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Friday, January 12th

Friday January 12th, 2018


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Okay do you get. Do you think he went so well to morning we'll talk with Matt McAllister is not this. Point seven. All series the latest from lady Annabel his heart break and anyone at a point several wolf it's the morning wolf pack good morning happy Friday MM McAllister slow Joseph is here as well Lauren Jones and the big heart. Break man that's what it is sent whenever regulating development is I don't allow is is go back to that first album. We may explode on Jan broke every record ever it's and all the little kids sing and about making a booty call. Is that though there second and that that you know it was their first hour in making Alan a first Salman had like five number one hits and they're awesome people so. By the way Hillary pregnant twins. And Dave just had a baby. Pretty crazy stuff over there Lady Antebellum more mileage are you can do a great man as try to get this copy it down as Griggs can go. You know you just say at a party had one cup in and I I I give myself two cups of coffee every morning it's of sand in the second cups about over our we had they just I know my limits you know area up some gonna be a little jittery start sweating out the armpits the crazy I'm chasing the jitters than I've ever known and are you tired. Well not have a long days and try to get that feel that all able talk about that you're going to be out doing some salute to service today so that you know but. Let's give these early bird's a little four on on on that okay let me guess are married to obviously Dotel we don't tummy to tummy Lakewood yes Lakewood today Lakewood forward. From noon to two term new and its slow Joseph is going to be out doing salute to service that means any view that to serve in the military can stop by it. Are you need that service military us and my mom or dad you've heard salute to service ask your friends whatever term and kind of awesome that. All right so let's get done. Our lead off Colorado first person on the show today as you know the show's all about huge I don't know why Europe what are you doing get to know you little bit better. Let's go morning wolf pack to a 6421. Wolf is a telephone number give us a call right now. Johnny in Allen to say it's her first and organ to get there right Jenny. All right Jai and well welcome your leadoff college today and I wanted to address that just really quickly. We've been bouncing around kicking around a couple things on the radio took we want this to be a thing the first caller the first person on the show every day. And we started with an idea as DVR first responder the first person to respond Lewis is a tribute to first responders. Well we actually got a text two days ago from seven in the police harvest it you know it. I kind of think that might be taken away from what real first responders do it came off disrespectful to that person so. We decided to go ahead and scrap that and go with lead off caller Johnny what do you think. Mom. I don't think it's disrespectful responders. Well I about it southwest Idaho originally I was are fired at it for thirteen and a half years. We're interested to different I date we didn't think it was either I we thought it was kinda clever but they get a big rugs anybody there are ways you know and he brought it up in the light of that officer that was that was killed the other days I was like Eric Eric that's your market is changing it so. John how does that feel I was at that Stryker unit your lead off collar today more of a baseball field you know I'm saying. Absolutely absolutely clear we get again daily jolly deliberately done. I I direct trucks for UPS. Guy. I drive from her story that you Redmond Washington backed by actually. Holy mother a solo. You would look how long does that take you every day John. Tom. Just one wager I'd like or a half hours one way you do that every day. Yes by next week so let's get a diehard yeah I did the math is our dragging every day your commute is longer than your work day. Bloodied why are you due to the commute is that worked there it yeah yep that is my dad all okay I thought you like drove up to UPS as you know. Senator I know you started it. We have UPS subs everywhere now congressman or it is that right rhetoric. Is just give me a heart attack deaths I was not really about to quit my job it was you have them like there's no way case. But this brother can survive with that schedule. Yeah exactly I don't think going to be awful there's there's actually quite a few of us that run out of Thomas and organic come up to Redmond Washington and and Sumner Washington. And whatnot up here quite a bit of its okay well I gotta say I love. You guys it I know I only have ever had an unfriendly UPS driver even a wanna have now. Was talking about the lady used to live in the house and offered. You know 'cause of the package that the so ransom it's rampant easily be giving it to him for your garage or put things inside the auto limited steal your stuff. I've up it's always had great UPS guys John I'm sure your. I'm one of those thoughts and here come you know I started out with livery driver myself in southwest side ago and then now and to try to trust him and I'm was Aniston I'm sorry that's tricky here appreciate all all the UPS guys doing your job off you know I try to do a good job and hopefully they'll be too. Ilia love those that I love to do with the terminology guys in the business say driving truck in a semi truck driver to drive his truck and. You know either way depends on I guess what various farm he announced yet. Well listen John we really appreciate you you're part of a morning wolf pack clearly you do a lot of time to listen so you're one of our best customers. Absolutely I whenever I hit Maine attorney gets on it has agreed to listen to appreciate which yes did you John have a wonderful Friday have a great weekend and we will be here on Monday even though it's a holiday we know a lot of people have to work so we're gonna be here do. I will be to pay appreciate that greatly continued to slow judge you answer yeah I just went one question confirm this for me is Friday lighter traffic than any other day around here. Com. I haven't noticed the difference from one data another okay as a matter drivers keep telling me. I think it is because people tend telecommute on Fridays here because it's right is so bad I think there is something similar ads. I I usually deep red mini 5 o'clock AM so mom Arianna I am ninety myself Islam are here past. Issaquah so soon. Heading back to her list and found on this are you tell and I only hit the rush hour traffic and I'm good with that run on eight. Appreciate executive Danny you're listening to the morning and welcome back we're back McAllister yeah. Our mine the mail 100 my. This morning wolf pack your honey Friday Matt McCallister right at Shea and hard yesterday in an email. About my dad television show preferences which for the most part are pretty good but I do have a couple of guilty pleasures. This is from David Puyallup he said Matt dude. As a listener I'm very confused you seem like a normal enough guy who's