Fitz in the Morning

Ellen Tailor, co-host on Fitz in The Morning, is a single woman trying to make her way in a man's world. The Michigan native is a recovering Diet Coke addict, a fashion blogger and puppy lover. She finds the term, "It's all Greek to me," amusing because she's actually Greek and speaks the language fluently. She was raised by first generation immigrants who value family traditions despite the miles that separate them. Although not married and with no children – yet -- this is what Ellen wants most in life. In the meantime, she enjoys spoiling her dog, Charlie, with lots of treats and attention.

While in college, Ellen focused on becoming a television news anchor but was steered to radio after being "discovered" while waiting tables at an Irish pub. She has been actively involved in raising breast cancer awareness, including raising money for the hospital that helped her own mom win the battle over the disease.

Ellen will try anything and will hold nothing back while describing it. She's a pop culture fanatic spending her free time on celebrity gossip websites and trying to scheme her way onto reality television shows. Surprisingly, she's also the one that knows the most about sports. Her favorite past time is beating boys on the golf course. And she might throw back a cold one on the links, but Ellen would much rather drink wine with the girls during happy hour.

After years as a closet country music fan, Ellen joined Fitz in the Morning in 2011 and has quickly become the voice of reason for "the boys". "These guys are the brothers I wish I never had, but mess with one of us, and you mess with all of us," warns Ellen. "You'll never find a more crazy, entertaining, and stubbornly loyal group than us."

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