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Friday, January 5th

Friday January 5th, 2018


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Okay do you get. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. All this morning welcome back I'm Matt McAllister welcome happy Friday slowed show isn't over there I think it was. Ideas start every day with that song. There's something about that water is jammed just kind of gets me up and going home where and a true story I can say this because my step daughters asleep says she's fourteen she had this little boyfriend for awhile and it was gone a little supervised threw us I mean we knew it was going on it was done the right way we. You know we you know I'm saying I think I know about this so she got this thing your head and she started high school he went to a different high schools she was gonna break up with a so she did. And then he ended up becoming like the big man on campus is a freshman who on the football team and all the girls were into a event. He started seeing this like you know obviously your first yearly date anybody it's kind of hang out with a girl started hanging out with another girl she got a doesn't want him back. And and we were listening to that's on togetherness today. That's his song you broke up with me now visas given his word wrong I don't get all upset about energy and she says she's over Ghana blacks lover read to yeah I Younis and you'll learn things the hard right there you don't know how much that you love something Joseph to you let it go through our and think now Iran and all right let's get somebody on the phone here why are you up early right now we just need one person call the first responders first person to respond to us this morning. 206421. Wolf we just wanna say how I get to know a little bit chit chat make sure you're all set up and ready to go for the weekend. Again 206421. Walters and number. So we were talking yesterday about how we're gonna take one call for wire you approach in how to budget called his talk to one person really focus in on you. Hit Joseph said in a meeting yesterday says well what we call that person our first responders. So I just hope no first responders take it as any sign of disrespect because were all about that dead. And so I wanted to disclaimer that by simply. We start calling this first call every day at first responder it's out of respect for the status spoke today ice and tribute at its attributed to silly take on itself. I feel like him get a lot of complaining emails lately so I disclaimer. I mean every newscaster in Seattle mad today your free loan a dollar connections in the newsroom and making for a bomb site club who would announce a joke they Danielle in snohomish good morning Dario. Deadmarsh Aaron nice to hear your voice Danielle what you do it up early. I'm actually. Okay what do you do. I'm kind of vendor companies that got me break and oh yeah I know led I don't know. If you got this reaction from everybody but I always keep kind of excited to see you when you show that our work because. Even though most of the time it's the same stuff like kind of getting into some deceiving your putting you in the vending machine at work. Hey I yeah I am. Gail what's the most popular thing that you put in vending machines that you see can you tell us. Yes but you don't. And re CC say. Yeah it's funny because if you like to eat healthy healthy ninety if you look at their work vending machine itself with crap let's be honest and nothing in there is good for you. Tip like beef jerky is pretty good. A Snickers isn't too bad. If you're gonna burn it off hey if I'm hungry a Snickers does is it that lives up to the commercials. If it will fill you up there the point slow Joseph is probably more and qualified to speak about mention that I am yet. But restaurant. Daniel DB to snack on some of the goodies. And relax not really yeah and a good not bad. Well that's a nice perk of the job though now I got a question Daniel are you are you vigilant about taking expired products out of the vending machine. OK good I thought our hourly I I got I got a packet of those chocolate doughnuts you know little mini ones from our last work. And it was like two years expired it was disgusting given what those eggs are so filled with deserve to probably last no it was terrible really awfully. Yet totally stay those era I was so disappointed while the did you. Well and there's got to be a lot of waste I think just industrywide because expiration dates for me I always go to three weeks over here you probably fine. With him so Danielle ago. And there been any new additions to the vending circuit did you putting into business place so you know work kitchens. Now I ain't seen it and I have basically micro market. Again. In the breaker coming up. Big cooler than shelves that are against this I and we had that's the next level that's where it's going yet the machines Earl school stadium did. Yourself but that come with kiosks yeah indeed find people who mostly honest with them. I knew about and the. But you know we got our first mug from Boeing yesterday we're going to be I tried to get a hole every estimates she needs the phone by its yeah 80000 people we finally got our first moderates and so you only go to one place. Yeah what takes all night. They eat a lot since I. So for the most part. People there on the clock yeah yeah that's interesting. Gone well one thing that was pointed out to be assumed those three news this handwritten note from Boeing and again I know we're a little off topic here but. They still employ more people than Google and Amazon put together the people forget how many people work for. Boeing how influential it is here in Seattle but I one last question Daniel number gonna find let's ago. Any fund plans for the weekend. I actually had huge attic now. Looking at youth. Well your hard market lady Danielle you married. I am and gates today congratulate yeah it was a big day. Are all right we'll congratulations on that inking Daniel thanks for being our first responder this morning we Libya RN. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McAllister. 100 points it's good morning happy Friday. I'm Matt McAllister and alms and it would make it. There's something that's been bothering me since. It became 2018 that's really stupid it's really trivial and I almost feel bad bring in enough. I'm not a person that likes to dwell on negatives are getting bit. You immediately something that kind of bothers you a little pet peeve that this is the penny as pet peeve of all time something like this that I'm a little embarrassed to admit it but. I was renting a little bit about yesterday on FaceBook and it seems a lot of people agree with me on this one so since. You know music. It's customary to walk around and say hey haven't here. Yeah for the whole month I agree I think it I think it's good up until about the fifteenth but that's that the point the point is. What's been bugging me is. I don't like it when people put a necessary plural on something again. So people I don't know why but I found a lot of people this year and say happy new years. Yeah and I think that comes from having New Year's Eve I think served there and in meaning it's. Everybody is that it's almost like so as not as bad as saying like. Nick in and kick in and Al that the you know sometimes the colonials for this second team. But the happy New Year's big. I don't know why can't tap on the bear Steve bringing up is not even a problem. We are bigger problems of the world I got bills like campaign I don't know what kind of what kind of like dampers this thing your dare not not really needs to. This little preview doses something. Again I don't know how it started I don't know figure out a statement happy new years is now I think we're only celebrating one New Year's 2018 happy new year it's likely get a car and and you see it everywhere cities start noticing a probably dislike you can't not notice it right. Well people started cheering their petty panties at me last night it made me feel a little bit better affected your share yours senator Phil good just to get it out even really stupid. 