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Thursday January 11th, 2018


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Okay do you get. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. Wolf the morning wolf pack. Matt McAllister slow GO. And I'll be completely honest topping that men know really nothing about until they meet their significant other is returning things. Like driving he says something similar I mean am I bought something and it didn't work I would. Just go buy another one dollar donated or whatever I guess while I am I gonna care and my fault about their own thing as this thing as part laziness part just like not wanting that like a confrontation and but also not been aware grass you know wasn't until I met Vanessa that she's like you can return for imitating especially at places like Costco. Home Depot. But Nordstrom's there are some places that have these in fallible return policies breeding takes him to back a year later I had to have pretty brutal one it cost airlines. Well there was a story ST pretty much broke the Internet this woman was in line on January 4. With a Chris mystery that she bought from Pasco not a fake what a real one she was returning it and she said she'd tourniquet that was dead. What good news relating was dead admittedly a cut it bullet on the ground. But it was like. You don't battle rating go incinerate he knows that rye and there was a discussion. You know some of the managers came over and talked to were put at the end of the day. Then assure police officer of the customer's always right they ended up refunding her money for Christmas tree she's for the entire Christmas season and then returned it for a full refund. On January 4. And that's. Such a bad precedent I'm sure they just didn't want it the it was too much and hassle it was like you know fifty bucks of terrorists atlases like in this now but come on what she stood her ground to apparently there was a discussion there was a little bit of an argument about it but she wasn't backing down now everybody in line is who's an LA at the cost go there's been a big long return costs go alliance. Some guy to the picture ever put it up on the on blast on the Internet we can put it on our social too if you wanted to check it out but. She didn't back down. Our -- she sleeps at night but she did not back down to here's what we wanna do morning wolf pack for those of you who have worked in retail or maybe you work in retail right now. What have you seen people try and return one of the most ridiculous returns you'd ever seen people try to make 206421. Wall for Texas at 46150. This text I worked with a guy who closed his toddlers for free for five years. By using and returning close every six months at a Wal-Mart or target. That's criminal Manny is really. Really handle what's going on here. Of course you know the number 206421. Wolf all night in shelter and you had a ridiculous returns story. Yeah I worked all our girl other years rarely there. Birdie customer service I had been at it and that. Pepper worrying me an AEA is pregnant eight tests. OK got to ask was she pregnant or not. She returned a regular old apparently. Okay so what was your position there or what the stored do that they refer undermining. Who normally leave 03 act and a light one. Plumber would slowly it would totally refined it but just bringing the cheerleader you don't have to bring in Lee used. What they set the soil of pregnancy test. That's funny so I'll blows her case that it was faulty did she have proof from the medical office that she was pregnant in this was telling her she wasn't like I. Again I know you can't reason with crazy sick trying to negotiate with terrorists but I'm still trying to figure out what her position was that you brought him. Yeah. You know why you're right it was just. Crazy yeah she needed when I system and putting on anything that blue Obama in unity unless everybody thanks for sharing with the morning wolf pack we love his. I YouTube about we can also leave a comment on FaceBook tears ago from Kimberly she said my favorite return attempt was. When somebody was trying to return an old window AC unit battle with her child. Inner child said it right for enemy but mommy you bought that at a garage sale yesterday. Yes kids are always honest by the way she promptly turned around and walked out of the story that yes Arturo 6421 wolf morning wolfpack. Kerry did you wallet for talking about ridiculous returns because of this woman at Pasko who returned a dead Christmas tree. Yes so I don't I didn't work at the store but I it. Go on June Fred Meyer Puyallup let out perches and toilet seat and I got to go 13 bathroom that night. Got home in the open a boxer and there was. Some would put inside there so somebody had purchased the toilet seat. You don't put some wood on the block and return them and then they placed it on the shelves without check in the boxes tonight. Purchased them later with just pieces of wood in the box. You must've been scratching your head big time you open up that like what we this is Abe Lincoln's toilet seat what the hell's going on here. Birdie you know it was totally weird that I went that story. Good return no written I went back to distort there's three more boxers briefs or boxers that that would inside of them goals. Somebody must have been you know rehab and helped Kennedy pretty evident now in what you can look he did and then returned all the boxes to earn money. I hear you Eric K thanks so much forget is gone mass Gracie story yet it. 206421. Well thought Cory the sax guy you had a ridiculous returns story. And I met him ornament Mona brother how are you. I'm bill Garrett survive a holiday you know Bianca. Yeah. You know deliver it yes Aaron. It is Rite Aid. You know budget spot on an extraordinary thing what I received but it in the certain of halt. And very the end. A losses all on them. He was trying to reach verdicts. Are rebellious money because it all they they use one up. Some. You know I just cracked an end. Is just imagine. But the one that you know it's. Yeah he. If you apply. Yeah. That they need. Just regular seat belt and as a public schools you want to. It goes and I'll never gives up there. Yet calls CSI get a black light in there as disgusting and Hazmat suit. For the FedEx guys thanks for ticketed. Quick text. I work to Costco and returns the customer returned a Barbeque with an old piece of state still on it too funny that's from Sabine in markets. And tons of FaceBook comments coming into. A recent network for Wally world once upon a time we had somebody return that's kind of the same thing on and I'm kind of over the birth control by the way ask where we're we're good on that thank you. I digest says I used to work if costs go. The things people return and I would have to say. First of all I think cost goes gonna stop selling Christmas trees I think