100.7 The Wolf's Hometown Hero Hall of Fame!

The Hometown Hero Hall Of Fame!

February's Hometown Hero is Dawn Corbett from Auburn, WA!

Her Story: Dawn is someone who gives without wanting anything in return but to put joy on others faces and in their hearts. She gives much of her time, money, and caring heart to help the homeless in and around the Auburn area who have no where to turn! She will go and feed the homeless with donations from others, or from her own food if possible, sometimes two or three times a day. She has a Facebook page (auburn shared blessings in helping the homeless) which is a group to help men, women, teens, and children who in hard times need a little help, and faith! She not only feeds, but tries to give toiletries, blankets, and clothing. We met because my Girl Scout troop made Easter baskets and she went and hid eggs and the baskets for the kids to have some joy in such hard times during Easter. She just has such a big heart and is truly a blessing to those she helps! So when I heard about Hometown Heros I immediately thought of her!

January's Hometown Hero is Brooke Burns from Shelton, WA!
Her Story: 
One Friday afternoon, when Brooke Burns was driving home, she came across a bad accident on Hwy 3 where a woman had a collision with another vehicle and was badly injured. No medics had yet responded 
to the accident. Brooke and her boyfriend, Jordan Byford, instantly jumped into the situation to help this woman as much as possible. She was having obvious breathing issues and was partially ejected from her vehicle. With the help of other on lookers who called 911, Brooke and Jordan were instructed to carefully remove the woman from her car and place her on the ground to help aid in her breathing. Brooke sat with this woman, encouraging her to stay calm and letting her know that help was on the way. They told Brooke that her quick reactions may have made the difference in her survival and that she is a special person for helping someone in that situation.

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