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Monday, January 8th

Monday January 8th, 2018


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Okay do you get. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. All morning wolf pack on a Monday. January aid it's Matt McAllister slowed Joseph is back good morning sir good morning -- good weekend obsessing and weekend and tell me can we are parents live eleven gold Glendale Washington it's like three hours writes about three hours scuttle like south central. Little bit to the east envoy Washington okay are. I thought about you a lot of that we can affect. Slow joke came back with a pretty good story about a secret that it's. I guess his parents another hour for a long time it just kind of shared with him and Sophia over the weekend that it dating assuredly discovered all right well we're gonna talk about that and about 1010 to fifteen but like a weed do. We're gonna honor and this is we have we kind of came up with a cool way to honor first responders and people that we Leino absolutely admire. By getting the first responder to us right now to a 6421 wolf if you're upping your listening. Wire you up early. Who's gonna respond first to yeah we get will go on here I get a first responder O line are you getting it came to the idea that it cannot rhetorical joke and talk and help them. So while waiting to get the call and again call right now we only need one phone call it's funny it's no one of you a little bit better. We'll play I'm so glad finally that we're getting she's like Chris Stapleton is newest song and halo and Ara. And for our morning wolf pack first responder it's going to be Brian and stand wood hello Brian how everybody. I'm Bill Gray areas and fantastic how was your weekend. It was a little rough. I'll make it to work would he be a little rough. Or an out during an Movielink but Friday and Saturday. Now it's Saturday at it will boulders. And herbal. I think to figure that one out myself like you know bag in my early twenty's you can do you put in a couple of day Bender and still be OK on Monday but not anymore. So now mom out there yet and still. Brian you knew where to go out Saturday to give the -- place that you go to go with friends would you. Article out we're. All. Okay and you celebrated her than she did right. I'm afraid so has. Yeah I hate to go to somebody else's birthday party getting jerking mega fan is its eye on though you lose ground yet usually speaking to these hangovers like I can't even have a couple Beers and a week Diana has a lot to do with the fact we wake up at three man. You'd about two or three Beers I'm like I've heard and that's the nick means Georgia by acting rescue for everybody the yes it is very is there's certain types of alcohol work better for some people. And and not you know enemies of Brian what you drink what little we've. Or we will binding upon Saturday night well. Do. You come out. And here. So Brian you know that we you've makes a bunch alcohol together it just makes it ten times worse. Amen especially. Until the cell and nobody USA this he's trying to do it yourself c'mon now. I guess so you know I think sometimes too we men can fall victim to this mentality of well it means test. Z art I conclusion student and I think you know that if I just tried trash bag in my wrist well I'm vacuuming on Sunday morning obviously died. We'll bet that it yes sometimes like a disease you he pulled Baghdad a hair but did you have a good time Bryant was it worth it had a great. Okay cool now last logistics you're on your way to Boeing where you work hope that's OK to say. Yeah aren't aren't so let me is to look this is a stupid question. We have coming up to five -- I thought you looked left at UC Boeing. When you're coming up 405 you look left UC Bowen two totally different buildings or migraines. Yeah there. Over the place yet they are cute I think the one coming up I've for a five is actually bigger in my right about that. No whatever it is the biggest okay the one above north which one is big though because I know the airport. Facility is off of last five correct. Yes to are which when do you work at Brian. Open every parent or what do you do out there for Boeing. Mom certainly an. You know I don't know what that means economic and until the enemy. Who has pretty cool way to legislative for dummies soup. Have a question at a thing called a wing and put that together okay thank you for LS apologize there were at the Boeing apparently has like the biggest building in the world and one of their facilities that's the one off the last 45. But with foreign policy giant digital graphics and with I five and it's the Everett north. Sector in Everett I'm all confused I thought it was the wind at near Seattle I kept playing it down a Mike Hsu if we look at the biggest building the world's things. Look actively building a program like you know your eye on it. Ugly years and there are a little further north whatever details Brian Melissa Nate thinks you're listening to the wolf Brian appreciate OP get to edit an acre. Lots of water may be a couple of electric light pop two Mindy begin ago. Hey man all right it pay bright thank you and we're happy to be your for your brother. We got you may we get you back fight coming up next Joe's big family secrets here that morning. I'm still a party. So war slowed Gio was up. Golden days old and then golden dale on northern Washington State visiting his folks over the weekend was your money stern action. Press correctly southern Italy this other players always think he went north I ask. And that lesson and FaceBook dad street against basically I'd dumb with the geography. Anyway how was the weekend and I know. Who is that there were some secrets to bolster I don't really know the story or how it came to me over the weekend is great being able to go visit them on the weekend is like huge blessing there almost in their eighties that's awesome and recently the last couple times we've visited we started doing this Ancestry.Com. Thing. Where we you know we actually paid the money to subscribe to day you start digging through and teach timing like a little bit deeper and our family lineage I get an uncle who's in an adamant when she started dad yeah it's strange yanking an addictive yet connected with other people have other interesting information on members of the family south. You know we're going through my dad's side of the family which goes way back into that you know and an eighteen hundreds in Canada Missouri area. My mom's family is is all from Germany and stuff like that that's about as far back as we ago. But my dad's side we found out there when am I. Great great grandfather's was a member of the Ku Klux Klan no. Yeah and I'm sitting there like we're dig into this evidently you find these old pictures and and somebody else is also related give us information about Harry as a client is an eight dealing pictures like in the weight room now and stuff like thankfully there were no white rogue pictures but we did find out that one of them was I don't know what his role was or anything like that and I'm so I'm like mom dad. It as an entity to grand wizard to still have a really creepy feeling totally you know like these guys. Look we gotta Klan member are failing to horrifying to me and really we have we we've heard that. A leg left. How how how have you heard this and I've never heard about it and I guess you know obviously