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Friday, February 17th


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Welcome. This morning's Bob. And after the broadcast. This version of the show pot would just like to say welcome to the so thank you so much for being here really really appreciated. Lot of people are talking about Donald Trump's press conference. And here's Jimmy Campbell. Allegedly killed by the way playing some highlights from via from the press conference with see them. Russian think that's the blues the showrooms to break. They shoot that ship that's thirty miles offshore right out of the war everyone of these countries is. He sold me. The argument in his right nuclear holocaust Hillary Clinton did a recent remember with the stupid plastic button that matters we'll look like a bunch of chips here take a look. He looked at him like. That she's doing. With a cheap plastic button until thickness. So fake punt change how different things on stuff that doesn't that under very effective as I have I'm just telling. Be dishonest people Larry Brown BDC. There's another beauty. I wanna find a friendly record yeah. That is not good swings away. Gemma get not adding an anything to a rises. He just tightened it up and kind of like compressed it and then of course we love Jimmy Fallon as well. Jimmy Fallon I think tanner gave me the idea attendance. President prompted to tonight's now here it is Jimmy Fallon started his show. As trop at a press conference and Fallon does a pretty good trump. Does I'd like to meet balance shot better than Alec Baldwin strong lets you enemy of soliciting. First of love you'll take news and I think you'll yeah I think you can be. Question note next but that's dependent on an even after president had no. I don't think for just four weeks and yet we make so much Brothers. Asking Americans doesn't have managed to make the last four weeks feeling full years. He's pretty good right. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they condensed version of the show that's for jump enjoy. Oh my goodness gracious he wants look at this blessed to live in the northwest slick outside right now oh what a beautiful morning if you don't mind. Wherever you are at home work in the car snap a photo like toward the east of this beautiful sunrise. And put on our FaceBook page with the hash tag. Has tanked. Maybe a mention I'm a little something something whatever it might. DO a lot of news new. We'll love. And then. Well a lot of news it bodes. God love you do we'll. We. Are okay and have Britain's hello moll. I'm oh yeah. Hello. And how much you got a lot of news new modes. God you do we'll. Have Britain's hello moll. Court this morning is sure famous. Are you kidding me still. Thank you so much ladies and gentlemen it is I your what are you kidding me anchorman fit standing by with the news that did not. The minute breaking every single hour. I'm taking you out of Canada. Cash to somebody in Canada recently throughout no TV right and had a 400000 dollars hidden inside of it. 100000 dollars nothing. A knowing is that is that. Is that like a drug thing I don't know he's right forget about the money was an official strike the original owner down turns out he gave the TV to a friend about thirty years ago forgot the money all come. And I forget you know audio as in Mary client now. Escapades do. You name out of Dayton Ohio. Yeah is in the very inspirational story about a teacher who proposed in front of his girlfriend's classroom. In front of the cute little Pickering as ambassador I keep. I think it might be his name is Jason C for these 39 is corporate 28. I don't know what they teach exactly OK but he did it for the class let's. Yeah. That is barker and I parties. I. Have a couple kids come up in the every death today that was soft. Oh I'm sorry. And mitigate the sound card and stopped and tried to get into the screen that you. I don't want to miss barker and I are big so. Now I'm dressed. A couple kids come up in the agrees that today that was soft. Yeah it yes. We are very. Horton. A little bit more and today. Big guys I am completely in love with her. It. Yeah this fire under. What might be on this night. There you go ladies Tim Ryan Wendell kids. Okay go to. Yeah upload a video of oh wouldn't that put them on a FaceBook page it's this in the morning's hot. Speech condensed version of the show us. What is there which is great for short attention spans. 41 year old stud duty Germany named man for kicked man for man to man freaked. I'm afraid okay. One of them yeah. You know it's expelling. In I'm Germans I could say that I abilities despite my last name was on not believable. OK in when we came over here on the boat. I didn't come here but they americanized so metrics we use driving around on his Tesla. Which is like you know 7000 dollar vehicle he was on the Audubon Monday night and another car started swerving around. And now it's not the guardrail. And the other driver was 47 year old guy who'd lost consciousness and apparently. He had a stroke so Manfred pulled up next on and it seems slumped over in his seat so he got on the phone he called an end. But he knew someone needed to stop the guy's car immediately. So even though he was in this 70000 dollar Tesla. He passed him on the right pulled in front of them and looked again him. All right while he started tapping his brakes to the guy's car hit his back bumper in that he kept you know doing it until. Cars kind of stopped. Paramedics got to guide to the hospital and they think it's very possible that Manfred seed dislike it's not clear how banged up this car was afterward. But Tesla CEO Alan must tweeted about it less with our two on Wednesday actually set. He's paying for all