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It's HERE SOON, and this aint your grand dad's cowboy FLICK!
It even has HAN SOLO in it ( i am talking about Mr. Ford) and we can't forget James Bond (Mr. Craig)
Will you go see this or not comment below!

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I was scanning the WEB other than Facebook to find great review of the K-CHEZ show this past FRIDAY!
And the Seattle Times nailed it! Check out what they wrote about it below:

Seattle Times arts writer



Kenny Chesney, who performs Friday at the Tacoma Dome, is one of the most popular artists in country music, having racked up $46.7 million in ticket sales in the first half of 2011, according to Pollstar magazine, which keeps track of such things.

But Chesney's brand of popped-up, good-time crossover — some call him country's answer to Jimmy Buffett — can still raise hackles.

When Chesney's Goin' Coastal tour breezed through Calgary last week on its opening leg in Western Canada, reviewer Mike Bell at the Calgary Herald roasted Chesney. Bell called the Knoxville, Tenn., native a "pseudo country artist who puts party time and contemporary ideals before reverence to the history and roots of the music and culture, and someone who is more pretender to the throne than deserving of its riches."


Chesney got a better reception in Edmonton, where Chad Huculak (of Sun Media), as if to answer the Calgary review in advance, wrote, "The sooner you can get over the fact that Nashville's finest no longer howl over honky-tonk while sucking back moonshine, the more fun you'll have."

'Twas ever thus, no matter the genre — country, rock, hip-hop or jazz. But the "new country" is clearly here to stay. And Chesney's one big reason why.

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Cheapest States To Live In Did We Make It?
 Do you OWN a house or do you RENT?  My friends at XFINITY/COMCAST have a list of the cheapest cities to live in.  I wonder if we made the list living here in WA?  Check out the link below to see if we did?

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ARE YOU like ME, do you LIKE TO LOOK A HOUSES online and think, "I could LIVE THERE'?
My pals and Partners at COMCAST/XFINITY POSTED a very cool article about HOUSES recently!


Most Unusual Homes on the Market

Among the millions for sale homes in the U.S., Forbes gathered a list of 12 properties it deems outrageous, unusual and in some cases, just plain strange. They range in price from $225,000 up to $13 million.,, Sotheby’s International Realty, Prudential Douglas Elliman and Stribling & Associates helped us find these unique abodes. 
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 I got this from my GOOD FRIENDS at COMCAST DOT NET and had to SHARE!

Nontraditional Jobs That Pay $100K

It's no secret that doctorslawyers and senior executives at large corporations typically earn six figures or more. But where are the $100,000 jobs for the rest of us -- the 140 million American workers who lack the inclination, the aptitude or the tolerance for student debt to go for the classic big-money careers?

It turns out that in the 2000s, there are quite a number of six-figure occupations. Here are just a few worth your consideration:


Developing nations may graduate more engineers than the United States, but we've still got enough jobs to keep salaries generous, at least in some specialties. According to May 2009 Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the top 10 percent of electrical engineers posted median salaries of nearly $127,000 and half ofengineering managers earned median salaries in excess of $117,000.

In interactive specialties such as Web designinformation architecture and usability, "there's an absolute dearth of talent with three to five years of experience," says Allison Hemming, president of staffing firm Hired Guns.

Senior Web producers can earn $85,000 to $110,000. "Interactive feels very 1999 right now," Hemming says. "It's a real opportunity for people who may have left the field and come back or are just out of college."

Can production workers approach six figures? They can if they're in the right high tech specialty. According to Jack Dolmat-Connell, president of compensation consulting firm DolmatConnell & Partners, some semiconductor fab technicians can make up to $90,000 with overtime.

Financial Services

Professionals involved in the provision of bread-and-butter financial services -- not just those ensconced on Wall Street -- often earn six figures. "Producers [salespeople] in insurance and branch managers -- those can average $120,000 to $125,000," says Dolmat-Connell.

Real estate may be suffering from an overabundance of new entrants, but long-term prospects for high earnings in pricey markets are still bullish. "Real estate agent -- that's one of those quiet little jobs where you can make a boatload of money," says Bill Coleman, senior vice president for compensation at An agent who participates in the sale of 12 or 14 half-million-dollar homes per year -- easy to do in big-money markets like the Northeast -- is likely to hit $100,000 in commissions.

Entertainment and Hospitality

Can a worker ascend from burger flipper to six-figure earner? Not every day, but it happens. Restaurant managers can earn $100,000 at high-end restaurants and resorts," says Coleman.

For those who live near a casino, big earnings may be within reach, even without a college education. "The top 25 percent of casino pit managers earn over $100,000, with just high school and five years of experience," says Dolmat-Connell.

Security and Hazard Duty

Run-of-the-mill security guards generally earn low pay, but well-placed security professionals can do much better. "Security guards for celebrities can earn six figures," says Coleman. These jobs are concentrated in New York and Los Angeles, but sports superstars may have security based in their teams' hometowns.

Less-glamorous gigs can pay equally well, if work conditions warrant a premium. Oil rig workers must cope with hazardous and remote work sites, so high-ranking crew members earn up to $100,000.


If you're a six-figure aspirant, the federal government may be one of the last employers to come to mind. But Uncle Sam is looking for thousands of professionals at this level each year.

"Retirement rates for midlevel managers are high; more and more, the government is hiring people from the outside directly into management," says Kathryn Troutman, author of Ten Steps to a Federal Job and former Monster contributor.

And middle-management jobs in government may be better compensated than their private-sector counterparts. "Midrange professional salaries are much higher, and the flexibility and benefits are much better," says Troutman. These jobs generally fall into the GS-14 and GS-15 grade levels.

Here are just a few of the federal jobs that can pay $100,000 or more, according to USAJOBS:

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NEW LADY A fresh off the HARDRIVE!
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FREE MUSIC now through Jusly something.....pass this along to your friends let them KNOW THAT FREE MUSIC IN JULY is happening!!!!
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