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Salute to Service

Head out to Wilco in Puyallup from 12pm until 1pm to see Wingnut and the Wolfpack! Give a shout out to military personnel for their service and enter for a chance to win tickets to Lady Antebellum & Darius Rucker Saturday, August 19th at White River Amphitheatre. We'll have games, music, prizes...
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Win Tickets to Watershed!

Head out to Kia of Puyallup on 111 Valley Ave NE from 12pm until 1pm. Come see Wingnut and the WolfPack! Give a shout out to military personnel for their service and enter for a chance to win tickets to Watershed at the Gorge in George, WA on August 3rd, 4th, & 5th. We'll have games, music,...
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Save the date... November 4, 2017 After nearly 20 years, Garth Brooks is making his return to the Great Northwest! Tickets to his show at the Tacoma Dome will go on sale FRIDAY, September 29th. #GARTHinTACOMA Video of #GARTHinTACOMA These tickets will go fast! Make sure that you're paying attention...
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Smart Fish!

I have seen the future and IT is CRAZY! Check out this goldfish that can "control" where it goes? Yes, these are intersting times, this is one smart FISH! Video of Just Keep Swimming And just for fun, here is what your face looks like to a fish in a TANK, YIKES! ***If you want to read more about...
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Baby Mac, Big Mac and Grand Mac!!

It's like the classic children's tale, "The Three Bears." McDonald's is introuducing "baby bear" Mac Jr. and "momma bear" The Big Mac and "pappa bear" Grand Mac. We're told you will need two hands to handle this one! When I first read this I feared they were taking the Big Mac away, fear not it's...
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Wingnut's Favorite Moments At GE2!

A few weeks ago I got to completely 'NERD OUT' at GE2! The WOlf got to be apart of something really fun for the whole family. Here are some of my favorite moments at Century Link Event Center a couple days back! OMG a 10 foot #pacman #ge2 #centurylinkfield event center! - @whereswingnut #...
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Wingnut's Favorite Hometown Holiday Moments

Here are some of my favorite moments at our amazing Hometown Holiday Show this past week at the ShoWare Center in Kent! Thanks to everyone who came out and particpated in this amazing evening, I am so lucky to be a part of a great station like this who can really have fun! One of my favorite...
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Beautiful Downtown Seattle Sunset

Check out one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever snapped on my phone in downtown Seattle! Looks like a few others captured this awesome Seattle Sunset as well A Simple #Seattle #Sunset tonight... Simply gorgeous! — Sigma Sreedharan (@sigmas) November 18, 2016 We...
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Extreme Gift Ideas for Wingnut

I love things that go FAST, anyone that knows me is aware I love BIKES of ALL SHAPES and SIZES! I have found a great article where, if money was no option I would own every one of these machines! (I'm partial to #4 on the list) SO if there are any Seattle Billionaires out there reading this or...
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HTTD 2016

I won't lie the HTTD 2016 show was one of the best country shows I have ever been personally responsible for in my radio career. From everything to staging, production to handeling the artists and bands and the reason? YOU! Thank you for being apart of our VERY POPULAR #WOLFPACK. We couldn't have...
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