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This is either the worst or GREATEST song of all time...  I'm going to go with greatest.

From the guy that brought us "Gangnam Style", this is "Gentleman."

Don't blame me when this is stuck in your head all night.  Blame PSY!!!
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3rd Grader's Essay on Gay Marriage

I'm sure I'll get lots of hate mail for posting this... BUT this little guy echoes my thoughts exactlyt!!  Your thoughts...??

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Vacuum Cat

Adorable alert!  Here's a cat that loves the vacuum.  You must listen with the sound up!!

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Our Wedding Song

Kristen and I are thinking about having this be our wedding song on July 6th of this year (when we tie the knot!)  Thoughts...?

It expresses my feelings toward her.  I know she gets really stressed and overwhelmed sometimes, and I want her to know that she's never alone... no matter what.

Love you always Kristen :)
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Amazing moment

Little boy with brain cancer has his dream come true.... thanks to the amazing Nebraska football team.  How cool is this?

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ACM Opener

What's you think of Blake & Luke last night as your 2013 ACM hosts...?  I think Luke was HAMMERED!! haha!

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Jen's Fight w/ Cancer

This incredible guy documented his wife's struggle with breast cancer.  Very moving...

I never knew you, but RIP Jen.  You seem like you were an amazing women.

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Annoying Paparazzi Dude

I hate the paparazzi.  That's why this video is awesome!  This dude asks Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings running back) the dumbest question I've ever heard in my life... then proceeds to trip and fall on his FACE!!

Watch and enjoy....

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Google Blue

This was BRILIANT!  Awesome prank by Google yesterday.  Got MILLIONS of views on YouTube!

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Airline Pilot for a Day

My friend is a pilot for Alaska Airlines... so knowing I am a total aviation geek, he asked me if I wanted to come ride in the simulator with him and his First Officer on their CHECKRIDE!

A checkride is a federal test that pilots must pass in order to keep their certification with the FAA.  If either of them would have failed the checkride, they would immediately lose their job.

Here's a pic of the giant simulator down near SeaTac

This is me (looking excited like a little kid) in the cockpit!

Here's the pilots taking their test.  They had to react to some surprise systems failures during the flight.  How they reacted and recovered determined whether or not they would pass their checkride.

They both passed, which is awesome.  I would've felt terrible if they failed because I was distracting them.

GREAT folks at Alaska Airlines!!  Totally cool of them to let me sit in.
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