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Tuesday, April 18th


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Welcome to the PAB it's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they can. This version of ovarian. Handers. Until I mean. I love you slowing. All you. We are lied from the fits in the morning radio hop toward Tuesday April 18 when he seventeenth. And let me be the first to welcome you. The more days at sea lions. Good morning LA and smarting jet Edison's parent. His reign the miss it right back there. Tanner the millennial the other elements betrays them you know makes you feel like really really old is when Tyson makes him the millennial. I can eat Grammy and a necklace was Toby Keith I'm I'm not as good as it once was you know Lucy oh that's not it wears that Clinton at the millennium. My Toby Keith clip anyway and he says. Now I don't I don't know what song that is. What is his Toby Keith I in his name as it is now. Doesn't make you feel really really oh yes. That's the it I guess we think that it is out and I mean I take you feel the millennial that I cannot replicate what it helped that out back out. Don't a hell of a hand basket. Weather wise today from what I understand. You became a shout or theory should I Wear eaten this morning but I think the precedence was to be beautiful is. I think self important in my doppler out radiate it all day no I'm sorry I am taking your yes your. I just I feel it yeah rain it was gonna get rain this morning thunderstorms that needed rain this morning and clear this afternoon. And Lawrence Wright and meteorologist I didn't read a different report Randolph thunderstorms starting at eleven and continue globally up until 4 and it's 5 o'clock we will become iron. All what. Once every 5 o'clock it will become clear OK so. Let's clear afternoon. Evening Keith yeah. I think we can read that you want kids to be bright although we probably all agree that it over into a lot of people winning some sunshine and Elantra buried. On. What's happening keeping us on how your day yesterday. I also feel like Harry at the peak of my day because look up this morning in the puppies were anxious specials like extra especially currently this morning Charlie Foster for a house cozy comfy yeah. How does so would horrible and they were fighting an island like I missed the best part of my day authority happened and I don't know that yet. The pulled up opened it and listen regarding Foster Fred the Dhabi your Foster and still not yet. When you take out tomorrow's tomorrow's Wednesday to mark that for six Larry okay is hot right now don't you guys pastor Fred. Needs a home to beautiful little dog probably wonderful for families definitely want it over the handling of her family is. Other pets around you love that the Yankees again. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show that's for sure enjoy. I don't Orbitz and warnings were famous yeah are you kidding me extra. Guess we're standing by right now with the news that did not. Make the news only thank you so much. Map a brand new consumer. Alert ladies and gentlemen it is the miracle I'll repeat it the miracle regarding the hockey world Jesus took the whales. Because there is a clear copy that just went on sale it's made from this coffee beans in water. In a secret technique that makes clear so it's like a listing your teeth at all. All the amnesty your house. Is it was clear Pepsi. It's just a little I don't know if I could drink and here are well he ruining the miracle of it and so unbearable. That amid a degree get a thought it was a miracle. But maybe it's not a disease that you don't like their Pepsi. It's a deal like that I do like their company that we didn't have. The discipline to how much of mind to that all you and that's atop the data that's not the clear well same thing. If you are interested and it cost you almost forty dollars to get a tight pack imported. Content that take them but the mere political analysts that by that you've never. Escapades to. Get a man are always a gentleman out of Pittsburgh. Yeah I don't go to jail. Yeah 44 year old guy Pittsburgh named Thomas blow Dow get a DUY last Thursday after he passed out. In his car and he drifted into a metal fence so the cops found him he was drunk right and now guess who else restaurant. Is a puppy dog little Chihuahua. Because it turned out a bottle of bond gets built on the floor of the car. He's Chu wa what Maxwell set they're just laughed and it opt in Bubba is our big dogs and she beat and he got so drunk he could barely walk. Luckily the cops got got the little puppy to a vet in a little puppies behind the poor hangover this leaping onto a nasty hangover can you imagine that. And apparently there's a photo of little Maxwell can we please post has an ace but Nate. Yet the little Chihuahua that got drunk off his butt. Big vodka to you know and apparently there are days ago he got beat you keep me stories. Yeah. It's it's these hot. Speech condensed version of the show citi's there which is great for short attention spans. You know moms dads pay attention and if you not a bomber and a mommy and daddy in and it may be playing to be a mommy daddy was this because that feeling one day you do this. For your child in me. Although I have yet but I'm sure I'll have the opportunity. But still have you seen the movie Billy Madison with a Adam Sandler yes look at that that's the one where one advocates pieces pants and Adam Sandler kinda helps amount. I splashing water on his own Hansel looks like EP his pants too right. So this literally just happen in real life. There's a guy named my bin so words from Utah. And Cincinnati and at that as little six year old daughter and accidents school last week TT Japan's. So before I want to pick her up. He splashed a whole bunch of water all over the front of his own hands. So she wouldn't feel alone and and then also had ever. It apparently is not a thought it was funny and it made her feel a whole lot better. And right he's got some smarts and why Randy what does it wasn't a big delegate you every day it's. Anderson don't think that I don't appreciate the talk I. I appreciate it more than you ever now a thank you. And her sister post a couple of photos on Twitter and now obviously. It's going viral we will also put it monetized McCain's. I don't know you know. And we're never going to