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Wednesday, April 19th


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Welcome to be maybe it's this morning's pod cast after the broadcast. A version of the show. So odd couple minutes that we are talking about it's something that I'm just really really sick of you know people. Who works so hard to get on some of these TV shows like jeopardy here to beats wheel of fortune. Where you gonna have an opportunity to when he whole lot of cash. And to get there and the obvious answer is just. Uh oh I'm totally obvious and the word I'll be spending get Bronx on the audio he figures is terrible gas from the jeopardy contestant again. The answer was a hired killer OK okay A hired killer Amy back to you dot publicity for two. I hired killer. Kevin hot don't know why Jamie was a man. Hot on hot I don't get a hot done for now on the T shirt that says it hot pot guns are hot hot guns all of China and Google that. The that he got I mean he's done. Now hot gun I Dell our idea okay so once again and it's just a high near Atlanta comes up hot air and. And there's there's no such thing as a hot done not how could he not say hey man. All right and check this out to ever want to. Like myself who waited for that sweet and wonderful baby boy draft to be born from April. Yet there's a group for people who who watched it the entire thing. Check on break through you know that over the weekend April your wrath at her baby delivered. Zoo officials have ended the live video stream after April suffered a minor leg injury. The birth of April's baby was witnessed online my millions if you two were cheering April on yeah now belong to a select group called watching April sharing the excitement of the incredible maternity experience otherwise known as waste of time. Mineral waste of time and we'll have contributed to a financial decline in workplace productivity. Across America. That's deadlines were ignored meeting's delay and projects unfinished as a baby giraffe payment of its mother's. OK so anyway. You know I think that'd be enough of that. In my daughter drew for refusal. Still very confused on base. Again confused to why it is draft on of that April's by. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show that's for jump enjoy. Import goods and morning sort of famous. It's time for some hey. Some crazy news and some news that did not. And is of particular the Florida what South Florida what's the name once in a name. There's a 34 you'll do in Florida whose real name is Edward cocaine. All that's yeah I guess what you just busted on Tuesday night drug possession. OK and not know it was a xanax. Whom king is. So he ends this thing is that Spanish. Gunmen who. Is an anomaly and has an idea all right let's get paid to lie in getting me I'll out of California. He's got a clean up on how 89101115. And eighteen votes. Yeah on Easter morning California 330 did crash is Oldsmobile. To the front of Wal-Mart. To get the sporting goods department couple of a grocery how's the PA got out the car started attacking people apparently. Trying to harm them physically it was Wal-Mart he ran into this can't use bank you know what crazy. Four people were injured before other kind of taken down he was arrested is facing several charges of one of being bad you know like crazy. Is that even a chart you know we should be able to charge people of being back do you know what crazy. Or because. All of its police believe he was high at the time line I think and you can charge them well there's going to be some bath salts and involvement. Right. The band to get ahold of some bad something. Yeah I'd definitely download I don't know what ever let that you have to accept the public is laced with a little snippets of it all right there you go you gotta be. Mean stories of the day hate breaking every single Al east this in the morning's hot cast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show. It is there which is great for short attention spans. There's a seventeen year old girl. And Spartanburg, South Carolina her name is Michaela. I I don't know if it's against or gist GI ST. She was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer about two years ago and she lost one of relax. In and a cancer came back in February and she had to have another surgery on her hip. So she's missed a lot of school but somehow she's still the top ten in her class I repeat she's in the top ten. In a class she's also really popular everyone wants her in the difference found out that she'd been in the hospital and now. And a miss prom this past weekend they decided well to bring the prompt to her. School and it wasn't just a few students dozens of people showed up at the hospital. Everyone where their prom gear Michaela was in the blue dress the brighter crowned flowers because she was elected prom queen. And they're also helping organize a fund raiser at their school later this month. Oprah fan when with a lot of medical bills and they're trying to race 50000 dollars now so. If you'd like to help night you could search for Michaela. Tko cancer that's Michaela. Tko cancer and day down that is that gets them. It's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of ovarian. Now a brand new study says all the bad news being reported. Everywhere we look it's making us like really really aggressive and of the universe of still on the outskirts of the yet researchers from Iowa State University found that violent stories and the media. 