Ellen Tailor: Medicated


In a world filled with photoshop, fake news, and other forms of distorted reality, Ellen Tailor vows to stay REAL. An unedited and uncensored peek into the life of a country morning radio co-host that focuses on topics most of us think about but are too scared to talk about. Dealing with anxiety, embracing progress over perfection, and empowering other boss babes. The topics are varying and endless but what is guaranteed is that it is 100% REAL.

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Ellen Tailor: Medicated

EP05 - Tough Love OR Too Much?

Monday, March 27th
When a new manfriend tried to do something nice for me, I self-sabotaged myself over and over again. He'd had enough and tried to prove a point. Did his...
Ellen Tailor: Medicated

EP04 - I Didn't Want To Lose Myself

Monday, March 20th
I still wanted to be me. I didn't want to be a ghost or a shell of myself. Would medication change who I am? Was I ready to know the real me? Why I hesistated...
Ellen Tailor: Medicated

EP02 - All Or Nothing

Monday, March 6th
Feeling the pressure to make this episode as good as the last, I explore feeling overwhelmed by the reaction to "Medicated" and I admit I'm a hypocrite.
Ellen Tailor, Medicated, Podcast

EP01 - I'm Medicated

Monday, February 27th
After a family emergency, I realized I needed to start living life at my fullest potential. I knew I needed help. I had no idea how much until after I got it...