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Tuesday, April 18th


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Welcome to the PA means it's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast. They condensed version of the show and in case you missed it on the voice went live for the first season. Last night. And Kesey joy apparently mailed Stapleton song parachute. I think on and it and her coach is clicks open by the way. And apparently Blake Shelton bomb missed. A joke by a mile with his friend and stimpy joke apparently I didn't let people are tuchman is for I have heard it either. So missy alright here is the voice cast enjoy singing parachute. To kick it off. Plus three Cassie. F for the audiences that rhythmic ability with clapping I. Like once again nice. It makes me panic that's how bad the clapping and bellowed again for. That's who. You can't see Gilead Gilead. I got hit pretty happy I got to iPad it's even pregnancy a nice in that line know that you just got embrace it. Just out of the jazz as Joseph. I think also the delivery in as well he just was not. The truth about it yeah it is like lobbed the car was today so I'm David test these nephews Jack. He had some difficulties with Elton John's don't let the sun go down on main incidents. That's sort I don't know from the film and. Very calming them like karaoke club right. What most of us details yeah but I mean I mean you'd expect the voice quite get his get on YouTube and I'm the most unbelievable talent you've ever seen in your entire life. I wanna faded out of one of some of these big network shows. What actually you know I know they got many of them play have departments were that he. Scope out the social media and in and look for talented seniors and look for talent and not just the bullets shows like the counselor and things like I also recruit on its ground and their YouTube and FaceBook or ever. So people everybody remember what every now they're people. People are saying it. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcasting condensed version of the show extra jump. Enjoy. Orbitz and warnings were famous yeah are you kidding me extra. Breaking every single hour by the way folks thank you so much here with the news that did not. The news outlets take you out of Florida what dealt Florida it's a high speed chase that did not have to eat. Happened last Tuesday thirty year old woman in Florida left behind fifty dollars and gas station and a cop. Who happen to be their followed her in his squad hard to return it right that was a very nice but or she freaked out as a parent. Yeah certainly abundantly Biden the free with. Loans. They got involved and high speed chase police had to stopper was spike strips well running for well it turned us yet suspended license and had a heroine in the car. They like need it and I that the the page did. It any other the fact that does let's go to Rhode Island out of Rhode Island. Taylor head. The mantra erupted stores in Rhode Island last Monday by. Pretending to potato was a gun. Yeah. That it did at did market convenience store burglars chased him off of the baseball bat and dry cleaning cashier gave him a counterfeit twenty dollar bill that. The police are trying to track him down as these a look at for the potato bandit in Rhode Island. They don't you guys you get the heat and me stories of the day they'll forget breaking every single hour. It's this in the morning odd. They condensed version of the show. What is there which is great for short attention span yeah. So people used to think women couldn't run marathons because their bodies can take it. So they weren't allowed a run in the Boston Marathon until 1972. But one woman ran the whole thing five years earlier. A twenty year old student at Syracuse University named Kathryn switzer. In and it 1967. Under the name KV switzer. That way they would know she was a woman. And there's a famous black and white photo of an official trying to rip current number off about two miles into the race. But her boyfriend showed him out of the way it seemed that finishing in four hours and twenty minutes. Now here we are fifty years later. And she just ran it again I repeat she just ran and again she seventy years old now and had run a marathon since Tony eleven. But she finished the Boston Marathon in four hours 44 minutes and 31 seconds. So about 25 minutes slower than when she ran it as a twenty Euro let's that's oak. That's an unbelievable. She posted some photos and videos on Twitter including one of her passing the spot where the official tried to rip her number on fifty years ago. And she wore number 261. Which is the same bit number she wore in 1967. And is the last time anyone will Wear it in the Boston Marathon not a they've announced that they're going to. Retirees and stopped in an amazing. Here's some audio Katherine switzer. Hi everybody. It's after Christmas I'm on the course. That one mile. We're just simple. I tried full of. Do you see that have fun. Be careless airlifts and there you go back is that good stuff. He spits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they couldn't. Version about variances. Sure had the millennial the other room of their commute but continued provide me with some adventure music please because I'm a little but unemployment and adventure. That might. Ellen yeah we have a conversation about what your friends named Fallon. Fallon now I love her so much she's about to embark. On what a trip alone this is very very dear oh she's already done it