that's something they're proud of them like they it'd been it being cutter rumored in the family that somebody in my dad's side was in the Klan like. In the late eighteen hundreds early nineteen batters. There are so many Stanley secret so I had about both sides in my family that come out older you get the more you here I had people you start fine and -- stuff I think there's a lot of skeletons man he had the radar was I was she yummy like that couldn't be further from who I had right I just liked it almost did that make you feel. Yeah not as we're proud yeah that you get to you you're -- or two years lasting tattooed on your arm right you scrape it off yeah I was eleven is not like that but still it just gives his funky chased him out like who knows what this guy could have been interview would have had the you know casually back then. You know I've got a couple of fairly seekers are no one really good when it involves me directly that I can share it's not about the lineage and that there is something listen to my friend told me later. About somebody in my life drag you don't mean that in our whole family members can act on it and I didn't know. But if you wanna share a family seeker I know it's a good ones here 206421. Rules. Tell us what the Stanley seeker to send him but he kept for a little while which found out eventually again give us a call right now. Good morning Donna in Puyallup sojo found at a big family secret over the weekend apparently he's related to a kkk member got a family secret. Yeah yeah yeah I found out. And guys. He. My mom she ran out. No repeat yes so professionals house of ladies important yeah yeah. So another Jersey late you're you're signing your grandma was in the damn yes. Wow so for how long do you know any other information. That people like her up with some guy called my aired. I guess we're part of heard her girl so lol OK so your and worked for your grandmother yeah well. You know give it my Islamic trend that we growing up my against my mom calls them and a you know again you AM I lied you know she my mom didn't. Really no. It's ridiculous. Doing that. Sure sure and tell later granny was a high fly they did this is just too weird question but it all we did it seem like she was well off that she was a foolish had lots of money because I've heard it's pretty lucrative business. Well by the time my apartment my grandma and executed married my grandpa ourselves. You know she leaned out yeah do you think grandpa was a customer that's how they match so I just I. I often wonder about you know what he had and they've met he had to know about the history. Italian I'm treated. Odds are great family secret Don that I be if I am I've read about so we get all day but we will see Donna thanks for being a part of morning wolf back in thank you for sharing that sometimes he secrets. They don't make us all proud of our family but it is what it is right. It right and by the way that I can do that's killed his business in the world right there it right all right Donna have a great day you can't. Steve Blake in Parkland what's your family secret and had to find out eventually. I'm in my mind golden rule and though I don't agree to a letting it in my mom's side she's from Germany. Eric great grandpa. It who played for Hitler. And yeah. He's being used by camper trailer Bailey tiller had Emma funded building on day. You know it was any found out the next day it did it was an orphanage. And so the following day when he said the plane out each drove it into the side of a mountain. They're the kind of live with them so I guess. Cheese that is some heavy stuff like. Yeah I'd yeah pretty weird. Yes so. When did you sign out this information. Oh probably. Seven years goes both probably. All the state. It. Man that story has me a little bit speechless unedited he witty to say there that's just that's really. Heavy stuff I Ulysses and solo joke kind of yeah as as terrible as it is kind of an honorable ending you know what I mean well at least she knew that your great great grandfather. Had morals and erratic and we found out what he was being made do by a tyrannical dictator he's like I. Killing the well and he prevented somebody else from doing the same thing by destroying one of those planes in the only woman batters he would have the dream it'll Florida right and Hitler how's that would have been cool night but. United didn't think about that. Well since I'm a like that's an amazing family secret man and you know there's a lot of people have a similar story where there late goal in two year old you know step up in the attic in a final like. You know swastika or they'll find something big wave of media. You know and I'm saying and nobody likes to talk about stuff anymore. I'm Blake thanks to be a part of a morning wolf thank you thank you for sharing that. I our brother you know it's easy to share we ask you do like Haiti with your news or solution but this can dig a little deeper at that meeting that's heavy man behave listen you know and that's a great thing about America as that we all come from someplace else in and out and so you just never ask. And these family secrets again to a 642 when will we want you don't have to be about ancestry and friends that happened for example. You know his. I'm married now this a second marriage my first marriage after we were divorced my dad straight up told me hate nobody liked your wife. In fact we have a summer house of the Michigan is that the reason we sold that this is we want to come in their anymore there no way days of the reason. You guys you squeeze to go there. Cigna yankees he always talk about capitalism that was like my staying in he's like no other reason we sold that place loses say you its upcoming their I don't even know that he sold it yeah eight. Is it it was likely it was one damn phone call I guess what we sold place you can. The Who you know and it was all the busier actual yeah you want. I know that stuff you find out a little bit later area. You're listening to the morning and welcome back we're back and Alistair. Are my it's. My. Good morning welcome thank you for starting your day with us when SAS slow Joseph on the other side of things over there so. Actually watch the Golden Globes last night so and a house tennis in there on the computer do some work ahead and on the background and it's so funny wasn't like got a text from Vanessa my wife says hey. I didn't even realize that the whole theme of the night was where black for the sexual harassment stuff that's been going on I had no idea in and the little I noticed the pins everybody's recent times up. I thought it was a political protest for Donald Trump. I didn't even realize the whole theme of the evening until. I guess she was looking at stuff on Twitter and red carpet in Fiat. I didn't even put it together they've been building up to that and pretty much I would say 99%. Of the women involve the whole thing was where black you know in solidarity but there was like three women one of whom I care Bianca Blanca has long Blanca Blanca. A cut. We just come up a ridge comes out in this like this Jessica Rabbit read your bright red dress and can you imagine that what jade she's getting in she says that she's not not for sexual harassment she just really electorate. I'm a man could do a little bit quicker Reagan hated by every woman and oh I know because it Liz and I noticed the Golden Globes are usually kind of fun if you