Wingnut Tailgate Tips

Well it looks like football season is about to get kicked off and that means tailgating parties will be planned as well. So I’ve got a few tips to help make your tailgate party better than the next guys!!

Here is a list of things to remember to bring to your tailgate party:

1. This one is a two-fer. You don’t want to forget the 2 most important items;  your game tickets and beer/adult beverages (BEER).

2. Food, Food, Food. You can never have too much food (or drink for that matter). Make sure you take more you think you will need because you WILL need it!!!!

3. The grill!! (without this your in major trouble)

4. Take along a football or some other game to play while the food is cooking. It brings camaraderie to your party. (Plus you can make fun of the people who can't throw or catch) :)

5. Bring your best football costume…um, sports gear to wear. You probably need some face paint to complete the look.

6. Make sure you take the vehicle with the best stereo!!

7. Must have funky drinking hat preferably something that holds a couple of drinks and some long straw tubes so you can drink hands free.

8. Don’t forget the camera/video camera to document all the days fun.  (or for blackmail)

9. You might stick the local taxi service number in your pocket.  This is just in case your fun is actually more fun than you had planned.

10. You might take a couch and TV.   It’s much more comfortable to watch a game from the comfort of your own couch. (becareful tried this at AUTZEN STADIUM in Eugene a few years back and got in trouble)


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09/07/2012 2:25PM
Wingnut Tailgate Tips
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