206421. Wolf as the number Janine said convertibles with the tops down but the windows up. I thought. A fair that while they do that and I what is your petty pet peeve we really do wanna hear it hit us up on anywhere Seattle wolf social media. To a 6421 wolf call right now. I've been at this minute ago and in these are things that probably shouldn't bother you but they do anyway. It bothers me when people say happy new years. That just happy new year it's a happy new year worldly celebrating one new year the numbers to a 6421 wolf what is your petty pet peeve. Let's just be caddy for me take take a moment to vent a way to Bremerton good morning everybody. On good way good so give a penny that he be like to share with the morning wolf pack. On. My wife doesn't really annoyed in fact my most of of how my wife drives. Is a pet peeve of mine but I I'm right with you brother I look. Turn signals are. They're necessary. Rights. Our. That's almost not even petty and it's like danger was necessary that's like I said but. You know again I love my wife who with all my beatle my soul. And if that but it median her in the car there's so many that feeds that go along with bad again of them alleged advancing them. Until the car starts barking error everytime I go debut ever gonna please keep when you get in the car he's gonna wait for the car to start beeping you know I do that do I hide drives me nuts just get it on the seat belts. She'll wait for the car in its tremendous night you know just be beat DP DP can show wait till the cars having a heart attack. I think PG chest. Yes anyway just slow Joseph before I take a few more calls here you got one tiger one that expects me every day at -- I live in a building with an elevator working ability well there it's when people try to get the elevator before the people in it get off. Like it it it only costs me half second of adjustment to get around it but I swear I know it's come and every time and I'm just ready to strangle silence. Yet no I understand Allen here as a Ethan in Bremerton also the morning he's in what is your petty pet peeve let it out. Always when you pull up to yield and let alone air. To yield two people come to a complete. Yeah and that's the old roundabout. You know quagmire is it pure math are righty Tim thanks for checking in the morning wolf thank mayor we appreciate your appreciate it. Omar Sheikh in Redmond how are you today. Look great we're talking about penny pet peeves things that probably shouldn't bother you but they do anyway just let it out of feels better to advance let's call this on your therapy. I hate it when I say thank it is someone and they say no. No problem. No props. In other words you're looking for you welcome. Yeah as avid as the polite way to respond to Hank thinks something that's. Yeah it's almost like dominance that. Okay I'm. Marcia I myriad of many pet peeves appreciate you being a part of the morning wolfpack Marge have a wonderful Friday okay all right thank you all right Chad and can't what is your petty pat. Drives me now there's an in depth on the important but comfort though that people called every time but I guarantee you Chad there's a lot of regular you know gasoline drivers that don't know that so when you're pulled into gas if you vehicle just look for the green handle and don't pull up to that one because that's for the diesel. And brother and almost to argue that on purpose that it wasn't until buddy my with a big diesel truck point that out to meet and I made the correction myself start. That's again what they appreciate you chicken and Janet and Eileen and Everett what is your Teddy Ted deeds. Lincoln Electric aircraft and Darren Clarke. A driver guy and then if not bring an end and no library god why let anybody do I've never seen that you're kidding no. I've never seen that guy who Nat. Well I understand why am plus a police sub's gonna think you're intoxicated to drive and on the road with you wish whoever's on the leg exactly and I know we live in Washington State what I don't do that simply because it's when ID data makes this horrible screeching noise on my windshield like a cat is inside in my engine off edu library if you had trouble. I love you baby have a wonderful day Kevin in federal way what is your petty pet peeve just let it out brother let it out not a paper it's got to be hanging out front. Now come on this is an Angel debate I don't even know if there's a corrective or Kevin are you seeing at the toilet paper should come off the top come out from the bottom. Sort okay well at least we agree on that one but does it when you sit down a public restroom that I know your house it's always done the right way. Does it bother you everytime this come and on the bottom. Okay you don't have to put a poll up on our social Seattle wolf mr. grant's story. Because I don't even know if there's already been evident to me personally I'm with you I like from the top. You're listening to the morning call. Alastair in. Our minds it's. My. Story news today these stories come up about every month but. 304 year old woman says she's figured out the secret to her longevity and now here's what I wanna say about these stories relating degrade and I'm always curious to especially for. I did more merit. From the stories about couples have been married for 6070 years ahead and they have the secret to what's kept them together. I always take that you know to heart but it. When it comes to. Why they're still alive at a 104 of what they think Steve Miller I don't always think he had a polo stock and half the time bootleg whiskey and cigarettes exactly where old maybe. Just because you have managed to survive with the red ask. It means you have good genes and and that's why you were alive back and somehow the media always gets that confused like listen to this the reason. They're saying that this this sweet little lady in Michigan is a 104 is because she drinks at least a can of Diet Coke every day period now come on that that might be that she's done that in managed to survive but. Teresa rally in Grand Rapids a guarantee that is not. That's why you're a hundred and. Moreno one islands are hunkered that out so well I didn't and never be hundred slower. I thought. You don't want pass on Friday by that time you. But it just didn't happen. Then first thing on my hundred wander around and nothing happen with them. You can't yeah hundreds of followers. And still bouncing head yeah. Like waiting to I. Plus she's had a great run yeah honestly I looked at her picture signaling today overnight he's oh he's fantastic. She also says and I'll summarize because it would take too long to play you all the audio clips but she said streaks in a can of Diet Coke everyday because she likes it. She says I'm going shopping Wednesday in any more Diet Coke. I have a bags full of empty died cocaine than any to return to get money for your returns and by the way like 510 cents a can