into some guy stuff but then you openly admit you watch the bachelor. That's at no self respecting man watches that show much less admits it on the radio consider your man card revoked have a nice day. It is Soviet and I told you before like the thing about that one is. I know it's a bad show yeah but I enjoy it anyway. And Vanessa and I get such a kick out of Florida glass a wide Arab fear and just laughed and is so. Bad it's good you know that's and I I I don't agree with the either at Savannah good but I do know is today well I can I going to news term because of this email. Because now everybody shamed in some way earnings feelings are hurt. I get show Sheen he gets today hash tag it shows shame and Joseph is or show that did like to so fever make fun of you because you watch it. I wrote back in the day when I met Vanessa my wife ice to be really the Walking Dead dead and she came in she solemnly watched it eat. So I'm incidence of homes possessed you to show. You know life. I never watched it again now I listen Joseph you are right out of a burial so horrible about myself for watching a show about guys killing zombies amazingly Sheffield -- left a bachelor. I get a little crap for watching -- family matters on Netflix it's just a that's that's not child is dead and hash tag show she ends payless and used hash tag got thrown up on Twitter or Inkster Gramm a Seattle war for all those or give us a call right now morning wolfpack wanna know what show. Are you shame for watching could be from your friends from your significant other and just do better the better my give you some personal look at this week into a 6421. Wall. We show Shane yesterday. I wasn't the one doing the show shaming. That any date in Puyallup took some liberties about my choice to watch the bats are now that the whole bachelor franchise of you know yes or impair guys faster breath. So dumb and I know it's I don't mind a little shame and that us via a sort of talking miniseries they're here. Choice in television shows. And what have you been ashamed for watching whether it was from you or significant other. Maybe some friends become little heat because you what's in a really bad television show and you know it. Quite honestly that's. Kind of the time when I get to sit in front of the T got a German brain off the gas I mean I would like Mir and signature has figured out the time but like. You know there's mindless television the nice release I had I showed shame my wife all the time because she watches this there's like the Chicago fire Chicago PD Chicago mad and I like this whole franchise and yes like all early Chicago elect first responder harvest. And the acting is so terrible this is that she's absolutely have gone out should you get coach here and it's almost like those the new soap operas write and speak exact morning wolf pack the topic to show Xiamen what have you been chamber watching or you could flip it around. Maybe you give your significant other heat for watching something and hash tags show standing on Twitter needs to grant to a 6421 wolf as the number you can also text by the way. Really easy to do and I wouldn't it be great response for 6150. Just put your name in the tax. A couple of those already came in by the way. But Angela says her show that she get shameful watching as my 600 pound life. Which I did the I was flipping around last night it was on I think it is Rodham repeats Iraq have a hard time that would personally. Brenda. It's keeping up with the card actions and there was a bunch last night I was chatting with some you guys on FaceBook. A lot of people to show shame for the Kardashians rightfully so. Allen through this and there. Maury Povich. And even really realize that Maury Povich was still on TV but I did she did finally show anywhere now with via TV land a cellular networks. What television show or you shame for watching. Yeah Robin's betterment of our rob are you dude doing the show shaming or have you been show shamed by the number 206. Four to one wolf or shoot us a quick text 46150. Put your name on it to please yeah. No no idea what our show beyond the demo I ought to light and small and that's near you thirty days that's all I got it all that let's. He had married is eat at about married at first sight. Yeah yeah and out and I'll take because that came up on FaceBook a lot last night as well and I don't even know what that show win it's. Yeah I honestly don't do nearly eight I don't I I didn't do any Greek are we out. Every throw you know man you gotta be creative to get in the country right. Law immediately needed dot net been built catapult the B Gary. So what was the first show that you mentioned again not the me and mom and is money and mom. Right now data that is that's about ridiculous pageant moms I've I'm not mistaken. Well none not at you it actually like being in. But he can year old dead legged and stealing learn how to dance and stuff like that. And they do they do competition in depth but. Overbearing moms living life vicariously through their kids. Edge it's not even the mom who led the lady Abby Lee New England these meetings are both under the got trouble and that I don't know. The Al muddying yet. She yelled at a Mike no they're not what my life. And I'd like I'd like it if somebody at my daughter like that I would. Yet rod you know and I've been doing donuts in. What I've been played UC even watching along and apparently you have you know the plot lines dislike your wife does. There are you do that apple app state and still look to man really. You know you've got to like your you well and I'm usually on my phone the whole I'm me anyway. Rob you don't need to make excuses for me I watched that the baby listen they thanks for Colin and about shows Jamie ground have a great Friday. Agency about it. Couple attacks are coming in here my boyfriend and I watch floor bearish or in TV loves ignorance that shows Jamie because your admitting it and you both had a good time. Let's see Megan I shame my 26 year old husband for watching the entire Pokemon series in three days. And even that was shall. But see. Great text by the way Glick democratic candidate or am. This is Tina and Mike tough hardly writing husband watches tapes lifetime channel over and over. I show shame him for that as well I'd let's go to our Morgan in Puyallup. Morgan if you wallop plus are gonna show shaming what do you. I'm actually going in because. But there are. A lot and change hope. Yeah well I'm glad you're willing to admit that it came up a bunch less on social media I think everybody's into this show right now. Outlaw it actually. Made it showed that they were they did Mac people were killed and they find you know couple and it there. Get married and like fourteen days at the altar they and there they did like a little bit about. Okay so we have to follow through with the wedding. Yep that is. Because they're at and they go to any. Worse case scenario they have the option. Yet the court but they do you like it up it actually worked out it's pretty maybe it deadly a lot yet to see how awkward they hire. That neighbors. Yet that sounds like a great TV show but everybody's worst Nyberg your wake up and as your reality. Yup exactly I would ever built to