that's going to be the next step because this is a whole pandora's box they just over this woman because they did return or money. The things people returning counts go one customer return it empty bottle of wine because they didn't like it. I think it probably ticket get her money back plus assisted. And I'd get to another point tournament another eighteen tire rotisserie chicken and brought back the remains and said it was dry. What's wrong with people one guy bought an eight guess an eight year old office chair back because it was worn out. Vacuums that are years old the list goes on and on and on costs go take anything back because cost goes marred. And knows you'll turnaround spend the money we got back convince them that's from Jess. And now we get a call from a guy who didn't wanna go on the radio he and Agassi's name being worked at Home Depot. He says Home Depot has amended their return policy a little bit so they used to be like Tesco. They're not like that anymore he simply was working there this could blow your mind a woman came in with tigers. Tire car tires they felt irons no care instead of my tires are worn out I'd like my money back please in the manager said. Lady if you can show me in this store where we sell tires a refund your money. So she went over and found tires that were on a wheelbarrow and says here he sells tires right here. And making -- -- they refunded term of the giver gift card for the amount of work out every heating I'm not kidding you. And this guy again he didn't wanna go on the air but he said they've since amended their policies a little bit. Where they used to give out cash now they don't do that to just do gift cards or whatever I'm like I can't believe they gave her money that I can either people. Take advantage I would think if and again I have always been like had those manual labor outside judge that never worked retail. I think you could have a pretty negative view about the state of the world if you works mostly ahead in the returns counter. You hear that the warming globe. I'm still a party. Go wolf tonight is benign question you know Tanya I knew something was up you never had to Jeff. Lets us know. Did however overhear them talking. Where well maybe we should take somebody else so we can make sure she gets on the team I know what the hell are you talking. That's really big news. And that's quite an admission from Tonya. You believe you were taught absolutely any you paid the ultimate price. Yes again. Somehow. We spun this now and 2018 at least Tonya Harding hasn't grown head that she was the victim in the Kanye brutal Olympic attack on Nancy Kerrigan. And a and it shouldn't mock because that was a very painful moment aces there's so much time has passed away this man I can't believe. What Hollywood is down there like I think she's completely. I think it was had to be the Golden Globes she completely. Feels like she's the star announced on that her story and you know I think her delusion started way before that even going back to the original attack I mean she used. Listen this is just how wide thing I think she fully knew what Gulu in China going into every Senator Kennedy she's always been slightly new and maybe even mentally not there are so Tonya Harding is remove yourself from the incident and I had nothing new but now look tonight on this special. You know me I like a 730 bed time on staying up to ten if I have to move to consume the Tonya Harding special effect that I don't know why I'm just I'm fascinated by David Dyer about it for weeks and well it's finally here. I'm excited so that's going to be happening tonight and apparently in tonight's special she says like you heard in the clip. I news now she's willing to say I knew something was up that I didn't know what was gonna happen really I really I think it was her idea personally of that way it's what network isn't and well you're for me on the spot there at an act you're the produce an early look at you should know. I don't actually know which never designed I figure I'll two headed up on media go guy when I get home and check it out trying to so it again in the same TV conversation if you're interested tomorrow night. Letterman's new show is also on Netflix where he interviews people's first guess is Obama. So if it's a different David Letterman if you haven't seen him yet is the Letterman with the the beard the three foot here it looks like Santa Claus at definitely tied starting tonight should it be good I don't know about Cuba I'm going to be watching this morning. It's callous. You 147. So wolf now on another episode of club down a beautiful load from the good folks at artisan timlin Bellevue intact Leann of the office manager says she's huge fan I was you guys every single morning on my well aware. Look forward to speaking with located. I hello Lee and a amen McAllister colleague from the wolf how are you I can't tell you you know what I'm doing great thanks for asking us what the call in this say thank you for the mug and welcome you to them Uggla yeah. World where I'm happy here and welcome to Washington well I'd really appreciate that we love being here at love Seattle love the wolf but I can't tell you a funny story. But in about halfway through this story you're gonna know where I'm going. But you gotta let me finish anywhere getting such. All right so you've said in an artisan dental coffee mug inside and you guys that'll kinda you know dentist's office duties like toothbrush toothpaste gum all that kind of stuff. And there was this other thing which looks like kind of Highlander but it's actually open the top and it spray canister thing. And I'm thinking well this is a dentist this has got to be a mouse for it like for fresh. OK so I take it without even looking at it again. I take it in sprain in my mouth three times. How much. When I'm bending over in my eyes are watery and I feel like I'm gonna throw up I actually look at the container. And I see that it's actually hand to sanitize or afraid that I just regimen. Can host a continuation of label. No just me and I tell you because it's your fault I'm telling you because it's my ball and I'm an idiot and even Reba was that a separated my mouth without even thinking about I don't I don't know it's like any typical guy I don't read any labels anyway disclosed that the my mouse yeah. It's now. Now you can accomplish. Didn't expect. You know luckily you put in some driving down serve through a few sticks of that in there to clean it up real nice battle a lot of bad. Lilly NN again funny story aside really appreciate you listening I know you do and hopefully ever been there the office listens as well immediately to spread the word so we can grow the show well. I'll keep doing around Christmas time you got it got bad guys that jump from Idaho. I was contrast that with shell on them. Just to let you know we still look at me now and again