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People of Walmart

There's a saying that most women live by...  "once the bra comes off for the day, I'm not putting it back on".   Especially if you're just making a quick grocery run to grab some ice cream.  Right ladies?    

Well, my FBP loves to make fun of me, because I will be in my jammies and not hesitate to run to the grocery in them.  He threatens that he's gonna post a picture of me on  

C'mawwwwwwn, I'm not THAT bad!  AM I?  You decide....

06/10/2013 10:46AM
People of Walmart
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06/10/2013 10:57AM
No At All
I think you look just fine. I am quite sure I have looked worse when going to the grocery store in my pj's. And I completely agree that once the bra is off it does not get put back on.
06/10/2013 11:25AM
super cute
Has he actually looked at the people of walmart? You deff do not belong on there.
06/10/2013 11:52AM
People of Walmart
no you do not belong on the site. all of your body parts are covered. & your clothes are in 1 piece. You look fine!
06/10/2013 1:09PM
Totally Fine
No way, you look comfy. I do the same thing.. Now there are some people who push the PJ's to the store thing a bit too far.. those photos belong on the people of walmart website!
06/10/2013 1:24PM
People of Walmart
Women drive and shop with a head full of curlers then I guess it would be acceptable for them to run to the store in their jammies.
06/10/2013 1:36PM
I agree
Jammies like these are perfectly appropriate for Walmart...!
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