watch the past it's everybody gets kind of drone and liquor at the tables and I do feel it's really loosened fund which way I there's always like a moment that you talk over somebody gets up there they've had too much to drink wrath the last neither really wasn't I'll just tell you that it was very serious and I think because everybody had this tone of the it's the need to move a year and nobody could joke and nobody could be even Seth Meyers and kind of a hard time pull it over some jokes is. Everybody was so stuffy in the you know what's. Did and and everybody wanted to give their kind of their their speech about it and how you know where their their perspective. And because of that I was running late and really early symbolic the first thirty minutes there are already laid never you can tell everybody just like they said don't say anything just get right to the or old dude he hasn't got a vigorous because a regulate it and a nominee John hicks tacky dizzy he but he understood the theme of the night was not fun now let's not get carried away with. I would play you who Oprah's. It's Cecil DB Demille is only a million and 63 minutes long so I can't do that but apparently Oprah's gonna be the next president Tom Hanks is going to be the vice president says they say that's the buzz. And I honestly I think Seth Meyers the hostess pretty funny yeah I did great I did did you. And many ladies and remaining gentlemen. I think they've seen. Marijuana. Is finally allowed in sexual harassment finally isn't. There's a new air. Under way and I can tell because it's been years since a white man who is this nervous and Hollywood. For the male nominee is in the room tonight this is the first time in three months it won't be terrifying to hear your name read out by. Dates back. To get a woman to host this they really did they say hey how would you like to come and be judged by some of the most powerful people in Hollywood and women were like. Me well where is it and they said it's at a hotel and long story short I'm your host tonight. There was the Golden Globes last Arab mug club coming up now you're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. Now on another episode. Club and we got great mug and Cardin says happy holidays to the morning wolf pack it this is a couple weeks old. Here are a couple of mugs and T shirts for you mad and slowed Joseph the teachers are warm our community bankers who volunteered over 121000 hours last year we love the show. It's from Julie. Koontz and the coastal cruise she works for coastal community. I still. There. Are on the phone. Anchor Julie I Julie. Yes or no. I'd mr. Condit after decades and yet I'm glad to finally got on the phone I've been trying to call you forever I am so sorry I I by Hamas. Able apparent technical. Output when I got a call from our right. That's kind of cool you don't need to apologize to me and nobody in quite honestly I don't answer phone numbers or I don't know where they are either open its economy and can we co gentle slope. I I kind of feel bad for the guy here he's right here opening up mud club boxes Joseph be a problem is calling you slowed Joseph yeah. Okay that element in. Flotilla is. Julie we shorten it to SO load JO it's almost like flo Jo things so we could morph into something that's almost like a compliment. That's true with co promote you know Iberia was duly appreciate you you listening when he can answer your heart it worked their coastal community bank IIQ where card and a delegation and that. We'll let you have to say that even if you don't make fun he. Yeah I hit that it's a pretty good gig I won't lie to local bank to right it's only here in Washington it and they weren't so much county and the gap Ibadan north King County so GAAP. More my grandpa taught me lessons wearily on and I still go by his by the way if you can't walking and shake the president of the bank's hand don't do your business. There you go and you can't determine the area and everything white he would appreciate that I love the fact you guys are small local bank that's what it's all about him as a ton of people with him for that so that it's true wolf thanks for highlighting it. In the mud and that that the teacher. I hope they can't. I would bring it down different type there's not enough teachers are great the mug is fantastic and we appreciate you guys listen to the wolf being a part of the morning thanks to Juli thank you so much for that let's thank you have a yesterday anyway you do for you over here at the wolf. No I I I appreciate yankees just edition. Coast on the local thinking n.'s. And I it will sell all my friends that joke that OK we'll show you spread the word Julie were a baby show brand new so we need all the help we can yes OK I can you. They do great job thanks to make it a part of it. Of course by coming up next story from over the weekend Brad Pitt was it has to charity auction in united believe. What he wanted to spend a 120000. Dollars on and if your game of the roads fanned you definitely want to stick around someone who needed a leader. Well there are a handful of peanuts doesn't help our donuts and a dollar ball here's my Alistair. It's no walls over the weekend there was one of these charity auctions that rich people go to and spent a lot of money on stuff that. You know money can't survive. Doesn't have NCB's before people thought a 100000 dollars for like to shift dinner or Brad Pitt did a 120000. Dollars. For a chance to watch the game of drones with didn't heiress. Queen of the dragons her mother of the dragons or whatever joining integrate with her name's Emilia Clarke you sir last under the Golden Globe she's the blonde one very beautiful. Well an unnamed couple. Went ahead and outbid them for a 160000. Dollars kit Harrington was there to be said you know life. For this much money I'll come watch with YouTube personality to watch game to throws with the two actors from the show I hope they're good company with their religion or. Well and I was gonna say this kind of an awful thing to it's like they say never gonna first date to a movie to zero talk during the show whereas Sally he has had a conversation with Lee and Milwaukee instant anyway. That's not what I found interesting I mean obviously. I would think to Emilia Clarke could be a little glove and thankfully I could've sat me. Children is Brad Pitt and I now who knows what would happen and I get this rich couple but I anyway he was out Beatty didn't get it. But my my thought it was me. And all that money. Who would what character from a show disease you know he's paying for Dinara drag and mean you know who Emilia Clarke rest. Sobel if you had to be you to pay yet a limited amounts of money you pay to watch a show with the lead character from that show. Who would be I know hands down whom I would be big John curious for you you know I don't think it's kind of a tough one I've got a lot of obscure ones that probably the most the most familiar would be Tony Soprano. That's good idea I had that in the late James Gandolfini crash so you end. You can if you if you're gonna jump in on this to a 6421 wolf you can go with. An actor who is deceased will go to make the rules on again makes it even more urgent for me yeah I think so too. It's got to be Heisenberg. Some breaking bad I think one of the greatest shows of all time Brian prince asking well I just asked if this thing that. To me that was the best show effort for our morning