and he's doing great. He still has his job he's got his kids here and and by the way that was our idea but that was all the morning wolf pack its usual kind of people listen to the wall. Did you do in critical darling junior had stuck my at this ad now it. You mean you know he was about Stanley you guys made it happened I was a cool. Yeah that's when we knew we are working in the right radio station ask the women the right place everybody listens as a big hearts over here to help each other's. Especially out why you can we deals great great. Keep on. And we welcomed me here and keeps you in the good that I love it lead in hey thanks for the kind words that means a lot in common to see that your dad's office and later you mark my words and company and out. I'm Kent Austin. You get to the mug and a welcome to the month club I'm thinking I'm great day. You two are coming up next to you and I got to believe it but get an email from somebody who. Had a coworker who got in trouble and it's a little hard to get your mind around what they got in trouble for stay with the story. So the morning. Oh I now. 100 points so wolf's mad at Seattle wolf doctor Thomas threw a shoe me an email got a really interesting when yesterday I can't wait to get your opinion on especially you women listening right now. She morning wolf pack my friend got in trouble work for saying I like the color of your lipstick to a female. Employee. The woman who had it on was not at all offended but a female manager heard my friends say it. She then called and into her office like he had assaulted somebody she told them the best comment was highly inappropriate and any needed to apologize to her immediately. The woman wearing lipstick was not offended at all so I don't know why my friend got in trouble is what he set out of bounds is this a creepy thing to say to a woman. Both for me I don't know if this is there a difference between complementing a woman on her lipstick color than her shoes or her. Whatever she's wearing which. Personally. I don't do I haven't had a co worker back these always come the women on their shoes I thought it was very the guys hadn't noticed women should women Wear cool shoes for other women and I know this but. Orchid ladies listening right now is or something different about lipstick is that somehow overtly. Perverted or something to say half I really enjoy the color realistic is that maybe is that a calm on is that a line and I'm I'm guessing maybe like HR eighty year whatever thinks like in this climate that we're in right now that like any compliment is just like out of bounds and well I guess that's what I really want to know and only women can answer the question is there a difference between just a regular compliment to about your appearance in and in about your lipstick. Is there something that we don't know because her a couple of dudes at. And we wouldn't do it anyway I think that's again a weird thing for guided noticed but. Is it creepy for guide to complement a woman on a lipstick 206421. Wolf protects those 46150. Shoot as the sex for 615. There a thought it was over ten seconds ago has gone on over there. Good morning Melissa in brothels that we're talking about this email. A buddy had a friend get in trouble at work because he complemented. A female coworker on the color of her lipstick is that a creepy thing to do. I would saying now unless they're really get it thunders I urge all guys school and I flared. Lipstick every single day. And honestly it's more of a part of my outfit than anything. I wouldn't say it can't be. So you wouldn't be offended if a guy commitments and Abbott molecular stick man that's great stuff. Now I have a couple of technical know that I do it he. The pilot bill I think Hillary I think school. Melissa thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack death yet what is couple guys in your so we don't really know there's something. Creepy about complementing a woman on lipstick but thanks for answering the question Angela in gold bar what do you think about ballistic compliment. I think it was completely ridiculous pretty Charlie even talk to him about it. So you would not be offended or find it creepy if a male coworker said hey you got some great lipstick today. Not let the guy is great theater in US rice. And EHR radiation about the ladies compliment you can do it you father I argue that anything. A death you know their biggest question is is there a difference between complementing a woman and her choose and her lipstick. I've got a text here from Emory bell beef she says not creepy at all somebody's being massively over sensitive about compliments. Can I say something and I am obviously now I want there. But like I said I used to work for the caddies to compliment women all the time on shoes in their hair their lipstick it always made me uncomfortable. Yet it wasn't because he was hitting on any of them I just thought it was really odd. That he would pay so much attention to women's stuff. But he knew what kind of shoes she had I thought that was I really weird it was ion and know exactly where you're talking about it like he said he it was no there's no like malice in the way no doubt it ended and they always say it looks at a lot of times of manipulates and think yeah he's never knew what to say so he would look at look for something that he could like rabbits that are I guess it was always awkward for me but again that's just me so it seems to be delivered people's. You guys are finding his creepy is there anybody who thinks it is 206421. Loss Texas 46150. If you're suggest look at a summer talking about an email we got to. Basically somebody sent him a buddy got in trouble because he told a woman who worked that he liked the color of her lipstick. The woman wasn't offended but the HR manager. Told him in and say hey you need to apologize right away even though she wasn't offended by at all imagine how awkward that a goal and you. Well especially because the money says he wasn't secretly talking about. So the question to you women in the morning wolf thank you is is it creepy for dude. To compliment you on the color of your lipstick overwhelmingly everything we have seen is now. I'm looking at some of the tax by the way 46150. Put your name on it too so we know who you are. Managers out of place in Macon and his company to co worker into a big deal which can create an awkward work environment. Oh here's somebody with a different take on a completely inappropriate no commentary for our compliments are appropriate in the workplace any longer. She must be an eight Germans will and that's kind of the new way about things drag it in it doesn't even matter if your woman given a woman accomplice. It doesn't matter you know compliments because in his day and change. You gotta go around a compliment everybody to get a couple of one person well you know it and I get it