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My Night with Derek Hough from DWTS!

When I got the call to host MultiCare's "Do Something Healthy" event and was asked to do a one on one interview with Derek Hough, I squealed like a little school girl with excitement!   I love Dancing with the Stars, and I have been a fan of Derek Hough's since he started on the show!  

The first thing was to find out:  WHAT DO I WEAR????!!!  

I don't spend much time out of my cowboy boots, so this was going to be fun and a little challenging for me.  

Then, I found these killer Nine West heels.... 

I don't know if I was more nervous to interview Derek Hough or to try and rock these heels all night!  

I had to bring all of my clothes to get ready at work after I got off the air at 3 pm.  So when I was all put together, I did one of those cheesy photos of myself in the mirror.... with OUT the duck face!  :)-

I had to walk back to the Wolf studio to get the rest of my things before leaving, and I told Wingnut, "if you laugh, I will deck you"!  His jaw dropped, and he immediately called Nick @ Nite to come into the studio to see this!   You'd think these hillbillies have never seen a country girl in a dress!  Nick was wearing sweat pants, so Wingnut thought it would be funny to take a pic of us together and ask y'all who's "Hot or Not"?  Find any gold up there Nick??? 

As I walking out the door, our Promotions girl Molly took this shot of me!  

The first thing I saw when I got to the Do Something Healthy event at Tacoma Convention Center was this cut out of Derek Hough!  Y'all don't even want to know the kinds of things sweet lil' older ladies were doing with this thing...

Then about 45 minutes before the show started, I was taken backstage to meet Derek!   Y'all, he is about 5'10" with perfect EVERYTHING!  The eyes, the hair, the teeth, the skin...the way he smelled!  

Derek is full of life, fun, always and I mean always moving around!  He was constantly stretching a leg or swinging an arm around.  Or he's singing something under his breathe.  This man lives life to it's fullest, and it is contagious.  

When we took this picture he was singing, "Baby, baby, baby"...I was pretending it was to me.  Ha! 

Then of course, I wanted to get a picture "without knees and feet". It's what I call a "close up".  

I had the honor of hosting the Do Something Healthy event which included a dance competition!  It was so much fun!  Then, they brought a beautiful rug and placed these plush, white, Oprah-like chairs on it for me and Derek.  As a matter of fact, the first comment Derek made was that he felt like he "was on Oprah"!  

The interview was the most fun I've ever had doing my job!  Nothing was off limits to Derek!  He opened up about his sister Juliane, how she's dating Ryan "somebody...not sure if anyone has ever heard of that guy...Seacrest something", and his entire family of blondies.  

Derek made fun of Hollywood parties saying that when his family goes to these functions they are always the ones that gets the party started by dancing!  How fun would it be to hang out with all of them?  

Derek gave some incredible advice to "couch potatoes" which I can say I fall victim to at times.  He advises us to watch our favorite shows, but when the commercials come on just "get up, walk around, do a few sit ups, a push up or two, then sit back down, enjoy your favorite show.  Then you can do it all again in a few minutes".  Brilliant!  Just do it!  I'm gonna give that advice a try!  

I asked Derek about his guilty pleasures with food.  He was completely honest telling us that he loves to go to the movies and get a big bucket of buttered popcorn, a large order of nachos with that fake runny cheese and tons of jalapenos, and large bag of M & M's!  BUT, he admits that even when he's pigging out like that he ALWAYS drinks water!  Derek admits to never drinking soda.  

I asked Derek to show us his favorite dance move!  He calls it "Shake Your Fun Stuff"!  It was such a riot to watch when Derek got up from the chairs and started moving and dancing around for us!  Just like his advice, he was getting up from the chair and moving while we were chatting!  

We opened up the questions to the audience, and this sweet little older lady who was around 80 asked Derek very sternly, "do you fall in love with ALL your dance partners"?   The audience roared with laughter, and Derek didn't miss a beat.  He immediately said, "yes m'am!  Yes I do".  He calls DWTS like speed dating.  You spend every hour of every day for 13 weeks with someone.  You laugh, cry, celebrate when you win, you pick each other up when you lose.  It's an intense way to get to know someone very quickly.  

Shhhhh....don't tell anyone, because I'm not one to gossip... but...after the show, while we were backstage Derek got a call from Maria Menounos.  He put her on speaker phone, and she said hello to all of us.  Let me tell you, that man lit up when he saw that phone call coming in!  Just sayin'....

Derek Hough then entertained the crowd with a local ballroom dance instructor.  He only danced with her for about 30 seconds, then Derek went out into the crowd and started grabbing ladies!  He brought one of the ladies up on stage, and I saw her afterwards...she was still out of breathe!  She told me while they were dancing Derek was talking to her, "can you spread your legs"?  She said, "yes honey, I can do that"!!   Derek dove through her legs like they do on Dancing with The Stars!  

This was an amazing night! I had such a great time, and I will keep these memories for the rest of my life!  

Thank you to MultiCare Health Systems and to Derek Hough for a once in a lifetime evening!  

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02/07/2013 12:49PM
My One Night with Derek Hough from DWTS!
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02/07/2013 1:43PM
Derek's dance partner
Hi DeAnna! Let me first say you looked fabulous and did a wonderful job! I was asked to be Derek's dance partner for the end show and we had literally two minutes to choreograph and put the show together! I haven't seen Derek since I opened Studio 6 Ballroom in Tacoma over 5 years again instead of hitting the show too. Look forward to more engagements with you! -Natasha Thayer, Master Coach & National Title Holder
02/07/2013 2:36PM
Derek Tacoma
Your whole article so goodlove it...but the funniest thing..EVERYONE who meets him says he is perfect, perfect and he smeeeeells sooo good (incl me) so funny..he is a great person. Need many more like him.
02/07/2013 3:10PM
Great article!
Haha, sounds like you had a good time. Derek seems like such a fun person to be around. I certainly wouldn't mind ;) Thanks for sharing the experience!
02/07/2013 6:11PM
I am SO jealous of you ... and hate you a tiny little ... just a little ;-)
02/07/2013 9:38PM
My One Night with Derek Hough from DWTS!
Great article! We always knew Derek and Maria were "close" LOL
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