wolfpack who would you pay to watch their show width 20642. On wall. If you had all the money in the world. Who would you want to watch a show with the character of that show does that make sense. Yet all right Chris who today. It would be president Tom Burt and so designated survivor or Sutherland who. She never did get into that shows coach of your receipt that I haven't watched the first season indicated that Chris is it because. You like the character or you wanna hang out with Kiefer. Mostly keeper. What's all the people in the 24 and got them and then Ito came out. And I thought he was in it I watched the first season and it just seems like I just flipped ever so that part of this. He did after. Hey Chris are you a single or married man. Single and you wouldn't pay all the money in the world I am just shocked that you would pick a female has. Clearly Brad Pitt thought maybe there might be something going on with a newly Clarke you're insane and might be a great way to put it girlfriends and at all there you go all live that makes that Chris appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf back Charlene in Arlington huge pay money. To have a to watch their show with what act. Some are Smart. Okay criminal minds yeah that's why. I Angel in the the back majority. Yeah that's why don't educate it's a big delegate math on it so it seems like a good do bus. Might have a little crush on. And I hit it yeah you know it is not ugly I'm gonna kick him out of the house to do us a state dinner right. It totally in love. But they forget a part of a show to a 6421. Walz who would you wanna watch their show. Hello Cody in calving Santa are we're talking about Brad Pitt over the weekend one of these you know. Rich dad fancied charity auction that he was for Haiti or something like that but he was willing to pay a 120000. Dollars to watch game of drones width. Emilia Clarke who's an heiress mother of dragons what character would you wanna watch their show wit. I want her about it won't let. Paul Walker who played Brenda Carter broke back and period. So in other words you wanna bring him back. It's a life and have a mobile web why. Beirut Syria periods bland movie that I ever seeing seeing. Everyone like them being the hunter would not like about alike about the guys athlete at everything. Security and fairer across the road he's not doing it'll help them and you look at night that that person would say hey yeah. I'm here opening note yeah actually it helps when a bunch of stuff. Cody appreciate you being part of a morning wolf thank men have a great Monday it Eric all right Canon Lacey what character and what character from what show would you wanna hang out and watch their show. I'm gonna have to go to Jennifer I was anarchy at Lionsgate singles. The other hand under her comments absolutely amazing and. She's the best at what would you wanna ask are you sit there Chile and watching the show with their what questions would you ask for during the show. I'll hand out an odd to see how well. How how old she is he she does look great I'm gonna sheets hit it. Great and you know. Pretty. Like a Michigan all the plank for at least five minutes you with vehement. Strong core strong core all right Tim thanks for chicken in a be a part of the morning wolfpack we appreciate you sharing. I'll get every every thanks man were we were so blessed and happy to be here you have no idea we love it. You two are trouble what character would you analyze their own show with a worried. Gears. Hate Cheney aide. Sam Elliott. Road. You know. Any movie that Sam Elliott was in whether it the mask or that big love bows he he is always the coolest dude on the street no question. So. Well Mandel go ahead and say that policy easings. Like guys guys have guys that wanna hang out and I'm sure everyone's in love with his mustache his voice. Yeah calloused as progress. These guys got to bring donuts. 100 points. If you knew to the station welcome we love you glad you're here. So something interesting happened over the weekend and every so often you'll read a story about this but. You don't always get the audio you don't always I would get the incident caught on tape I haven't even read about this. Oh really yeah this is so floored me well. And I'm glad that we can retrospectively. Listen to this in giggle because nobody was her crack an I in no way condone drunk driving or driving under the influence of anything worse than we get that out of the way. But that. After it's all said and done. And nobody was hurt there moments of this 901 call. That make me laugh I'm gonna admit that he can because that guy is so how out of his head and again. Again just maybe we BC's this is I just trying to be very careful I don't anybody think that I think it's funny that. But the guy himself is funny and maybe we can turn this around and it can be a PSA hair fur for you never driving it into the stupid. But this guy who calls 911 on himself. And argue needed deets on him later bit. Just listen to him calling 91 report himself driving around him by Eileen was also on some drugs to. Tonight's first half our product it took him and. But I don't. Shootaround on rumor of commodities are reports. It. And get jobs back right now. Yeah now mine. Are great market and your ability to partner right now I continued for oversight. Well. Are you right now I don't know too. You know it is or what kind of what that they've. OK and we have been well of people to I'm on the street is that is that it. And I come right at least stations Martin what is your last thing. You're left Spain and. Again Sunday that he can't what is your last Spain. Oh yeah it's very helpful yesterday's breakdown why. And drive around trying whoever actually show up in the class Spain. Like you didn't hear it not carry huge huge competition on assistants. Dean EMS department. Suddenly. Police department a cable about China that he's so it's your favorite book out what. CEC under Donald EC IA what they. This idea because it. It's probably. And packing. No garden on the wrong. Or outgoing direction. Sir where are you either and I and I and I. At night so there. Offices are looking right now you are right now. Well there you can simulate it. Sorry you can't help I'm trying to help here. In Europe aren't side of the street you know hurt somebody or yourself. I got to let you go I gotta talk briefly self as he seemed very conflict this you know it's just it's one of the oddest things an and by the leg of that 91 operator high marks for hanging in there and being. As cordial as you can be with a guy who's about to kill himself and maybe somebody else but the guys almost like somebody slipped him he sent a case guy's name is Michael Lester. He's from Florida. And he also admitted being high on meth later as well as alcohol. Just seems to me he was slurring he wasn't eaves is very matter fact it's almost like so he slipped in the stuff for these I get I'm just I'm right now I'm just driving on the Russia Europe. And every Sunday he has the catch of emulator. No surprises from Florida. No that's probably the only un shocking thing about it but. Again. I'm glad that nobody was hurt. But thought you might wanna hear that call morning. Look at with Matt McAllister has been trying to. Yes. That thing though wolf last hit the pavement and Jack could be history. Hello header in you all a good morning happy Monday asking if there's such a thing Heather your 42 years