if you are HR manager it's like at that's like step one and so like a Rasmussen there I think they're just like probably being told you nip this in the like from the Africa. Prop I mean that's anyway. Being an HR manager nowadays does that sound like a lot of how we remember that ever lived the body that are story. The pro. Know the text people need to relax and misused giving you the creek survivor was overstating it shouldn't be a big deal take into account to move on. I can feel like I'm in the minority on this you know most women are offended by at all I think it's always a little awkward when it dude makes a compliment to a woman about anything she's wearing. I just I just do I just don't think in mind this is his me. I don't notice that I I think it's odd that when men do especially this one co worker we keep talking about. I made his visit with through so many instances when he would point out a woman's shoes and I'm just doing what we do he was a little bit of an awkward to you and I and I think sometimes the compliments are fine day you know I know it there's no malice meant by it's just. Awkward to me again and I I does that reach you going to get the occasion of just a week. Galen Puyallup you have account and about this a conversation. Talk about the lipstick thing all or not. The compliment. I like there are ever creeping back and I think about that you think of course. And about the guy like him it's yeah I I had a friend I pat now but. I dated a few times than Hewitt right it is really we love VW letters. But one plan not to we've had dinner with summertime and I had taken my issue off. He went on about my beautiful sea and he wished ticket kiss them and as editor at at that are a little boy but the fact that guys like. Pursuit. Oh. You know dead or else there's things in this world that I'll never understand. And I'll never understand the mentality somebody is really defeat. But hey TTE two zone and whatever did she go in you know I'm Niger edgy IDs if I can get my head to go there like. Oleg of those solos even locked in issue all day I can't wait or rubble. Just doesn't read exactly oh my god that it. Harder and you have a wonderful thing you'd do we love you Gail thanks for being a part of the morning wolf back now about that are itself. From what we can deduce from all you taxing comments and tweets and whatnot. As far as you're concerned as a woman it's not overtly creepy for a dude this company you when your lips to wrestle but there is you could do it in her really creepy way I can imagine somebody being creepy about it but I don't think that was the case in this and yet you know I think it's likely there there's a silence of the lambs complement his account better than those those who do you recommend that if we have lived through. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Why it's. So. I'll be honest and I'm watching things like the Golden Globes. And I see people complaining about the inequalities of sayings and how we need to set things right it's pretty hard. When your paycheck to paycheck person like I and and you got dead in real world problem real life problems. It's kind of hard to. Be too sympathetic about a millionaire complaining about the night getting in a millions. But I would tell you the story today that's breaking the Internet. Is a pretty good example of what they're talking about it I have to say for the first time I can get it. At our how you feel about a slow Joseph but the stories about Mark Wahlberg in this movie. All the money in the world that Kevin Spacey was originally in this movie but when that whole thing blew up. The director of the film Ridley Scott had all the actors come in and re shoot all of their scenes yeah Christopher Plummer instead of Kevin Spacey. And here's the problem here's the rub here is that everybody's upset about it rightfully so. Mark Wahlberg got paid one point five million dollars to come and every shoot all his scenes. Now Michelle Williams who by the way it was nominated for Golden Globe for her performance in that movie. Got paid a thousand dollars in expenses. Match. Mark Wahlberg got one point five million dollars to do the same thing Michelle Williams did it. And he made 15100. Times more and then his female costar. Now male female whatever. Two actors doing the same thing crash and you find out that somebody got paid one point five million got a thousand bucks an expensive you basically had like food service and partying she needs a doctor aged I think I I agree with that. And you know you wonder too if there's more to the story that we don't know like who she paid more originally these things are facts I don't know. But Hollywood's up and arms about it everybody's tweeting about it even Judd Apatow who's gonna lesser directors moviemakers he's even saying look. Hope Mark Wahlberg would he finds out about this for the pianist. Marky Mark doesn't need anymore money. Hope he does something to make this right correct they again is not his fault no it's not it's toll on his status of UNICEF and have a bigger say no okay. And you know it's not like he and the other actors are on the same team in May share the profits and status sporting event it does seem and yes. Crazy cat but that's what everybody's talking about it for me as first thought actually exceed a real example of what they are talking about I'd beat the street you want Sugar Land to a 6421 wolf call right now so. The morning when needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't help until than a dollar all here's Matt McAllister. 100 point seven go wolfpack hit the pavement and Jack could be history. Good morning Andrea in Gig Harbor area today. I don't worry little camp fantastic appreciates you asking an injury of an understand fortified you're young and you were a teacher from Gig Harbor. I only Santa tier school what do you teach and I'm a substitute teacher Herbert school. I love it now let's see if we need to do to just Agassi Sugar Land the company says social were sent hurricane June 7. Polian news beat the street so here's five questions you have thirty seconds on the clock. And then we'll go down the street after slow Joseph found somebody in pioneer square will see if you can beat that person are you ready Andrea. I'm ready okay here we go question number one. Who starred as Forrest Gump. I'm. From which morning show was Matt Lauer recently fired. That they hoped what does a meteorologist study asked whether what is the name of the mariners' stadium. They got through saying my next thirty years and live like you were done I. Act like dropped all right let's meet the Challenger Deep the streets. And again now slowed Joseph was out in pioneer square. What's your name where you're from that we do. My name's Alex some talk PLO ban on the use yesterday. Alexy UPS driver you never know this could go either way I will tell you injury and I