DeAnna Lee

Get the First Look at My New Figure!


I woke up this morning and found that I am 10 lbs. lighter than I was before my surgery.  However, I am still swollen and numb just above and below where the belt in the picture falls on me.  But you can already see an hour glass curve to my figure.  I have NEVER had that even when I was a size 4.  I've always been very thick and boxy shaped.  Plus, I have these home grown ta-tas that added to that thickness.  Now, you can begin to see a defintion between my waist, stomach, and hips.  

This picture shows you how flat my stomach has turned out.  It will continue to shrink too!  Before, I had a muffin top that was like a tire around my waist, and no matter what I did I could not get rid of it.  Dr. Mangubat also took out some very dense fatty pockets under neath my arms and my back.  The dreaded back fat!  It was driving me crazy.  But all of that is gone.  

I'm so happy with the results so far!  Dr. Mangubat says I will have most of my shrinking in the first 2 months, and then the rest will go away for up to 6 months.  I am only 13 days out from my surgery.  So having this good of results already is really exciting!  

Thank you again for all of your encouragement and support!  I Wolf you long time!  :)  ~DeeLee 

11/03/2011 11:30AM
Get the First Look at My New Figure!
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11/03/2011 11:45AM
you look great!!!
11/03/2011 12:12PM
You look fabulous!!!
11/03/2011 5:42PM
awesome // awesome
truely a great outcome! totally look GREATTTTTT!!!
11/03/2011 7:26PM
You look absolutely AMAZING!! Congrats on a successful procedure and speedy reovery
11/03/2011 8:19PM
You look great! If dancing at Bourbon Jacks doesn't get rid of my spare tire issue, I'm definitely going in for a consultation. =)
11/10/2011 12:20PM
Brown chicken brown cow!!
You look great DeAnna! I have a question though, how does it work? I have thought about doing something like that but am always worried that my eating habits will undo everything I've gone through...
11/12/2011 11:50PM
Looking great
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