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Nick Alan is a music lover, baseball fan and loves a cold beer every now and again. Most importantly, he's now a husband and new father. On the weekend, find Nick umpiring high school baseball or DJing weddings all over the Northwest. During the week, catch Nick Alan from 10am-3pm on the WOLF!

Your favorite person you’ve met (celebrity/artist)
I've been lucky enough to meet Taylor Swift a few times and she's extremely nice and genuine. Always lots of fun!

Favorite food?
Hot dog at a ballpark

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Quit college to go into radio full time

Favorite childhood TV show?
The Cosby Show

What odd jobs have you done?
I was a batboy for a minor league baseball team, I mowed lawns, and then I got into radio by taking out the trash and sweeping floors for a radio station in Holland, MI. Then I bugged them enough and they put me on the air!

Best part about being a new dad?
Seeing a newborn smile... nothing better than that!

Favorite childhood memory?
Following my Dad to the radio station and watching him on the air.

Favorite outdoor activity?
Base jumping Mt. Rainier. Ha ha - just kidding! Grilling.

Favorite indoor activity?
Being lazy on the couch

If you weren't on the WOLF, what would you be doing?
I'd be the guy who drives the truck that picks up golf balls at the driving range. That seems like the coolest job ever. #dreambig


Weekdays: 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Wingnut has been working with highly trained radio operatives since the age of 15. He has been spotted in such towns as Eugene and Portland Oregon and Sacramento and San Francisco California, Denver and Colorado Springs Colorado and most importantly Seattle Washinton. He is a hybrid of half man half wolf. The only theory we have and or evidence that supports this is the fact we have seen him without his shirt on...

Operation code name: Wingnut

Origins: unknown

Known Relatives: located just North of the Equator, unable to SPEAK ENGLISH

Likes: People who don’t take themselves to seriously.


Dislikes: Mean People

Favorite Food: anything, except seafood/coffee


Weeknights: 7:00 PM - Midnight

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Born and raised in the PNW -- Enumclaw by way of Kent -- Jen is Cascadian through and through. She lives for Sounders, Seafair, and locally made gin. Including college, she's been on the air in Seattle since 2002. When she's not in a studio (or drinking gin while watching the Sounders at Seafair), you can find Jen hiking, sewing, or enjoying "Murder, She Wrote" with her ginger cat.
Favorite Food?
It's a toss up between mac 'n' cheese and Phish Food ice cream. 
First Concert?
Elton John with my mom
If you had to pick one CD to take with you on a deserted island what would it be?
Ryan Adams "29"
What was your first job?
bagging at the Enumclaw Safeway
What would be your dream weekend?
Gin, sun, a good book, and a blanket at the beach


Traffic 5am - 10am & 3pm - 7pm

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Certain details have been removed for security reasons.

General Gridlock has served as Supreme Allied Traffic Commander at KKWF XX XXXX Seattle since 20XX. Traffic has XXXX XXXXXXX every XXXX day!

Before taking command of the Puget Sound Traffic Corps, General Gridlock XX XXXX, classified XXXX from 19XX to XXXX. Commendations for XXXXXXX XXX and XXX XX. In 20XX, General Gridlock was X XXXXX XXXX, but General Gridlock was completely exonerated and rank restored. The General would not confirm or deny these XXXXXXX.

From the Traffic Bunker or XX XXX XXX, latest technology and XX XXXlaser,XXX unmanned XX XXXX XXX aerial XXXXXX geosychronous orbitXXX XXXXXX, updates with Fitz in the Morning XXX XXXXmorale officer XX XXXXXX Wolf XXXXXX XX step program XX XXXXXXXXX every weekday morning. XX XXXXXX ordering you to set a button to 100.7 and Take Fitz to Work! Failure to comply will XX XXX XXXXXXXXX!

Afternoon maneuvers XX XXX XXXX with Wingnut who XXX XXXXX XX but has since recovered.

Traffic in the Great Northwest is bad and getting worse every day. To General Gridlock that means XXX XXXXXXXX. The Wolf XXX XX Proud to Serve!

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