get out on up AM Morgan appreciate you kind of fill in the blanks and Allen had no idea. And a minute agreed Friday are. Few more Tex here did he sell says I show or share my husband for watching the Kardashians. Morgan from Puyallup just pretty little liars. My boyfriend watches Jersey Shore. That's from terrorists. He's a skinny Greek who hates to probably loves watching those drama loving weed out the math math math at meant. Our right to 06421. Wolf if you wanna check in about that show shaming. And don't forget we got the mud club coming up and rarely yesterday in Washington news which I don't normally do either but I was statistic is a new word. It's a bad word and apparently it's okay do we're gonna say it from now on on national television it's Purdue I was mum. And was blown that you are talking about we're gonna play some of the audio coming up next. Back with Matt Stairs. Once or twice. No walls I will tell you I was shocked. Last night I mean the legitimately. Shocked and not that I'm a prudent. And I'll be honest with you and another radio I kind of like this where. Just never thought that I would see a day in an age. Where we would openly swear on the the nightly news the NBC nightly news like CNN I kind of get and its cable. But the the prime time if you're the Big Three networks I was just watching on the news last night of course we're talking about what trump said about letting people in from other countries and he used and expletive. In a meeting with a bunch of dignitaries senators I believe they were so. The news went ahead and I guess at that point fell below it if the president's gonna say we're gonna say in. You know Lester holt on the NBC nightly news he actually said like listen you may wanna turn your TV volume yeah. Because we're gonna say the word and I don't know why everybody felt that they had to save the words you know doesn't mean we could say it and then by the way there's a reason we're having discover station at 5:53. AM I still respect the fact it's a Stanley show you get any kids in the car later so yeah we're doing this now we gotta tread lightly and yet and I know it's could slip out of one of our mouth basically like S bond gained in after serving prime tan so crazy here just a little montage of some of the news covered or watched last night. Why are we having all these people from all countries come here as a goal. As living in this country falls why are we having all these people from the old countries come as an ass hole work. Hold it with the word that the Washington Post according the president sank. Headless and Wolf Blitzer you put a different spin on it castle castle castle asked for. Season was sitting there flatter again a lot yet so he did it of course is historically the S bomb has been one of those words that like that major swear words that you can't say in the air. But a few years ago analysts say like 45. Day basic that we know this is South Park get a whole episode on and is on their my affairs South Park episodes ever. When they basically said using the S word as an adjective. Is no longer like like police adware is no longer obscene. It still obscene if you use it to describe something in the bathroom but if it's an adjective. It's no longer seen as well and. I do remember watching AMC that network and a couple of others and I go to some of the shows like a log into worst starting to answer is dirty old do I start on the software app yet. I just one word just I just never thought I would see and it can I don't wanna sound flexible sides here but us. I had I was there to you know a guy is I just know it's an Lester hold NBC nightly no good evening the start with the news. Beep beep me and I'm so glad you're not ready for now and we're still I get a say in a morning radio cholesterol sing and on the NBC nightly news mind. Loan. You're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister. Now on another episode. Club and morning wolfpack were getting low on the love. Just go to Seattle dot com to grab our address sent us a mug from wherever it is that you work. And we'd love colleagues knew you would that make you guys famous for dig about some local love for Seattle. I got AM really nice looking mug here from Jeff who works for the trust company you. You sales representatives so called on the cell. Good morning it's just a champ Matt McAllister goalie. It weren't I'm just gonna thank you for the mug for you to join the mug club and sitting in his beautiful traveler behalf of the trust company which I'll be honest I'm not even really sure what that is. Well. Lift truck company is company that built structure. Where your reps and your orders or how absolutely we could make that would triangle eat you you live under a path a cam right now I just feel dumb. At a oh they look at the look at the back in the cart over it's over their you their ego. Sounds pretty cool Jeff Helen to be lived in the area. Lived in the area for about 26 years a kangaroo is yet to walk yet our eyes and your big country fan I don't. I am absolutely you know really an excited you're here and appreciate what you're doing and been a lot of fun. Well it's been a lot of fun for a Stewart were thrilled to be here love in Seattle and getting in the Pacific northwest managed UV for so long. And I just wonder you know view we we need to fish bowl for a long time maybe don't see the stuff that a fresh set up diocese that. The Pacific nervous absolutely beautiful you know I actions follow you on it. And it it is. Under either site but you're going out doing stuff that I. I did when I was kittens and first look over here and and it needs to look back and visit some spot is this a plant. As probably like avenue Q as you know any easier Kagan at Christmas you feel excited even though maybe had a bit excited about Christmas for yourself in awhile there yeah. Yeah well as if I hope the shock and awe of how beautiful the Pacific northwest is never wears off on me because I love my afternoon bike rides and out exploring. I got my phone on half the times an update because she so. Beautiful here. Well it is an egg to one you know they do appreciate that you put in a month. It is it is and do you remember getting up in the spot that that are out there some of these let's go to Q. Yanked the only talent on the pictures it's raining and wanting government phoned my musical that's that's the only time I don't do so. The retreat and dear to you pictures that exactly exactly people just listen Adam Levin Sansa connect to talk welcome to the month club and if anybody's like that Russell's Aggie now you know who called to get that trust put a foot you'll just have critical that area sounds. Good Jeff thanks for being a part of a morning wolf back in for joining a mod club and look forward to shaking in person Monday night they care. Got a picture up right now Seattle mr. Graham Twitter FaceBook just give it a love and trust company and coming up next to you women really enjoyed this to a woman put an ad out for her wedding dress and obviously the marriage didn't go so well the ad is hilarious to read it for you coming up and about five minutes. I palace raid and these here and. So wolf you know wedding dresses did one once. Gonna get put