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Wednesday, February 15th


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Welcome to the PAB it's bits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they can. This version of ovarian. Sure. I have some audio and Elena. I get to today that you don't mind first of all. Company artist do we did talk to an end and we always ask him have you ever made the mistake. Going on stage. And saying. What's up Dallas when you're like in Detroit. All our lives you know what's up tap one year old in Miami. Artist on the city's taped on this day you would hope but some don't but at it even. Icons like Axl Rose of Guns 'N Roses. What it was is Axl Rose okay. Let's say listen this. So they let you take him Melbourne by the way Melbourne Australia at this and let's not Sidney can get that one more time. Couple we'll we'll. Knowing you don't mess of Australians either but that we allow. Ahead of buddy he was an exchange student and little Bowie Texas and Chris Evans. And tempers are so I can imagine. Saying the wrong city like that that's on except. It's too early like no I hours away from each other thing I'd like being in Dallas then what you're. Yeah perfect example it's almost dislike not given a crap right it's insulting you don't even know where he lost. How dare you are all right I thought this is funny Sean Spicer. Talked about Trump's meeting with Canadian prime minister. But apparently. He's become the wrong name lightly I chemist at this nameless city. Yesterday the president set had had incredibly productive set of meetings and discussions with an estrogen trio of Canada you know Joseph Trudeau's. And its coach or do well his name is it just and yet right now who is now. Children go. And what more time yesterday the president sent an incredibly productive senate meetings and discussions with minus trajectory though. Definitely. As these days. On its Joseph trip though he's a famous hockey player in Canada and all I think about the things he's not a CNET. You know he's a big supporter of sports Judeo partner Sean Spicer is the president has to be opt out. Army news that in itself is up to you decide black and meanwhile. Have you watched some of these of these press conferences I know they are so fun to watch some feel it's it's it's back and forth. It is import each and destroyed them champs. It's like are we accomplishing anything not heard of on an almost sights lowered and knows the media helping are we donating on his side. But it some. Productivity. It's in the mornings podcast after the broadcast a condensed version of the show that's for sure enjoy. Orbitz and warnings were famous one Mario. Some I think he's a much lazy gentlemen it is tiger what are you kidding me anchorman fits of course standing by. With the move it did not make the news breaking every single hour and up and take get a California right now. Scared stiff. For the four year old dude in California. You know site is still a band remain. Funeral home last Sunday more to more Choo every day and down than you realize there's a dead body and silently. So he brought it back to scare the crap out of the event and then he decided still another weatherman so that point one without one of the bodies obviously. I mean I guess that was nice of him to return the body what it's not like the bond would have pulled on some of these it was some of these sweet little ante and the always wanna return though I yes. Escapades to yeah. Hey I take it out of Ohio. Crack is whack. That Whitney say that the chemical Whitney on that when a woman in Ohio got pulled over last Friday and now. With a cop saw her hide something in our Brock the basic rights of things in them and how to run your practice. Was she tried to prove that it was nothing and so what she she pulled down. For shirt and an instant way to our sisters police officer you can't really do now estimates. With he had anything in the had a crack pipe fell out. And then it is yeah so did the thing with their boo bonds which is bad business to regulate them you got the UK. Me story. The day breaking every single hour it's absolutely spot. They condensed version of the show. What is this thing which is great for short attention spans back in your life. To get stuff. So there's a woman in Seattle named Kathleen. Chafing. Who's in her mid sixties and back in college she dated a guy named Harold Miller. And had a baby and with them they're pretty young and they decided to give it up production. That about two years ago on their son Tom gotten in touch with there. She'd been trying to track him down and a bunch of adoption website and finally someone of her post but that's not the best part of the story because she also ended up getting back in touch. With Harold. Area. Who's in an assisted living community in Tulsa right now where he's still dealing with some injuries from Vietnam yeah. And apparently he never had any other kids so connecting with the sun was a big deal for him to talk to on sky. And he also found out that is for drinking it. Kathleen ended up having six more kids including four she adopted. But she get divorced while back and now looks like she and Harold. We're giving things and