already know you notice you've got to be feeling pretty confident we should push your chances today. I know you like I think that it really well OK let's find out question number one and beat the street for the ocean Atlantic gets. Who famously starred as Forrest Gump. Who us doing Tom Hanks. Okay Tom Hanks was a right answer injury you've got that one right we got to tie one to one question number two. From which morning show with Matt our recently hired that. I don't know. He didn't know which you did Andrea it was The Today Show everybody and remember that that was a couple weeks ago very shocking. And just like that you're already up to the wine here we go question number three beat the street what does that meteorologists that. Mean. And NASA in the media studies the weather and in your union that would sue the so you are feeling confident it was nowhere I can like try to make this more suspense letter was sent him I think he was smoked anybody that you played today. We had a 321 lead before are different injury you're going to questionable for what is the name of the Mariner's stadium. Citgo. I got that right but Anders Sony you just like every other question we ask you today for you on the I so. We have forwarded to heading into question number five so it's academic at this point who's saying my next thirty years and live like you're back. No clue. Lou and normally the street doesn't do too well when it comes to country music but you didn't need the extra help because it was Tim McGraw. An angry you have five replies yeah absolutely demolished beat the street today was no. Did you know. Look you're the smoke Steven hawking did indeed this treaty no matter who you play against so you are going to see Sugar Land when they come on June 7 it's gonna be a great show we can't wait to see there. So often thinking oh Andrea you're awesome good luck with the kids today are you teach him. I'm not that day and yet today our front. That may well enjoy your day off start thinking about sugar lands are getting prepped up for you know the catcher out in whatever will see in June. Thank you. Thank you. Hi coming up next the dailies here if you haven't seen by now what broke the Internet yesterday was this woman returning date Chris Richard accounts go on January 4 British flip around morning wolf pack. Those you work in real a retail. What is the most ridiculous thing you have seen somebody return morning back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice oh well that's what we call the daily share were Cheryl so when you and hopefully you'll share right back. You probably saw it yesterday but there was a woman who went on glass because she try to return eight dead Christmas tree to cost go on January. Fourth and there was a little bit of an argument with management. But at the end of the day Cust goes return policy is look if you got a receipt you Bonnie we'll give you a refund or give you a new one or whatever it is so they did. Well that was a long line this Costco in LA and some guy took a picture he put the red X through her face which by the you can see this picture on our FaceBook page Seattle wolf. But. I'm almost glad he did because people were so infuriated by this woman. I don't know what the repercussions would have been but it would have been severe she she would've had to go and hide it's absolutely ridiculous you know right this is such there's such a sense of entitlement like I should be able to do this from the fact that she argued it with Stan and closest people taken advantage of stores were trying to do good customer service and I know there's some stores like Home Depot that a pullback on a little bit because people are so ridiculous about returns. So. So those early in the morning wolf pack right now listening who worked in retail. We wanna flip this around a little bit what is the most ridiculous return you've seen to a 6421 wolf ten excessive force 6150 put your name and attacks by the way. Hello Jim welcome to the morning wolf pack how aria good morning Harry or I'm great image to come on we're talking about ridiculous returns in sojo said you've been working retail for almost forty years so. I don't even know where to start would you. Well I've seen at all but I think that's my favorite one it comes to mind is that. Or the most. Grossed one came in my hand guy returning your parents let that had a nice white police insides who's embedded glory days skid mark in the back. Chance for. Jim I don't even know what to say about this game mark I really don't other than I would Wear Hazmat suits and rubber gloves every day to work well yeah there's riverboat available everywhere I would I would have them on me and I would be like Dexter up in there with a couple of Grover gloves on all the time hey Tim thanks for the call. I think you and I to 0642 on wall. Supporting Kerry and Snowe Kwame were talking about ridiculous returns what have you seen. I you start at Beth bass and neon and the return policy there is like your return anything yeah there's some deep but one of the DM. Block deep unease. That was eight years old and returned it after it had been used without the ethnic. You said eight years later here later. And is there any conversation narrow or do you just go ahead and give them a new one a memories on that point. Oh lead sailor is there anything wrong Rick said. I'm not likely to eat it anymore. All of that's crazy you know we got a text to somebody said. I believe it was Home Depot but somebody returned to vacuum cleaner after four years because they got hardwood floors and didn't need it anymore that is not justification for return folks. Oh I thought it. As it's more than disgusting Kerry I love you thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack thanks for sharing with us tonight here's Lauren an average one to be seen as a ridiculous return Lauren. I think at its customers come to mean can. Hands he wanted to return her favorite her underwear that he hacker for years because they are equal. Would you say lord at that point. I and you know this day I. Came to me and I. Don't have lunch that came out with my pen and and figure out what eating it. That's happening. Like that might even been you know a similar paired but it. Maybe people don't understand what a return is he returns something when it's defective or you bought the wrong kind after you have not used it. Do we should just clarify what are. There today and made double there. In handy granny panties on for four years and that brought him back is they're not you know. Fresh anymore. It. Like you know us Lauren really appreciate you sharing that morally and warning of what it is seen as a ridiculous returned I don't when I. I would I can't have fled and ran out we had a dumb and try to return act cooler. Than going on has fishing trip and nickel are all at. Fished it out this. I had a the flags doesn't