worked. Of this and came with a letter to Matt welcome to Washington. Alliger that I love your show on 100 point seven the wolf I'm a new country music enthusiast. Carson graduated from RO army ROTC in Fort Knox Kentucky this past summer. And my husband and I ought to be fun to travel to Nashville and drive to Fort Knox Kentucky which was about a two hour drive. Almost every radio station played country music. Is Ellison to each radio station to get a thoroughly enjoy listening to the music. And I've been hooked ever since I actually attended my first country concert this past summer in South Florida Georgia line at the white river amphitheater. I worked at Boeing I'm sending you a mug appended to sticker which says at all if it's not bowing. I'm not going most people outside the Pacific northwest don't realize what Boeing is or how big of an employer they are. Boeing is one of the largest commercial airline companies in the world just in Washington State Boeing employees ED. Thousand employees which is almost double to Microsoft's or Amazon's. And leave no duo. It's just plain hello Linda how are you today. Kid. And it's sad. In mining is Matt McAllister who worked at the wolf pack a carry out on the good uncalled advocate he says that's a coffee mug for the mug glove. Yet Heidi head. And I wanted to call you would personally thank you for the wonderful letter that you wrote being a fan of country music and listening to the show really meant a lot of stress is that you put so much into the letter is really thoughtful. Well. All flee Iraq Canon how long if you were to belly sixteen years. You know I've been waiting to get a mug from Boeing because like you said it's such a huge part of our Seattle community knew the first one. I am surprised I tied it begin in that a lot of sad that this. Own and that means you're the first Boeing mug I love the sticker too if it's not bowling I'm not going I love that exactly. Our lady got to tell me because there are couple which Boeing facility he worked at. I would can read where they made this cemetery and that's a moment to huge digital graphics on the front of the building. Practice yet by the way I read were the largest digital graphics on any building anywhere in the world. That it attracts well I think that's amazing and we really appreciate you especially since here in new fan of country music you kind of new to the scene. Yes I am I don't think I'd ever do and be need attention he laughs and I went back to you Nash family and and anti how wonderful day is that countries seen as back. Well it's a fun thing to be a part of because the people left the shows are so great everybody's got a fun side. I've been Iraq shows have been to pop shows have been to rap shows there's nothing like country show in terms of everybody just feel like a big fund family that is there to have a good time. I agree yeah I I recently experienced asked what took you so long time. My guess they keep stay that you had to keep some 200. Exactly. We're so grateful that your part of the wolf family and really appreciate those in the morning wolf pack and I figure if you could tell every single employee of bowing to listen to the wolf. We would be doing pretty good. I ES he would say yeah well we're already doing pretty good Zain we could be doing like other worldly goods and I'm saying. Well I you'll make sure I spread the word definitely. I love it live love you thanks for being a part of a club are coming up next crazy Wal-Mart released their list of things the top selling things at the Wal-Mart stores by state united gonna believe what ours it. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Even if you shop at Wal-Mart and I do my wife puzzle or toothpaste to Wal-Mart. You gotta know that it's kind of a weird place and people that go to Wal-Mart have an eclectic taste. Well Wal-Mart just released a list of the top selling items by state that people bile line. So you don't have to go into Wal-Mart to qualify for the list but. You know it's strangely. Significant. For example. In Oklahoma it's barbecue sauce just a bit surprised in Arkansas it's chocolate. It's Manning is in North Carolina actually in the south you'll find if there's a lot of the top selling items the wal mart's our food. But Anderson really weird ones. Root beer extract in Louisiana. My little pony in Idaho. Tell me they're not a lot of Brody is in Idaho after. That's scary. Watermelon gum in North Dakota and watermelon. Gum. Now this one really to head scratch your. In or again the top selling item at Wal-Mart dot com is a humidifier. Why would you need humidifier in Oregon again awash. I just bought a for our little basement space because there's so much moisture in the air coming from Arizona you need a humidifier Arizona in Las Vegas. And a bad I should say places like that. You don't need one in that daddy I'll never understand them any of that but here's what I want and I wanna know. If you guys. Without look at the list don't cheat I'm sure you could do it if he wanted to. I wanna know if you can