is pretty lucrative business. Continuation that I need to go buy some more bank so. So. Can't fault their followers I mean well to do what you love and let the president of the United States seems to agree whether I was you've checked out trumps diet yet but it's like mcdonalds like three filet of fish is and a Diet Coke every day and a chocolate shake. The that is not the reason your 404 but. Congratulations in spite of that. Good morning it's. Palace raid and he's a hundred and 147. Though wolf this is now on another episode of club got a really nice handwritten note with this document to an a couple of hacks in just a nice box says good morning morning wolf pack my name is Jessica I worked for I'd be asked. For about the last four months now totally one of the sweetest jobs look forward to a country Monday's its country music all day here at the office. I asked my boss if I get sent in the mud I gave him the full 411 of the month club he got excited now every time he sees me he ass when you guys are coming to the slow to get these across the track down out just yet. Thank you for calling in the end this is Katherine happening healthy if they cantor is Jessica there. Can't think. Torrents. Potential risk on just teller there's a really important client call with a big money deal. Schools. And we began in business at that trust is sort especially product. And repair allow. Fellows is Jessica yeah Jessica big Klein called the big money deal how were you. Okay. I'm just kidding it's Matt McAllister calling from the wolf. All and he. And it. It might cause you just made my gay you have no idea. Out non what you stop right there because you made my day when he took the time to send in some hats and some coffee mugs and write a beautiful handwritten note. All my game is inexcusable given all we didn't get that the gonna talk to you for a minute oh yeah. By the way I have to apologize for something I'm chewing gum right now only got a Filipino way I'm just so happy you have no idea of the senior sweetheart. It left I gotta tell you like it's a funny story so we get lots of boxes for the mug club. And I'm sitting here opening these boxes and one is from a dentist office. It's a mug filled with the stuff and it's all like a toothbrush and toothpaste and so I put out this little thing that looks like Japan. But it's this prayer. So I assume that it's fresh breath spray stuff right. So I take the capital I sprayed in my mouth its hands sanitized there although I can't even explain you the awful they stand up on chewing gum to try to Matthew. Nowhere is both are right I just wanted to get that out of the way but I want to thank you for listening to the wolf and congratulations on the new gig. Think do you think so much OK I bought this to me like. Rained down there's rain now okay disk aware is I'd BS I had to do yup I didn't know much about him. Great Auburn okay can you. Hello Jessica. He's right here and rang at me a gateway boss man how are you and get Dario a great what's your name and and Derek. Derek IMAP to tell your right now that Jessica is a sharpshooter with upper management written all over and he is working really really hard welfare to go out of away. They take the initiative descendants of coffee mugs to a radio station to get some free plugs on the air I'm telling you to promote her right away and head of marketing. Well once I get up this Bonham and make a recommendation I like that and if you need to decode sign on that deal yeah I'll. On carbon copy you on a very reputable media morning radio show world so that should go a long way. Earthlink and certain justice and it takes guys next to like it's come down and say hi we would love to do that. And if bonds. But only promised me the analysts and the wolf when adjusted that's all I've listen I'll go I'd let them. Are you weed while they're here in the warehouse all the time. It sounds like you got some fun people down there how many employees are an idea we are when he in the office here. All right Derek will house about you wrangle up all twenty people will come down on Monday. Portland 111130. Ish will bring some dodi's and we'll hang out a little bit is a sound good. I don't know I'd be really really bond wolf thank you guys for being fans really appreciated and officially. Welcome to the mug club had an. Don't go quiet on the Jessica what happening you I'm right here I mean look John Howard our hats right now. Yeah. That's not even. The morning both sat with Matt McAllister has been trying to. Though wolf thank you for starting your day with a morning wolfpack guy Matt McAllister got an email yesterday about it we met at Seattle wolf dot com if you wanna reach out that way. Britney goes to mountain home high school like this is doing a paper. Some kind of a career day type deal as she asked a budget questions but the what I thought was interesting. Is what's the best part about working in radio. This question you know I get all the time. And I told. Honestly I mean aside and I know slowed sure you'll agree aside from a bomb coffee machine here yeah. I think animals and how what I would work for free just have access to adapt coffee machine and that's the news that's company specific we haven't always had another nonetheless had a radio they Sandra but I said without a doubt is the one overwhelming. Perk about working to radio that's better than any of the job. Is that you get to go to the country shows you it's like a part of the job literally yeah you've you've asked you regret it show for a I can't not go see if whoever's coming to town. And you know wind those those few points in my career when I've been out of a job and and haven't been able to go to I refuse to pay. Just exams are spoiled by that notion of what I'm a decade and a half and again. You know that's one of the great Turks about work in recent estimates at us and without a doubt the best that we get to go to every single country show that ever comes to town and you don't Natalie Natalie get to actually meet the artists there and you know have relationships with them and as a country fan that's the biggest deal. But I would like to know his again I only know one thing I've worked in radio my entire adult life. What is the best perk of Georgia so morning wolf pack were every do you work what is the best perk of the working there an inch. We're gonna get all kinds of different stuff and I can't imagine the Turks at work in an Amazon Brad or Costco or so it's incredibly big companies Boeing met you're hubs here in Seattle. 