'cause similar problems with the aggression as those caused by other known risk factors such as you know bad parenting. Wow this of course is a problem because you know it. It really does seem like. The news and the way we consume the news it seems that we get more of these negative violent news so much more. These days is generally we're getting more videos via. Especially the negative news in general we're getting greens are you are you sickened at like. Here's outlook to know it is there anyone listening who said you know what enough is enough. Is anyone listening who who realizes that a lot of these stories there headlines are kind of manipulated what what they call click base right. They want you to click on the stories they want cliques and hits because that means guess what more money for advertisers so. Israel listened as soon enough I'm done with the negative Doug with the news I just kinda wanna go on ain't you know maybe a social media blackout for for awhile is. They're gonna also be she asked Hugh with people that are. Maybe gonna go towards sources that aren't click bait eat that are going back to the traditional journalism style of play. Actually researching things and stuff like that incident just. Lakers them rob cellphone footage you know I don't think that's gonna happen because people are gonna go after two boring. We want we want to much we want the information and you know what the VP of the old saying if it bleeds it leads Anderson this goes it sure is too we are absolutely. Desensitize. I mean I'm Erik Ainge and you know it's amazing with all the videos I've seen you know we talk about this couple months ago when I watched my buddy the sergeant. Save someone's life in front limits and immediately literally doing CPR. Construct through speakers do tests in a cave in and I'm watching missiles like. Not seen this before I say I Fella cat watches and YouTube 500000 times. It's as I'm watching someone do reliant again Italian. Cool. Yes but I felt like. May be little more com slash desensitized because of what I'd seen on social media as opposed to how do you have witnessed it. Ten years ago or twenty years and right to is there anyone listings is done. Who's to say regarding social media I need a good week to week one month blackout. And did you try it how don't work out for you. It's called right now should this text to 06421 all text as sort of 46150. Actually heard you know downtown Seattle they opened up a social media slash technology addictions and it's about that all I believe they're making a lot of my first went downtown Seattle. It's this morning's podcast after the broadcast. First show. Is anyone listening who is I just you know I don't know maybe at the past week month. Maybe period of time this year have you given up social media have you done a complete. You know social media blackout. To the point where you're sick you see in the news because it's like every new thing you see is it's a violent. Bring to study says it social media is making us they're very aggressive like anxious. Today is coming talking about it we were you know being consumed with another time we're getting insecure about ourselves we're also seeing a lot of music in general most of what's nowadays is negative because like you mentioned earlier if it bleeds it leads. So what's really sorry could you just saved. I know clearly might it where everything is like your brain with any negative thing. Which made a great point earlier to you said you know it's making us more insecure like medal of ourselves but. What about this is also making you more insecure with your own environment I'll be honest now when I get out of the truck in a grocery store parking lot. What my wife and kids when I'm getting out I am looking around I'm doing a complete 360 for any weirdness where you know what I don't know maybe five or six years ago. That would necessarily be bad that that crazy cautious about Casey is there any weirdness going on around if you see something say something sort of it. It's affecting the way that we live in our own environment. I wondered if that was something I was going through because as I get older I realize that women we are more of a target. But if you're also appealing as like Romney and you look at it makes me think that maybe it is the world that we live in as opposed to just kind of getting older and trying to be aware of your surroundings. Yeah I think you may be another way of saying is that it's it's making a scare yeah. Just making a scare to death more caution. Well let's go to David are quick David what about you have who has ever been a moment where you just one night complete blackout like just gave up on social media. Blow up and over. Black out last year and a half years now Nokia and I got. Almost. Nate unity and al-Qaeda. Out of the end arm operates Europeans. Everything and I am never had a leader is there anything that is the leader and oh yeah. And okay do you find yourself. Yemen I think you're right I mean did you ever find yourself do you look in a social media or news and sometimes even a having practicing anxiety like. Like my god two months. In the right receptive like that when I do all the time. Yet there are problems you don't want from your home state that I was ordered that the stuff that you don't have a look at how many it is around Marion home. Our guys. Yeah it's just you know whenever you're out or anywhere now I'm looking around him right injured six people who's around me and what aren't. You have to did not do complete a message to you know these are ya. I say go ahead guided. Well outlived it use it used rockets and Eckerd. I'm like hey I today. Yeah I'm not out all of you for a long time. Some of them period you're out thirteen to get written. Partners are about the they're great people there you go get people aren't they yeah if there are yet. On your making appointments in. You know we're talking about how people always have their phones in their hands up like that like when you get out of the car at that parking lot is said with your family go to the groceries are just looking around to see if there's anyone and we hear any weirdness the clippers at -- the person that's not looking down at their phone because we are so obsessed with our phones that most of us. Our debt out we got a hunch that. Texting tweeting or posting is adding up they IE. Easy to carjack you right. There and this is could ever on the other. I think it has been seen evidence that's gonna Noah wrote quite know what about Egypt are going to. Social media blackout to say enough not enough of all of us. I have it I kidding. About what I would not complete but we get wiped out. All of our all of you Wear my boat dock. Well I work Laporte. I got so tired at. All everybody out a lot of people out there big guilt. You better protect. I got tired of it you know or are quite got it