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Papa John Can Shoot!!

I just saw this on TV... and I had to check and see if it was real.  It is!!!  Papa John's got some skills!!

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Hero on the tracks

This guy is two things...

1.) Owner of the world's worst haircut.

2.) A Hero!!

Watch this incredible video!

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Cutest little girl EVER

I know this is an old video... but someone sent it to me again today.  This is literally the cutest little girl on the PLANET!  This makes me hope I have a daughter some day :)

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Horrifying Road Rage

So here's what happened:

These kids (driving the pickup truck) cut this guy off (or so he says).  He goes absolutely bananas and follows the kids for 40 minutes back to their house.  Then he approaches their vehicle and throws his fist at one of the kids in the back!  They jump out (after being followed and attacked) and defend themselfves.

The guy procedes to PULL A GUN on them, and then follows them to their house and shoots their truck.

Watch for yourself...

What do you think?  I think this guy got EXACTLY what he deserves, and I hope they charge him with attempted murder for following and attacking those kids.
Leave your comments below.
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Miranda Lambert

Can anyone tell me why Miranda's record label never released this to radio!?  This is the greatest Miranda Lambert song I've ever heard!!  It's called "That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round".  She performed it at the CMA's a couple years ago.

Tell me this isn't AWESOME!?

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Shark Breaks into Dive Cage!!

Oh you know... husband and wife thought they'd take a little shark tour... no big deal.... until a GREAT WHITE BREAKS THROUGH THE CAGE!!!

(*language warning*)

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Who made Bieber cry!?

I know this isn't "country" news... but I still found it compelling!  Taylor Swift's close friend Selena Gomez made Bieber cry!??

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Police Road Rage...?

Wow.  This is actual footage of a police officer engaging a driver in road rage.  Who do you think is in the wrong here??

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Retro Griffey Commercial

Ken Griffey Jr. is my favorite baseball player of all time!  Anybody remember this commercial!??

Love ya Junior!!
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Animals Playing Dead

Well this is the most adorable thing I've seen all day!!  I didn't know you could teach animals to do this...!?

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BENDING Water...?

Science is so damn cool!  Check this out...

That makes my brain hurt.  In a good way.
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SEXY Taylor Swift!

Dayummmmm, is Taylor trying to show us she's all grown up!?  Check out her outfit from her first stop on the "Red" tour in Omaha, NE.

What do you think??  (photo courtesy Splash News)

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North Korean Video
(UPDATE) -- I was duped!  This video is a fake!!  That's why I'm not a journalist. lol 

--Live Leak posted this "North Korean propaganda video" earlier and I had to share it.  

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Taylor's NEW Video

Earworm alert!!!  Here's Taylor's new video for her pop single "22".  Enjoy!

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Crazy Crash

This dude rolls his Honda 7 TIMES and walks away!  Unreal....

I love when hesays "thank goodness for my military training" and the other guy goes, "you trained for THAT in the military...!??"
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Kristen's Car

Crazy story from this past weekend!!

This is my fiance Kristen...

She's a goofball.  That's why I love her.  Except when she's mad.  Then I hide from her.  But I digress!

So I get a call from her on Friday night (crying like crazy) saying her wheel FLEW OFF while she was driving on I-90.  I thought... ok... silly girl... it's probably just a flat tire or something.  NO!  I get to the scene, and sure enough... her WHEEL FLEW OFF while she was driving!!

Thankfully she just skidded to a stop and no one was hurt.  But I took this picture at the scene Friday night...

Crazy stuff!!  Moral of the story?  Check your lugnuts today!  Make sure they're tightened evenly (but not too tight, that can be just as bad).
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Underwater Meow
Bored...? Well, here... watch a cat meowing underwater.  Also the cat's name is McLovin. That's pretty sweet.

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Calm down Tay Tay!!
Let me start by saying Taylor Swift has ALWAYS been good to me.  I've met her numerous times, and she's always been fantastic to me and my family.  I once even thought she had a thing for me because she wrote me a long hand written letter and had it mailed to me!! haha  But anyway... I'm sure that was just in my brain.

So Tina Fey and Amy Pohler made some jokes about her at the Golden Globes...

Taylor was pissed off about it, and in a new Vanity Fair article she basically said they were going to Hell for their comments.

Amy Pohler had a brilliant response!!  "Aw, I feel bad if she was upset," she told the Hollywood Reporter. "I am a feminist, and she is a young and talented girl. That being said, I do agree I am going to hell. But for other reasons. Mostly boring tax stuff. "

Here's Tina Fey's response today...

My opinion...?  Have a sense of humor Taylor!!  NOBODY can make fun of you if you make fun of yourself.  Laugh it off.

...and if you're still interested in me... I take all of that back.  You are perfect.  And so is Meredith.
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Smacked Awake!
Awesome!!!!!  Wife wakes up her husband by smacking him in the face 15 days in a row! lol

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Mean or funny?
I posted this the other day and got absolutely BLASTED for thinking this was funny!  People posted how mean this was... But Kacey Musgraves just tweeted this, so I had to post it again.

1.) No one got hurt.  2.) It took someone a couple minutes to clean it up, that's it!  3.) I laughed until I cried, so it was worth that person's time to clean it up!! lol
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