guess what the top selling Wal-Mart dot com item is in Washington State I got ten back zero X well here's a thing if you've been witnesses the very beginning when you get to someplace new you see it was only lives this is something that we know. Okay to a 6421 wolf morning wolf back to bring it on seeds you can guess. Hello Janning Gig Harbor how're you this morning. Am great thanks for asking so Wal-Mart dot com came out with a list of the top selling items by each state in her some bizarre ones on there no question. What do you think it is for Washington State thinking. Great I guess that makes a ton of sense. But it's not the right one maybe because of the coffee stand on every corner here nobody needs to go to Wal-Mart dot com to get off to. Get. Well I shouldn't say that because the correct answer actually kind of falls in line with what you say and Jen thanks for being a part of the show. You two lobbying here's Riley in Mercer Island what do you think it is Riley. I. You know I've been told from day one in being in Seattle light you know supposed to carry an umbrella here. If you spent don't use a number elvis' watch to raise all the time can have an umbrella all the time. I great guest Riley thank you for being a part of the morning wolfpack. Yeah all right here's Gary in Port Orchard everybody's trying to guess what in Wal-Mart de accounts it was a tough selling item in Washington State carry what do you think. I. Why Crocs here let's hear it water. Yup yup okay do you think Crocs gonna make a comeback is it gonna slipped off the Rio are sure they will like it or. What sort today. The interesting. Interesting I Gary thanks for being a part of the show not the right answer Jordan in grand you got against Hugo. I'm my guess is go to. Its own no hey did you see that they pass new legislation on the tax on sugary drinks and how the pricing Gatorade does doubles. But it nine party noticed that alcohol is we get expensive with the sales tax here in Washington State. To assert our right is not the right answer Chris and appreciate you have been a part of the show. Our endeavors are all right to a 6421 wolf I have a fairly were gonna get the right answer here in the next few minutes. Say hello Chris in jail a share or unit anybody. Good are you are I'm fine thanks for asking and we're all over the map with guesses here Wal-Mart dot com released they are top sellers by states and we talked about some of the odd ones but. I was just curious if anybody could mail what ours was for Washington you gotta guess ominous there inkjet. Great yes I would say better than umbrella it's not the right answer how about a big clue on include crest search and and everybody's looking for one. It's part of the reason I gained ten pounds and I moved here. Chris appreciate you being a part of the show. LO Symantec in Seattle you got a guest for the Wal-Mart dot com top seller for Washington. And I'm. Oh. On the opposite seems like an odd guests but I actually read some trivia the other day. That we sell more pairs of sunglasses in Washington than any other state in the country. I couldn't figure that out because we have so many great days but slow Joseph and I were talking about it I don't know how you feel. But we think it's because you don't use them as often you've put them somewhere and you lose then you have to replace your sunglasses all the time. Yet it's a great guess it is actually not the right answer. I'm a leagues down the primrose path it has more to do with food and that's. Food all right so here's Hannah is seen early and I think it's about time we came up with the right gas I've dropped a couple of hints here. The right answer is part of the reason I gained ten pounds when I moved here because this is everywhere I go ahead Hannah. An hour prop eight in Dallas frustrating is though right in there and I'm sure slow Joseph helped you along a little bit if he called into doughnuts or pastries or this that the other. There are more donut shops in Seattle proper in the Pacific northwest. Than anywhere else in the world and convinced yet I airy and they're all good I couldn't figure out removed from the what is this there's a sweet story on every corner I'm going nuts. Got an awfully. Coffee and doughnuts welcome to Seattle fan thanks so much for being a part of the morning wolf pack we love our infield. Funny too slow to look at this map I realize there's somebody states the United States don't know which ones they are there. I had because they felt like David I don't know as they. Though it's a kind of LA is I'm laughing at Arizona because it's LOL surprised all like what is that I had no idea I really don't know. Nevada is personal travel care kits. And I get it. Let's see I think California's who's really hilarious. And protein powder. How fitting is that for Debra. Your program to have your broad TJ here that's it all right so guys coming up next to beat the street yesterday we were giving away tickets to show we couldn't even talk about that wasn't announced it wealth coming up at 710 we're gonna tell you what the show is. And giveaway at ferry tickets to beat the street if you wanna get in early 206421. Wolf right now. So according needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts and doesn't help until than a dollar all here's Matt McAllister. 