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Offensive Halloween Costume

Can you believe this!?  This makes me sick.  This woman let her kid dress as a KKK member for Halloween.

You wouldn't let your child do this, would you??

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11/04/2013 10:13AM
Offensive Halloween Costume
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11/04/2013 11:59AM
offensive costume..
Children are born is the Parent's who raise them and teach them good or teach a child to hate is morally wrong..That is what's wrong with the human race today...Love thy neighbor's as ourselves...yes, may be religious but should also be the GOLDEN RULE>> I cannot believe we still have people thinking this way and ashamed for them
11/04/2013 12:16PM
so wrong
This makes me sick. Some people just shouldn't reproduce
11/04/2013 1:07PM
Nuff said ^^
11/04/2013 1:13PM
Offensive Costume
Unbelievable that a mother would allow that, let alone teach her son that the KKK is a good thing. Sadly there are too many ignorant and hateful people out there.
11/04/2013 3:06PM
What The French Toast?
I should show this to my african american coworker who thought it was cute that their grandchild was going as a 'mexican' for Halloween. Maybe they will see why I found that offensive.
11/04/2013 3:40PM
Re:French Toast
I hope you definitely show this to your co-worker. Reverse racism at its finest. SMDH..I'm sick to my stomach at this.
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