she. Thirty did it yet I found about it really found it doesn't I do in Minneapolis right so she's a radio girl. She had a very hard year for him and I like to travel plans of waiting around for friends. Without the kind of Courtney schedule she said I'm just gonna go on offense Texas. For a week but I thought the mindless sold all vacation biker even more to good choice I think. I know Alan very well and I don't think I ever would have imagined her having the guts to take any. Solo vacation Solyndra okay it's scary as a woman to a theory because you don't know your surroundings you don't know people but he blank. And she found herself. Waiting on anyone right now you went to the to a restaurant. They sat at the bar right away like I'd been assault with a port Austin and that was my favorite places in the world it was like. How were long wait she didn't have to leap because she was a single person Sadr at the bar idol I hope she enjoys he found yourself talk to people. She never talked to before because she wants him to snap a picture of her. If Madonna found her period of time tendency right. And how in was able to meet people be social and what she found herself really enjoying be alone a solo trip it. Host of fun on its agreement to her giving her grief let alone you don't have any friends and then by yourself yeah. Any upset because I thought that was that's such a gutsy. Thing to do that and now. I think he's inspired other people Tagalog Dick solo vacation. I had a buddies name's Corey web and he'd win it it's picked up an inordinate yank a couple weeks and ago at a real moment in my wow cool Amityville and with the goods. Go by myself. To the one world that you. By themselves that's pickle bucket list thing I mean I in Iowa City it's kind of important. Force many all to do Ivan had a chance to go anywhere alone see what it typically is about the gusts you look at the. Likely the movies by ourself right because it is not a spitting up behind it and I people think can you imagine the they case. Our our book. Now it's a dream come true especially for daddy she it's like I would love to go to the movies by myself yes yes I put my legs do not bother me so I went to duplicate that in just. Dose of hard. And go somewhere so Tripp yeah solo trip. All right my gives all right now we look I'll want to hear from you if if like where did you go alone. And would you do it again tell us about your venture gets called ships attacked. It's this morning's podcast after the broadcast. At Augusta version of the show. Elmo's Thomas story about one of our friends who decided. It didn't have I guess a rough year. It just gonna pick up and take a trip all by herself to get off to Texas who works in Minneapolis yes as she put Austin, Texas and she found herself. Being social and chatting with people meeting strangers can forming these. A cool little friendly relationships on our way and and economy do you think to yourself wow going alone. You know doing a solo trip. Exciting or is it scary in and and you're really considering doing that especially as a woman. Yeah. It would be in power play at terrifying. To think all the same time we get some great text eminent. To my says I want to Indonesia by myself oh good god. Tax payment fits I went to Egypt. I would feel man I'm the actor. I would like to go and see Egypt Monday. I want to outlooks of the tournament myself yet and yet when things come down I would to although it's like you really hope you get there and I can say a senate. You don't mean I don't think like this that when I saw the Grand Canyon for the very very first time I was trivialized. It really took my breath away yes when I saw the Grand Canyon for the very first OK I did about the the height 100%. Ranked Cain entered you know what did he wanted to do by yourself adding that they'll go over there have a moment may be well. Well maybe have a little beer on the edge of a clip we'll. Let's support corners right that the grand kids anywhere you can have four lanes in four different states Arizona. I think it's near that island is definitely there and. It's it's near the green canyon. I want to hear from me if you ever you know went somewhere alone solo trip would you actually do it again let's go to Caitlin replicate what about if. I'm very. Yeah. I'm okay I'm good at I heard this. What enters and at that and it does topic and that they don't have it all what I. So bad so glad you stopped on this station my name is bits and so nice to meet you think you for listening. I've played at number all the time I started at about maybe new years ago I didn't want rely on anybody do. Have a good time I can create and it's time yes there I think it. That's that the government I'm actually yelling out let's go to them and myself I love it currently white and what ones specifically and I loved number two. Now I don't I'm Colorado and general Shepperd and get out and great things about it and I. Met them that that people are really get Lawrence to really get bars ears yeah. Hot and then her Ferrari's and a ya and I'm not just pronouncing this city Medgar because there are more men than women in the city and stick on them that are beautiful now that the love me some Colorado the it's definitely special about it I. Both at that Denver that. Operates supposedly let's get a Beckham date back to what about you words go alone simply do it again. I. Buy it just picked it at its peak begun. And I. Regret that. That is that. They aren't you scared at all. Not. Curry we. Have. Wow. In. The