100 points. It's no wolf you probably don't know this about me but might guilty pleasure when it comes to television is as. The entire bachelor franchise back yet I'll admit I'm very female or comes that I I'm addicted to the bachelor the bachelorette. And Mike Vick my favorite the trash used to bowl three is that true paradise I he had never understood that behave man I don't judge you you now. Well kind of yet night and I have retired he judged by daddy you know I suck my wife into it and it's one of those love hate things you can't stand the show you watching anywhere you know and I don't we just love to sit there and you know each have a little glass of wine and we is have to steadily in every year. I think the guys get a little more ridiculous. And the women get a little less Smart he had last night there was a full meltdown wanna play the clip just for your audio enjoyment. They went to a whether or simply wanted to go to a demolition derby. Of the one of the girls in a lease it it dug up some bad memories for her writing some bumper cars and she was a kid on to Philly she was stuck in the bumper cars. And it got very very emotional yeah. Can't tell because this goes yeah. But mostly and they re running high and and I think NBA Qaeda the wreck my worst nightmare. So you know leak in the financing and what I saw happen here says hey this thing keeps. I was kid I was like I was saying I'm for prayers and made it just remember like getting trapped and then ever kept hitting me and I was just. She did it. I just gave up and simply pin and there. Whenever you can hitting me hitting me. Just remember being like they'll. And as scary. The cinematic experience that he did it. A bumper cars from and I didn't know that bumper car travel as a thing this is just closing on and I'm really sitting here waiting for it. Even his campaign. I guess people around the towns and different things. I'm gonna stop me from having her car. Give her further trauma. This Q generation can you imagine her telling this story to a guy who has dumped on the beaches of Normandy Williams eighteen years old with a gun. AC bears celebrated their prize well you know in the producers that in the primary like class I had paid a hefty immediate effect well anyway as best sure rules tend to go the girl to talk smack goes home I guess Jennie was the one who was making fun ever so Gianni inaccurate. And at least it got a lot of play spoiler too you hear folks. Yeah I can't get enough that trashy junk I just love it I'm sorry I'll admit it I'm open about it dad the bachelor freak. I'd beat the street coming up guys to a 6421 wolf and we get to announce that incredible concert coming of the TN WS TUS. You 100 points. Wolf accept it's it's. History good morning elicit in authority how're you today. This is cool because not only gonna play beat the street for a fabulous prize do we get to finally announced the huge concert that is coming to the Pacific northwest are you ready I'm ready. All right I'm gonna work backwards June 7. At the assess that show where senator intent but are you ready to go see sugar Lander one. I am deteriorating at eight. There is no bigger buzz in country music and Sugar Land getting back together and have a new music and getting back out on the road everybody I know love Sugar Land this is going to be a great show. And you know what listen it's likely to there yeah. Yeah yes about. Finally got to do is beat the street's so here we go five questions you're gonna have thirty seconds which is plenty of time if you don't get hung up on one question in particular are you ready Melissa. I met Heredia I can be here we go question number one. What is actor Dwayne Johnson's wrestling name. And they're opt who is pop star Justin Bieber dating again and I don't know in which state would you find the Hoover Dam. It. Damn it and and in which lake sits right in the middle of Seattle proper. Union. Christian bush and Jennifer Nettles make up what country duo. Now. I don't know. All right here's the challenger when we found him yesterday when we visited the ideas warehouse in Auburn. What's your name where you're from there we do come Alfredo and I live in home I'll burn. And I'm the forklift driver for IDS. One of the nicest guys have ever met by the way I love you Alfredo if you listen in props let's find out how you did Melissa while we ask him the same five questions here we go. What is actor Dwayne Johnson's wrestling name. Our rock in Iraq he knew that line by Sony you settle after one question we are tied at one BP's. Heading into question number two who is pop star Justin Bieber dating again. We don't know. He didn't know. I union neither so right now we're tied to correct answer was Selena Gomez. Not that I care or I think you should care but I literally