Pedal-less Concept Bicycle

Would you by this?

When someone comes up with a new idea for an existing product it’s supposed to be better than the original idea. However, sometimes someone comes up with a concept that is just a little too off beat to go unnoticed even if it seems to be taking a step backwards. The latest concept in bikes is one without pedals and well, just about everything else.

The FLIZ pedal-less bike is the latest prototype for the world of bicycles. While it looks like a bike, for the most part, that’s where the similarity ends. The FLIZ doesn’t have a seat and has no gears or even pedals, although it does have a more conventional breaking system.

It’s a cross between running and biking. You strap yourself into the bike and you walk until you get some speed built up then you lift your feet and glide. No pedaling required.

It looks totally uncomfortable, impractical and I’m pretty sure it won’t take off but it is an interesting concept. My advise to the designers of the FLIZ: keep dreaming people, keep dreaming, maybe you’ll hit on something eventually but this isn’t it.

Check out the bike in the video below and for more info on the bike see the FLIZ website….however, it’s in German so you might need a translator.

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09/05/2012 2:54PM
Pedal-less Concept Bicycle
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