in a box of the clean Demi put him in a box and in their in their closet. Until you find out whether that your daughter wants to Wear the same dress and that's pretty much how it goes through that probably usually don't. You don't mean daughters catalog their own thing I would think so unless. It was. Classic wedding dress and then I mean I don't know this is not our area of expertise. And the reason we're talking about this there's a hilarious that this woman put up on basically the New Zealand version of Craig's list. Because punitive getting a divorce in the ad she put with the dresses hysterical we're gonna read it here in a minute but before we play Thomas threat Mary media thought it was a pretty appropriate time thrown out there. Just a note this curious. Any do you women listening to anything. Creative with your wedding dress because let's face if you and getting divorced you're not gonna offer an address to your daughter read because it doesn't have the memories you're looking to have. It's like passing down arraignment and did staff. Just wonder if I don't now. I mean Joseph you just command so these wedding dresses probably gonna sit the closet for the rest of a lot is not going anywhere and a lot of times are custom Mays okay the chances of a fitting your daughter Ers. Send a nine if we're being really honest but. So is there anything else that women do with a way to address besides put in a box and put it in the closet. That's the question before I read this ad here and a couple of minutes to a 6421 Waltz you can also text 46150. Which you gotta stick around for disaster. Good morning Teresa a nickel valley were talking about wedding dresses did you do something creative with yours. I'm not a mine that was something that they've decided it was my grandmother's here it is now not the way they are batting practice working out now. And they'd started cutting at heart if it was very deep hurt bad and making my anchor shepherd something like. Do. You didn't and that future wedding. Dad is really cool have you ever heard of that being done before because I haven't. I had I don't know which might and you know but the idea that. About identity that I around that on the women's power ball out. While both series and that's a great idea thank you for sharing now with us I. Bella Donna in Puyallup who did something different with your wedding dress. Yes I bet you I want my mom married seven years and I carry out party. 800 that's command a year and a half ago I read in a magazine and donated the draft they column. Angel down. And erratic and Mary had tiny baby that didn't make it in that watch cop. How are they talked back and make down 40 babies out of the wedding prep materials. Who saw the family has been down that they buried a baby and. That's pretty heavy stuff Donna and Ed did you think fermented may be. Daughter my lower. Now my daughter are married and it would have ever bit Terrence USB into it and it down like that. OK so the legacy had run its course it was time to do something different yes. I did what I was beautiful Donna great death thing that you did their thanks for sharing that. Thank I'd have a great weekend coming up next finally we'll get to it in the Craigslist at a New Zealand for a wedding dress on a bears it didn't and well it is hilarious. I'd so here is the ad in New Zealand are identical trade me which is like Craig's list here in the states and a woman put an add up for her wedding dress. Which you wrote pretty brilliantly. Wedding dress so worn once by mistake. And the ad goes on to say please help remove distressed from my life it no longer means anything to me this. It is an excellent condition unlike my marriage pretty much brand new and ready for religion wedding after a practice run back in 2013. These stunning off white gal was that a twelve to sixteen it's got to lace up back so very versatile. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and I have personally had washed all the bad luck out of I love others won't has a sense of humor about a very short bad marriage like a few years yes cannot provide measurements as this was custom made for a little girl who thought she deserve less than what she was worth. And she is now a strong woman. Cannot measure up and it looks stunning on it enough so that it will distract junior guess from the fact that you're marrying a compulsive liar. Also Craig evening where if you enjoy a night out what people to buy drinks there would be an excellent outfit choice for housecleaning and dishes at Disney role plays you can get. And I. I would ideally like over 300 dollars for the stress as this would pay for years gym membership for me to lose the kilos I put on from such a miserable marriage. Either that or a decent night out on the wines both are needed so make an offer on the lines jets' New Zealand talk area. Happy to also provide pictures of my shoes that I can check in for good Fries. Those are needed anymore either because I walked away with a few I was born with them keep moving forward fellows I think keeping the veil for the out of toilet paper emergency. That's great okay so there's a picture to embody were got to put this out of one of the Seattle FaceBook page but there's a picture of her and all the heads are cut off but it's with her and the guy that she married is that there's marker and he's drawn out and she says apologist for the photos some of that lost about nine BK of baggage heck that's referring to his body. And anyway and that's pretty much yeah. Pretty hilarious and other good recovery. Well you know you gotta have a sense of humor about those things director of myself that's not always the best again check it out at Seattle wolf FaceBook page. Calloused as progress. These guys got a free doughnuts. 100 points. Our before we get to surely a ticket to beat the street. I have to apologize I know I said one thing that I did another I settled for the staff last night I think and watch the Tonya Harding special truth and it's. But I gonna be honest with him and I started to fade at 7 o'clock this is what happens when you get up at 3:30 in the morning and terrorists 4 PM death and the like an old you know retired person it's 730 your out. The special didn't come on ABC it's on 9 o'clock in the past that he DVR it I did I got an Obama brought to get back I know my wife stayed up late and watched it. Her first thing to me was like I can't handle everybody being a victim. Everybody's a victim in 2018. And now I get and why Tonya Harding is spinning this whole attack on Nancy Kerrigan as she's the victim. Is because. Apparently in the special last night she talks about her mother abusing her drag. And so that's. Why she's a victim. To me it doesn't add a dozen did you be OK if you had a mom the mysteries you don't go beat up another. This figure skater but they're two totally separate story lines you ought to mean yeah awful nobody should idea victim especially to their mother but yeah that doesn't justify the end now he doesn't give you a life of doing the wrong thing right it doesn't erase that either here's a little bit of that. When I was. I remember she drug me into the bathroom and the eyes on her. Getting tired of hair brush what had he done