206421. Wolf morning wolfpack what is the best perk about where you were. Good morning Molly in polls Bo. Thanks for calling what is the best perk about your job. It build our own acquire odxa witty work Malik I orchard beach. Age just my company your high and wire act on it they're. World per hour. It got all of the world at. That's. Why are there. Boy there's a lot of guys this right now that are lose there salivating about your job Molly. I've so many buddies that are into hunting and fishing and especially fly fishing that is that things are you get to build your own custom rod and keep it that's cool. It got to do it every step from girl bigger bite you. Rap and guys they're not physically built era. And you get it just the way you like it so if you were to buy the rod that you get to make for yourself that say how much would that cost about twelve under but no are you kidding me for one. Fishing rod. Oh my gosh Mali dad is a great perks thank you so much for sharing that witness yeah well I mean you see you happy to have Friday and have a good weekend Molly. I all right Zach in Auburn what does this perk about your job. And I get to bring home like Clinton's about it works like a long work week on a weekend but it's like he's a greater. Trailers are ups. So Zach you're a plumber I didn't catch the name of the business we were you kind of reduce the second will listen in the company. Bob Bob. Bob okay it's a used to bring home like earth movers and stuff like template that you backyard. Oh yeah and dump trucks and bought ad that's I. Zach just kind of a random question but do you have kids. I do not OK you've you've got to go have a voice because I think that would be like the coolest. Dad job ever if your second home. You heavy equipment is totally different facility you know eldest of the little boys love Bob the Builder test out you are talking about. Yeah up right hey guys Zach appreciate you being a part of the morning wolf back in for sharing that with this man. Our brother to a 6421 wolf what is the best perk about your jobs. The morning when needed a leader it's well for a handful of peanuts and it doesn't help until about seven dollars ball here's Matt McAllister. You 100 points that in. No wolf Kennedy milk from high school student from mountain home Britney hey what's up thank you for the you know by the way just about to questions about working a radio show was the best perk. And that's easy for us it's always been. Free concert tickets to get to go to all the country shows for free there is nothing like then I'm not realize is the best perk of working in radio always has been. 206421 wolf good morning leases and rents and our what's the best perk about your job. That's perk it's probably got you know they our players at least I work at speculate ill. I don't think your friends and family out our players after the eighth. All of that is a great perk so tell me. Whose family is the friendliest who's really goes out of their way to be nice to you on the Seahawks. Arm that's families are probably on the news and me and I. Shirt and a hand mama lynch in the front of my I got to get we're birthday party battle is still here. You gotta tell me about that tell me about mama Lynch's birthday party. I'm pretty crazy there was TJ and it at the federal ANC made in and check it out here yeah. Diet and my family is old and I get pretty darn good job and it's not I was not. That's really sweet you know because Marshawn Lynch he's a Smart guy but he's a little crazy Alan imagine mama lynch. You know what they say the net and fall too far from the tree. Right she she little out there trying to change he has personality issues. I'm a bit more outgoing than they are shocked yes it. What's funny when you say that momma lynch is more outgoing than Marchand. That just means to me that she actually talks she says words that would be more out there are stuck with it it's. Barry now I'd I'd kind of hoping it. Tag I got to see actually can talking you have a conversation and just like she's mad all the time Lisa Levy thanks for being a part of the morning wolf pack in for sharing your story. At air am happy person yeah. 28. Opens in LTU two all right Joseph C enroll way what is best perk about your job. I'm plugged my current job it's my job I had my I. A lot now I work that Matt in you detect that immediately. The director that I worked out we got dealt with it. How well they got on it though. Because I think I mean what could be able to me after not one of becoming a training. And down. The regular one that well Alec. That is amazing until Houston Houston we have a problem yet that that's toasty at that who now lives in Raleigh you know it's interesting because back in the day when the space program was first starting out. The astronauts like John Glenn and they're still iconic American figures every day were at the heroes but it is also the biggest celebrities in the country you mean because that was the whole space race with Russia in. Man who who's gonna put a man on the moon earth so just you can tell us that was also a great we've got a bad break. Just you can tell aftermath I'm so tell me of for you who was the coolest astronaut that you got to me. They all heard it all I. I Kemp hit there was anyone that I really feels that outgrew each day we're very. Great again. You know. It didn't happen big egos diplomatic or how it would do what they were. Ain't that most of the astronauts came from the military yet so they always did you get that you know that hard working bright blue collar attitude these guys they're not they want not celebrities before they get devastation wrecked. It Josie have you seen the movie hidden figures. Apple. Armageddon the one of the best movies I think I've ever absent and I highly recommended it's about NASA in the beginning in. It's really cool take an Avant de Josie thanks for being a part of the morning wolf I can yes that is a sweet perk thank. Calloused as progress. These guys got to bring donuts. Why yeah. Slow Joseph it would appear that I touched on under yesterday with the local news people gain any edge we to break about the bomb site on my only point was do we really need to sensationalize. All of these weather events with such horrifying names it just scare everybody and day in fairness you're watching like national news and that's where begins at if all of a sudden all the national networks are college the bomb -- then and then everybody else kind of pass the area well that didn't stop everybody all I think I had three or four different local meteorologists tweet me yesterday very angry that I would poke fun at the local news including jury Reeves every KXLY. Had a few more I'd have to dig through my Twitter to fight him but. Yeah everybody was very unhappy that I suggested that may be the news might sensationalized some of these weather events like it's Newman again. Hey listen Stephen cold air last night though he did it much funnier than I did. They started of course they'll bomb cyclone bringing heavy snow and wind is continuing to intensify. That's to be expected with a bomb cyclone. Now let's look at the week's forecast. On Saturday we'll have the murder range. I don't bring us no panic and to get NATO. On Monday your friend Anderson leads. On to say fasten the floor is Tokyo drift and how it's done. Hello to have a staff writers and asked later less than it by the way I mean it is a big storm is on tonight definitely that's what you have heat in grass just don't go outside and it's nothing personal or dumb radio guys through a gimmick for us all day yes slow Joseph is a dumb radio you know the median and by the way last night on NBC nightly news or visiting your right to that his right got this sensationalist thick stuff is watching the national. They put Lester holt last night outside. I just because it was called dead like there was no reason for him to get paychecks went outside in footed giant jacket on him just to prove that it was called gotta get the part again this year. This is NBC nightly news with blister hold. Good evening from our snowy doorstep her midtown Manhattan there's only January 4 but tonight some are calling it the blizzard of 28 team. And that's how I responded to all of the angry TV people here in Seattle assistant just got a big winter storm now I quite a -- shows that it is it is a bad storm no doubt about that oh absolutely I did watch some footage and and I'm still so grateful that were on the side of the country dad. But I did some I did some. Say some footage of the in New England Patriots