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Meet My Rock Star Cosmetic Surgeon...Recovery Update Day 11


Meet my rock star cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tony Mangubat!  I had my second post op visit with him yesterday, and he is so pleased with the way I am healing.  Dr. Mangubat takes great pride in his work and truly enjoys making beautiful women look and feel even more beautiful.  He has transformed my body, and I'm feeling so great about my new figure!  

I had Tight Lipo surgery with Dr. Mangubat 10 days ago.  It is hard to tell exactly how much smaller I am at this point, because I am still swollen.  To give you are reference point though, before the surgery I was busting out of my size 10 jeans.  They were no longer fitting me.  I started buying lose fitting dresses trying to hide all the weight I had gained.  My jeans, even my back of the closet "feeling fat" jeans were not fitting me anymore.  Over the weekend, I had to go shopping for new jeans!  I put on a size 8 with ease!  

Dr. Mangubat assures me I will continue to shrink for another 2 months, and I will be amazed at how I will keep dropping dress sizes.  It's hard to tell at this point, but at the rate I am going I imagine myself in a size 4 by the time all of the swelling and numbness is gone.  

For me though it's not about dress size.  It's about feeling good about myself and being confident in the way my clothes fit, and most importantly I want to be healthy.  I will continue to blog about my recovery.  And once again, I want to thank y'all for your support!

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11/01/2011 1:06PM
Meet My Rock Star Cosmetic Surgeon...Recovery Update Day 11
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