the repairs that's awesome for this guy's the best upgrade. So there you go to act. Is that good stuff. It's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they couldn't. Version of very. Sad news authorities say that dude has been arrested in connection with the killing of a pet fish. With a ball in Maryland near saint. Talents all. What people go to Russian people's pets at that pace and stuff like that at a buddy who posted on basically to see it today. And he was going opted to one of his neighbors shot his little Boston Terrier. Do you I don't get it some and all my goodness that was my animal. I can't even imagine what do we know the name of the big would've thought. Fact check. You know the name of the pig who gets out of the bone Airpwn nearest thing known to anyone knows let us know. We shouldn't people's animals. Unless you have right I mean the tag and list your about your hunting illegally. Why storyline that's not some of this is well over. That's why don't do you have the bacon after that. It's this morning's podcast after the broadcast. And version of the show. Have a conversation my dad yesterday into using his bring enough. Typical memories from when I was a kid. Apparently when I was a kid I I used to believe. Then it. My mom and dad could only see in black and white because we we sit there and watchable John Wayne movies or TV shows on the public Baghdad. Wiser and in black and white so he basically lied to me my entire life making me believe that both my mother and him. Used to see in black and why really colored and come along comes bore all article. Are just lies you relate to believe. As a child and I would love to hear from you right now. What lies review led to believe. As a kid gets call should detects. Amanda just wrote it she says it fits my dad's that we are going to Disneyland and my sister and I were being awful like fighting back and forth punching each other in the backseat. He drove us to an abandoned building told us Disneyland Edberg down a couple of never procreate go. Emit something. Of my heroes and my dad told me that he had my in my you know my other out the window because there are people that drive around with machetes. Hi guys I think he believes that every they'll have a neighborhood you grow up and over again and all the. I thought it places it fifth sometimes and I got home from school my parents would jokingly poke me and still my stomach while saying things like off a dose of pizza there. There's some par and well there's some salad. I totally believe that they can really feel ready for lunch because my dad was a doctor. And my mom was a nurse in up at the Barrett you don't just that to be able to figure it out she later on figured out that they're just check in school mania. Everything that. They're Smart yeah I've got also a member of being like four or five. And my mom and my aunt told me in my cousin that they had eyes in the back of their heads we spent the next two hours looking in the back there at the I. Just out of it tired I've. Lock and yes it is fun as a parent to be able to completely lied to your children. But you're right I mean as a kid we are in complete torment Sarah says fits my mother was a genius she told us that brown Eminem's were only four adult. So. It's Wilbur doesn't exist anyway I don't think it didn't matter. Give us a call should its attacks. Yeah it's in the mornings pot. After the broadcast a condensed version of the show. Enjoy. What you do answer this question what lies were you led to believe as he would. It's what you get allies to mom and dad just. You know debate still keep full of crap. Like mine did not Amy writes fits my mother once told me not to swallow apple seeds because of the tree would grouse government aha. Think of watermelon adherents of that to death or make your or swallow of bubbled up to make your appendix blow up all I've never heard that apparent to me now one. Let's see oh of course it would tell you what they told me about you know make you blind now. And he believes that fits my sister used to tell me I was adopted. And my ball would go a long way to tell me that she found me in a bush and. Heart incidence so I tell my she was abducted but my parents never win a lot of let me. Was she was adopted that said she was adopted from a pack of already detained by Nokia I would lard that's brutal. That's that's the let's dedicate a quick hey what about you what lies we led to believe that the kids. I am my parent or not my grandma and eager to it until today are you there. Hello. Kate what about now. Now how are okay. That night and I had that. Buffalo in the backyard and I am I started monopoly and it though they went our Photoshop picture of my best in the next buffalo. Yeah. Let's start ideas could lead to and can't limit what about you what lies we led to believe as a kid go ahead. I want and a weaker. And raised. My hand. And she said that. And. That there's a rabbit eating there are missed that on that content happens to open. Let's go to Lawrence were quick Lawrence what about you lies led to believe this kid go ahead. You won game one yeah others say yeah. Odds don't mean this game that they were prepared watching the idea on Friday with my mom. And it replied Tea Party used to tell us it was big enough. Yeah Bob ball. I think he's a much we'll let you continue to sound off on social media just you know lies you were led to believe as a kid it's it's these hot. Stay condensed version of the show us. What is there which is great for short attention spans. Do you really know your neighbors I mean Ellen do you really know and and everyone listening at home or in the car on the app do you really know your neighbors in what they are doing. Do you think he did not that