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4 Bad Habits That Will Age You By 12 Years!
Talking with a family friend last night on the phone, a funny topic came up, AGE!  We talked about how we used to do that when we were younger, and how we used to do that when we were in highschool and all that type of talk.  SO it made me think and worry about habits that could add more years od age to your life and this is what i cam across while surfin' the net!

From smoking to drinking, your vices can catch up with you in a bad way, actually aging you 12 years ahead of your time, according to a 20-year study of nearly 5,000 British adults by researchers at the University of Oslo in Norway, reports HealthDay News. The four bad habits are:
  1. Smoking tobacco
  2. Consuming more than three alcoholic drinks a day for men and two for women
  3. Getting less than two hours of physical activity a week
  4. Eating fruits and vegetables less than three times a day
Of the 5,000 people surveyed, 314 had all four unhealthy behaviors at the start of the study period. Among this group, 29 percent or 91 people died during the study. Compare this to the healthiest group of 387 people who had none of the four bad habits. But the good news is that you don't need to be extreme to be in the healthiest group. Although you can't smoke, you can still have two or three alcoholic drinks a day, exercise just 30 minutes a day four times a week and eat at least one fruit or vegetable at every meal. That's all it takes.
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What State Of MInd Are You In?
I read the data like 17 times and I don't see Wa. State on either list?
I demand a recount, we live in a beautiful STATE don't we?
It's no surprise that paradise on Earth -- otherwise known as Hawaii -- is the happiest state. But coming in right behind it are Colorado, Minnesota and Utah. Leading the list of most miserable states are West Virginia, Kentucky and Mississippi. So if it's not beautiful, sunny weather and warm temperatures that make people happy, what is it? The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, ranked all 50 states for their well-being, based on a survey of 1.7 million Americans. They took into account such factors as their emotional health, life evaluation, work environment, physical health, healthy behaviors and basic access to health insurance, food, shelter and medicines.

The top 10 happiest states with the highest sense of well-being:
  1. Hawaii
  2. Colorado
  3. Minnesota
  4. Utah
  5. Vermont
  6. Montana
  7. Nebraska
  8. New Hampshire
  9. Iowa
  10. Massachusetts
The top 10 most miserable states with the lowest sense of well-being:
  1. West Virginia
  2. Kentucky
  3. Mississippi
  4. Tennessee
  5. Arkansas
  6. Alabama
  7. Ohio
  8. Louisiana
  9. Indiana
  10. Oklahoma
Almost 60 percent of Hawaii's residents say they are thriving in life versus just 45 percent in West Virginia who say the same thing. People who live in the states with the highest well-being scores tend to smoke less, exercise more and try to learn new things every day. They also have more energy and fewer health problems. The happier states have lower poverty rates and higher median incomes than the states deemed most miserable. The top 10 happiest states have unemployment rates that are lower than the national average. West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Arkansas and Mississippi have ranked in the bottom 10 every year since the survey began. 
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How To Live Past 100 Years Old
My Great-Grandmother lived to be 103 years old!  There is not a day that goes by that I don't miss her or think about her in some way! I spoke with my Mom last night about how old she was and was curious how she lived so long?  Well that made me start to google that topic while I was on the phone with my mom! I know how RUDE huh? This is what I found:

More than 84,000 people living in the U.S. today are 100 years or older. By the 2040, that number is expected to grow to 580,000 -- an increase of 590 percent, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Being one of the lucky ones who gets 100 candles on a birthday cake someday takes more than good genes, although that definitely helps. Many scientists estimate that longevity is based 20 percent on genetics, with 80 percent determined by your lifestyle choices and environment. And while some centenarians claim a single habit as the key to their long life -- doing crossword puzzles, drinking a glass of wine every day or taking cold showers -- the reality is that it's the right combination of healthy habits, social connections, brain-boosting activities, good genes and even a bit of luck that goes into living a century or more. United Healthcare surveyed 100 Americans who turned 100 in 2010 to provide a snapshot of the healthy habits that keep them going strong.
Nine secrets of a long life:
  1. More than 80 percent communicate with a friend or family member daily.
  2. 75 percent eat nutritionally balanced meals every day.
  3. 75 percent get eight hours or more of sleep each night.
  4. 72 percent laugh or giggle every day.
  5. 62 percent pray, meditate or engage in a spiritual activity daily.
  6. 49 percent stay active by walking or hiking at least once a week, while 31 percent stay active by gardening.
  7. 32 percent eat organic foods regularly.
  8. 17 percent are currently doing some type of volunteer work.
  9. An increasing number of centenarians are also staying sharp by using new technologies: 12 percent have listened to music on an iPod or similar device, 11 percent have watched a video on YouTube and 8 percent have sent a text message or instant message.
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What Women Wish You Knew
Guys how many time have you saod the wrong thing to your wife or girlfriend? I bet the answer is all the time.  My best friend and I decided to figure this out.  And he decided to google some ideas before he went out on his next date.  He sent me the results he found on AOL.  Do you agree with this stuff?

(From a Woman's Day/AOL survey)
When you tell him you're "fine," what you really mean is...
  • 43% said "I want to talk about what's bothering me, even if I say I don't."
  • 34% said "I'm not fine, and no, I don't want to talk about it."
  • 23% said "I'm good, thanks for asking."
You can tell your husband is listening when he...
  • 42% said "looks me straight in the eyes."
  • 27% said "does the talking. Then I know he's listening."
  • 20% said "turns off the television."
  • 11% said "nods his head in agreement."
What's missing most from your relationship?
  • 35% said physical intimacy including holding hands and kissing
  • 27% said conversation he thinks communication happens during halftime
  • 22% said time alone
  • 16% said nothing I couldn't ask for a more fulfilling relationship
Men look most attractive dressed in...
  • 48% said jeans and a t-shirt
  • 20% said a uniform
  • 20% said a business suit
  • 12% said nothing at all
What household chore would you most like your husband to help with?
  • 31% said just take the trash out
  • 30% said cooking
  • 23% said laundry
  • 16% said there's no way he can make the bed the way I like it, I'd rather do it myself
You would rather marry a man who...
  • 54% said makes you laugh like Will Ferrell
  • 21% said has more money than Bill Gates
  • 15% said is mysterious like Robert DeNiro
  • 10% said has washboard abs like Matthew McConaughey
After a bad day, you'd like him to...
  • 54% said give me a hug
  • 21% said listen to my problems without trying to solve them
  • 18% said offer to make dinner and put the kids to bed
  • 7% said fix me a drink
How's your sex life?
  • 31% said, "Are you kidding? It's nonexistent."
  • 26% said, "Still hot and steamy."
  • 25% said, "It's great, but doesn't compare to our first years together."
  • 18% said, "Sometimes I'd rather crawl in bed with a good book."
When you say, "Does this make me look fat?" You really want to hear?
  • 65% said his opinion. That's why I ask.
  • 35% said a resounding "no." Tell me I'm beautiful no matter what I'm wearing.
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Pets, Love and Relationships
A friend of mine is dating a woman with a cat and a dog but he hates her pets.  He thinks it's a deal-breaker because she is really into her annimals.  He askd me what I thought so i had to research this more on the net!  I was shocked when I read this:

