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What are You Kidding Me Story: She stole what from who?

Out of Florida … Really?

Fitz in The Morning has been doing The What are You Kidding Me Stories of The Day for many many years now and right when I think I have heard it all…something surprises me.  Yes, some freak comes and surprises us with the bizarre and today that would be 57 year-old Debra Farinella who cops just busted and found 146 pieces of stolen good that she was using to decorate her home.  And Debbie stole from everyone and I do mean everyone including babies, children, the elderly, and the middle aged.  What did she steal you 

Debbie has been stealing statues, lights, planters, decorations, and other trinkets left…left on grave sites.  And she used all of the things to decorate her home or gave them as gifts.  Yes she double gifted with cemetery decorations!  Deranged Debbie has been going to the Mount Peace Cemetery for years stealing from the deceased.  She has been charged with grand theft and petty theft. 

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If You Love Dogs, You Must See This
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What are You Kidding Me: He swallowed a fish that went where???

Out of India … Something’s Fishy

Alright kiddos think about this the next time you are at a drunken party or just being plain…well…nuts.  Don’t swallow live fish…oh I know it impresses your friends, but the fish doesn’t always die and doesn’t always end up in your belly.

Just ask some kid in India who shortly after swallowing a 3 and ½ inch fish began having shortness of breath.  He was rushed to the hospital where docs discovered that the little slimy water dweller had somehow found his way into one of the kid’s lungs and he was alive and stealing air! 

Dr. Jhawar grabbed a very long scope went…well…went fishing and caught the little critter.  And believe it or not…the fish was still alive when he was removed.  The kid is fine and no word on what they did with the fish. 
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Last Photo of James Gandolfini

A photo has emerged of James Gandolfini visiting the Vatican Museum just hours before his death.

The picture shows James standing between two coffins, but making it even more eerie, the coffin lids were covered in hieroglyphics from the BOOK OF THE DEAD.

The New York Daily News has the exclusive photo – click here to see it.

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