young and you work for a construction company exist correct. All right Heather today's prize is really cool because it is a concert so incredibly awesome to not be allowed to talk about it yet we're gonna announce the concert tomorrow which you're gonna when a pair of tickets for it right now before anybody even knows that the buzz on this thing atrocities huge. You understand the contest works right a million views on an 85 questions in thirty seconds into the get tripped up by a month. Just try to move money and get as many corrective you can in thirty seconds. Are you ready Heather for beat the street I am. Here we go question number one. Who stars as John McClain in the die hard movies. Which top star refers to her fans as little monsters. In which state did Arnold Schwarzenegger serve as governor. Are the cougars represent what local university. In which countries are married former NHL player Mike Fisher. All right let's go down and find out who your challengers gonna beat by the way I can tell you that slow Joseph found dispersant the free monthly market. Yesterday here we go here's the challenge here. What's your name where you're from the what do you do when is scarce and I'm from Renton Washington. What I do is days so I've flag good state sales and invite jacket that I seller here amongst other places. Okay this could go any way I don't know Heather garrison from Branson is a joke stealer all the hey guys really Smart I don't know let's find out how you did when we ask in the same five questions a year or any other I eat out all right here we go question number one. Who stars as John McClain in the die hard movie. I'm going to guess Bruce Willis. He got that right unfortunately had there you did not know what that Angela aren't. Now Bruce Willis was the right answer your thinking about lethal weapon that you said Mel gets so you're stuck in that lethal weapon mode. Okay yeah Bruce Willis so garrison is on the board with one you have nine we got a lot of game left though here's question number two ports. Pop star refers to her fans as little monsters I actually do you know I would know that I eventually got back. I cowboy he seems pretty Smart Heather you could have your hands full but you gotta write to us so good. As it stands right now you Lady Gaga was the right answer she's got a little monsters he's up two to one going into question number three. And which state that are serve as governor. California. He knows his stuff he's got a three for three Beecher right in New York is you got it right to your two for three you're one behind with two questions to go Heather okay tie goes to the morning wolfpack got some room to wiggle here. The triggers represented by a local university. That wanna get out now. Oh come on now everybody knows that even Huskies fans know that. OK so just like that Heather it's a tie with one to go boy this is getting exciting beat the street for concert tickets to shows so incredibly awesome. We can't even tell you what it is yet not until tomorrow here ago the last question for all the marbles. Which country star married former NHL player Mike Fisher. See story node three really easy one Mike Fisher. Yeah. I'm going to have to say that new is Keith buckle it was a gay weddings. Not in country music night yet unfortunately. For a garrison you rank and the right answer was Carrie Underwood and had a you've got it right you win. And it wasn't even a tie goes to the wolf back out and out Pete garrison from Renton junk dealer you went four for five a very respectable three for five from him. Richard gonna go to the concert and you gotta be listening tomorrow morning at this time. We'll tell you what the show isn't like I said before it's the most was that anything in country music in a really long time I'm super excited. You should be congratulations Heather and thank you for being a part of the morning wolf pack we love ain't you. I took coming up next to slow adjustment that we get with the parents here in Washington State and they dropped a bomb on them. It's a little family secret that he didn't know is gonna tell you what that is coming up next morning. Yeah callous. Rated and these hugger and 100 points. So wolf the morning Waltz back MM McAlister really appreciate you being here this morning candy Monday. By the way slow Joseph had a great story from over the weekend would see your parents and golden dale with you wife that's right president first staffers visit as a married couple did your mom this Coker is on a day I can't tell you how happy they are just just it her in our you know where we're at our lives as free DOS and that that part of the weekend was phenomenal. The weird part of the weekend is we actually found out that one of my great great grandfather is on my dad's side was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Why can't which is just like if you know me you know that that and my family that couldn't be further away from who we ER. And I was just honestly just like horrified by it when your mom's your dad's my dad sat a decent so your dad's grandpa Baghdad yes I think I thinks it's going back till like late eighteen hundreds early 19100 so how did this just come out of casual conversation didn't come on casual conversation for the last couple times we've been there are things that we do is we've we started looking on Ancestry.Com. And just finding out what kind of stuff about my family on both sides. And this putt at this point in our in our digging around that's what we got to deal and so I'm sitting there like just mortified. Totally stunned. And look at my parents like. Equivocal we discovered or how are you ashamed and they're like oh yeah we've known that. So they had known about it had been kind of in the family low orbit they just never bothered to tell me family secrets and a lot of skilled you know it's crazy to his. Every year that passes it seems like you at least in my life and other seeker correct you find out something and uncle tells you simulate we've watched it and the old onion gets revealed that term are wasn't until high school my mom told me she was married to somebody before my dad right I went economically what the heck. They go whiny little what happens is what we couldn't have kids got divorced Bradley what's gonna need to know that you add there's a lot that my family through. Well here's what we wanna know right now morning wolf back here's the daily share what's the Stanley secret. I mean what is it your family that's the secret to came out later you didn't know about. Maybe the thing that everybody super proud of like David duke over there at 20642. Month wolf you know I'm kidding I'd had a month. Good morning Donna in Puyallup so Joseph found a big family secret over the weekend apparently he's related to a kkk member got a family secret. Yeah yeah I found out that Gregg and guys. He and my mom. She ran out. You know repeat yes so professionals house of ladies and yeah. So another Jersey league you're you've spent your grandma was in the damn yes why it's so for how long do you know any other information. That people that hiker up with them that I called my air against Baylor Parker. Her bail so low a piece of European works for your grandmother yet well. You know give it my grandma grand probably growing up my against my mom called them and I mean now Yang Yi in lied you know my mom didn't. Really no. That she went. Viewing bash sure sure until later. He was