How an individual responds to animals tells you a lot about how he'll relate to you in a romantic relationship. Here are a few common scenarios of how people interact with their furry friends -- and what that indicates for their love life -- from
  • Your date's a disciplinarian -- No one should put up with a pet that misbehaves non-stop, but anyone who's too strict should set off alarm bells.
  • Pets chow down at the dinner table -- If your dinner conversation is constantly interrupted by Bubba's big blond head popping up from under the table to get the lion's share of the appetizers, your date may have some boundary issues.
  • Your own pet makes them jealous -- Dates who are threatened by the time and attention you spend with an animal will likely be even more jealous of other things in your life-friends, relatives, work.
  • He baby-talks his pet snake -- You don't really need me to comment on this, do you?
  • They use their own pet as a proxy -- If your date says, "Well, I would like to go to the Cape for the weekend but Tiffany, my Rottweiler, hates the beach," you could have a passive-aggressive type on your hands.
  • Their pet is overly accessorized -- Pets with fancy leashes, sweaters, and booties indicate that their owner is either rich (no complaints here), or harboring a deep sense of inferiority that they believe can be overcome with just the right studded collar.
  • They don't like animals -- Forget about them. That's clearly an evil person.
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Most Hated Baby Names
A friend of mine way down yonder in the sticks of Oregon is going ot have a baby soon.  He is contantly arguing with his wife about the baby name.  And it seems like everythig they come up with does not work.  SO again I had to start searching on the net for the best names to help my pal out.  I was amazed that some folks HATE certain BABY NAMES! Check out what i found below:

It's easy to find out the baby names people like, but figuring out what they dislike is much harder. It turns out there really is a thin line between love and hate. Many of the names that are most popular on the list supplied annually by the Social Security Administration are also the same names that are the most disliked. Call it a backlash against trendy. says it succinctly: "A quick track to baby-name fame seems to also trigger hate for that name." The number one name that people dislike the most is Nevaeh, which is "heaven" spelled backward. This made-up name for girls didn't even exist until the 1990s, but skyrocketed in popularity from 2003 to 2007 when it shot up from the 150th most common baby name to the 31st.
The top 10 most hated boys' names:
  1. Jayden
  2. Brayden
  3. Aiden
  4. Kaden
  5. Hunter
  6. Hayden
  7. Bentley
  8. Tristan
  9. Michael
  10. Jackson
The top 10 most hated girls' names:
  1. Nevaeh
  2. Destiny
  3. Madison
  4. Mackenzie
  5. McKenna
  6. Addison
  7. Gertrude
  8. Kaitlyn
  9. Makayla
  10. Bertha
What is it exactly that people hate about these names?
  • People really hate gender-bending names, especially when a masculine name becomes feminine. Example: Addison.
  • People dislike names they can't spell or names with made-up spellings, such as Kaitlyn. Mind you, Caitlin is fine because that spelling is traditional.
  • People spurn names that confer a virtue onto a child, such as Destiny.
  • Ugly names, such as Gertrude or Bertha, are also disliked.
  • Violent names, such as Hunter, are detested by some.
  • Brand names, such as Bentley, are considered trashy.
  • Some people hate ordinary names, which they consider boring. That's why Michael is on the top 10 list of most disliked names.
Meanwhile, itmagine a schoolroom filled with children named Abner, Milton, Clementine and Susannah. This isn't something from the late 1800s. It could be coming to school near you in the next decade or so. These and other old-fashioned names are poised to make a comeback, displacing Aiden, Michael, Chloe and Sophia, according to The following classic names were all popular in the past -- sometimes the quite distant past -- but all may be making a second act soon.
Odd boys' names poised for a comeback:
  1. Abner
  2. Augustine
  3. Cormac
  4. Cornelius
  5. Denver
  6. Ephraim
  7. Ford
  8. Gordon
  9. Guy
  10. Magnus
  11. Milton
  12. Nigel
  13. Otis
  14. Simeon
Odd girls' names poised for a comeback:
  1. Antonia
  2. Aurelia
  3. Clementine
  4. Cordelia
  5. Harriet
  6. India
  7. Louisa
  8. Lucinda
  9. Mabel
  10. Marcella
  11. Margo
  12. Marion
  13. Mercy
  14. Susannah
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Think Before You Honk!
I was in the car the other day and this guy behind me kept HONKING his horn over and over and over.  We were stuck on the Mercer Street Exit in traffic here and Seattle.  But still this dude in a Lexus kept honking his horn thinking it would make things go faster, or speed up traffic in some way and the more he hoinked the madder I got.  So naturally when I got home three hours later, I had to google "Noise and Stress" and this is what I came up with wow! Check it out:

In the past 25 years, the number of honking cars on the road and roaring planes in the air has ballooned. And consider all the new noises that didn't exist until fairly recently, like surround-sound movie theaters, car alarms, and ring tones. Sudden loud noises trigger a fight-or-flight response: The heart pumps harder, blood pressure rises, and the body releases stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol. It's the inability to predict the sound that brings on the response; that's why the blast from your blender doesn't stress you out the way the sudden revving of a motorcycle does, even if the blender is actually louder. Here's how to stay healthier:
  • Noise-proof your health
  • Close your windows
  • Sleep with earplugs
  • Use noise-reducing headphones
  • Replace your rumbling dishwasher
  • Install sound-absorbing insulation
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Most Expensive Car In The World
I have been googling things that are way outside of my budget, curious about the CRAZIEST MOST EXPENSIVE CAR in the world well I have found it below:

Bugatti Veyron Super Sports
 $2,400,000. This is by far the most expensive street legal production car available on the market today (the base Veyron costs $1,700,000). Capable of reaching 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds, the Veyron is the fastest street legal car when tested again on July 10, 2010 with the 2010 Super Sport Version reaching a top speed of 267 mph (430 km/h). When competing against a Bugatti Veyron, you better be prepared!
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You Are What You Munch

I took a call from MOM this weekend and like a horrible son I was eating on the phone, quick snack, chips.  I got the full MOM scolding on how bad those are for you, blah, blah, blah ha ha love ya MOM.  So he made me google snacks.....

Your choice of salty snack may reveal your personality, says Alan Hirsch, M.D., neurological director of the Smell & Taste Research and Treatment Foundation in Chicago. Hirsch had 800 volunteers choose their favorite snack and fill out a personality test. Some snackers shared personality traits 95% of the time. Here's what your favorite salty snack says about your personality:
  • Potato Chips -- You're ambitious and competitive. Only the best is good enough for you and your family, and you're determined to get it for them.
  • Tortilla Chips -- You're a perfectionist and you plan ahead, so you tend to take charge and micromanage every project, from household finances to your kids' homework.
  • Pretzels -- You're the neighborhood happening mom -- lively, upbeat and interested in all the latest fashions and trends. You're always ready for spontaneous fun or a last minute invite.
  • Cheese Curls -- You're highly principled, trustworthy and conscientious, and spirituality plays a big role in your life. You're more concerned with good sportsmanship than with winning.
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Have You Had Too Much Caffeine?

Somone in the office today said WINGNUT you have had to much CAFFEINE so I GOOGLED IT)

If waking up in the morning requires not only an alarm, but also several cups of hot coffee, beware. While coffee has many proven health benefits and can even help prevent type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and some forms of cancer, too much of a good thing could be detrimental. And that good thing is caffeine. "Studies have found that some caffeine can improve mental acuity and performance throughout the day, but too much caffeine can negatively impact your mood, energy and even health," registered dietician Erin Palinski told Prevention magazine. The problem is that caffeine is not only in coffee, but also in chocolate, some types of bottled water, iced tea, sodas and even some kinds of ice cream. How much is too much? It depends on your body. According to Prevention magazine, here are five signs you may want to cut back:

1. You hit the 3pm slump
It you must have a Diet Coke to stay awake and energized until the end of the work day, you may be addicted to caffeine. "There is about as much caffeine in one can of Diet Coke as there is in a shot of espresso," Dr. David J. Clayton, author of "The Healthy Guide to Unhealthy Living," told Prevention. "Having a few cans a day could leave you feeling high and then low when you come down from the caffeine buzz." Advice: Limit yourself to just one soda a day.