exactly that bit of work. You know man I can't I can't imagine there's a theory that you know you have to live with every day doughnut every day yeah you never know. Look at possibly happens you know. I agree I never know out at bat got. Get out but I'd bet my gut not and I don't know about the war I don't know what I did it because we're going on world. I the we don't quite a book itself. He. Eats it up there and while you're up. You guys it's it's petrified I can imagine. Meant you know what an eighty EU we went back the blue on a show in in you know that right. It. Willis he have a great day thank you for what you do and and proud of you for for putting it down sent it up you know what Kenny Chesney. As a brilliant song about it called noise. Just too much noise sometimes. It is absolutely okay to shut it down. You know I would love to extend this conversation on social media please get our FaceBook Twitter as to grant snaps at sound off. It's it's in the war is podcast after the broadcast a condensed version of the show. Enjoy. Welcome to show you guys because to us exports who won wolf Tex for showed 4615. Sometimes on the show we always say man this is like another case of the what's the occasion of America did you hear what happens out on my guys what's happening to America. I wonder if which is certainly new phrases called you know what. Kids are jacked. Kids are jacked up to interject. You know this whole proposal thing I remember when somebody received him to my daughter Chloe. A sixteen year old that the whole proposal thing. Personal. I don't know if that's the daddy and me but I just think it's the stupidest thing ever seen in my entire life I can't stand I hated I didn't wanna participate and I didn't wanna hear about it. I didn't want to see if the video now this kid. It's getting police involved to help about this proposal this kid in Georgia here edited this. He got police to arrest him. For his prom proposal nine a police officers can like do that. Also thought that the police officers had you know other things to do that or more who set it up with with the with the police department. But. Apparently. He acts like he had weed on amber something and so I wanted to freaked the girl out listening. It just got. What did you check it. Figure this stuff for mr. That we got a little bit if you overthrow. Although there would you have got a friend James. There's if all the wealth. Although it was but it Jason would not somebody in the fact it's one thing about this one and the questions about everything that could kidnapped drugged up all of eight Bankrate that's probably. He should have done anything it just yet but they get it. I get another look at anything that phone users at all. They are right over here. Want to. I run out on a you were what made it doesn't the thousands. I know we'll we'll we'll we'll but I can't work with the you want them about. I. And you donate to your left over that night that in fact. We're here to try to get rebellious youth that look like we do youth. I don't know if I'd like that I don't like it at all or maybe it's because like he had this he does there's something else. That code not just don't I don't think I'm cool that in and I've seen several of these. Wedding videos to go on around fire it was when someone ends is proposing to a girl in debt anytime that you do any sort of proposal it whether it's. The wedding error or a proposal to incite fear. If someone is dead and yet to make him doing petrified. And from for the ultimate surprise of by the way out is ask you to probably the web is that you marry me it's horrible. The idea. All. We start doing prior proposal. That's nonsense like why why in general why would I propose marriage right obviously but proposing up rob. And to go to this extreme Q you know others of my life and unhappy parents out there that are is they are you instills fear it might not heard out this you know. What about the people there listening dude when you might have added. Should have been responding to a 911 collier you do in this proposal with a sixteen year old kid right it's it's these hot. Stay condensed version of the show citi's there which is great for short attention spans. All right they cinema Sam hunt of course and as bright Hannah Lee was talked about a couple minutes ago. A legitimate had a security might be a little yes again but I'm obsessed with Emily yes I'm not now anyway. I do well you know I know exactly where the traveling through there I'm not a member I know exactly where they all my Sammy me. Minnesota the airport in Atlanta. Privileged few minutes ago and then they are off to. Currently about what have a great thing I yeah. Nice choice in nationalist. And can it be enough do you approve of him take his new life active as I did and I hello handedly. Yeah. She's actually wonderful woman they make a wonderful wonderful I love both of them very. That she's a wonderful woman means you don't want to fall. You would hope she's a wonderful woman what you get mad if I tell you how right now you know. Knowledge you know you'll get mad at me if I tell you how I know she's such a wonderful carpet element because she was raised on seven ground. I automatically makes straight out season. Document yeah. Yeah yeah a lot of women are born this other psych out. That's. A statement to that I brought out of it you know about because that's what my wife she's an unbelievably beautiful woman she's the Mal from the south. Yet you know it she's a good woman because she does is raise up some good solid southern ground the same time she's been you know like crazy. That makes sense that your and Selma. I admit that I get the crazy team. Choir where early. Faith Hill many young fan at a meet and greet you wanted to see whether it was really cool you heard this facing Mississippi girl and apparently pay she posted a clip of rights I durable. Parents yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. There are paying on cat and he hand he bet. And me I yeah. Yeah. Yes he hit. Yeah yeah. You and got it right now it is such an adorable video very cool. It's bids in the mornings podcast after the broadcast. And eight condensed version of the show.