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Jobs With The Most Psychopaths- Is YOURS Listed?

Ok, I admit it.  In order to work in radio, you have to be a little different than the rest of the pack.  Either your mom dropped you on your head as a baby, or you just don't know any damn better, but either way you get into this weird world of radio with lots of other crazies.  Funny thing I feel right at home!  Crazy attracts crazy!  LOL 

Radio lands at #3 on this list! I figured we would be higher than that!!!
Does your job make the "crazy cut"?  Click the link below to find out.... 

01/07/2013 11:36AM
Jobs With The Most Psychopaths- Is YOURS Listed?
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01/07/2013 12:05PM
01/07/2013 12:13PM
Stay at home mom
One mild autistic child. One ADD one teenaged girl. Husband gone a lot for work.
01/07/2013 12:29PM
Your brain knows when something is wrong everwhere in your body except for in one organ, itself. If you think you are crazy there's still some left up there. I hope I never have problems like that.
01/07/2013 1:32PM
nope but you would think my would I do taxes
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