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AWKWARD! Mascot breaks up fight!

This is one of the craziest turn of events I've ever seen!!  

This couple is fighting like crazy... with the "Kiss Cam" on the them!!  Then the Chciago Bulls mascot walks over and steals the girl!??  Watch below:


(photo credit - Michael/Flickr)
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Reporter Drilled in the Head by Skateboard

OUCH!!  This is why I'm glad I host a radio show in the studio.  Not out live on location!

This dude took a flying skateboard right to the coconut!!


(photo- Manny Valdes/Flickr)
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AMAZING Version of Silent Night

Getting bogged down by the same Christmas songs over and over again this year...?  Check out this killer a cappella version of Silent Night!  WOW!  This makes me wish I could sing.


(photo - Marta Garcia/Flickr)
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HUGE Surprise for Cleaning Lady

This cleaning lady (who is also a struggling mother of 3) showed up to clean this house.... and realized that someone had BOUGHT HER the house!!  Truly an awesome story here!  Watch below.


(photo-- Collin Anderson/flickr)
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Billy Gillman Comes Out in Youtube Video

Citing Ty Herndon as inspiration yesterday... Billy Gillman filmed a video and uploaded it to YouTube.  He is also gay.


Billy claims the fact that he is gay has kept him from signing a major record deal.  If that's true, that is sad and unacceptable.

Below is Billy's biggest hit.  You may remember it.  It's called "One Voice".

(photo - Eli Christman/Flickr)
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Ty Herndon Comes Out

Ty Herndon has come out of the closet!  Read the entire story from People Magazine HERE.

Here's a couple of my favorite Ty Herndon songs from the 90's:



Good for you, Ty.  I support your courage and hope you can be a role model to any young people who are struggling with feeling different.
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Meghan Trainor's "Shake it Off" Cover

Meghan Trainor (who sings "All About That Bass") steps up to the mic and belts out an AWESOME version of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"!  This is addicting!  Check it out.


(photo: carla da souza campos/Flickr)
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New Guinness Commercial

Saw this new commercial yesterday... and got CHILLS.  So incredible.  I had to share!


(photo-- Tiberiu Ana/Flickr)

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Rescuing Josephine for Avi

This is the story of how YOU, the Wolf listeners, did something incredible for a complete stranger yesterday.  I still can't believe this really happened.

It all started Monday night when my wife, Kristen, and I were laying in bed getting ready to go to sleep.  My 7-month-old baby daughter was sprawled out sleeping on my chest... and Kristen was browsing through Craigslist when she came accross a hilariously written, yet heartbreaking, post in the lost & found section.  This was that post:

--LOST AMERICAN GIRL DOLL/Father at Fault (IKEA/Renton)
I'm not sure how to start this. First, I need to say that I am sorry. To my daughter Avigail, her Grandmother, her aunts, and her cherished American Girl doll, Josephine. I was not supportive of Avigail having such an expensive toy as she is only four. Yet, it appears I should not be in charge of pricey gifts. Because I lost Josephine. I left her, abandoned her to the world and its corruption.

Josephine came into my daughter's life on October 6th, Avigail's fourth birthday. In less than a month, Avi and Josephine have become best friends. They have matching dresses, shoes, and things Dads don't understand. There is a connection there greater than a a dude and his dog, car, etc. And I have disrupted that relationship. Avigail may even love this doll more than she loves me, especially in the midst of this turmoil.

I understand it's just a doll. But, have you had a daughter? Being a father to a girl holds a special order in this world. I, great man of Avi's life, have greatly disrupted the balance of her world. And to be honest, she isn't fully aware as of bedtime. My wife, in her quest to be most loved, has asked that we inform her this evening. But, alas, why would I crush her world too soon?? Let us wait and see if the Craigslist can assist in the search for Josephine! Perhaps, IKEA will find her in the morning, tucked in some Swedish sheets on a small futon-like bed. Or maybe, some benevolent do gooder has found Josey, and at this moment is writing their own Craigslist ad. So, why would I crush a little girl's world when there is still so much hope left in it.

Lastly, if you are reading this, and you have come upon this doll with beautiful curly brown hair like my daughter, please . . . help me in removing the stigma of being that father . . . who abandoned Josephine to the world. I promise to putting myself on a leash attached to daughter and doll, so that I will not go missing. Which may be planned if Avigail is unable to recover her lookalike doll.

Thank you, and God bless the search and rescue teams braving this dark and cold night.

So like I said, I was laying there with my baby daughter sleeping on me, and I couldn't help but feel that father's pain!!  I couldn't imagine having to tell my little daughter that her precious doll was gone.

The next morning I told the story to my coworker Ellen Tailor, and we decided to start a GoFundMe page.  These dolls are really expensive, so I figured it'd be a long shot.  We'd probably raise $15 bucks and fail miserably.  WRONG!!  In just over an hour, we blew past $200!!  Including one amazingly generous donation of $100 from a girl named Brittany Cowart.  Wow!!

So now it was time for me to call this dad and share the surprise!  It turns out Brad is a local firefighter... and a really great guy.  He told me he had actually heard about what we were doing from a coworker at the fire station, and they couldn't believe it!  They had already purchased Avi another doll, but (after some convincing) Brad and his wife Amber decided to accept the gift.  So now because of a bunch of random strangers, Avi is recieving a $200 gift card to the American Girl store to spend on accessories... or a new doll... or whatever she wants!! They're going to take her to the American Girl store and let her go crazy.  She's going to be in doll heaven!!  ($200 bucks to a kid must be like a million bucks to us, right!?)

(Avigail-pictured above)

And there was one more thing.  Brad and Amber are going to buy yet ANOTHER American Girl doll (which are not cheap!) with lots of cool accessories..... and drop it off at Seattle Children's Hospital. 

There will only be one request when the doll is dropped off at Seattle Children's --------- please have it go to a girl Avi's age.
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Heartbreaking Moment

This is heavy...

This incredible news anchor announces on the air that he only has 4-6 months to live because of a brain tumor.  This man exemplifies strength and courage.

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