2. Your urine is orange
A telltale sign of dehydration is dark yellow or orange urine. Coffee is a diuretic that can cause you to urinate so much and lose such a high amount of body fluids that it leads to dehydration. Advice: It takes about 500 mg of caffeine to induce dehydration, so don't drink more than two or three cups of coffee a day.

3. You're wide awake at night
It takes about an hour for the body to fully absorb the caffeine in that cup of coffee, but it lingers in your body for hours--so long that it can actually affect your sleep cycle. Advice: If it takes you longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep at night, significantly reduce or eliminate caffeine after noon.

4. You feel anxious
You know that shaky feeling. Your palms sweat, and your heart races. You feel restless. And jittery. These are all signs you have ODed on caffeine, which can actually exacerbate stress and depression. Advice: Cut back on how much caffeine you're consuming. Do look for the "sneaky" sources of caffeine in your diet, such as chocolate and soda.

5. You have heartburn
When the muscle at the end of the esophagus, known as the lower esophageal sphincter, allows food and stomach acid to come back up, it causes a burning feeling under your chest, explains Prevention. This is known as acid reflux. While there are other causes, caffeine might be the culprit. Advice: Try eliminating all caffeine. If it soothes your throat and eliminates the acid reflux, caffeine was the cause. 
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Sexy St. Patty And Drinking Tips

St. Patrick's Day is a holiday for Irish people -- and people who just like having an excuse to drink -- to enjoy a joyous, beer-filled day. But it's also a drinking event that separates the pros from the amateurs.
The pros know how to approach the day as if it's the big game. The amateurs are the ones who will be calling in sick the next day.
So, for you St. Patrick's Day amateurs, here are some tips to help you prepare for the Super Bowl of drinking ...
  • If you're going to be meeting up with friends to begin your drink-fest, do not starting drinking beforehand.
  • It's important that you add some solid food to your liquid diet during the day.
  • Take a multivitamin. Alcohol depletes your body of B complex vitamins and vitamin C, so a vitamin ought to help reduce the severity of your hangover.
  • Pace yourself and try to stick to beer. Don't mix beer and liquor. And try to drink some water along the way as well?

In recent years, St. Patrick's Day parties have gotten rowdier and rowdier -- but it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, you and your spouse can take the holiday back from the hooligans and celebrate it quietly and romantically.
According to, here are a few ways to romantically celebrate St. Patty's Day: (I have done my research)

Picnic -- Weather permitting, plan a romantic picnic outdoors. Pack a basket with your favorite green goodies. Green napkins, utensils and cups. You can even add a little green food coloring to a bottle of your favorite champagne.
Spell It Out -- Write love notes using a pen with green ink.
Lucky Lingerie -- On your way home from work, pick up some sexy green lingerie.
Cook Together -- While Irish foods like potatoes, sausages and bacon aren't necessarily sexy, it is sexy to share the kitchen with your spouse while you cook together.
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7 Easy Healthy Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups

It's 3pm. Your head nods. Your eyes slide shut -- for just a second or two. You yawn. It's the dreaded afternoon slump. Instead of reaching for a candy bar or sugary soda to boost your energy level, try one of these seven pick-me-ups from Virgin HealthMiles. Can't find the time to exercise 30 minutes a day? Find out three ways to exercise at your desk -- and what you say to fellow co-workers who look at you funny when you're doing it! Well WINGNUT can help with some cool tips I found on the NET!

