Savannah Jones

M-F 9am - 3pm

Savannah has been calling the Pacific Northwest home for the past 12 years. Her love of Country Music & Radio started while attending college in North Dakota. She can’t sing a lick, not even karaoke, that’s a fact. However, she will enthusiastically encourage you to sing at the top of your lungs, if that is your kind of thing. In her spare time, she loves hanging out with friends & working on her 1955 Fixer Upper. Savannah has traveled to all 50 states & appreciates all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Join Savannah while you Wolf At Work weekdays 9a-3p on 100.7 the Wolf!

The 2 questions Savannah is asked most often:
• Do you like Country Music? Yes, it is her favorite!
• Do you get to meet the Artists? Yes and occasionally, she’ll even splurge and buy their t-shirts.

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