change. So you're saying your you really didn't use. Does that we're the only answer that yes there is a mental thing he added that works I don't need any news that an act. Yeah at the Internet was a horrible because of the cooler I don't gonna. Cooler were on the trip I love it Marley thanks so much for sharing. Thank yeah. You do morning wolf back to a 6421 wall. To a 6421 Wolfson number Indian Tacoma ridiculous returns what he got. I was Jack in the Box and Lakewood. And we had assembly that would come in order a great big me all. Big burgers and there'd only be one or two and a big burgers. They need everything it. Shut slim very last bite and then comment. And asked him saying it has been kid and I want to replace. And what was Jack in the Box his position on that did you refund their money. Any part of their murder in a bit it like we had to replace so you did return the money than they would get as tragic murder they would get a replacement burger. You know Alice that is why don't work in retail I was and say what you throw up the rest of that burger that you just stated I am expressing how you like yes I think. Let's see you regurgitate that double cheeseburger now again be a fresh ones you can. Indianapolis about a month bin 00 is management finally got permission to say you have to bring it back. After about the second I or we are not replacing them. And that is so you know right away when you order food you take one bite if something's wrong you know I'm glad the Jack in the Box did that I not. I believe in a good return policy that man. We had to shut down these con artist man out Sandia appreciate you sharing your story and have a wonderful day I think in a right Caylee in Kirkland you have a ridiculous returns story for us. Yeah all right here tailored. Inmate death of the recruiting their mom. Told you brought it up box. One year old make up in that that you might return or exchange. And while and you've probably don't wanna say this visit Nordstrom's. No okay what can they do know that nor should get as one of the stores on the short list of places that just like basically take anything back but. What you don't have to say the place where were you don't want to you but what was the final outcome of that. Dylan dare minerals the legal or not weeks but it's a Caylee at lake stricter rules and arsenic not all of it was even and then go make some different stuff than mayor. Yeah I can I gotta tell you we've taken it to run a text messages FaceBook comments to each calls. This is the first one word currently are on slow to somebody is actually no we did not take you back everybody takes everything I don't yet just this little harrowing and all right daily I love you thanks for being a part of a morning wolf back. All right a couple of quick text messages here. Game this is from Tara she says hey what I worked in babies or somebody returning eight year old extremely used car seat. People hagee and that's the just the stones on you to walk into a place like to have with an already whatever and say it was a receipt for eight years ago I would be sold. Self conscious about being laughed that you have read hey if you can save a receipt for eight years that's kind of impressive yes that is true my wife does that by the ruined yeah. Here's an of attacks somebody returned box of Magnum is because they were too big. That's got a that's you're embarrassing there's no way that's happening and another one here somebody and a return to seven year old treadmill to Costco. And I guarantee they probably figured that task of man T and I think we're we're going to us at least if I ever cost. They do believe there record yourself with a listening it is across. I would stop selling the Christmas trees because once people these con artists sign out and you do that that's gonna have a serious the same people that buy. The seven inch flat screen for the Super Bowl in return the next day. And then I know there's a whole. Other segment of women in particular that I'd dresses and even wedding dresses Wear them for one event in return on the next to Fiat per share that's very common. I'd a couple of FaceBook comments here. Linda soda or Home Depot in my twenties people would bring back dead plants all the time this one lady dug up or plans from the ground in the dirt path. Clearly they're never watered them she demanded money but I had to give a tour. Allen says many years ago somebody tried to return use ladies women's underwear to the department store were at work we've heard that now a couple of times it was discussed dean. Amanda says. I once had to refund a five year old lawn mower I was sure my store manager is gonna deny it but she didn't and by the way they didn't have a receipt either. And one last comment here from Brandon. I got one for him that used to work at a grocery store in high school. Bring back a fully cooked spaghetti dinner in a black trash bag impostor was still steaming. He said the meat in the sauce was bad and he wanted to to compensate him for every part of the meal. He was a regular customer and from that day forward he earned the title of spaghetti man. So it's a crazy world now I tell you but people got more time on their hands and had him absolutely. All right Jack coming up here a few minutes he could stay with us. I don't know if you heard about this but what haven't a Celine Dion has been in the headlines a lot lately but. A woman got on stage with her in Vegas and what she did to Celine Celine Dion is making headlines this morning. We've got that story for a coming up and about five minutes cornered. Is the callous. You 100 points. Wolf Celine Dion is all over the place this morning because of what happened to her in Las Vegas. And before I play you the audio it's very clear you can hear everything is happening I'll set it up a little bit for us you know we shall listen and do. Celine Dion is doing or usual Vegas thing. And this very intoxicated woman gets up on stage. There's no really pretty way to address this you know when your dog gets up on your leg starts go to town if that's what this woman stars doing to Celine Dion and you'll hear a woman in the very beginning this could go pay act like a lady. He's basically pumping Celine Dion on stage you liked working Ehrlich raping or lotion and wraps her leg around her like she's giving her like a leg hug. And Celine Dion again. Dean on not like the big sling Indian fan earning back and give her a lot of credit as entertainer how she handled this. Because I think most entertainers would have dispersant just you know pushed off stage. We'll Celine Dion bodyguards canal to get the lady Celine Dion says none just let me analysts. She starts talking to were in this therapeutic voice goes on for five minutes. I'm gonna play five minutes of it but I played highlights not a one minute long clip. But it turns out that this woman has gone to really