1. Take a quick walk
Take a few brisk laps in the office hallway or even go outside. This will not only rev up your body, but also your brain--so you can go back to your work more focused and refreshed.
2. Drink water
Did you know that dehydration can make you tired? Fill up your water bottle in the morning and keep sipping throughout the day. Drinking water has another benefit: It can help curb your hunger.
3. Eat a balanced lunch
Choose foods that are low in fat and sugar so your blood sugar levels don't spike -- and then crash in a few hours. While you shouldn't overeat, do include a complex carbohydrate, such as brown rice, whole wheat bread or crackers. This will help you feel full and fuel your brain.
4. Eat a healthy snack
Snacking is fine in small amounts since it helps you to stay alert, provided you stay away from the candy machine. The best healthy snacks include almonds, string cheese or fresh fruit.
5. Stand up and stretch
Just standing up and stretching at your desk for a minute or two can help revive you. Be sure to breathe in and out deeply so you send oxygen to your brain.
6. Talk to someone
Getting up and interacting with co-workers can refresh you by engaging both your body and mind.
7. Have a cup of coffee or tea
Caffeine is a proven and time-honored way to invigorate your brain, and the antioxidants in tea are an added health bonus. Just don't drink so much you get the shakes! 
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Will You Die In 10 Years?

If you're older than 50, a simple 12-question quiz could give you a clue as to whether you'll still be here in 10 years--or whether you should start getting your affairs in order. (Or change your bad habits.) Developed by doctors at the University of California, San Francisco, the so-called "mortality index" was created to help patients understand the pros and cons of costly health screenings or medical procedures. That is, if you're not likely to live another 10 years, why have those expensive, and often invasive, tests? Led by Dr. Maria Cruz, the San Francisco researchers created the mortality index by analyzing data on almost 20,000 Americans, all of whom were over the age of 50 and took part in a national health survey in 1998, reports
The Associated Press. During the 10-year follow-up period, nearly 6,000 of the participants died. The test follows below, but do note it's best to take it with your doctor or, at the very least, discuss the results with him or her so you can understand your score in the context of your own medical history. The twelve items on this quiz are each assigned points. The fewer total points you get, the better your odds of living longer. Total points can range from zero (best) to 26 (worst).
Take the mortality index:
  1. If you're a man, add two points.
  2. What is your age? If you're between the ages of 60 to 64, add one point. If you're between the ages of 70 to 74, add three points. If you're over 85, add seven points. All other ages, add zero points.
  3. If you have a current or previous cancer diagnosis, excluding minor skin cancers, add two points.
  4. If you have a lung disease limiting activity or requiring oxygen, add two points.
  5. If you have heart failure, add two points.
  6. If you smoke, add two points.
  7. If you have difficulty bathing, add two points.
  8. If you have difficulty managing money because of health or memory problem, add two points.
  9. If you have difficulty walking several blocks, add two points.
  10. If you have diabetes or high blood sugar, add one point.
  11. If you have difficulty pushing large objects, such as a heavy chair, add one point.
  12. If you are thin or of normal weight, add one point. If you are overweight, add zero points.
The worst score is 26: To get this score, which means you have a 95 percent chance of dying within 10 years, you have to be a man who is at least 85 years old with all of the above health conditions.
The best score is 0: To get this score, which means you have a 3 percent chance of dying within 10 years, you have to be a woman younger than 60, who is slightly overweight and has none of these health conditions.
Here's the biggest question: Why is being normal weight or slim a risk factor for death, while being overweight is not? One possible reason, according to the researchers, is that being thin in old age can be a sign of illness. 
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Are you like me do you e-mail everyday of your life? Do you get excited when you have a bunch of e-mail? Maybe your best friend sent you a picture of his new BIKE or your your Mom and Dad dropped you a note? Either way i get super excited when I see new mail acceot when it is an add for SEXY DATES or a ex friend wants to send me money or better yet adds for the little BLUE PILL!  HOW do we make this CRAOP STOP? I have figure it all out below ENJOY:


Here are the top 5 clues for spotting an e-mail scam:
Check the spelling
Scammers are notorious for their lack of basic spelling and grammar skills. Look for misspelled words and incomplete or awkwardly written sentences. It's not uncommon for a scam e-mail that is purportedly from a reputable and well known organization to misspell the name of that organization! For example, an e-mail scam aimed at Facebook users, spelled Facebook this way: facebook.
Who signed it?
If it's a legitimate e-mail from a business, it will be signed with a person's name and contact information, but if it signs off with something vague, such as "Customer Support," be wary.
Does the e-mail scream at you in all caps?
Be especially aware of e-mails that try to get your attention by using all capital letters, especially in the subject line. Using all caps has long been viewed as online shouting. It just isn't done. The authors of scam e-mails tend to write prose that is over-the-top and very emotional. In addition to a lot of capital letters, look for an excess of exclamation points and dire warnings, such as "Urgent!" or "Danger!"
The e-mail has an executable attachment
Phishers can only scam you if you let them. And you do just that if you download e-mail attachments, which can contain computer viruses. Since a favorite way to send a scam e-mail is by making it look as if it were sent to you by someone in your e-mail address book, don't be fooled by the sender's name. Never download an attachment unless you are sure it's legitimate.
The e-mail has a link to a web site
As more people have learned they shouldn't download attachments from strangers, scammers have caught on. Instead of attaching a file, they include a clickable link to a Web site. Click on that link, and you might be asked to provide personal information. Do it, and you've been scammed. For example, you might receive an e-mail that appears to be from your bank, offering you a very low interest rate on a mortgage or home equity loan. If you click on the link, it could ask your name, bank account number and online banking password to get onto the site. Don't ever provide this information if you got on the site by clicking a link in an e-mail. 
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I found this article from a friend of mine who WORKS at NETSCAPE, comment below and tell me some of your crazy experiences as well. Just comment below or TWEET them to me @whereswingnut 

When you interview for a new job, you expect to be asked how you succeeded in your old job and the challenges you faced. But would you ever expect to be asked how to make a tuna fish sandwich or figure out the number of cows in Canada? If you interviewed at Astron Consulting or Google respectively, you might have been asked those bizarre questions. pored through tens of thousands of interview questions job candidates have shared over the past year and then assembled a list of the 25 most bizarre queries asked by U.S. companies. Here are the twelve most bizarre job interview questions ever asked:
  1. "If you were to get rid of one state in the U.S., which would it be and why?" --Asked at Forrester Research
  2. "A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?" --Asked at Clark Construction Group
  3. "What song best describes your work ethic?" --Asked at Dell
  4. "Jeff Bezos walks into your office and says you can have a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea. What is it?" --Asked at Amazon
  5. "What do you think about when you are alone in your car?" --Asked at Gallup
  6. "Can you say: 'Peter Pepper Picked a Pickled Pepper' and cross-sell a washing machine at the same time?" --Asked at MasterCard
  7. "If we came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?" --Asked at Trader Joe's
  8. "My wife and I are going on vacation, where would you recommend?" --Asked at PricewaterhouseCoopers
  9. "You are a head chef at a restaurant, and your team has been selected to be on 'Iron Chef.' How do you prepare your team for the competition, and how do you leverage the competition for your restaurant?" --Asked at Accenture
  10. "What's your favorite song? Perform it for us now." --Asked at LivingSocial
  11. "Have you ever stolen a pen from work?" --Asked at Jiffy Software
  12. "Pick two celebrities to be your parents." --Asked at Urban Outfitter
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We're all going crazy for the 90's grunge look that's popular right now and I want to show YOU how to get it. Want to see more of my videos? Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss any new uploads! ...
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Bare It All for Breast Cancer
It was 6 years ago, today, I got NAKED (seriously) in honor of my mom, the breast cancer survivor. Don't believe me? Watch this! -- Follow Ellen Tailor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also on Snapchat! Add "ellentailor"
Bare It All for Breast Cancer
It was 6 years ago, today, I got NAKED (seriously) in honor of my mom, the breast cancer survivor. Don't believe me? Watch this! -- Follow Ellen Tailor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also on Snapchat! Add "ellentailor"
VLOG: CMA Awards in Nashville
Never been to Nashville? Live through me and check out my first ever vlog (video blog) about my week at the CMA Awards! How many celebrities can you spot in this video? -- Follow Ellen Tailor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also on...
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