that. Major mom go off on with the hair brush the it was a landing my jumps for. That was it says it's OUSCUS. And she did it on a regular basis. Think that there was more than one day a week. Sometimes that I didn't get beat. One of the most controversial. Accounts that Tanya has given. But for her abusive relationship with her mother is an account in which she says her mother through a stay night at her. I was about ten feet from her and what's going through your mind at that moment that she's tricking us. Crazy did she ever apologize. She would never apologize for any. Tonya harding's mother to ABC news has denied overthrowing stay nice and her daughter she's. Which is something nobody should ever really have to say drag. You know if the whole thing is about her justified why she behavior receiving aid I don't know Fabio this into the hole two hours of it yeah like brawl delta handle like you either accepted and you can rise above it or you can uses excuse for the rest your life why not doing things are right way meringue that's awfully don't use that excuse to take away another person's livelihood her career her life exactly and one more clip produces. Tonya harding's mom apparently time you call them white trash and she took us president. Tonya herself call us trailer trash. We're never trailer trash. We had a beautiful new trailer he Cowell then let's look ahead as long as that. And heck is wrong and now when her and me which sell out Canada held sit on the DD government I had a familiarity no words go rats okay. Right after Sam hunt will play beat the street for those Sugar Land tickets beer at cornered. Is the callous. You 100 voice yeah that's the case it's. History good morning Mary snow Kwame your teacher your 22 years old you are ready for beat the street in my right and all these things a lot. Yet our primary happy Friday feeling good. Get. It. When your teacher so I imagine your knowledge of all things tribute is pretty strong why aren't the pre schoolers are pretty well here maybe not. And I knew we go. Mary snow Kwame. The teacher lets you be those five questions thirty seconds on the clock for beat the street Sugar Land tickets up for grabs by the way they're going to be peace SO show or senator recant on June 7 it's going to be a big summer. For country music here in the Pacific northwest. Are you ready Mair. I am so here we go I mean are you ready for beat the street I know you're excited about should the FF thirty seconds on the clock question number one. What is the lone car dash into Brothers named. Well I don't know I don't want them I'm just say I don't like about it and that's just what kind of mammal start to act. A cat in what country would you find Westminster Abbey. Italy I'm not topic to which president is Washington State mean for. George Washington. What country star is married to Trisha Yearwood. And note is that got an epic I trucks that. All right let's go down to meet the challenger against low Joseph was out with the recorder around. Pier 55. Let's meet who's gonna determine your fate today what's your name where from the what do you hear my name is Jesse for valor and I'm a fisherman. Jesse is a fisherman who knows let's find out how you did. When we asked Jesse the same five questions here we go question number one what is the loan Kardashian brother's name. I don't know. He did you know I believe you said it was might be loan card ashy and Brothers rob. Rob who I've got married black China and many game like 400 pounds from what I noted artists. Yet another. Let's go Mary got no blood nobody's got a point yet let's go to question number two but that's available Garfield. Our field is I can marry you got that went right to use so you're in the game yet you're both on the board were tied up at one apiece. Let's go to question number three in what country would you find Westminster Abbey. Why. Easy and correct your guess Mary was it Italy the correct answer is England. Being relating to Wear your prime Westminster Abbey OK so. We are still tied after three you both have one point heading into question number four beat the streets for Sugar Land remember you got a least tied to get the tickets. Which president is Washington State name. Kansas. Kansas City is incorrect you I'm glad to say got that one right of course it was George Washington and by the way. Of the for the preschoolers here Mary. We live in the only state named after president pool that also talking about the so right now you got a two and lead heading in the last question is the country music question. Which country star is married to her for your work. Chirac. Yes definitely not married to nutritional. They Mary doubt yourself but Garth Brooks was right all the way right here. Source of serious right now Garth Brooks has been married to Trisha Yearwood for a long time they're just here in Tacoma Obama got so. You finished a really respectable three out of five Jesse from Ballard the fisherman went. One for five so you've got to circulating tickets Mary could have vested beat the street we're only at that concert congratulations. Oh absolutely excited. And I can tell you feel the pressure Mary but it's time to relax you have one comic and what I hear you know. Your very soft spoken excited person but I can respect that. You know after all your teaching young people's emotions on the inside if the kids if they see if I don't go to town on your right there and I think. It was Mary we love you thanks for being a part of the morning wolf thank you and Jack congratulations on winning yourself should Elaine tickets. Thank you violation of anti it's all weekend long Rainer wolf every hour just keep listening hopefully get some by Monday. Kind of makes the daily share. I would show shame yesterday and if you know what that means I will explain in about 5 minute morning I sat with Matt McAllister and product. So wolf the morning wolf back on Friday. Matt McAllister and I have to share this email I got which you guys yesterday because we share everything. Matt viewed. As a listener I'm very confused you seem like a normal enough guy who's and a guy stuff continue openly admit you watch the bachelor the no self respecting man watches that show much less admits in on the radio consider your man card revoked have a nice day for us from David you all are rightfully so I'll be the first to admit I know with a bachelor's bad but it August although show shaming and it's obvious from watching today the you don't just watch it I mean you live tweeting here and for the whole franchise all that all of this thing laughs well you know I remember reading this poll long time ago that it was around like he was the most popular issue one TDs and I'm watching and I was hooked and by the way I'm not Sammy Knight. And fallible I remember I met Vanessa my wife she came over I had the bachelor pad and I was watching the Walking Dead. Chizik. As it. On the show and why would you waste your time that's stupid zombies. Out. I never watched it again actually felt the shame that we're in the honeymoon bay is only got awarded it a dumb and the her age I'd and I agree I was loading it right and never watched it again and it was so far down the row and I couldn't catch any like. Typically