act like preschool and kindergarten and in a sometimes have a net potty issue being silly Shane I remember. For some reason something really bizarre gum I used to like to go to the corner and and who oh. I almost like almost like I thought that affect a stilted but that's another subject. It is something. Out. Of being sarcastic I think that tape up the corners of their house. Yeah you'd hit not just of heads of Kirkuk. That miles separate court it looked slow court records. Foot for summaries nice to feel like I can go hide in the corner and and do it I needed to do nobody would know but the thing is obviously. People Nokia ads throughout the day today that the they figure you afterward I was just that was a kindergarten I was a kid you cleanup and well. A housed here obviously and when that happened at school you know. I remember that it really bad about. It spits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast. This version of us there. Show I'm not gonna say this guy's name it and deserved to have his name mentioned with the man charged with killing five people and shooting it casket moan Burlington last September was found dead Sunday night at the snohomish county jail. The schedule county prosecutor's office said that he was discovered hanging in itself just before 7 PM. Looks like to the easy way out officers attempted CPR but were unsuccessful. A sad for the families because I know that that's not is that justice for them that I have closed or are they ever gonna have that right. I. Our let's move on check this out. You know we're not supposed to Texan drive but I think we all know that phone addiction is 100%. From real tests and according to a new study. This is so scary yes we use our phones virtually every time we're in the car. The study looked at three point one million drivers have come to use their phones during 88% of their drives that's basically. Nine out of every ten I believe that my family. Every ten. In other words yes. If you multiply it out that means the people on this country. Take 600 million drives every day where they're messing around on the phones. That's a lot to me and that's a high. And people that are driving along next year and next year kids next to your parents who if they're not paying attention in Iran one wrong little swerved. And it's done or they aren't parents they aren't your kids they are your friend what is the difference I want it up. I wandered the difference between. You know the do you live's. And and the number of fatalities that have increased. Vs people on their phones you know I mean I mean distracted vs absolutely Dalton McGinty of culture of what do what the percentages how much times worse than then do you lines now. Because we don't it's illegal detect it and genuinely asking if I don't know yet how would you like police officers and stuff. Exactly catching for texting while driving unless you're swerving all over the road because a lot of time that it's easy to put your phone down between your legs and trite at this up. I think it's very hard to prove to be honest with you I think or you go to court numbing if you really want to fight I'm going to be very very heart and let's they had you on a web cam and of course he's meet their helmet camera cart cam and and improve that you run your phone yeah and that's a very tough one numbing if you if you thought that yes so it's one of those things that you just and we don't worry about. Getting caught just don't do you know I know it's something that we should all. Which absolutely. All focus on that. Tom is it worth it is it worth it did checked FaceBook and check our text message out. There was going to be there. We get to wherever your telling. Do you think about like this and this is just the good end of it is it worth like having a shattered pelvis the rest your life because you ran into a pole because we are texting and is it worth it as the support that a life. Is text worth at best and at times. You know let's be real or checking our email or deleting spam it is that important. No now they can wait and wait for the couch. I check this out and this really hurts my heart you guys this is look I don't agree with this study brain study found remote tees. That is the biggest turn on the turn offs women like faces with tongue sticking out. They don't like the egg plant. No we don't. Or out and. Instead or they don't we've ever come on you don't like Pia if you're fully diluted it like it play differently that's my trademark. They don't like that and you know it is fiddling with flex bison. Men like all the faces that are smiling and laughing but you don't like the panel movement don't like the group apparently. Com and women do not. You missed the top of the little mad at me. Everything I don't know I don't know I I don't like to move I I'll I don't know what I'm at planet. I'll heart American plaques on things because much write my pilot the American flag what happened with the American flag at the plant we're. Stuck on page of free speech you'll have the that's the top candidates who have to really absorb the reports. I certainly am not an art. It's goods and warnings podcast after the broadcast. At Augusta version of the show. Wanna get some audio problem my favorite people in the world Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Kimmel on Easter egg hunts. We download it real quick please gentlemen. As it's running a security scan for you celebrate this weekend I'll get a happy Easter Egg Hunt. I'll tell you it's funny you can never get kids to pick up their toys you've seen the clean out clean up zone. For them what time though whatever but can't kick the bucket and throw a bunch of classic example on all. They're like a roadside prison clean up for. That's not that. Nice they get so excited about it you've even you know just yes just the announcement saying don't do it again this. This. And when did Easter. Attempt to become like Christmas and away from as far as like being a commercialized. Holiday like kids now really. Expect expect the body to be just like Santa. Hi deodorant ads and I want to outline his ass talk live whatever life that's right. In a guard does not your mind under religious mainly tuchman my teenage. It never gets crazy is why does the Easter Bunny and the bun EX. Yeah well you need at that is a tinge in question I've never won. Yeah it's from that