hard time she has a six son who had just gone through bone marrow transplant. And the reason she got on stage wasn't a dry hump Celine Dion was actually to tell everybody did donate them to become a bone marrow donor. But of course she's drug it's Vegas so yeah it's Celine Dion somehow gets it out of work. And then goes and this whole thing about how it's 2018. And we checked kids in the loan market it's. It's all very odd. But I have to tell you. Props to Celine Dion for like getting to the bottom of the stick it out. It's. Okay. Yeah because the last. Oh we authenticated. Eighteen. We campaign. We get something. With BP M and look at. Everywhere you go. So people need us you. I don't want to say thank you to all of you because you learn in me it's. Yeah maybe. She is tall. Breezy of the weirdest things ever I agree. But I think for Celine Dion right Europe there you do the same show night after night and tonight it's exactly the same it's probably like bored out of our minds that OK on the play Dr. Phil here for help and it is a very cool. But yeah. A usual happenings in Las Vegas the Celine Dion that's the story here's Dirks Bentley now on the new one and a point 7 the wolf this morning. Alex rate and these here and. So wolf always sent and email Matt at Seattle wolf dot com I think it's really cool slow joke that the morning wolf lecturing to share some of their personal stuff with us I would try acting now I don't know please email us so boring usually. Like the last few days this I can't get my head around at all and get a different question is not really were an expert in anything but we can certainly put out there and in the morning wolf pack and maybe share something. So just when I've been thinking about and I really have no idea what to say. But others read it. So a day Mets though Joseph Meyer over forty year old friend took me out for Beers the other night and asked if he could date might 21 year old daughter. I guess they've been secretly dating for the last three months this is a guy who has basically watched my daughter grow up since birth. My son is getting married in my best friend and daughter wanna go to the wedding is a couple. I am absolutely. Reeling from all this I didn't see it coming this is a guy who's been a great friend of mine for 25 years. I know he's not doing anything illegal but I feel deeply betrayed. Do I swallow my pride and let him take my daughter to my son's wedding. Or do I make a big deal out of this and say he can't come. And this. There's just this can't be up a little bit less thanks I kept thinking about it. Technically if it's his son's wedding that means traditionally. His son's wife Sam Lee is paying for so I don't know if he has the right to duty vetoing on the guest list anyway. You know we don't really nicely zealot totaling nearly can't do something you can do anyway they get a resents you for telling the can't do it yeah I can't believe it just skipped right from the fact that he's dating his daughter like should they kept that way August 3 layers I know the first layer I I think most people would agree that it's completely inappropriate. And I think just from speaking from a guy's perspective there is a broker. I don't eat your friends are 21 thing if that's. There's a creepy factor right there for me though it just remains a camp a parent is just for me like you have to ask yourself like how long is even interest thinner especially if he's known it is now in this effort when he arrived here. Well yes she's. 21 now ranking just now go to a bar together but the question then. You know Roger here wanna be answered too was what are we knew about the wedding they wanna come with a couple what do we do. I don't I don't think there's any candidate. I really don't know already the bigger stink he makes out of it probably the more. It'll push them together. It's definitely get alienate permits otter I think that's I don't know unity that's crazy. The quote was what would you do like I mean and a united parent and I am guys I don't know I didn't like is that I do not know. And any good advice but I'm hoping maybe somebody listening does in a way to remedy this in a way that would benefit him in sometimes maybe got to use reverse psychology. Like the of the really big person in for tenure all about it. And help pages those ads all gonna have a couple drinks at the wedding and a song gonna come and something for him. You know that's gonna happen rather all right so 206421. Wolf as the number four. Your feedback morning wolfpack could really use it in this case though you can always text just 246150. Good luck trying to put all that into attacks. Fred young and a new one at a point seven the walls of the morning wolf pac man McAllister get an email talking about a right now. Roger says mayock over forty year old buddy took me up for Beers told me he's dating my 21 year old daughter I guess had been dating for a little bit now. Well Roger's son is getting married and his best buddy wants to goal as a couple with his 21 year old daughter. His question to use the morning wolf fact is I don't have the right answer is normally do during a big deal out of this or. Do I just swallow my pride to a 6421 Walt good morning Mickey in Tacoma you've had a comment about this says email. Right they're tired as I didn't just let it beat you see a grown woman. And she can choose who she won and yet critical at all. Creepy okay she chose her dad about her and the way I kind of can relate because my act has been. Why is my best friend attic and he was twenty years older than me all my guy so this basically is your life story into the and it didn't go well I mean unfortunately day you know I'm no longer and with that honor to be headed I mean she was only. Ten years older than me that was kind of yeah an even come into my hand that would kinda creepy yet fun way you know a two year. Glad to have delay it while I'm both legal adult and I'm really nothing anybody should have to say about how did your dad react to you when this was happening well. I don't want to believe they can't really say anything because my dad in fifteen years old and in my mom OK so they had the same respect. Active they really couldn't really say anything all right. Feedback morning wolf back we're looking for your right now to share with us to a 6421 wolf protects 46150. Yes and oak harbor digest what he had to say about this situation here. I only ask well am I thought you and I live about when he few actually dated one of my dad's friends. And it ended disastrously. And shortly yeah so I feel like tires near the end of planet right of course but when it comes back is specifically. If they've been and are forty years I think he needs to go to this and say things are being honest with me and so cock sucking all the information. And that particular day it's about my son as his future wife. And I don't think that