do well I think I'm pretty sure I coined a new term yesterday I did coin the term Graham and dated back and today I think I'm pretty sure show shaming. Is a new Terry news to hash tag on Seattle disagreement Twitter and what we wanna hear you guys today what we need to share with us right now. Is heck what are you show shame for watching or are you doing the show shaming I know slow Joseph you've done some shows standing on your wife so sick yes she loves all these Chicago fire Chicago PD Chicago and then this whole franchise of Chicago stuff and acting. So little that I am here why you feel like you live in Chicago so what are you show shamed for watching or is it you're the one during the show shame either way to a 6421 wolf for you can text us. 46150. Got a text. Floor of amateur. Hash tag show ashamed that I you know I don't talk about it but I I love shows like that I watched every single episode of Jersey sure. And I I just I actually myself and it's awesome how that's a whole new twist on the search chaining yourself to a 6421 wolf you can also text but your name and by the way 246150. Yellow Blake in line. The house. I have I ran into a co workers tiebreak I hope that the U. Words are doing that for me is you're excited to talk to me this morning. I am very excited. He's happy days are watching Fuller without an example out. Again I don't get the full house things they never watched full house but with women that is one of the most watched shows now ever. You know and I watch it and I actually think it's quite stupid and there's a lot is at it from here I am now. I am of the originals you know that I have that he lets you at the beginning of what that. I feel the same way about the entire bachelor phrase franchise of the lake they Serbian part of morning wolf back in a go talk to your co worker. Trying to lobby but by Jennifer in snohomish. What are you show she aims for watching you the one doing the show shaming here. Well it. I am not is not acting as anybody. On that guy that. Result your man card the watched in the back. Letter that would be David Puyallup yes go ahead that gave. You know let my had been locked the bachelor that probably completely denied that he wanted the bachelor or bachelorette. Are back look at any and so batter on and I bet you that there are men. At my dad and watch you with paralyze. And I completely re beating your man card. Well I appreciate that juniper however it is against man card rules to have a woman reinstate a man's man card. Don't listen I L I add I love where your head is add on that one but I'm gonna have to have another morning wolf tags do. Jimmy my man card back but it's thank you for at least starting a movement wedding party. You know what I love is when you're talking to a guy. And he starts talking how awful this shows the Cisco may be that the death housewives of wherever he's talking about how it's awful wife watches it all the time yet he can tell you the name of every character he knows the line. Because he's watching it too. Yeah we know these people and tell. The media out right now. They'd Jennifer they forgive part of a show I have a great Friday even better weekend date you Taiwan issue O'Shea imports euros 6421 wolf right now. Hello Kayla inland words that are you the one doing the show standing here hash tag didn't. I totally Johjima played Barbara watched. If you are great but I I don't watch them and complete. Can you give me a little example of how you show shame him in the beginning for watching them. Are ridiculous do. And he'll be pretty. Didn't you dominated the ideal city that deserves a little search and didn't your mail gala love that share thanks for a colony in. Thank you have a great week in Angelo and sped away were talking about hash tag show shaming. They'll have a good idea of going and a new look euphoria bought one day that I may block the bachelor and I'm in the army. And I am going to reinstate your bank card or. Thank you and you know there's no there's no stronger reinstatement permit dude it's enlisted thank you Angela. You know I didn't go to the like what a bunch beautiful and at Butler. That's what I'm talking Angelo god bless you for your service and thank you just personally for reinstating an anchor here on Friday second enjoyment weekend now. You did as a low. They do for your service men all right so a couple of text hero quick and nick from Renton says hey main card reinstated for not taking a man card. Reinstatement from a woman you've followed the rules good jobs and they're watching here again it they get mineral it's other target about. Susan Solomon says I show shame myself for watching shameless. Only my husband knows and I can't even watch in front of him testing too embarrassed I think islands heard again and that shameless. You know again there's there're so many shows on now again there are a lot of shows people who mentioned and I don't even within our lake Anna Wilson on FaceBook. She showed shames her husband for watching lizard lick towing you and I think. What is deliberately throwing out sort of these like like reality telling companies damage their crazy. Let's grab this cholera could vary in university place who would like to hash tag show shame himself very it's a bold move. Yeah it's the first step in there I appreciate that. Let's go ahead and state your name in know what you calling in about it you know you have a problem was is given out. Idea. I met David Berry and I what date yet to address. And edit it really kind of it came to a head in Atlanta in Italy and airport and their character on. Your life. I actually have not so go ahead and you know I am am am waiting hey you've taken an early light that the plane at that point eight to get on people that get not but it was relate and mobile Monty walked out of planes home ice I certainly a thirteen year old or not. If I end up making it they'll be within we learned today. But still freaks and do it. Barry let get right to help get off my chip in on the road you'll. Listen. It doesn't matter who you are as long as you know who you are right in its own atlas a pretend we're somebody Varnado OK I love the bats are love all of it so you know Jamie for it. I don't coming Libyan net space. Very up rowdy. You know it. And John you worked out just make you feel any better that was at the was in Vegas for. Some in the country thing that. I ran into nick bile when the bachelor's and you know didn't let my wife and I both turn a little thing girls who got pictures. Either Syria Brees fan girl. And I remember my wife who has no filter or gives him any kind of a jerk on the show do you look at her life. Who are used to think like gimme my life burial everybody thanks for being a part of the morning wolf thanks guys. Appreciate it. Hey Matt this is acting Graham I get show chamber watching Lord of the Rings and I'll profits. The sauce. I guess it's all speculative right all right tonight US and added 46150 on the text and Jack coming up next. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are getting suit and rightly so in my opinion I disagree and we haven't even discussed. And I usually agree with these kind of losses. But we're gonna do narrowly tailored as we have an example of what they're talking about coming up next. The morning will need a leader who. Well for a handful of peanuts but it doesn't sound fundamental than a dollar ball here's Matt McAlister knee. It's no wolf the portable Pacman McAllister slow Joseph and intimate face to getting sued now by two Australian songwriters. Over the song the rest of our life which supposedly. They claim stills parts of their songs. When I found you saw was actually a big hit. For an artist named Jay has been re in Australia back in 2016. Now its share in and snow patrol's John indicator of the ones that wrote the song for Tim and faith. Take a listen. Starting off with the rest of electable go to jazz and raised song. Sending a union job. And. He knows exactly as saying. Today yeah hands lounge. Music if you don't just. No I do and stand in line. More more. And Senator Clinton news. I well they do mesh together quite like all those things literally cannot almost not tell us dislike their reader is a little bit different hand here's a slightly different listen on the choruses. He's seen me through. And I. Our. So that's the part I think they've where they go astray I agree it is slow judging in the beginning the piano is remarkably similar I mean we all know that artists borrow from each other and flat out steal let's be honest are considered just flat out stolen in. What you don't own a lot of these cases Led Zeppelin was famous for Bragg they ripped off hundreds of old blues artists and just paid him under the table. And quieted all those lawsuits down real fast track and that happened. The course to me doesn't sound that civic chorus of dozens and maybe the same chords and a different orders the course is not is not where it's what's. Red flag for me but that earth. Like that is. Note for note the same here's my prediction. You never gonna hear about this again that you never you're gonna hear you heard about it now because they filed a lawsuit. But the way they handled this loss Tim and faith have more money than. I mean not just days old but they got money they can they can handle this you never gonna hear about it again there will be no resolution if there is going to be very quiet. Because what happens with these little payoff is there's also a okay we're not to talk about the jaguar nine disclosure little and you know what may be the songwriters and Australia deserve a I dollars for that borrow. At the into the morning. Oh I now. 127. Dull wolf Matt McAllister slowed. Oh with some breaking news. Know we're exhibiting bad words all over the morning radio just because the NBC nightly news is they see you Lester holt for blowing and I aimed at. No this is a big concert announcement. We have so many incredible shows coming to the DNW this summer it can mean. Kenny certain land thank you for filling in the Blair is out selling out well go ahead and add to Zach brown beds and lists they're so many people who love this dvd to that. Let's be honest I don't know really about country music. But there on the radar for the Zach brown and has its own following you go to the shows some and rightly so one of my favorite bands in across all of many sweeten the deal. It's Friday night adds the gas August 31 Safeco Field. I cannot wait. I think you got stadium she right yes sounds and be awesome tickets go on sale next Friday but we're gonna have some chances for you all next week beat the street seventy and that's going to be our prize. We're also gonna give you a code word when we start our to our country music suites at 83330 lead to code word. And you can go to Seattle wolf dot com and enter to win tickets there. Back with Matt Stairs. What are quite. Oh well you know there's a new phrase out guided embedded I'll take credit for show shinning incriminated but. This is not from me but I think it's pretty clever it's actually some good insight to as you head into week in May be a throw some posts opponents to grand Twitter people apparently. React more negatively to a thing called humble bragging that they do if you just gonna out now brag about something. And I kinda get it I'm negated a couple of examples to fear from there with humble bragging. Here's a Jared Leno tweet that I think perfectly encapsulates what humble bragging ends. Just one GQ's style award in Germany. Obviously they made a mistake I wonder how long till they come take you back and I think that that's their plan and how about. I just when the and this is just random I actually saw on Twitter the other day it just so looking for examples of humble regular. I'm so sick of having to show my idea what I buy liquor I'm 32. How about you just right I look you dead and I'm really great. It's kinda. Why I've always had that I know this person who is a lot of people will Mark Cuban. Yeah I'll always kind of like the way he was really open and honest about how much money he had help coolest read media asking Mike Dee you've got X explains he's again we have like 6740 seven's it's awesome I'm here I'm awesome that you guys you know you talk to. Bill Gates and there really super rich dude. He never really goes there this talk about his charity or something. Open and honest about somebody's just if you could brag just threatened him with a man and I just did this killer work out I'm so proud of myself usually does and with. But anyway just a little thought for your next social media post people apparently. Hate. Humble bragging according to new study the researchers found that people react more negatively to humble brags that we do have people who just give this charade if it's. And shamelessly Brett hi I really I really don't think I deserve this Nobel Peace Prize. Million. Is at stake here again as nominee has they're better than me but I line it would get that a month. I'd something to think about how you're listening to the morning wolf pack with Matt McCallister yeah. Yeah. So last night to. Pretty much every other week gain Adam. Innocent little work computer watching the news they start talking about obviously. This presidential meeting it happened when our presidents and senators and I think by now you've probably heard about quote and what he said about people trying to get in your from other bland countries. Now. This conversation is not about that. And by the limits to his body with some beeps and it so nothing's gonna get on the radio that should offend anybody however if you really super sensitive you can always turn us down for your mouth either way. Hereby give listener Russ for men and if it's if it's too much. A family show I respect data would never wanna put you in an awkward position however is Lester holt on NBC nightly news is saying this I'm not gonna say it. And but I can at least express. My shock in law in complete mine bloom and state. To be watching the news as he never thought I would see this day. I can't imagine what people who were seven years old. Win not only are they expressing what our president says. Which was chuck hurting us verbatim. But they're single word over and no little. All the delegates wanting to watch in CN hero Walking Dead grass it's another thing to see Lester holt bigger obscure her room after the war were mostly players and the card for phone drew a hundred years ago