cannot look at Twitter or insert Graham without seeing a picture those two of the deeds and Selena Gomez nobody knew it sourced a tad what do these question number three beat the street for Sugar Land tickets they're rich state would you find that Hoover Dam. Colorado. Colorado. Is in correct my list that you knew what it was the Hoover Dam is in Nevada and then. Well there you ago that made that easy Melissa you're up two to one and Alfredo at the forklift driver here's question number four. Which lake sits right in the middle of Seattle. Lake Washington. Washington sits elude. To the east if for convenient geographically correct lake union is the labor in the middle of Seattle problem was he got that would write to so. Just like dad you are out to a blistering 321 lead and Alfredo. I don't think there's any looking back for you right now Melissa but a yeah Abby feel real good I do are listed question number five. Kristian bush and Jennifer Nettles make up what recently reunited country do. Content. Tennessee. Know Tennessee is not the right answer is surprising to know this money realistically is I just gave you tickets to go see the right answer. I guess on that day and maybe not let alone. Christian bush Jennifer Nettles make a Sugar Land but it really matter at that point you'll want that tickets are gone eight. About a bank Thelma it's our pleasure Melissa thank you to listen to the morning wolfpack can be a part of our show we really appreciate that you. Can't wait to see it in seventy cents a show where centering cane Sugar Land is back for her. And tomorrow morning we're back beat street Marie and their tickets you wanna miss that. How does that McAllister is in progress. These guys got to bring donuts it's. 100 points. It's amazing that we haven't talked about the new legislation and organ. That is now forcing about half of the state to pump their own gas back and and obviously been organs and I remember the first time I went there rumor shock couldn't pump my own guess it's illegal to ask the gas pump I believe the guy yelled that means I had no idea I was at a weirdest thing ever. So now. A bunch of people. In that literally have never pumping gas in their life and don't know how to were obviously getting made fun moves like the medium of last week breath. Because they didn't know what to do. And we're talking about by the way the people live in. The smaller towns and organize all the bigger cities they still pumped again daddy gets cities or counties with 60000 people are less so but probably the funniest things are talking about it today the funny thing to come out of this and Tesla drama turns over you can detect each. Is to VR headset game to came out dead dad is designed specifically just to teach people how to pump gas. So articles things about PR is you can't learn how to do things and it you know so there's a company that creates training programs and they created one. To teach your at a time I'm asked how did the parade tonight what is the speech I mean does that add days or one for how to open a gallon of milk. I probably. Exceeds the celebrities struggling whether they'll make one nozzle in the whole poll ever. You know I gotta flip the day I'll get I'm and a pick your drink so funny but it's not their fault they've never done and it's like I what about noon here all. A sudden. You know but it's fascinating to me dissenters really simple stuff that some people still don't know how to do and this is where we go with the daily share is or something really simple. That you still don't know how to do. I'll tell you right now. My bonus kids have a fourteen year old daughter. Who doesn't know how to tell time she cannot read an analogue watch stop it has no idea. Back jabs at the other leg they're still in schools are at the 206421. Wolf what simple saying can you not do. Hello Nicole in boffo welcomed the morning wolf pack Dario great Gary I'm good so we were talking about the your audience obviously everybody's made a lot of fun at the snowflakes and organ don't know how to pump our gas but there's a lot of simple stuff to some of us still don't know how to do. For example Nicole what's simple thinking you know octave. I don't know how to get. How to skip. Trying to get him I think it there since. Then it's one of those we have two left feet kind of things are what led by eight as they blow. I think I'm not able to do it. But several people trying to show me how to do it as a way. When there's a VR headset game for that might see an instructional video and how to skip you know the nice thing is an adult skipping doesn't really come and play very often but it is one of those. Building blocks I would think that you gonna know how to do. I think so yes you know it's funny though and now you mentioned it. I really don't know if I can teach somebody how to do it it's one of those instinctual things that you see somebody doing is kidding you just do it a fighting teach you how to do it either. I don't know yeah I could skip I got all the basic silly stuff covered I can whistle