car. At girl. And Bangkok that out. I think it's such a thrill out of my. Like somebody you know I'd be like taken the that at Tacoma dead green beret Bob and he'd be like and who you why I will find you might have a privately in the void there and thankfully I Wear. I hears about ten years ago. If we love to hear from you you know where did you go alone with the amendment to a extend this conversation of social media. It's the more he's positive. After the broadcast a condensed version of the show she'll enjoy coming up others out there and and this time like V. Tough to hear for some people especially if yet piercings tattoos beards. Being really into sports what do stuff like now okay because bus speed. Just did a survey and asked people rank whether these things are cool or not and you know. That if somebody completes the survey that you know it is 100% and obviously obviously. Perry's 98. After some. They'll begin this is very scientific miles from the same thing that can tell you what kind of teacher presents the actual. But you know out beyond I'd love bus beat him and told. Or at a Protestant wartime but speeder and they have an event like this and are they may cool or not go apple. 5% of cool. 83% of people that NightCall sorry Janet had a security at. It. Weaning yourself off middle I admit that that would mean that people up some people say hey it's only so much of my smoking compared to a net. Nicotine's definitely 5% of them I thought smoking cigarettes cooler not un cool yeah. Six for sickle. 86% not quit you know I solitude and yet today it was. And as my 1950s early sixties in its as somebody posted on FaceBook. And it said nine out of ten doctors agreed that we smoke camels and a. Unbelievable all right it armed having lots of mr. Graham followers. Cool not cool lovely couple when he backers as a cool and a 33% said not full of indignantly Sandler filer is good that they detonate at. Now for Christmas and I haven't you are my favorites Aerosmith. The utilization of the talent that can Smith had about that cooler night though not well not everything total. I come smoking weed. Cooler not cool cool. I don't condone it and as equal as our legal opinion. Two in a persistent call for if you persist and not cool in the never another study that half are you guys ready half of households in United States of America half of the parents smoked marijuana. India not it it it is that most a lot of it in front of their children. Wind Erica now more people are trying hands or getting into it because it's newly legally. Some states like when alcohol prohibition when no way you went crazy with. Alcoholics exact same thing basic idea and things are. It it pretty much I would say it's just like that and and pretty soon it's going to be legal and where you know right. It just creates. Weight too much revenue for for the state way to much money for for a lot of programs that you know one thing. Policy. Being really into sports score not school. Well at school fifty to pursue that goal 70% not calm. Exports are and it can't. I think a lot of people in general like sports because it's a way to connect with others that you wouldn't normally connect with because he conversation. Age range. The background if you know rooting for the same team you have that one thing and come don't have that yeah so what's it will have that thing in common don't want cricket team. A beard score not school. Cool fifty Sempra sinkhole right in Santa appeared to know now. Yeah I'll personally but I think Alex grow up against the fence it yeah. Well once you get past that point with the bearded us and soften up via via. An occasion actively Kabila responds you can absorb stuff and mind my assessment gets off this is always and that's a little prickly. It is about that. I can only blacks often. Once you get laser hair removal and I didn't right now I am I under ours it by Brock that it's it's these hot yeah. Stay condensed version of I'll. The show us. It is this which is great for short attention spans. So check this out Thomas threat is in his next album he's gonna feature a duet with Celine film. It's. Okay and no details yet on the song titles this. Or the release date of the album by. Might only be used a little something something whistling at him as a threat as there is in great. You know it is again. Well tell me the most fit. Don't think Salinas on the greatest thing in the world you know but a lot of people left and number. The are several quick. Jake on instant pretty awesome things during a slide by far his favorite accomplishment is being a daddy. It was daughter her tell people that she was really the first thing I've ever got them some amazing things in life that's an amazing opportunities that have a little girl. What are woman is in what they beat home is truly built upon their foundation of the child the father figure in their lives and cheek bones in the country scene started my little girl I'm just act. School. Rae Lin agreed to play a game of what's on my phone and tickets are Braylon has 892 contacts she spends a lot of time on its payment interest. The funny thing she ask Siri to do was wrap. Parents Siri came through for that's all we. She could wrap it imposed on it yeah. Syria Iran haste Siri can you wrap. OK. I wrote this myself apologies advanced shooter game. I said it saved me from the IP IPP and pop. The key attempt to see the written the tell. Thirty minutes to live yeah. He's been in the mornings podcast after the broadcast. Be condensed version of the show.