the chance for a night hitting. They broke up about 48 years ago but she want to see him in November. And flew back at this week for Valentine's Day they were playing to have sushi and you'll see La La land are gonna go the movie yeah. And she's planning to retire soon and told the local news. I know I want to deal with them how to win Blair I don't know but it's going to happen guys. State ya that's that that is the definition of I listen this. Bet it saint Louis university in 1957. We've seen speckled won't let go because it was. It was a lot Gupta it was a very fun time and out were freshman. And she did the baby whose mind. While that's pretty it very simply. Yeah. And there you go that is that good stuff. It fits in the mornings podcast after the broadcast they can. A version of ovarian. I started inching our recent Scarlett Johansson. You see sex in the middle of a second divorce she says that. I don't think it's natural to be. A monogamous person and she says adding it's it definitely goes against some instinct to look beyond now Scarlett does sound very sexy saying that. And some of the combined these are Scarlett Johansson. She absolutely. It doesn't think it's natural. To be monogamous woman. Okay now amen amen but it is a lead into a wedding story I just wanted to kick it out but that IRA that does that make sense again Erica arm. Whenever you dreamed of or when you dream of your wedding and what you dream of that wedding being like your dream and and its a romantic musically. Charity element when he's going to be like out even know who he is right now we don't want any idol piloting is going to be. And demons and play the piano when you they'll talk about your wedding and. This is a very romantic that's like very severe enough yet that was like on a Nintendo game you know Alec wouldn't be browser and playing Mario or something about the content that goes hallelujah Halloween music guide them. What isn't there you what is your wedding aisle at the it destination wedding. It's going to be me and him. And just like maybe ten or fifteen of our close friends and family in gas about it yes I can share it. I can't pitchers who have been a Mary let that sort of a best. He's seen. Looking arguments on standing there can. What you just described it would have been mine your name on that in and we decided to you know try to have a nice winning the school like Texas. Waiting outside. Barbecued. Ribs fare very southern but you know what I would. Effort to save the money Bryant was sick is that you guys taco bells didn't really date now yes not the bill's going to be waiting. The last time. The running it rained contest where you get married to get a do it at Taco Bell. And it it it it's like in fancier. Taco Bell that they're building a Las Vegas okay. It's actually getting classic Vegas wedding chapel inside this talked about not LN. In this contest. You just post a photo or video on Twitter it's Graham. About quote. Taco Bell's role and your love story. Yeah. I don't. Or you know maybe he was working capital telling you look into the mind he slid in his number I don't rappers like the idea cute story. He liked it to you randomly threw some hot ticket attacked him on he said. He liked to your Iranians who have count them down into lecture here and rein them how random person licking my ear I don't care how cute like that's what they are asking. Any romantic stereotype of and I actually believe there's a lot of people who probably found love. I don't know at a restaurant or like a fast food place like this I mean there's going to be some true love stories cannot talk about skinny yet. Wilshire I don't know pilot up because and and it toppled an open mind and imagine if you've gotten here at the place that you first met your wife. You have gotten here in the parking gallery. Yes. They don't know that that's kind of cool but it's confusing to people who need them. Where were you when you first went to right on me my bedroom yeah I'll critically on the toilet might tender. It. Told him mumble yeah. I do it right that's how people are connecting these days is technology is evidence. To enter the contest them once again I'll post a photo or video on Twitter as to Graham about taco Bell's rolling your love story used to hash tag taken this past. Hash tag at love and tacos contest at. You win a trip for six to Vegas. Catered dinner at Taco Bell yeah that's and so much more. Tenet the millennial. Do you attend the millennial you next to put college and we're gonna stone ten of them when you really need to quit the hand you have he did. Like this and he he loves his girlfriend tentatively at this to be big for you to do this talk about things. What's that. Talked about takes care of everything. That's easy to do this all right. It's this morning's podcast after the broadcast. A version of the show. I do know that that there's a lot of people who didn't have a good bounce and stately benighted it's it's it's still a big topic. A discussion people are upset about an end listen one hall. Does at all for this one just want you to fill in this blank Valentine's Day was going great. Until blank have been. Valentine's Day is in great. It's a blank happened. A fell asleep