like can snap my fingers. Slip my eyelids up you know that childish stuff you learn in third grade I gotta tell them well. Don't feel bad though Nicole. Keep listening we got lots of calls a ton of people who don't know how to do really simple stuff credit. The daily share holly in maple valley what simple thing can you not do in we appreciate you sharing them is gonna say that advance. Hey I think I can do. Good at that a lot of people don't remember phone numbers. No I mean the end of the better technology gets the dumber we all get a name ammerman as a kid I knew everybody's number it. Now your hard pressed to try to get your kids even remember your number your cell your home in all that stuff but you're still pretty good idea say Ali. I'm. I'm gonna downtown indicate they're just here that I and that's. I guess how many phone numbers you think you actually know him. Percent to. I eight mega day that's pretty good in today's day and age eight photo emerged as solid. That is an a plus Ollie thank you for being a part of the morning wolf pack 206421. Walls the daily share what simple thing can you not do call right now. Say good morning David Olympia so we're talking about these simple scenes that people don't know how to do in life. You got one yeah I told my wife does this in my brother doesn't it. How old's your brother you know Miami asked. Eight. Yeah don't think you know I bet there's a lot of people there so many modern conveniences nowadays I'd bet there's a lot of guys out there that even though we should as part of him and you need to know how to teach retirement and a lot of guys that don't. Or. It. Yeah. That's great I appreciate you being a part of the show David thanks ago. I but it ace got in Everett what simple thing can you not do. You know it can't open about oh why really have you ever tried those openers were illiterate just like stick it in real fast and apostle cork out. Chart though I can open up here about seventeen different ways that I had called out so what happens as the cork we split on it. Exactly right at the bottom over the whole court bowed out of or whatever down. Well when you're using one of the old school you know wine openers that happens and there's nothing worse than we have somebody over. Company or whatever and you're trying to be all mature and you had a nice bottle of wine in he totally crushed the cork and ruin the bottle on the new like. You're trying to get the little piece of cork out of you know the top of the wine bottle it's so embarrassing. Dead or pick somebody your key that you think that's why I always let somebody else. Well Scott you gotta get this wine bottle opener that have for awhile now it's a console little more money but you never screwed up people it's just. One push in and one poll out and your good. I got you out of parliament by the but thanks for being a part of the morning off bag man we love you are right thank you. Hello Shelly and hoarding what simple saying can you not do. Well I can do it that the majority of kids now days cannot read Kurt said. Oh I think that's across the board I mean it's pretty much disappeared at the schools. Completely. Same with got member thousand schools is gonna make you laugh but we have we have a darkroom and has served the high school yearbook we could develop pictures in the dark. Kuerten. But what that managing myself but yeah. All that's OK I completely I do remember that I remember taking driver's Ed in school kids though but yet. Yeah and there's just not much call for person anymore unfortunately it is it it's tough to make a case for why it's important because they're never gonna use it any morning and a bead on the keyboard for the rest their lives. Exactly so that's. As delegates at. Getting to know particularly courage from grandma I eat you know what that is the only reason to know had a recurrence of this from Graham and others injured Christmas note. I love that he's yelling you're the bomb thanks for checking in and be a part of the show I video blog here here's Kevin in Bellingham are it was simple thing can you not do Kevin. Morning guys I couldn't and I couldn't wait my left diet blog about 2030 years. That is so great and so I'll be year old obviously you're right I winter. I wasn't kind of got a big the other military I mean military and I'm right handed suitor. But I guarantee that give you my rival right handed let it you actually buy less guy. It's yeah does this say you know winking kind of creepy anyway the only thing you would mean you're a sniper in the military a coming next in my early thank you guys for sharing we appreciate you coming up next Mary Morris. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolf came air Morris how Loria and the head are you are doing fantastic happy new year. You can do so let's get right into it says I'm dying to know how the story ended with a guy who criticize you on social media you know I'm talking about. Thank you giggle I thought it was fantastic the way that you handled it and I'm pressure everybody's heard the story but as one of these Internet trolls it was body shaming you buy your bikini. And you invited him to unbeaten agreed upon not mistaken. I did it on my gosh yeah I don't think a picture of me that I put on in the grand. That. And wearing a bathing suit because songwriter festival and now he. And then there's. Like I unfettered says I who didn't get a boob job though they just dust. And I was like so in shock because like first of all I didn't. And second of all it's none of your business and I just said it. But just play use one yourself a meet and greet eventually though you can imagine my face yeah and there he did not have time. Yeah I kind of figured that was how it was gonna play out because none of those people those cowards on line would seek any of that stuff to anybody's face they just feel real confident about a keyboard. Now on the name. But I think it's total anonymity but I think. I think a lot of times when people say stuff like that. They don't think the artist is going to hit you know. They do mean a lot of us checkered social in the don't have like people running them for us that we. We are locked in do it and at least even that we think he has common though. You know most of the time in 1990 and the timing don't respond dirt field block somebody but. Foul and I really couldn't come. How much time do you actually spend look any comments that people leave on the stuff that's your post. Yeah I mean honestly I would say the majority of it is very positive yeah. I think. You know there's sort of like. Rules that you have to put in place for yourself like it depend on the person but I for me I don't wanna wake up and look at Twitter comment. Or like extreme comments IA I think it. There's one and it's like me or derogatory it's like Veteran's Day so am I yeah I mean I think. Luckily for the most part every morning that IA and followed by AA is very supportive and very happy though. And I love having open forums and I mean. I have a couple and that I AM. You know I I chat with and that message and you know I keep. In the loop on what I'm doing and so yeah I mean at that it's such a great tool but you know that its downsides to everything but I think it's all how you look at it and knowing. You'd get sick in the end I. It's not about you about them. If you just tuning in the morning wolf pack we've got Mary Morris on the and you think this is gonna discourage you from. Putting up pictures like that in the future. No I mean I honestly like I am I'm not ashamed of my body I'm very proud of that and I think. Everyone should be term of their own and so I. I think like if anything it invigorated me to be more or you know. Confident open with my life it's like I. You don't let anyone change the way that you do things because obviously they have to deal with them it's not about you. Hey Mary thanks for taking the time it's always great catching up and we love it when you come to the PNW so come see us soon and we idea. Yeah I can't get a great day and could talk here. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister it's. Like yeah. Thank you for starting your day with us we lobbyist so mentioned just a minute ago. This is not necessarily good statistic but I found a pretty interest in not to be too morbid here but if you made it if you're married we start by saying that. If you're married and slow Joseph welcomed the conversation a year married guy he'll salty dog equity at three days and their blue. Chip. Listen if you made it through yesterday without getting a divorce. Good on you because apparently yesterday January 8. Was one of the biggest days of the year for divorce is and I'm not talking about when it's finalized. I've been through then that's a very weird thing I'll see you get a letter in the mail like year a year later oh congratulations its final. No I'm talking about you and the significant other or somebody sit and you had a conversation I think we need to break this Brad. Yesterday was the biggest day of the year for that. Why as well as you can probably guess he made it through the holidays obviously things haven't been good for a long time but you got to the holidays they were awful. Now it's cold outside. It's raining. You're stared at a big old steam in pilot dead back to work back tour. Your fat skis you ain't nothing but sweets and treats seniors at least ten pounds over. And you realize. I gotta I gotta stop. I gotta I enemy to change it and on a downward spiral man on the playground and among that little slide it just keeps going dawning on them like it out. In and you put your foot down and you make a change. The number one reason for divorce is on January 8 besides my own personal speculation. Is money problems. Number two. Intimacy. Not enough she'd shaken right and well look to enter basically the same so if you made it through yesterday and things are getting your relationship. Take a big sigh of relief if you made it through twelve Easter Valentine's Day red. Not to be. Morbid like I said before not trying to be mega everything but. I'm just curious to