a highly flights they did this is just too weird question but it all we did it seem like she was well off that she was a foolish had lots of money could have heard it's pretty lucrative business. Well but it might equipment Bagram and it is married to my grandpa though. In a CB note yeah do you think grandpa was a customer that's how they met to understand. I often wonder about you know what he had to and they met he had to know about the history in oh yeah I'm street is. Odds are great family secret Don that I beat it I am I'd be the best till we get all day but we will see Donna thanks for being a part of morning wolfpack and thank you for sharing that sometimes he secrets. They don't make us all proud of our family but it is what it is right it right and by the way that I can do that still does business in the world right there it right. All right Donna have a great day you keep saying to us exports he won wolf family secrets. Say hello Donna in Buckley that we are divulging family secrets because that's who we do here in the morning wolf attack we share everything. I don't know what kind of a little girl long time ago. That my. My grandfather used and I'm not usually. Changing day. Way back and earlier. You know I almost find it as fascinating as he was on a chain gangs in that it is that he made moonshine because they mean hey that's a NASCAR started that's just a part of our history. Exactly that's what I hope spam is solid all NASCAR aspect. After an accident that left up in the ills as you glove barely remember a lot of a lot of play out and the legends yet. My dad gets that you can't glove save you don't know what animals ever and that later it's good they are still expect. I thought he died at did you ever watch that show moonshine here's. Idea and I watch it for a short time all I. Am I haven't really big really. I can't speak to whether it's realistic or not but I try to really interesting I really like to show Madonna thank you for being a part of the morning wolfpack I appreciate the call. I think I did a great job we love you Donna thank you send that thank you have a great day. Hey Sam in Lakewood so we're talking about family seekers this morning in everybody's got a skeleton what's yours. I hate living color at OK. She used via. Egypt and that we got that handled that really find out that. Giving it an early mafia. So that's what they kind of work shortly after he had illegal hunting art I'm. Any idea what any but he at one day at it would not give good accommodation it. Meaning that there it's like to eat. Anything. Lately he's looking bleak picture. My hair is she now thank you hit man. How do you go from being in a mafia to being a man. Yeah I don't know if you can make Thanksgiving had so much money and you know. Let out like you know no and you work entirely right congrats it's bad out there. And it looked like a little bar every day they definitely add up and later found out you know in all the money says. It hit it went on. That's amazing so did she ever find out and they stay together. Now I'm not that I don't how can that brought up after my dad. Note Shiite ever actually got a whole story yeah but it went TE had a feeling her gut and you know obviously not eat fish eaters eat all of. Are you Smart woman that probably wouldn't turn that at some point for her pick out. Sam appreciate you sharing your story upon. Again to a 6421 Woolsey is the number of 41 more call and wrap it up. Slow Joseph you share your story over the weekend you with your parents found out today your great grandfather was a kkk member which. Thanks a lot and says I don't doubt about a bunch of people call and related and Nazis and Brad. Well I'll tell you my famous seeker is share level some to everybody shared back. So I was married the first time not a good marriage divorce etc. etc. And agricultural summer house of his mission and effort got married we would go there as my first. And we did ask for a couple Summers and then my dad called Wendy goes hand letting you know I sold my house it's gone. We debated in essence your kid to kid I was like that was marsh summer spot wreck we would go their grown midwest that was her thing. And I was shocked. Well when I got divorced years later he called me company goes by the way just letting you know now. We sold the house because your wife and nobody liked her I didn't like you're kind of like your house and at him like you it wasn't working so I just sold at the center addressing the issue of the brutal. Exactly my daddy thing we could had a conversation media finish the toned down a little bit and again and nobody like here. I understand but amen and yeah like 111000. Kind of the death. So that was a secret that everybody I guess everybody universally hated or nobody told until after got to personalize it gets commission that before we anyway. OK Robby in silver dale we're talking about family secrets what's yours. What I want it's bad about my mom and my dad actually passed away you're back to avoid. Hello my sister been fighting the edit I got to tell your side do adopted. All we know away yeah. Dowdy old support kids. Yeah I read your dad adopted you. Steve Edwards never allowed it tell you this bite your sister found out there. I actually had you know eighteenth. I need your dad until twenties he Robbie did you ever I suspect anything grown up now though got to the world looked fairly low. My dad said he would never know where I would never cured different. They admitted he treated me dude I don't know I never suspected a thing but almost. Did you look like you're siblings are due to so don't try gut. My grandma was almost games curly hair kind of thing. I'm more of what's the law and fairer skin scouted out I'd look like most of my support. Wow all right Jack great story Riley thanks for sharing that witness. In the morning. Oh I now. 147. So wolf Matt McAllister slow Joseph thank you for being here with us this morning. Actually watch the Golden Globes last night which is not something I was planning on doing well when they're on at five it's doable scan all staff. Instead it's a new one and who didn't is. Who cares let's talk about the moments at the Golden Globes last night that stuck out first of all. Field Tonya Harding citing Harding sighting right in the middle of it and honestly like I can't wait. For the there's a special on this Thursday night about Tonya Harding bread and of course there's a movie to follow that. Which is called I Tonya well and she's involved in the promotion of all these things which is weird because I always thought she was like the cricket will she is theirs and it I don't believe recited as he was an apart they hit on it secured their parade where I don't move because that she gave consent for the movie how to make the movie of course they're going to. Glamorize here in India quite honestly the woman who played him a movie Allison Jamie Gianni is great actress. She was given are all kinds of props which where she plays her mom I think is Margot Robbie plays her in the that's right that's right that's right so. But the weirdest thing was an after party I guess my son on mr. Graham this morning. Tonya Harding who looks like nothing like that Tonya Harding of that we remember trying to lag and he lacked. She was partying with this guy who was okay it was the weirdest part of the night his name is Tommy was so I had a case that he made a movie along time ago called the room