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LISTEN -- The Champ Gets His Ring

In honor of a really SUPER Blue Friday, take a listen to this episode of the "Beauty & the Champ" podcast where Seattle Seahawks defensive end, Greg Scruggs, remembers the night he was given his Championship ring.


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Fitz in the Morning's Super Bowl "Bets"

The crew isn't really making bets in Las Vegas, but here are our picks on some of the strange bets that some are making in Sin City this week:

Will Marshawn grab his crotch when he scores?

What will be the hoodie color Bill Belichick wears during the game?
Fitz-Dark Blue

Will Belichick smile on camera during the game?

Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first?
Tony-Tom Brady will thank his team

What color of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach?

Who will win the Super Bowl?
Fitz-Seattle 21-14
Ellen-Seattle 24-21
Tony-Patriots 34-15

What will Katie Perry show during her show?
Tony-Lots of cleavage and belly

How many times will the announcers mention "deflate gate" during the broadcast...over or under 3 times?

We would love to hear your predictions!!
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Magic Shoes? No, But They Are Cute!

Shoes // Nike Shox // Finish Line

I heard these shoes have magical powers. Just by wearing them you'll want to work out. I think mine are defective but at least they look cute! Alyson who works at Finish Line in Alderwood Mall saw these on me and even decided to buy a pair for herself.

Want them? Get them! Here's the link -- There's even a pair online that are Seahawks colors, and on sale!

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Fitz chats with Keith Urban

We were lucky enough to chat with none other than Keith Urban this morning! If you didn't get the chace to listen in, you can still hear the whole thing, just click here!
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Marshawn Lynch Inspired Skittles Pinata Cake

We're going after a RE-PETE!!! Many of you have asked about my Marshawn Lynch Skittles Cake from last year. Here's the recipe for you to make for your party this year!

Before you freak out! The cake is a lot easier to make than you think. First, make two round cakes as directed on the box. I used Betty Crocker’s Butter Recipe Yellow but use any light colored flavor you wish.

Ellen Tailor Seattle Seahawks Skittles Pinata Cake

I found neon food coloring at Safeway that included blue, green, pink and purple dyes. I used 72 drops of blue and 96 drops of lime green. (I made sure they were derivatives of 12 because I’m superstitious!)

Ellen Tailor Seattle Seahawks Skittles Pinata CakeLet your cakes cool completely! Then carve out circles but make sure not to cut it all the way through.

Ellen Tailor Seattle Seahawks Skittles Pinata Cake

Fill one cake with a bag of Skittles. I was able to fit almost an entire 16 oz bag in there! Then lightly frost the outside edges. Ellen Tailor Seattle Seahawks Skittles Pinata Cake

Place the topper cake on top as a lid and press the edges down so they sandwich together.

Ellen Tailor Seattle Seahawks Skittles Pinata CakeFrost your cake using whatever color or flavor you desire. I used white whipped frosting, blue and green sprinkles, and placed the leftover Skittles around the border. Admittedly, I’m a great baker but a crappy decorator.

Ellen Tailor Seattle Seahawks Skittles Pinata Cake

Cue my fab friend Melanie who was also our party hostess. She found this oh-so-cute banner at Michael’s and it was perfect finishing touch the cake needed!

Ellen Tailor Seattle Seahawks Skittles Pinata Cake

It was too pretty to eat! This Skittles Pinata Cake was awesome for our Super Bowl party. Try using different colored food dye. Fill it with M&M’s, gummy bears, or whatever and this could be great for any other occasion. Enjoy!

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