heading out to practice and ended a practice regards I mean it is a bad day there is blowing some of these 300 pound guys around it was never again hear. Your inventors. That was my fair that's a good stuff. You hear that the warming globe. I'm still a party. Cell walls that separate statements. History good morning Dan in brothel Harry today I'm. I'm glad you're good happy Friday I got a pair of tickets to see Miranda Lambert at the Tacoma dome on February its course you want. On the all right let's I like the attitude you got to beat the street firsts now from wanted to and Channing you're 33 years old senior and executive assistant. All sounds good to me before we find out who the challenger is out on the streets. Let's give you the same five questions we asked him you're gonna have thirty seconds to working with the room so don't get hung up on anything too long are you ready. Okay Janet question number one. What character did Daniel Radcliffe played in eight different movies. Harry pot which boy band was Justin Timberlake apart. And what is president Trump's favorite fast food changed. Its excellent who's the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. Out which state is home to country superstar Blake Shelton. All right let's go down and find out who slowed Joseph found on the streets. First of all I will tell you that he was at at the Seattle Public Library. And that's where he founder challenger let's meet him what's your name where you're from them what do you do chuck from federal way four over emphasized. Cool I don't know this could go either way Jana a friend in my moms and I was grown up graduated in the top of his class at Princeton the problem was he was so Smart. That he could never work for anybody else who ended up being kind of homeless dude in guess where he hang out every day. The library the library itself he would do is read books all day long for the smartest human being in the face of the year. So I don't know we're gonna find out how both that he did right now let's get to questionable wanna beat the street what character did Daniel Radcliffe plays eight movies. Like it's her car and lightning face Harry Potter is right to match you got a right to do so no worries you guys are tied at 11 after one let's go to question number two and beat the street which boy band with Justin Timberlake of Florida. Backstreet Boys. Backstreet boy days Jenny you do it was yeah. In sync was the right answer so just like that you take you to do one lead will. On chuck in federal way let's go to question number three what is president Trump's favorite fast food chain. Taco Bell. Bell is incorrect she plays also incorrect. I was shocked his trump remember when he had his presidential physical his doctor says he was a real newsman ever alive. But he eats like a replay official is a chocolate shake Fries he eats mcdonalds like it's a he's a junkie all it that's all right. He still got a 21 lead even though he didn't know the McDonald's was Donald trumps fear for fast food chains moving into question number four who is the Kurds have to see LCI. He care. Who'll win just like data gets really interesting you got it right. So you have a three to two lead on chuck can beat the street how you feeling heading into the last question here Jenna. I don't. Know. I think you should do you know tie goes to the morning wolf back I think you're gonna pretty good spot especially assesses the last questions always country music you got the edge on anybody at the public library which state is around the country superstar Blake self. That Tennessee. Tennessee is set as well and in and out Blake Shelton from Oklahoma. I think all that's okay it didn't matter dinner yet still won 3-D TV shock from federal way you are gonna go through or Atlanta. Come on it yeah. You are looking forward in the media and to the marine show and thanks for being a part of the morning wolf thank you and we love thank you. All right coming up next the daily share it's something that's been bugging me is the pity is that people all the time amateur with the coming up next door. Into the morning. Oh I now. 147. So wolf I think it's safe to say that we all have things that really bother us but shouldn't. You know but that in the pet peeve category. I think I have the heaviest pet peeve of all time. And it I'm almost embarrassed to bring it up it's it's a new year it's really been bothering me and again nicest thing with me but. It's when people greet you as they commonly do between Jan one in fab one to say happy new year but they say happy new years. That's I mean I'm not I don't know why would people put an S on things that they'd like people are allies things that don't need to be polarized it and we are celebrating one years or happy new year I think Burke comes from. And I have been noticing this everybody says that keeping evident well it's all a joke and but ideally come through New Year's Eve Rampage at a good New Year's Eve which I get that apostrophe. Again I am almost a little embarrassed to bring it out but it does make me feel better. That it just sort of air it out your exercising your demons there on the area. Happy new years expect that that might not petty as pet peeve Joseph you got one I guess when people try to and a enter the elevator before it exit it. I get I N I it's it bothers me so much that from an elevator I preemptively justice in this somebody's gonna do them of the time again I got to the bomber the toddler RD man it's stupid slow Joseph feels better to say I'd add depth at the salon or therapy your morning wolf back. What is your heaviest had to be the thing that really shouldn't by the but it does anyway to a 6421 wall. Seven in north gate we're talking about Haiti Ted deeds that things that should anybody but they do anyway. So before I got married RA just kept my issues on the floor in my closet it was no big deal. When I got married to my wife fly in and shoot shelf as well let a child. And now shoot them up for a cause that just bother me in saint. Isn't that funny you'd think that that would be something good about your wife more than you but shoes on the floor and not on the Iraq vet about math math math math. The trip punishing you sprain an ankle we can be talking about a medical problem here. I've got to clear though it I thought he can't get out populist thing. DeVon appreciate you sharing no problem thank you to a 6421 wolf is the number or you can hit a soft on a social. At Seattle wolf for pretty much everything ankle in Bremerton and how are you buddy happy Friday everybody do that so I mentioned before I've got a really petty had TB drives me bonkers when he was a happy new years it's happy new year. It's one new year on the on the morning radio station. Everyone there is always used to watch that my faith that people love music I do look in the policy. You guys you don't hear that you do today is doctor let them and why should they get back. Awesome awesome. Well it's all about balance Manley try to keep you entertained with a little chit chat here and there but we also definitely know the country music to big part of what we do. So we did he do that mean we love the music do we like Gary does much you do. And I appreciate that you've fast. You don't both do really good Gupta shows and everybody out there and got an a till morning show. That's how you do gold my job appreciate the compliment and thank you so much in have a great weekend okay if you Rhode poet Robert in Tacoma what's your Teddy that these. Street is. Also have some menu at