Fitz In The Morning 2-17-17 6am

Friday, February 17th


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Welcome. This morning's Bob. And after the broadcast. Then stir version of the show. Anderson. It's. Until I mean. It's. I magic flowing. No jail and we are from the fifth in the morning radio Hobbs or Friday February 17. 2017. And let me be the first to welcome news in the morning tell what is up heavy fighting. I had frank do you see how he areas though that I just a couple of hours after we talked to mount a landslide may be happening on its belly highway. It happens on its belly highway I know my ma I had never been more. Right before in my life. Durbin cinema and I've never been so upset to be right in my entire life. Yet those as. If there's still a lot of and they you know. Instability ever way you know yeah because of the of the mass amount of rain. In and I ninety yesterday who is squatting with sit down for four hours afterwards it it is re open to. Finally hit the. I was out of it I thought my thought to myself what do you look like he. Home because it's down right I don't think just like that casino until sometime they're yeah it's because. But aren't yeah. And there's not ever way to buy dot medical he's I'd get my way finally able somehow yeah. All of us via the ASEAN nominations are ordered a ban on the show today. And I'm very excited or will you let's make our predictions so we can do that. And and the big highlight of of today's show I would say is that. Monopoly fans have voted the symbol out of a game. Big and it's right I mean why the Kimble that they always liked the had a staple. Of the big break Camp David Brandon monopoly. Don't know what symbols are but for me hold soft spot in my heart because my back Taylor right at the Taylor so there's that symbol finally to assemble and I just. And to meet the symbol represents a lot of my childhood. To stick to be don't be watching family. Played monopoly in Africa and gamble's always been there they've always been if you can get rid or want to get the iron nobody uses an iron anymore either today. As I don't most of them drive right. I don't. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcasting condensed version of the show that's for jump. Enjoy. Billboard bits and mornings were famous. Thank you so much ladies and gentlemen it is I your what are you kidding me anchorman fit standing by with the news that of course did not make the news. Breaking every single hour on the pick it up with an amazing story out of Toronto. Stupid what got you there. Moon. The fifty year old guy in Toronto was trying to make it necklace right out of bullets but. At. OK you know it's there on the elbow necklace they're they're they're trending right now apparently you've seen them yet no I don't think. He is doing that. It exploded. Is using real bullet while I was trying to pull it apart what vice grips yeah. And it's not his cap off like he said to stick with what Nazis can be okay. I'll have to watch which they can grow those now which of the Arab camp somewhere that you scrutiny here you know that they do amazing things themselves. What's there and just build for being working even hard then didn't we eat is grown now. That's energy here he gets access here's the thing. Oh my god and I that's the victim girl aren't Allen here and he int yeah. It was passionate about your back jacks and an amendment and show we'd have been in the extent. It's all right but these gentlemen. Especially ladies please pay attention to this story. Because every time you look at that vacuum cleaner now than your house this is what to think about. But 5% of men love that you names like really really love that's that you mean yeah. Great news survey 5% of men. And admit it. And publicly thank you benefit probably higher allowed to Robby just aren't admitting it. You really know. Who your husband is. Ago he got beat. Stories of the day breaking every single hour. It's so nice hot. Take condensed version of the show. What is there which is great for short attention spans the nominees for the fifties I can't academy of country music awards were announced on CBS this morning my Lady Antebellum. And that was yesterday morning it was yesterday morning and here they are lazy gentlemen Keith Urban. Leading with seven nominations including entertainer of the year. He does this too were a bunch doesn't he really is yet to hard worker plays absolutely. And it. That really in my opinion that's what it would entertainer of the year it's it's really all about who is who is touring who who is in front of the fans connecting with the fans. All so who's putting on a good show in what now I think about it yeah he is one of the people that I have not seen life. He's great I've seen in my I have yes several times a lot of energy out. Lot of energy a lot of intensity and can imagine how hard that must be nine at tonight's up Miranda Lambert. Six nomination she's upper female vocalist of the year. Album of the year for the way to these wings and single record of the year and video of the year provides. It's on via. Mary Morris six nominations for the Georgia lines five Tim McGraw five nominations self let's talk about entertainer of the year Tampa. Upper entertainer of the year and we we just talked about that. It's. In my opinion in and sick there's a definition of what the award is for entertainer of the year. But I would think that somebody who travels and and really just worked their butt off Jason I mean look Brian. Florida Georgia line. Carrie Underwood. Keith Urban. I'm don't care. That might pick for entertainer of the year that. You know why because it's not to herself that she does reflect payments that listen. Imus maternal my husband now and I'm going to be a mommy and she she is an am I kidding me this is pregnant again. That would be interesting right. Do you really think she's pregnant ideal. It's either that or she wants to. She says she's taking time away from music though that's what she's saying products as morning fitness expert and I don't know so you're and that will be so interesting but. My into the ear. Time and tired of what I'm OK Jason dean yeah but Brian Florida Georgia line Carrie Underwood. Keith Urban. The son Rory Kelly and other all of the place it will Bryant because I don't feel like every time I checked his Twitter yeah he's starting another leg of his tour at that like this for three years. But as he tweeting. I don't care Carrie Underwood tweets that's why she should win if she's standard pickup yeah her fingers. Enough that regulates gentlemen all right so once again Allen says. I cannot pick and cared then and the three hits upon social media as well he should attack. Tell us you think will win entertainer of the year it's bits in the mornings contest after the broadcast and version of a fairy. This. I'll listen yesterday westbound interstate ninety east of its what was was fully reopened and some ten hours after the landslide senate after thirteen vehicles were kind of in the slide that happened just before fighting and nobody was putting out that. It is an intense rain that is just it's it's crazy in this. And when we get massive massive