about 8 o'clock in my wife started to watching you Walking Dead the marathon you know without me I don't play having having her into a fair if. 0:8 o'clock Utley had thumb rest that night. That feeling like you've had this awaited for Valentine's Day and nothing in comparison even even go to the bill and little pharmacy last minute. We have a few well we decide how do we get we had Valentine's count for instance Paul Allen to leave and then fell asleep at. Honestly. And its use lusting after the zombies. Again Valentine's Day it was going great until blank happens. That's in the morning is positive. After the broadcast a condensed version of the show that's for sure. Enjoy. It's shocking you know there's a lot of people still upset about Valentine's Day are or. Maybe something they did not receive a Valentine's Day maybe their significant other did not do. Jack prep for them on Valentine's Day stuff but it'll yeah my wife and I did nothing we we didn't give each other anything we just. I passed that she wants the Walking Dead eye and you know what I think that's what she wanted she won a couple of hours away from me. Two tubes bid to watch and then have her bench affair. Feet I decided dating someone and it was like do we get something out is something whenever I asked mr. could even see it I facetime them. With that have Valentine's Day but that was about it I don't wanna spend money infected with the rest of the day to talk to some of my most favorite people in my sister's birthday. I talked to my friends across the country in like a good time they've missed the vessels of every. And why should we do that every day though when I have a lot of this date as we got time everyday and I got to have that. Your clip that's all right we love to hear from me down Thursday it was going great until blank happens. Let's try Kelsey for a quick Kelsey what about your Valentine's Day it was going great until Blake happened. Hi. And I mean. That I can be receiving. It how far and not her eyes. Bob and that's a great excuse in the world like oh I have editing at I think we have used. It doesn't excuse because nothing ever stay right here or on the net and heated ordering things I say. Like it was a it it it it just never ordered in the first place that's not a good excuse bad that's really bad. Cassandra if you Allah is Janet would argue about that it was going great until blank happen. I'd. Rest that we had me up Pratt. Are. Frank yeah. In the doghouse. Lead them up for the hot neighbor even littler. Yeah. There aren't logical thing to deal does it hits is I who. Thank you so much. It's it's these hot. Stay condensed version of the show citi's there which is great for short attention spans a lot of rumors going around about Willie and I wanna say it. Will he's going to be just. Isn't on shows yeah and in a lot of people think that when people start disappearing for a couple of days off the radar than it you noted that the grim reaper you about the visit and stuff like that. The red says its testicles on that day events are supposed to say but. I will also say that favors scheduled some shows is and that he is well enough to perform at their rescheduling that gossiping I think hopefully he's going to be you can. Scarlett Johansson in the middle of a second divorce. She says that I don't think it's natural to be monogamous person and I think it's definitely and it goes against some instinct to look beyond. Let me tell you my future husband that are believed monogamy. During my wife it's my wife says the same thing. Harrison ordeal for air support. I I think maybe think every and he. The Brady the pilot. Yes support is Annette rink gotten criminal act and what happened here. Harrison Ford accidentally landed his private plane on a taxiway instead of the runway at case. Basically buzzing over Boeing 737 what ask it actually listened to the I am such a dork and listen to the un air traffic control audio last night it's according here here's some fluids like on feeling that record but. Like waiting interrupted himself because it was like it was like Indiana Jones like or protect and I think now. No all of that was a what you are you you really here is that. These young sound from the American Airlines guy and you're here he's like. Howard there's the plane about the buzz that's about thirty feet up RT LT what's going on John Harrison what's he do away and and so I guess what happened was. There's that there's the taxi ways you get onto the runway Canada the end. They look a lot alike on the air some times so Harrison was actually trying to lay and on this basically on the trying to get under the normally not the actual runway and that's where idea for the big play in months he flew right over an almost an almost it. Know which which Bradley is what's it's fun but isn't that the 747. Your wake of the bad and the way that you're at odds but it. You would think Ellen yeah you would say yeah. Do you some complaints about it it seemed below the year when. Sometimes it's hard. Yet. If you can't speak what that is a quote the birth of our management people probably spoke the beverages. It's bids in the mornings podcast after the broadcast. Have they condensed version of the show.