Ellen Tailor: Medicated


In a world filled with photoshop, fake news, and other forms of distorted reality, Ellen Tailor vows to stay REAL. An unedited and uncensored peek into the life of a country morning radio co-host that focuses on topics most of us think about but are too scared to talk about. Dealing with anxiety, embracing progress over perfection, and empowering other boss babes. The topics are varying and endless but what is guaranteed is that it is 100% REAL.

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Ellen Tailor: Medicated

EP11 - Is It Better To Purposely Fail?

Monday, July 10th
Is failing on purpose better than giving it a chance and realizing it's not good enough? In the mind of a self-sabotager, the answer is yes. I clearly don't...
Ellen Tailor: Medicated

EP09 - Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Friday, May 5th
Right when I thought I had everything under control, life decided to make some unexpected changes. The past two weeks have been a rollercoaster. Hear what's...
Ellen Tailor: Medicated

EP06 - Losing Weight with Anxiety

Tuesday, April 4th
Losing weight is hard. If it were easy, no one would struggle with it. But making a lifestyle change while dealing with anxiety is especially hard. In this...