Charlotte paper you garnered a great about them and there's no all paper at all not at all. So somebody used the last couple of pieces and they didn't bother to go reach for the new. That's correct I ask that the viewer that's the papers but that girl yeah. Everything we say is I looked like a lot of those apps actually sort toilet paper and it rolls over the top. Somebody had the bad times. Yes sir well I think when it's from the bottom in your run the risk of its is Roland right off onto the floor of a giant ball you know nobody wants that tenements. And that also could be yeah. Not to mention if you have a cat or a baby or whatever else than a beautiful lasting for days cracked all right Robert I'm glad we're on the same page like I said I'm gonna throw that poll of those going to be our stupid Friday April otter is the grim story at Seattle and I'll be all out a lot of heavy Robert have a good weekend and thank you in your as well all right Sox to a 6421 wolf what is your petty had Steve right now morning wolf back. Tonight Teddy Ted team and believe me it's pentium in there Stephen redux. It's people are saying now happy new years and just happy new year nobler it dropped DS brought good. Hello Susan in Lakewood happy Friday thanks for being a part of the show what is your petty Tatis. I don't think at all list handy. But he is people who inner route they wanna finish my thought for me more earth before I even got the thought how they wanted to tell me where I'm wrong. I understand there are some people who you feel like you're talking to him they're not listening to just waiting for their turn to talk there you go guests Susan appreciate the call big hello Jenny in Seattle what is your petty and leave this something that really shouldn't bother you but it does. Caught every at bat I try to always people out there and only broad you know the bug that there aren't very good. And everybody about everything went right to make them my. A path but that's social media Jenny that's all anybody ever does is try to convince everybody else and how great their life is I appreciate. A little honesty posting once in awhile. Do you did you beat Joseph Biden let me buy them like there are a lot of great things my. And I adopt her but I'm not gonna book about like happy days. They don't let the haters get beat up on you Jenny don't worry about it and they are I'd love Vijay thanks for being a part of the show I Cassie in jailers what is your petty pet peeves. Only people aren't sure yet they're not that I can either didn't act and no rain no rain to an heir children and not helping. Amen chassis amen is one of my biggest pet peas and I don't you think that's petty just gross. Hit it. You're not how old are so similar trying to teach our eleven year old that right now we just it almost as if he waits until those food in his mouth and then he'll start talking. Don't have yes or no kids other guy we weren't we are on him at both kids actually were on all the time like. Swing your eating and not talk do not open your mouth is disgusting. Exactly not scary nobody wants that he had cancer you appreciate it they're part of a morning wolfpack blood yet. Let me get right Darian can what is your Teddy Ted. And people cannot ride the wind alliance with their urging on the highways. I understand that Miami and we got off on to the driving change and we can take petty penalties for years I appreciate the call all right Debbie intent you're gonna have the last petty pet peeve. What is. It drags we actually naturally stored in the cubicle in some it would start clicking their nailed a little imagine riddled. Things are flying and I would cringe every club you know. Dealing is worse anatomy office is somebody who's flossing. Yeah anywhere at the office app list you personally Debbie what do you click your nails I seem to have not really found the perfect spot. In the bathroom and noble where like where's Syria in a shower in the bath T do it in the Seattle. Just don't think it constrictor and I think ticket from nickel target tissue you what happens in the army. Is he a woman missing on to Jack your foot up there on the sanctity you have somebody do that right you get. I can't help the guys that whole we have reduced like lunge thing to get our foot in the same so we don't sprayed nails. Because shrapnel all over the bathroom. I would be a little bit yeah daddy really appreciate you being a part of a morning wolfpack. Aren't I great comments on FaceBook if you wanna join us stare at Seattle walls. I love. Let's see here when people say their child is 24 months etc. so in other words you're telling your child is too that's from Chelsea Candace says popping gum I literally wanna strangle anyone needs are near me and they're popping in golf. The palace raid and he's here and. So what we are sure you've already seen the story. Lettuce is being the latest to jump in here on the conversation about the ungodly fast page who's on the Lam right now in tech will look he continues to evade police this has been going on all week if you don't follow took Willis TV on Twitter. You're missing out on one of the great story lines of two dietary fantastic this pig is outsmarted everybody on that police department. It's a panda got away from somebody and nobody were you when you have as being cornered against offense they can't seem to catch. Monty originally were calling him Nelson and had a much names they've now found the owners say no we belong to a one time. But it's like Rambo I think this this big got and it's an amphetamines or something. Are joining us on the phone now officer masters from the took we'll look TV I'm good morning how are you mourning did I don't. Were calling to get the 411 on the purpose the latest on the super fast they got a tech Willa. Third on Yates than it normally last week fell almost yesterday's was there to get calls. Earlier in the week clearly in the morning thoughtfully maybe entrant in the south and take longer growth. This is the talk of the circle of police department right now is this pig is on the Lam he's outsmarting everybody go yeah yeah it's it it's slipped to a third term. Have you been personally out there in the woods on the hunts for money. Yes yeah no doubt there yesterday that about plastic but you go out there are finally had a minute filer can Burrell on the Luke and but we do with what we do it's. And do we know the background of Monty was she some kind of racing pig has formalized the. They love the beneath these fast I'm not sure attacked the owner for a little bit and got a hole on the fence ended up getting out though it has been. And check them down get him back in there before he gets hit by a car somebody day. I'm sure you know in Spain win the bowl actually does away with the matador doesn't happen that often but what it does they let the people go free is there a point. Officer masters where the tuck will look police department is gonna surrender and say you know if this big is this fast and we haven't been able to catch him all week. We're gonna let him run Ferrell. A father again because you keep trying to beat the animal we'll keep trying to get them. Just wanna make sure you get back home. Well I understand that the safety of the big always comes first. Is there a way is their standard procedure fur capturing. Fast big. Not enough and on the books and I think any situation says goats chickens that peca in her act soon through the first attempt it gets in the pig thing you do the call animal control. And they help but just so that's