and it's plastered on the ticker just click over and over all of it all every area and I just thought man this is truly historic. I mean this is built the wall just came down and move on the NBC nightly news and every other news net that I by the way you just could not get or maybe it's almost like. Yesterday somebody wrote it down on paper that's no longer had a bad word password I've got some history Ferrari Altai and a sack yet let me display a quick recap again everything's beefed out so it's not today anymore inappropriately or less than in the news. Why are we having all these people from whole country's come here as a and old. As living and in this country the wire we have all these people from all countries come as an ass hole work. And what's the word that the Washington Post according the president saying. It's like everybody wanted to get in on it every little Atlanta somebody blew the floodgates open on the same item and Anderson Cooper to listen to somebody seven and Linda Wolf Blitzer to. As full as full as full control. And for good. You know I you can deceive the staff meeting where I was like oh Haiti Saturday at CBS when it what's ABC do another ceremony is equipment tell Lester holt a runaway and he's saying it well you know there was that like pressure could totally new situation the funny thing as I know that's only because it an episode of South Park that was great about 45 years ago a high touch on the subject apparently the FCC at some point said. Using the S word unit as an adjective is no longer considered obscene and you can do it. If you're using it and like a toilet term than it is that seemingly can't do so yet another sign of the times the cartoon is actually to five years ahead of everybody else in terms of what's happening and Roger I still don't do it by or alike that shows an hour later at night and stuff like that occasionally and now apparently it's prime time I had it is officially primetime but don't worry your friends here in the morning wolfpack will keep there you know. Tons tie when it comes to expletives in the morning radio world. Here that morning. I'm still a party. So wolfman McAllister and slowed Joseph. Who we've worked together as host and producer for sixteen years but until we land a co host you've been kind of doing double duty to good news is. People now think you're a celebrity that Joseph is looking promotes. The goal now make them money shaken hands kiss and maybe it's. I love it man wearing it needed it Lakewood forward from noon to two weighed down at lake hood so we're doing a salute to service that are about weighed down obliterated my next door go ahead and -- fifth but Bruno and now that your wife is here you have your family car there's no excuse I now are yanked after they interact with the promotions people go through hours nearly all homeless slow Joseph he's come a long way I I didn't say it's your disease so Albert doing a salute to service stop anywhere to sit pretty down there and happy the record salute to server shout out which is awesome please come down and do that just out of the goodness in your heart you support our military. But overall scene of some things to bribe you Affleck Sheryl and tickets and some other rag. It takes pictures. Place and Zhang again. Simply Jenkins there we have giant Jane yeah you know I am from what I see to the greatest as a whole often get dried going into tomorrow and the weekend I don't really nice so goes he slowed Joseph today at Lakewood Ford in Lakewood saying keep. I'm happy that McAllister as a progress. And these guys got to bring donuts. Why it's. So ago the basic question is there some benefits to things and funny. Is the low ball the suburban candy maker's mark made the other line is steaming. That grizzly. They can machinery smoked and gun avenue you can only gravel on which one move. Suburban. Jimmie to ask him the prospect of a bourbon drinking even if booty day by his negated you could have both Saturday march 10 at the Seattle design center it's back affirmative bacon fast. And we have not yet attended something of this magnitude. I cannot wait half wherever Brees talking about it in this building Seattle design centers in Georgetown by the way he had not been Saturday march 10. And out all you have to do is go to Seattle talk company to tickets right now by the way. Urban bacon benefits our friends at tree house so you can drink. And eat and it all goes for good cause absolutely I think they even have special tickets for designated drivers. Come Eisenberg. And you know and your day drinkers there's a day session there's also a night says she can get premium or general admission tickets so make plans right now to join a suburban and bacon fest oh yeah. Callous. You 100 points. Wolf the morning wolf pack getting out of here we're gonna handing over to DD news in the studio right now it's not the end hey hey hey man happy Friday. I know years and years edit every David Friday just takes it to the next level that I loved so what are you talking about today we take over here now. Well yes it was so much but everybody's a lame excuses for not come and where can I talked to one particular girl Cassie anybody beat my enemy chuckles now is pretty yeah afternoon that didn't actually tell my husband about the Alan I didn't think it would go we don't do do that all the time. I admit we just took me out for us you know were drug that's awesome. Yet I guess there's a student. It doesn't get you to go until then and she was talking about how this guy she worked with and always call in the lame excuse. Was she in that DD this guy. And sell them she dated him because of his bad excuse or she liked HR person had to deal with rumors and now we're just coworker. Chad and Alec. I got to talking to Cassie because where we're friends Rite Aid and I don't we like to dig when you call me like to ask about two questions not where my friend and then. When he joining so we you know we got did sit her dating this co worker and how you know it was really good when it was yes but then it was a really bad. Dad you know there are success stories pitcher right when it turns and lose your workplace sustain its I feel the same way about the gym you know and they limited Jim that you stop going to do when I'm when it's over now. I mean I hate to take Vick kind of pessimistic angle on element they say you shouldn't fish off the company here. You know because it could potentially be damn well especially if you're fishing and you catch the guy is known as a victorious iron and that ain't bad then does work. You know like Joseph there's a lot of people that are I think on him and tenders for hook up as your manager Tinder girl Gerri we're selling. There are no rules man and loved Leo and the lovely heat billion and it always does well I'm excited elicited here which you get back now we success stories out there and answer there's really little awkward moments table we wanna hear about. Yeah I think you probably hear more the awkward moments we have. Throughout her neck got bad boy commandos after five hi guys well happy Friday Dili is it next game we receive back Monday at 5 AM. I'm actually not a car. Mornings from Clarksville. I feel 100 point seven don't want.