sometimes you read this stuff and it's it's not true. I'm just wondering if there's anybody in the morning wolf pack that and I gonna say youth is I think that's really taken a trip down dark road. I don't know you know anybody that made this decision yesterday if you know anybody. You know a couple that decided to college splits bill yesterday it. One more question is it the eight Virginia where there is at the Monday it was like. Well another the article says January 08 OK so it says that day well. And I guess the days into the New Year's it's a good questions loads of you wanna add an effect it has on Monday her hands makes it even worse but it says January 8 so. Apparently that is the biggest day could be. The first Monday in an anti money that well Monday is New Year's Day. This year to take this holiday to a 6421. Of Walsh again morning wolf pack if you know anybody I'm just curious if there's any merit to this article. At all you're listening to the morning call. McAllister yeah. Nevermind. The mail 100 my. So apparently it's impossible to have any kind of a sporting event in the United States of America with a National Anthem in this day and age. Without having some kind of a controversy. And I actually tuned into the college national football team to have a little bit late last night. And I went to bed at halftime so lot of stuff like kinda had to catch up on this morning on Twitter mr. Graham the man. It's it's impossible to get away from the drama movie even last night at the National Anthem they even kept the two football teams ahead in the locker room so there wouldn't be any kind of the scandal with a player kneeling or somebody not being respectful to the American flag. Like I keep the players away. Well as Donald Trump is walking out onto the field where he was the National Anthem. And by the way the Zack brown band performed before the game which was incredible breadth. Gently say the same for the halftime show which I didn't really get the Kendrick Lamar thing that I don't figure the Kendrick gang. Now and I just it only can I think you know is you know this goes on to something because he's making all the money that Zack Brown's band is making but he does have to split of anybody that's been in a microphone. And the funny thing was try to watch all these kids from Georgia Alabama saying the words to his songs and have no clue I was also that the idea was like and it was a delayed. Resorting layered it did look like the worst let's think of all tiger and I audio was up that's what I'm glad you pointed that out. Okay so back to the beginning game Trump's talking on the field and one of the players for Alabama. And I am I gonna play the audio but is name's Boe Scarborough I think he's a junior. He sticks his head out of the tunnel and yells and expletive. At the president of the United States. It is the worst one you can use I guess he figured that was as close as is ever gonna get them. I mean you do what you can write to keep the players in the locker. I mean Agassi should shut the door. But to be. That's just about as disrespectful as you can demand still the president of the United States in to control yourself. The other moment that everybody's talking about I would back and watch sticks out in my comment in this I really wanted. But during the National Anthem I mean I think there's a rule either seeing. It you know all the words or don't start singing yeah. And trump has taken a beating this morning because if you watch a video it's up on the Seattle will FaceBook page right now. I don't know what he was doing but he kind of came in and out of Haiti saying. He didn't really get into it until the very end divinity you know the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air he really got after that part. Any tried to jump in in the middle but it was pretty clear that he didn't know the word. I was confused because even like with the Kendrick Lamar thing I'm wondering okay is the idea just like delayed and you're seeing him singing I get. And it's just not thinking in I mean and just thinking you know as the president if you're not a 100% confident. This is you know the National Anthem or United States of America knew where the president of said you know. Organization if you don't know if you can't nail every word like it's a trap for American Idol Brett I would need star in and had that just stoic presidential I'm not gonna sing but I'm here in my hand is on my hard crash. Are you are you a singer we sing along with a nationally I do I get caught up in that stuff unpatriotic I love the military two US saying. And every National Anthem I'm never at a get a little choked up in a little teary idle water ride I just I think is one of the most beautiful things and everybody comes together took bothers me when it. A football player yells at an expletive and you know before like. Have some respect it's still our country and it's not always gonna go your way but. You know you have to sort of absorb the changes and say OK is there it is it is what it is always has been with the assist try to be respectful but. Yet terms taken a beating for that one for sure but. David that's the news nobody really the game was amazing but nobody's really talking about that though. I still this coming up next two hours of nonstop country to get to work Diego and I'm. Back with Matt Stairs. One points. So all the useless poll of the day up right now on instant brand story in Twitter but we just Seattle wolf obviously for everything. Where you think we are doubtful that it by the way it was would you vote for Oprah. If she actually decided to run and it's a big gift probably you know but would you vote for we were you think we are joked I'm vegan like 82 when he again it's. OK right now on our Easter grand story. 