there's a town actually my wife just tell me about it. For Mike and surveillance like that yeah I don't know that money to get well but but you know what might teenagers they don't want eggs you know they want money. Now they want like video games. And if you really think that the Easter bunnies and you know come to the house and really keep your freshman high school by some video. It's a. I mean pitcher Jack but it Easter Bunny and very easy Yunel yeah skip her jumper up some stuff for the kids why wouldn't that these aren't good kids. Nobody like by bringing a new call are that the. I mean the Easter Bunny doesn't deliver Microsoft points a game point that what all that stuff. If he did he say is that this if I want and I wanted them last year. The economy was tough flight. Etiquette bunny didn't need to show up plants. Are welcome to the show you guys at this point I would look to get to some really really really. Local news right now gives call should just attacks. It's at least podcast after the broadcast take its version of the show. And surely bring the action to me by telling me exactly what is happening fifty feet from me right now can be. We can be anything to be made it is squirrel Christ mr. Maybe year seeing some excellent some tacos. I don't know out from behind to talk about waste them. Yeah who that's where you nattering action. And by the way when I notice you out in the field you have to go back to mute back to you fits. Because you can't get more local and that's something that's on some of these text Eminem. Fifty feet from homeless gentleman who's playing a mean guitar chords. Of air guitar on the street car at its its air guitar. And I'm gonna take it's militarily replace Charlie welcomed it really really really local news what you guys. Clearly by the motor let me for another 81101. And lost you in the face if you look at. Back here. I can be really really gained did know why wouldn't I mean if if you don't know the rain on a motorcycle shouldn't pull over you know as opposed to. I wouldn't go in there and a motorcycle out. What I thought I'd like recycling in the students go to Brandon. Steve and thank them. Brain in the Port Orchard. Brandon my friend really early in a local news what's happening my friend. I'm driving to work right now and I mean the slow lane and I discussed the Prius so doing it he remember I already know let's play lots. I. You did. They I crack up and that includes a very very special edition of really really really local news it's it's these hot. Stay condensed version of the show citi's there which is great for short attention spans. Found this really bizarre Netflix is enjoying its partnership with Adam Sandler have you heard about them some. They say this that she sort of making movies for them between fifteenth. People have watched more than half a billion hours of Adam Sandler movie well not normally people make fun and Adamson and I mean if you got a at a tent and a similar fan and a lot of people think like oh god you know and Simmons had a bunch of movies that have been big busts as far as the I'm. Studio the current office numbers right but obviously Adam Sandler kills. Half a billion hours of Adam Sandler movies Billy Madison watts water boy classics. All right it sounds like pretzels pretty deep into his prescription painkiller addiction because he reportedly at prescriptions for Mexico down written in a friend's name for privacy. Glenn Close again. And had pills hidden and apparently bottles and I mean I mean I don't know this is this isn't a surprise to me it's not surprised he is fighting an addiction which. Absolutely he was unfortunately he missed an apparent I mean. The hammering at six. Sorry answer to construct a bonus of resembled the track thumb and he had people you know he put in the different names and stuff like amendment. And only hit a pretty dead check this out there as one song that my buddy Chris Young is really really embarrassed that he has in his pomp. Any idea what it might be to get gunman style. If that Saddam of the Fareed but the first in Munich to bounce in my head as exe because in my knees so I do have I want hippopotamus recruit. Car I don't know if that's when you're first to be embarrassed of 'cause I have an excuse but yes probably the most random one and it's on her favorites on line and hit upon them this footprints. Are definitely I'll find out that doesn't even have at least that's it is they make the somehow canary niece that was signed. Are all right we don't know who Christians in his route but I didn't buy me a vote. You know this guy has some crazy man skateboard skills and how well I mean there's a video Chris Janzen to do two things buying me a vote. He's kind of very scrawny skinny skinny guy you wouldn't expect a net crazy skateboards if he's jumping over this news. Isn't that because he scrawny probably has good skateboards ills of the heavy throws skateboard if you don't want I don't know that I happen now and it didn't know how many. You Google the crap out of I wanna note there's heavyset skateboard but there and it's not a terrorist doesn't really working your favorite. Real bad to be the skills though skills and skills like that is closely you never gonna see a scrawny single wrestler you know. Lot of people think well basketball players the most number of very Lehman. Do we get we had a guy specifically who who got a scholarship with column a hacker and and he was so massive his only job during the game was to clear the boards. And that's it. Coach and give a crap he shot the ball to clear the boards and he was unbelievable that hacker. A hacker. And finally guys the brother of a terminally ill girl who spent her last moments facetime and with at Sharon. Says that Ed saying her favorite son little bird and she passed away. Almost right after he sang the song to her and quote in that moment I remember burst of like them to the window and she smiled. And and she went and I think it's amazing when artists take time. To go and perform. For children like this are disconnected or some way they connect like accused Obama facetime. You know have you heard of musicians on call and it's where these musicians go to the hospital. And perform for the kids in the hospital arms on an amazing organization music and musicians on call and greens this morning's. Asked after the broadcast. Version of the show.