usually done before they can get they're either. Many to call them the back up on this one but what's it going to be when you actually get in that spot it's going to be train gunners could be some kind of tell lasso or something had to give dogs. That I have pretty much earlier than normal dog catcher polls. -- on the yen we're gonna you then yesterday and we realize that next little to do it won't be able to actually. You that you love so that's Weller tennis fan and they look at each other that it was due to catch it well I guess I don't think Dan no country and pleasant and anything like that I learned. Why and let's say these saga on his social media has been fantastic keep it up I love the story and it's great drama. And best of luck rate went down money be super fast pig there and took Willa. Yeah appreciate it thank you payless and officer masters if anybody has a money citing what number should they call. As discourse stationed to a 643 period one NATO it okay what do you think Steve we have money by the end of the weekend. Opened those that the split these detectives EPS to pronounce or prompt and would come anarchy and help us get this. Pretty excited about it this is South Africa. Is that what happens when you catch it does go back to his owner ideology to have a bacon breakfast. Now. I don't got to get back to its owner it's. Get that sense sort of forum is so it'll be Canadiens officer masters look forward to via Monday updates on money the superfast Tug will take thanks so much again for joining us. Yeah I can appreciate it. You're listening to the morning welcome back we're back and Alistair. Our mine the mail whenever I had. Actually leaning more awkward than two dudes talking about tumbling and probably not absolutely. But and interesting article about how important coddling actually is in a relationship and I guess the point they're trying to make is if he'd ever tried Dick total with a casual hook up it's about the most awkward uncomfortable thing you can do. Because there is no. Emotional relationship connection they're just physical crash and then you're trying to put this very few weeks into mid sort of bonding thing to excited. Time to leave. But. If your Cutler. And you what an old. You know if you have a error I think all couples have like a certain telling position because now again there's the read that are predominately yourself you're one of these three wanna know what that means in your relationship because they all have meanings which is pretty interesting if you are the Spooner. Within the big spoon a little spoon as a matter head on the chest that's another type and face to face those are the three most common. Coddling positions. According to this I can tell you how your relationship is doing whether or not it's healthy and what those positions mean 206421. Wolf. Again I hope this doesn't come off too awkward coupling do sit here talking about totally. Probably does the is important to me it always has been. But Caylee in Tacoma tell me what kind of look and is it your husband or boyfriend are. Now their boyfriend tell me what kind there's three predominant styles which when you. Head to chest okay what they say about that and by the way all three are good none is better than the other. But when your head. Is honest Chastain to display of dominance and submission in the same way. Do you trust you know I'm saying him when he puts his arms around jet you feel protected you feel safe. Says a lot about your relationship to its very traditional so you know he's probably a little more Taipei and it's sounding familiar to you. But it also says by the way you guys start out head chest and if this eventually kind of phases out it's a red flag. That means nobody's interest in having a physical connection that's a sign of a deeper problem. And that's scary than that's crazy that a fast Kagan took will add thank you doctor films and he's a anyway Haley have a wonderful day thanks for calling it. All right here's Jordan in Q wallet Jordan a kind of a Cutler area. I am almost there all right it's good good I'm assuming you're the big stone. Yep I am the big OK so. What's interesting about that. Is that they say that this type of coddling goes with strong communication affection and satisfaction but. It also says that this type of cuddling is more apt to lead to other kinds of activity. Than any other so this type of cuddling releases to open meaning your brain. Which sparks that little paying you and you know what I'm saying Jordan. I marriages and so I think if you or either personal relationship and you're looking for more than go for the stone go for this yup. Jumping and bad endorse it you gotta man night's three days now talking yeah cuddle him and I actually did settle it as a judge and I have a great weekend see ladies are sensitive we know sub abundantly only last one and his face to face which is what Vanessa and I do most often out of falsely face to face holding hands I announced she's even. It's it's a good sign though a major and a very intimate relationship and it's more. Represented about longer term relationships. Okay we're both peoples still very much in love. And it allows both people believe in which means the bond is good which kind you in south regional jets for share really every night. You know honestly we don't. This is like more prevalent I am I lounging panel. I got to bed so early that I get much telling him he had that is true and with a one truce with all couples about coddling is that you're gonna tunnel for earth like what twenty minutes and then when you really need to sleep you're gonna dissing it's it's ridiculously because after all or you. You're listening to the morning and all back with Matt McAllister. So we're both back. I'm Matt McAllister happy Friday double for a job they do two hours announced sub country it's shocking to me this Sunday is the biggest year are seated to say of the new year for something there will not be a bigger day all you're along for this particular thing and involves being online's. And an inference for means. When I think about dating I don't think about Sunday as I just don't miss Friday night that Saturday night and media mall school and I don't know but I daresay it will yes it. It's the online deeds for setting it up and I guess that is I did this for a couple years like Sunday you'll look into like tennis at the table for the week and a fun online game got to make these initial connection in the senior sentinel the game well in slow Joseph you're actually a guy that used to. Online dating successfully you're married because of tender because of tender about even being in addition to that I used match and Oki Q that was all about it for nineteen years on everything in your stories are great. I think I love Soviets are happier Mary but I those were fun days there or. So why is this is a popular I think Joseph hit the nail on the head first of all about Sunday's I didn't think about that crashed just set the table they act you don't just eat. But. Somebody was explaining here this article the New York Post says the first Sunday after the new year. Sunday's big day for online dating the start of a fresh year symbolizing new beginnings and new you folks that are single. Might be feeling a little bit Randy and hopeful about the future also by the Iranians might work. For his or her Internet. Also. After spending the holidays with your family. And you've been asked the drilling question specially you ladies over and over and over again why don't you have a boyfriend that was