the right time complaints. For years come out of a couple fly respects tiger and Justin and my daughter and that you share that with me can we just not do it on that day. And they've been friends for forty years really ink. You know hopefully there's a boundary I'm not particular Davis. I think it's a great point and you should be able to go that guys they look. Common have to be OK with you dating my daughter is creepy and as it is only support guy Roger's gonna be totally out of the game at the wedding there's always going to be doing is watching I. Daughter and the a guy an ill. And middleware Howell and it kind of data I I know I'm successful relationships where there's that each app that would illustrates that it's their interest in the mature guy and kind of what he had to offer and then it to sort out right though. Don't press issue laden and not being together that make it clear that I'd say it's not sorry Easter time at all. You're listening to the morning and welcome back we're back McAllister yeah. Nevermind. The meal when you're playing. This is the morning wolf pack on Matt McAllister. And I just wanna thank William Hung this morning for coming out publicly. And stating that he is personally against American Idol get rid of bad auditions have. Because of your word for bad auditions there would be no William Hung yeah you gotta give people a chance to get up there and really explore their own journey. Let's look sexy in. Well that's what our morning wolfpack useless full of the day is all about I'm pretty curious as to which you guys think so hit a bar social media his degree in story. And Twitter. And his vote. Do you think American Idol did the right thing by getting away with the bad auditions personally slowed job review meant I stopped watching after the first couple weeks is. And we all know who wins really in the point there today. I don't know I we saw the show was about the bad audition you're malaria apparently I was wrong and towards the end they started scaling them back and back and back and biting you and by the time they'd like and it supposedly yeah they were there weren't very many that this well you that a good point earlier that is probably a little bit of emulation going on where they wanna be more like the voice drag them what they started as access. Hey listen went silent cal sign off on start and a show auto anyway hit up our social media and take our useless poll of the day. Back with Matt Stairs. I once or twice. Well well well come here honoree Thursday. Slow Joseph is over there in units alliger he pleases me. And I like kind of way too caught up in this Tonya Harding suffers third general interest. Among everybody I can only speak for myself and I'm all about it I love documentaries especially crimes and I mean they're making a movie about earth I think there's the general insurance for lineup always has been fascinated with crime and address some some of that stuff like you said documentary will tonight on ABC. Is finally and and I've been waiting for straight up like a week and a half. If it's for this time Yardeni special where she admits now that C news in the Muslim below them. When did you know Tonya I knew that something was up you never said to Jeff let's do snow. Did however overhear them talking. Where well maybe we should take somebody else that we can make sure she gets off the team I. Well look that's really didn't. And that's quite an admission from Tonya. You believe. Song absolutely need you paid the ultimate price. Yeah did. Soundtrack Oslo yeah it's just seventies there okay it was a hard all open area it is a fairly Netanya Harding is the victim. Is it illegal to know something was gonna happen but did not say they probably okay tonight ABC don't miss a putt Tonya Harding documentary final. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. I just saw this morning that says that Diet Coke is coming out with a bunch in new flavors and I just saw that Russell Dickerson is their newest endorser again when these young up and comers and already joggers but for country. It's going to be able Russell had her hand theatre circuit paycheck and meant yes Helen you know things change in Utah by singles grass logo ideally welcome how are you they do I do agree it's good to see you this YouTube you know my status in life is me means my shift is over the yeah. That's the only and I can it's always on get big cats overview and find out what's going on in your world today let's what's happening starting a couple of minutes to get out here. Really different and she is manager at a local fast food restaurant I always love talking to her because she just comes up with some of the funniest stuff you know that her. The people who work for her deal and yesterday this guy calls in to work. And he gives like the strangest weirdest excuse I've ever heard and literally it was like belly laughing at what she said. Me really gamma and listen you know how to get what tees it don't talent disadvantage when when Joe's. Are there as I had to I some younger wilder years especially right after and I worst. And so I've I've I'll be honest I. I would ask that I called in sick to work Monday sick in big air quotes. Because I was way too hung over to go to work on air and this is this is just totally on me a 100% on an oven Mitt. And there were excuse I gave. My coach Joseph still makes fun of you this day did you answer this logo well the funny thing is you reviewed Kawhi had three other people who work on our show you would only call me whoever you gave me. I had to turn around and liver area. Now he spoke first started with a straight face on. Our zone and and this is kind of troops as it did happen so I was out drinking with this guy who is in MMA in the use like 67 played college football 300 pounds huge. And we are talking about what's it called the choke clear linkage or the rear naked choke myself man that's basically you can choke a guy out really quickly make him go unconscious okay. It just didn't do that a little bit on me but not hearted note fields such. This is tequila. And is he did it. And he didn't choke me out completely but a look at the next day feel like I really had a hard time talking but the truth is I was so hung over half. Like I told him the old I've got a bruise trachea and kick their can or can't talk yeah meanwhile and by the you can trash can't haven't done it. I younger wilder time this is the genius dub. Guys come up with when they're out I don't I. Jim you better off to sing and make something out or made. I get choked out by professionals and I. I can't do it. Black and I think my neck is broken completely but I'll be fine tomorrow so it was today and it really looking forward to you being on radio get to see you and now to get out here we will see you back morning OPEC tomorrow at 5 AM. How. Warnings from cartel. I feel 100 points and overall.