and critic the worst the best worst movie ever the worst movie -- it and James Franco made a documentary about the making of that move well actually and it's not a documentary but it tennis it's it's an actual movie but it's about the making of that but okay aren't so he was their last night today. Was at the moment downhill that was my favorite comic is James Franco invites Tommy was two up on the stage. An entire that's right for the microphone if you have seen interviews it's Qaeda how crazy is. And Jane trick as the state farm and to keep them away from the microphone and which you know would have been a trainer yet if he didn't like to admit theme of the night was sexual harassment in Hollywood so it was a lot of the meat to stuff everybody were black except for three women who just like Red Bryant and that was. The team in quite honestly Lee to Golden Globes are fun because they're loose everybody drinks are sitting at tables not stuffy the last night it was stuff I was a different year and and I you know there was a lot of heavy stuff going on in that industry sangatte yet it. It and I get a tip it in the message was pretty clear there were times up brass buttons and stuff like that. But it did make the actual show a lot less entertain a lot different area so my favorite moment was. It was during meal for street who wasn't necessarily the Oprah speech in a detail Oprah was due to preach do you. She was like going off and I was young I am not Flickr first campaign schemes well Seth Meyers pretty much says it the last time I was after at the White House correspondents are called out from Nixon I know he ran for president once so that he calls auto program. So yeah that's the buzz this morning Oprah for president Tom Hanks for VP but my my moment. And maybe I'm the only GAAP. No I'm not because I saw a mean this morning about it was Barbara Streisand face during the Oprah speech and I don't know if it's a couple too many plastic surgery to permanently end the fifth. But I went ahead and posted the picture. On the Seattle wolf since agreement Twitter you gotta go take a look at her face is the worst like sour lemon face you've ever seen analyze I didn't catch it lives and I had no idea was created I reminded of Larry but it was a it was a little awkward. And then you know just in the country world Nicole Kidman won an award took Keith whose parents Keith and Kelly actually. I presented him when he announced the award they didn't stop. I scenario or ends up anyway golden glove that's kind of a little rundown police how we saw it last night the big moments. And they did do some bleep I guess Frances McDormand did a little swearing but. Now deep deep deep BP. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister yeah. It's the morning wolf thank Matt McCallister yeah I didn't get a clearer but at least I know your name has been a great show. So what a target of rubble for an article came out yesterday and mrs. cognitive science this is research behavior. This has been proven and it cannot be. Reputed refuted it refuted answer I think that both. You would have been better just plain commercial space. Again apparently if you're one of those people that made in New Year's resolution and by the way slow Joseph we should call Julia believer nameless last week I wanna say Rachel great. Rachel called this issue works at a bar super hard to lose weight goals to lose thirty pounds on see how she's doing after a week number one but. Basically the key if you're trying to get in shape for lose weight for the new year a lot of people war. There's one phrase that will really help so I guess this is more for people lady of friends or guys your girlfriend your wife trying to drop a couple. There's one phrase it's not nearly can get a better hey look hot. It's very specific it's varied Paris Hilton circa 2005 do. It's you look this is what to say to help somebody want to motivate somebody trying to get in shape. You looks super hot. It's the two words super hot together. And Joe's speech doesn't seem to bands are useless and tell people you're right when they get started yet doctor Becky spelled Stallman says so she's a cognitive behavioral psychiatrist says no other phrase will work. She says is saying to somebody looks super hot works okay. She said. When used when you hear you're looking super hot today. It resonates more than a straightforward you're looking good the words suggest that a friend is having a visceral emotional response to Europe here so what we call Rachel the first thing we should say even hours on the phone is that you've that super today. Might sound a little insincere since we've never seen urban and that's what she's saying and fact we will do that joke. OK so even if you talked of his they had you're looking good you drop the couple the best thing to say you're looking super hot functionality. If you're a guy and you work on a construction site you may not wanna use the same tactics with another back at. Dude on this site by a team unit is. A group. Say it's science for a better apparently that is the key to at all it's sort of like they say you know your password should be a motivational phrase and some consciously that'll help do you attach whatever it is you're trying to be nice to be kind of whatever that is. But anyway. A we are gonna call Rachel just checking to make sure she still stick in two at eight days here into the new year but. If you're somebody who's trying to stick to a New Year's resolution and we had a Fella calling cities try to could smoke in class kids. If you have already. Steered away for a New Year's resolution to a 6421 wolf maybe we can have did you back on track. Rachel in Lakewood. As slow Joseph recommended I'll start this conversation by saying right now you look super hot. And even though I can't see you don't know what to look like you look super hot is that helping you because you checked in last week's that you were trying to drop thirty towns. Which I commend you for try to make that effort that's him that's a big. Thank you out. And it didn't it. Well look you work at a bar you say you're surrounded by alcohol and fast food is dressed faster but fried food and bar food it's one of the hardest things to do. How's it donate days in Telus you're still. Chipping away at it. It's actually been going really I've been the surprise is. Yesterday with my rent it if I. Which ship there were the weird catalog that is why it worked out yesterday. And other. That in Zurich on every any hand on mainly home town of golf. And I just days making a lot better decisions quick based food and bringing it to work or just eating well network and had had its. Any price bear so. Good it's all about will power and a lot of people on habit and I commend you for being able to say no special when you're tired you're working your your in a hurry and and besides we need a rest day to you know I think nobody should go seven days a week six days playing. Are you at the ordinary Joseph where it actually feels good is kind of got to get over that hump that's miserable for a little while but then asserts feeling really good you can kind of addicted gift. I'm I happen killing freak out iPod or do you and it's kind of weird. Making this seems I haven't had coffee cigarettes or alcohol and securities. But you can have the coffee copies have that feel something all the Kremer threat that needed. Hello Jeff gave to have that energy right I hear