59%. Say no. 41% said they would vote for on Twitter 19%. Yes. 43% no. And sentenced what are you have an extra option of putting in a couple of 38% still. Undecided. Now how crazy is this we dug up an audio clip for you back in 1999. Here is Donald Trump talking to Larry king and it this time he's thinking about running for political office. Although on the board tonight talking about lots of issues as he announces the formation of exploratory committee. To possibly sink the candidacy of the reform party. Give vice presidential candidate mind. Well I really haven't gotten quite there yet but it most of us know where I love Oprah Opel and always been my interest to us. I think she's really great woman she's a terrific woman she is she somebody that's very special I have not even thought about it. I guess we'll see we'll see maybe that's part of the whole process. Which you lose some I mean kidding aside to do my thing is she'd do it should be fantastic. And she's popular she's brilliant she's a wonderful woman if she got to do it. I don't know that you have to do what he's got your Lesnar can be sort of like me I mean I have a lot of things going she's got a lot of things going for the okay that would be pretty good ticket but she's a very exceptional woman. Where you think you'll hear that a few times if she decides to run against a year yeah. Matt McAllister slowed to go get daddy here in the that's always a pleasure when you walk in like brighten up the whole studio. And we get to watch you dance for the next five hours over American music trio is awesome new country happy you know wiggle around to it well that's what I want people to know an adult people who don't get to see you other than your cool FaceBook viral video. Is it you love the music some in nineteen literally cannot stop dancing when you're doing your show I've never seen and I've been a radio for a couple of years you are nursing anybody's and genuinely in love with the music and I think it's amazing how well my daddy does raising on I don't know anything better yeah well good. I don't those are learning now. So what are you got to crack it open your show dealing what do you talk to listeners every day in your helping them with their New Year's resolution to eat better and stay healthy and stay on track for 2018 what I'm a fan of New Year's resolutions everybody so anti resolution and and and name and I am a link if you get it may try to make change make yourself better. That's hard I'm all about who doesn't love a fresh start exactly right and that's what I'm about always at the beginning of the year because I. Told over the holidays I don't feel guilty about it not you show on bet that's what you should do but I do try to eat a little healthy as I start the new year and it's tough because I have three things in my freezer right now that are complimenting. There in the freezer. Though it's a democratic Arty he really happen they go about it what's gone out. I'm one of those three things well there's Tillamook chocolate ice cream and moo I've never even had that. Until I'm lucky that again yeah I just thought it was chiefs you know and it's they have AM I'm probably gonna say this on but an origin is where they may get its response OK all right. And then also Tito's vodka. Alia in my standards. But I have the big one that I can nights like it's just literally I hear it every ninety only. So Latinos peeps can move past and negotiating an end pizza the pizza rolls Nobel party peak for the big. At a warehouse next era as a lead you to the I William discuss the room one. No and no gas blasphemy. For what it can. I don't. Yeah spin this so the wolfpack can be a part of I want it loud enough I wanna know what is your guilty pleasure what is the thing that is trying to wreck or maybe already has rector and its resolute OK gotcha aren't well for me would be tequila but he hasn't snuck back in in my psyche and you almost got to donate yesterday I've aside if I thought about it him but I didn't. That's not a matter but I don't doubt it. I daily on the next you guys are in good hands we love you will see you back tomorrow at 5 AM daily I can't wait to watch you dance and a couple minutes now say the plug stuff I've been here. Arnold actually not a palace. Mornings from five to. My real 100 point seven the world.