was actually wrong with you. Yeah might be kind of ready to go forward a little bit more and we're talking about a 42%. Spike. On match plenty of fish. I guess there's one called money cash you know about that on an island that's a must be kind of knew but. 42%. Spike in new people coming to their sites looking for loved starting by delay. At 9 o'clock. Eastern time so morning in the -- -- OPM aka so that's another odd thing is brilliantly to Sunday night to get all crazy as your board Helms I'll say this year it's a good time because people do online dating in waves like you do it for like a couple weeks and then you get tired of all the messaging and all that and you take a couple weeks off. Think it's good if you get in there again a mixture in the beginning of the good things would just say slow Joseph that too when you get and you gotta be ready negated because it comes it's like opening the flood jet energized gas bam bam bam S and I can only assume it was it's like it was like that for me but I can only assume it's a hundred times worse if you're a woman's. Because you're just there's such is such an overwhelming amount of messaging going on and stuff like that plug here in Seattle to there is. I'm proportionate amount of men to women are awful lot more men now I have come here protect John Hopkins felt bad sick gay rights probably count Airese but tell one of the things they say that it is assists Sunday the biggest in the year for online dating they do say that you need to standout because. It's like a herd of cattle are yet to make sure that you you know so there's something about your profile that does stand out no shirtless vasser himself he's done is that out now guess that Anthony Weiner did and I'm a net. The morning when needed a leader its well for a handful of peanuts on doesn't sound fundamentals and a guy. All here's Matt McAllister. It's almost every Friday met McAllister and I'm not the only one that had a reaction to bomb cyclone. Even though the entire TV community here at Seattle. Now loads my name my anger I got angry tweets and email all day long about that second ago college at her half while Stephen cold air did it weigh funny that I did. They started of course they'll bomb cyclone bringing heavy snow and wind. It's continuing to intensify. That's to be expected with a a bomb cyclone. Well let's look at the Wii's forecast. On Saturday we'll have the murder rains. Sunday you bring us to not panic and to get NATO. On Monday your friend Anderson leads. On Tuesday he fastened the glorious Tokyo drift. I know it's down. Now here's the best so Jimmy Kimmel played this it was a reporter you name it they make for some reason Miller of course have to go out in order. Will this lady's clearly annoyed that that was her job. Ali do you see somebody in front of our favorite coffee store that I won't be me right. Please come. Oh yeah. Yeah they go from what happened that McAllister visited Prague. Tell you these guys got to bring doughnuts to the new 100 points. It's and the new 100 points set in the wolf this morning wolf pack and McAllister slow Joseph and just to keep you up to date with our morning wolf pack useless holes of the day. Something new for 2018 a mixture on the Seattle wolf instant grams story every day there's a useless poll that you could vote on yesterday's. Was about Taco Bell. On rolling their new nacho Fries right so is how do you feel about you know you feel on these knots or Fries and Taco Bell. 82% of you. Are now he had either as I am and click stay in your lane entire MLB talent already you know the Fries world that's McDonald's blame beyond those that. Chicken sandwich that's chick filet Zach everybody's got a world got to live it up. Two days. Oddly enough we were talking about Eddie pet peeves earlier that spun in the people that put toilet paper with the with the role coming underneath Brett. Not alone if you feel like you should be at the top 89%. Of the morning wolfpack 20 mr. Graham this morning on the story believed to hug him should roll from the top and I think that's just. Fact that system is the way it should be unless you own a cat that's the only reason you can have an excuse for putting it the other thing you can't even words damaging to Bernardin now efforts underneath to tack in spinning and it just keeps spending habits come out the top he's been there and it all comes out. Him I think he was completely back right about that some guy told us this morning that there's actually a patent. With paper there isn't coming out of it up yeah right and I didn't know that. I'd so here's the day got to follow us on social media especially heading into the weekend at so you know Seattle pretty much everything he can find our personal accounts there as well but that's the gate. Way. Mets load Joseph big daddy here because the hardest working woman in showbiz on with him. And she rolls her eyes that are a five hour shift looming. We got off easy with four each in Maine credit so much Sunday that we stick around for an hour I would tell you obviously dealing you keep meter retained. For hours on your energy I don't know the answer on legal stuff but it. Intakes yesterday yes you and I were another studio just like working on some staff and team easing your leg dance in her heart that we sat there and leg danced with he had no idea no and then it actually took my shirt off in the studio for about. Three minutes and even noticed. It was going to ever hosted is nothing amiss. But you told me you didn't dance. And had his arms Arizona. Spreading this like that and error some sort of received but that that plays Sarah. Now in the way. Ideally. One of our our daily share today was about our you know pity pet peeves mine is when people say happy new years runs happy new years so dumping do you have once and that bothers you that. Yes everybody does it shouldn't but it does great I think I heard a collar this morning talking about it. If somebody asks you a question and you go to answering it and they not only when asking the question but they also answer for retail yes they grow. There they don't you wanna talk to you just wanna talk and when you listen pretty much he was even worse. When he acts you question and don't ask you to action could kill you a question at him. I DV what do you plan for today what's going on in your cookie world so have you ever us something valuable that your partner gave you your wedding ring. Yeah you've lost your wedding ring again credible luckily for menu can replace a ban pretty easy but. Did you like did it. You've found in the Los about it yet that's what happened to me today John gave me these hearings on her wedding day and a talkative drew this morning he goes. Kate you lost in hearing there and I go and I had to retrace my steps and I found it in the Dag gum parking to rock I listen I can't think of the building. You are you kidding me great job drew randomly found your earring in the parking garage though he drew sonic this morning and with just one it and hang it out he's like hey you lost in hearing that's sealed I got a 2 AM look ahead. I. Tag. Yeah I might suggest the attack. Well daily have a good time today and never is excited to taken over and having the better we can panacea Matt he's dancing around town this weekend don't you brits and of the clouds today the group would be crazy he can't keep open ideally I. Italy US and keep their we'll see you Monday at five and have an awesome weekend. Tell us. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 points and overall.