was about it a good idea who lives around him. I just wanna say that when they pretty soon it's gonna be pretty common for people to use their drones. To spot and other people like a couple in Utah. A 34 year old woman mean to racially normal from or on Utah and 39 year old boyfriend air in fort. They were just arrested for using their drone to spy on several people in their bedrooms and I. Neighborhood. I DS. And it is they want to look at him I mean I noble why don't you why would you want to look at them that people. Their plane started falling apart in December when this guy. Spotted Joseph outside of his bathroom window on the side to chase it down right so when he chased it down he saw exactly what they're living right. He's over the drone landed. He didn't grabbed it when it landed. At another time he he followed it to a church parking lot. A church are they doing frank for forgiveness is they were taken there aren't buying up Duhon. It was the right there where he checked the FB SD card yet found a bunch of videos of other people including himself. The cops started investigating based on the drone serial number and both I. Nailed him in this is a would Lotta people would consider a a young attractive couple that just wanted to see in other people you know doing their business that they are attractive. I mean there's there's just very young cubs woods to the Google image together. And you wouldn't you wouldn't expect a young attractive you know couple like this to fly a little drums around transpire naked people you don't expect that from people. I got from it doesn't matter what like you let her head yeah. Making great point. I'm surprised. He didn't look at of people and a surprise at no surprise there attractively you know you don't like because you know why they need to home I. Don't ugly people spying on people. Are you insane in the membrane of core of course I'm sure they do. Utley people who can't get people probably play drones around inspire other people. Another argument an ugly site goes live to my spare time on that too much money to buy drowned spy on people. Well I think I have a news report let's say that at. A FaceBook posts but police and argued so looking for the owner of a odd copter alerted that something fishy was going on under queen. Now turn but he and his thirty political girlfriend to reach elite nor Diaw were subsequently charged and January 19 with plagiarism by electronic equipment apparently flying drone in order to keep in dorm residents bathrooms and bedrooms. The drone was captured on January 3 and police were able to identified but he through video that was at C. This yes this is happening these drones we really need to look up to these Jones because the laws as we speak are being created in. Everywhere you look I'm IC drop owns ever you did it testament Sonnanstine ran an obscene draw Israelis. Alan everywhere I you know I don't think twice about really don't like. Out of park somewhere like trying to tickle its YouTube videos that I'm not knocking off when you know that that where the first show in North America to have. A that the show drone the drugs for air fits one well yeah yeah it's can beat you with the whizzed by your bathroom with every one out and other. It fits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast taken. This version of ovarian. Little show. Controversy controversy controversy controversy laced element already fallout. Going on regarding the AC and nominations as we speak knows that adding that company. If you're gonna be here in about this for the next couple days. So there's already massive fallout from Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton getting completely shot out of the nominations. Fans the start of the hash tag as we speak. Boycott champions. Has taken boycotting seasons no Garth snow flake I would have to say why nobody comes especially to be. Award for entertainer of the year which I think we can agree to give that award to someone who works Ivanov. It gets in my opinion that is the turing award connecting people ranked players say that guards have been damaged that 100% in because he made because he. Natalie Natalie Allen he destroyed them from a revenue standpoint. Garth sold more tickets than any of them like peaceful. What are two dates here and there it's not like argue saying in the membrane gal next year but not like you've been going like nonstop here had a nonstop to category that I agree Purina. And I'm not knocking Garth any let these people unkind or say hopefully cut the easier but you want to get numb it just because he's like yeah because. No because he outperformed all of them down and that's right that's what he's now I. Was. I grief deadly park in Boston an eight and listen I completely greet you but you can't just not nominate guard for entertainer of these entertainer of the year Jason ID. Luke Bryan Florida Georgia line. Carrie Underwood Keith Urban than we are talking about this earlier might pick was Carrie Underwood for entertainer of the year who would you take out lists and I. Because that's a good list without someone in LA mesa it's a great list right which is it such a great let's carry onto what is it she's basically. Exhausted she's taking time off her quote from music nineties you think she's I don't think I think she's a tough to. We'll find out though again you're going to be hearing about this next couple days they're saying it has to and hash tag boycott. The Asean's no Garth. No Blake you decide you sort of I think a lot of people like it's into the hole boycotting and protesting now that day I mean I don't Wear pumped from archival rights. And like matters. It's this morning's podcast after the broadcast. And a version of the show.