what you're than it used to trifecta of fried food alcohol and cigarettes. This ranger your voice doesn't sound no more. Anyway a great job rich and keep in an up and Hamas has something else to. Since the new year we brought up resolutions a couple times because I've always got an in my head I've always got a couple things I wanna do better. Intersection in time. Resolution negativity I just had a woman culture yelled at me about an anti resolution and who you try to impressive is it the other. I commend anybody who's trying to make themselves better I'm doing that all the time on like the guy that reads the books like how I can think better Ellington. Exercise better or or pee bags be a better human like what is exactly wrong with that. If it's a 2018 knowing you know the chairman do better at this I'm gonna work harder on -- more money. And maybe I'm gonna drop a couple of pounds why is that so again coincides with the first day of the calendar year area you know I don't know what this overwhelming anti resolutions. Segment but I think it's because people. Don't succeed so they don't try. And I make fun of it because they can't do so I could make anybody like Rachel who's trying to do something it's really hard like losing weight. Is it really are go ahead sludge of but it's just I think some people have that mindset well it should be all your round your hours China. Improve yourself but still doesn't mean for some people you gotta have yet of a start date and it and it and something in mind. Then like goals and and a way to complete its engine once a perfect time because you've gotten through the holidays it's impossible for the holidays and everything going all right so it's it's a perfect time to reboot to reset so. For all the haters. I don't know I think it makes it makes me and eradicate whatever or why do you care I'm trying to do some better grass Rachel. We're awful wearing your T may work we cut man in the ring you know learned. Thrown water on you were ahead got a hold bloom box with some rocky music above my head for a. Statement and it all right it's okay it's never that and I and that are now and had you dropped a couple of pounds sometimes it's not always the best marker of success but have you lost a couple. I think must out of town and how are not a lot you know hopefully get a just mosque just keep batted it down Nancy existed takes a long time people are prepared for that. Yeah irate so you know we lobbyists. Okay luggage yet. They keep it up and let the haters hate on resolutions whatever by drives me nuts. Hello Lisa in some damage you had a comment about a New Year's resolutions. Good morning I feel and get a little different deal without them within. Last year my husband and I decided that. They're red delicious and that in doing something that would be hard it would be like oh we have to give up some evenings we let it he has. Are readily and or something but and hey make more on this year than we've ever made any here before. And we thought dummy I think that it we ended up going to when he Greek like there than one year. Since now that's and all right Lisa I got to ask what was out of the 23 concert you went to what was the best one. It was probably air charts yeah I can see that he's amazing lives it amazing that. It. Good to know so we're gonna be announcing a concert coming to the DNW tomorrow at 710 giving away tickets to beat the street. By the it's got the biggest buzz in country music right now so you'd definitely wanna be listening at 710 if you can't. What happened that McAllister visited Prague. Tell you these guys got to bring donuts and then you know 100 points. Listen on a somber note but I'm not let this pass without mention I'd like to pay tribute and give honor to 34 year old Daniel McCartney of the home. He was a member of the police force in Fredericks and he responded late last night about 1132. A burglary. And all they knew was some kind of a domestic. Dispute but it turned out to be a robbery he was shot and killed on the scene. One of their first two suspects one of them was also shot on the scene and there's another who still out large was kind of a risky situation but. I just wanted to give some love to the family. Daniel McCartney has three young boys to leaves a wife behind it was a navy veteran. He was a three year vet from the police force and everybody said. He was one of the good guys man salary and it's tragic but. That's why we always backed the blue we support our first responders and we'd love our military so when something goes south like this you better believer right there to support the family and give him some love so. Hope everybody's right there was this thoughts and prayers out to the family of Daniel McCartney. The morning look sat with Matt McAllister has been trying to. Though wolf is the morning wolfpack Matt McAllister slowed Joseph and well you know and held by turning your microphone hey work so much better when they're on. I believe any I think test to carry you do great public and sun is out downtown and they are beautiful day. So tells which got cooking for your show today I heard you earlier talking about the Golden Globes the big take away from that was Oprah of course yeah and stellar bodies like poker. Added Tom Hicks for BP. Find it Welling guy that we talked about country artists and I would like to know what country artist would you like to see. As president and who would be the SD POK now I can see this turning into a popularity contest vs who's qualified for office does it matter I don't think sale okay. All right. An issue I've thought a picture that Tim McGraw I don't know I just like to see him you know make speech in November I can I get that that's fair. Tim is actually pre Smart guy too so that's not a terrible take slow Joseph you got an and I was gonna go to Tim McGraw and VP Kenny Chesney. I think you have you had a little business up front with and a little party in the back. Other words did the White House is a mullet as the next election I like it. I I was gonna flip it up. I had to that I could tell who should be president who should be vice president but your mind to it from a gal on the go ahead and be specific. For president Kid Rock. And I thank you got a golden and it's bold but he's American made he's all about Detroit he's smarter than he looks but he's still like. Apart while her I like my presence who like to party. Hey he's got a lot of key and these staff he's gonna get out from under and after trap I guess things files I got a big game yet we blown the walls down grass and Dan are the ones could decide but I really like it. Reba alone adding and Reba is a Smart gal she's been around the block mean I have team brownies 23 years old you gotta have some decent experience I revisit godmother every day and and I honestly I wouldn't even care which one was president vice president. I think it to them working together would be. You get your wild crazy and and you get your. You Reba is a little more sensible she doesn't filters I can see it's all right well I'm looking forward to seeing what double that comes up with a nasty B fifteen years showed today now the 2206421. Loss column I'm so glad some real talent showed up to do some radio did you take it over. And out to see you back tomorrow morning at five MI know we got mayor remorse on the show and seventeen and a huge concert announcement that you're not gonna wanna miss. Tell us. Marty I don't.