amounts of rain like that short period of time that's when this that's on the stuff happens. Some of the meteorologists. Aren't ya opposite if you quit FaceBook. To feel more social. Because you don't line and FaceBook to see what's going on tips call people will people who ticket FaceBook break into feeling better than those who did not they also had more focused. Or more satisfied socially real life. FaceBook feeds make cause envy and if the economy and on and realistically pots of hype lite real of users. I don't cry and I think we all agree that. You know I've never been much of a news feed person my wife loves like getting news feeds and yes observed in the oven gives beepers and so I guess what you are on FaceBook fan I'm posting my stuff to journal my life nor. For mine. You know it's it's it's a wonderful on the active social media especially placement. Is it digital journal and especially on mine and my personal FaceBook page a ticket fans of it. Every day most easily picture visited a camp like here it's because. The coolest thing for me is the FaceBook reminders that you get married the galleries years later. My personal page in my. Riposte. Yeah. Re post repose I was like. That that's my repose play. According to match that comes singles and America survey 42% of singles and the person to judge a potential. Date on is there my social media. Really there and that's the pro topic but their votes. Like the first three post. Date they CI. Represents. Who a new and who. Why is still easy to GAAP. What you think is an accurate description of a purse and just in their online profile primary source unlike DDT mean someone like tender bumble and I mean right and that he'd go and you look for them and you research them I. You get a perspective of what they are now is that reality and I as the question and and I just a positive highlight real of what you're about to see on the first this interpretation of what they aren't sure what I did with high. As I am talking right now. In researching it I did anything because I wanted to rush the process that's grace on a couple of days and you know. Allow them why analysts say I'm I'm just saying it there until. Not whether you know wanna find peace have you around and make our. Maybe should know how to write about a two pars I think it is gonna murder he's not opposed upon social media either so I was dead giveaways online. Sand. Every search somewhat exceed you've delivered. Around them and I'm not. Actually can admire what you did is what I mean yeah you have brought back the spontaneity right to. The day. Old lately intimately technically now and figuring stuff out and that he was missing a killer can't buy it online ads that. No pun intended it yeah maybe it's this morning's pod cast after the broadcast. A version of the show. I'd like to thought silly concept if you don't mind like if you had a big red button. In your house and then that would do anything. What would you have it do. The red button. The head of big red button in your home. Vick could do anything what would you have it do we'd love to hear from you gives call students attacked. Just one thing I. Yeah it's in the morning is positive. After the broadcast a condensed version of the show. Enjoy. You know if you could have a big big big old red button in your house. What else would you have to do it can be no big red but they can do anything. OK if I find that big red. Magic but in my house I would have it. May. But and but smelt from teenagers disappeared. Bogut the big red button should be done when you. I can't decide whether or not buying. Mike thinks you can't that would be where can I and the bus and the I don't I've got a cute either. Completely leave my place just pressed my old war in the book he dinners in a present. Again it's I don't know one. It's ridiculous and politely. Rain being a producer right there behind me McCann of myself when bereavement for an you know how loud it is with a houseful of kids yes. It'd be a silent button. I. A new but amused look up and meet all the kids protected by the office let's go to Cammie and by the it would love to hear from me get this call. Should the text Cammie. Hi eight C get this big red button right he hit it what would you have it do. I've big red button would cut groceries in the house that's one less active. They worry about. How failure amen to that. How many kids again. I have an eight year old brand and a new bar yeah I have. Each other house and down there. Let's go to Kathy in federal way Kathy what about you yet the big red button in your house vote you haven't do. Good morning I would have them do like introduces every night. But I loved the cut but I don't wanna clean that. Thought immediately living alone yeah I liked it but usually if I put someone else pleased with is Philadelphia house that I can't get a lot to do any deal. Those dishes for two weeks yeah actually do it at this loss. Obviously the hard part is this guy Guinea from the table the dishwasher right. It's like the most of the Cindy Sydney what about you get a big red button what would you have a do. At are out here and forget that yes you're right is that stress you guys out like no India to you know get that may be. A little earlier to teach and pared down and make up done so much to that stresses it's and it takes time it takes time to do your hair into. Oh you don't want everybody. You know I'll watch my ear everyday. Yeah no end to write to but it armament to grazing and if my wife one day when I I had like the makeup lady. Under the house. Wake her up and do make up for her for one thing and oh my god that would be. Thought yup. Wouldn't that be something that's bigger buttons to forever line right. It's this morning's hot. Stay condensed version of the show us. What is there which is great for short attention spans. Self BACM nominations were announced that Keith Urban is up front with seventh Miranda Lambert a merit Morris are next with six each and by the would show airs April 2. On CBS let's not forget to Brian and Turks are the host to film at that chemistry and it emanates. Like those two back to think Gary and Brad I I don't in that houses an 87 cannot and that's fine Tom. Yeah maybe a little more in there on the more authentic right to be less forced we aren't there they're easy to see. And that's the answer I don't feel like Kerry and Brad are a little more nerve if anyone's house it's great. And make practiced. And Dirksen look at where tighter pants affluent I like. Of the lord Elaine as she was so freaky Nixon Kennedy to find out about her AC in nomination. Waiting for just a half years her nomination that they scenes and I again. So excited and so thankful and so humbled by being at the industry is hurting for me to get into this category it means so much to me. We love you lord Alon and also we reset to John party about his nomination he's freaking out. Yeah loan if it via. Group moved well. Some. Threw it warm obviously Satan has been nominated newseum ladies love a lot of yeah it's going to be underworld. That's the country and double what got George. He's been in the mornings pod cast and after the broadcast. Big condensed version of the show.