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1. Green Beret Bob "Big Fitz" (My Father) 2. Garth ( know) 3. Bill Wixey (News Anchor) 4. Dennis Bounds (New Anchor) 5. Chris Young (Country Artist) 6. Angela Hernandez (Navy)
Poems for Moms
A POEM TO A CHILD FROM THE MOTHER Just for this morning, I am going to Smile when I see your face and laugh When I feel like crying. Just for this morning, I will let you Choose what you want to wear, And smile and say how perfect it...
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Six Signs Your New Honey is Still Hooked on Their Ex
30 Pilots And Flight Attendants Confess Their Best Kept Secrets
30 Pilots And Flight Attendants Confess Their Best Kept Secrets These questions were asked in an article and the answers are insane. ? My mind has officially been blown. I travel a lot, so some of this is pretty scary if you ask me. Here is the text...
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20 Things Women Do That Men Probably Don't Know About
The Movie Noah: Don’t Miss The Point By Drowning in The Flood of Criticism.
Please take a look at my preview to my review of Noah by clicking here! :) Love Ya, Tony
Tony, Ellen & Biscuit Blogs
Beauty & The Champ Podcast #17
Seahawks Training Camp starts TODAY! Take a listen to the latest episode of the "Beauty & The Champ" podcast with my co-host, defensive end, Greg Scruggs! Should men wear engagement rings? Women have to wear them, why not men? Would Greg ever...
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Weight Loss Wednesday #3 - The Change Begins
I'm two weeks into my training with Karen. The scale hasn't moved nearly as quickly as I'd hoped but I've never been more motivated because something better has happened. I'm noticing my body changing. Fourteen days ago, I walked into the gym...
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Weight Loss Wednesday #2 - Meet My Trainer
Meet Karen. A woman who walked the same path many women are struggling to simply get on. The path of health, fitness, and happiness. This was Karen at 260 pounds. She made the choice to change. She trained herself down to a healthy weight, losing...
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What's Ellen Tailor Wearing - July 14, 2014
You try smiling when the hot Seattle sun is blaring into your eyeballs. hahaha Tank - Nordstrom Rack Necklace - 616 Couture Jeans - Old Navy Sandals - HauteLook Follow Ellen Tailor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Beauty & The Champ Podcast, Episode 15
What do transplants need to know about living in Seattle? My hilarious, good looking and talented co-host, Greg Scruggs, (who also plays for the Seattle Seahawks) is a transplant. As am I. Take a listen to our podcast and let us know if we missed...
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I Made A Mistake
People always ask, "How do you guys find stuff to talk about on the show?" and our response is, "We just talk about our crazy lives!" For example, I was having a conversation off the air with Fitz, Tony and Randy that went something like this: I'm...
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