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What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - August 25, 2014

Ellen Tailor Maddie & Tae
When Maddie & Tae stopped by our show I couldn't help but notice 1) how beautiful they are and 2) how AMAZING their lashes are!

Get Maddie & Tae's curled country lashes in THREE easy steps by
clicking HERE.

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Ice Bucket Challenge!!

Well.... after being challenged by about 74 different people... it was finally time for me to accept my mission. The Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS!! My wife and I decided to have a little fun and film it in super epic SLO-MO!

Right after we took the challenge, and we were drenched with water, one of our neighbors came over and told us tearfully that she had lost a couple family members to ALS. She thanked us for helping to spread awareness for this terrible disease. That was one of the most amazing things I've ever had happen to me. Here were are being goofballs dumping ice water on ourselves, and this woman comes up and thanks us. This viral trend is truly amazing. So much money has been raised for ALS this year.

And yes... we are also donating some money.

I decided I really needed to do this after watching Pete Frates' story. As a lifelong baseball nut, this story really breaks my heart. Pete is a true hero.

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What's Ellen Tailor Wearing Today - August 22, 2014


Jacket - JCPenny
Shirt - Fresh Brewed Tees
Skirt - JCPenny
Watch - Michael Kors
Nails - OPI "Alpine Snow"
Hair Tie - Shop Love Me Knot
Boots - Western Store in Michigan

This is, by far, my favorite Seahawks themed shirt! 12>49

Check out Fresh Brewed Tees and their NEW T-Shirt Truck tonight at Jones Soda as you head to the game.

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Weight Loss Wednesday #6 - Trials of Travel

"Did you fall off the wagon? Why haven't you posted an update?!" No, I didn't fall off the wagon, although I was worried I might while I was traveling (hence no post).

The official title is Morning Show Boot Camp but really it's radio deejay school. Personalities from across the country get together every year to network and share ideas. This year the conference was held in Chicago which meant I'd be spending time flying and in a hotel. How the heck was I supposed to stick to my healthy lifestyle with so many things out of whack?!

I'm barely staying on track at home. One small thing and I'm scared I'll fall off the wagon I've worked so hard to get on. How was I going to travel and still stay disciplined? I surprised myself.

Ellen Tailor Chicago

First things first. I prepared as much as I could. I packed snacks in my carry-on bag that included protein bars, turkey jerky, and mini bags of almonds & cashews. Normally I'm frazzled before I get to the airport (mainly because I wait until the absolute last minute to pack) so I didn't eat a decent breakfast. It would have been easy for me to drive thru and pick up a sausage biscuit but I've been fast food sober for almost five months now. Instead, I stopped by Starbucks inside the airport and bought Greek yogurt with granola, berries and an iced green tea with no syrup. I was caffeinated and content. Was I stuffed? No. But I knew I'd be able to hold myself over for a few hours.

During the nearly four hour flight, I munched on the snacks I brought and tracked it all on the My Fitness Pal app. The free app does all the work for me when it comes to counting calories. It's synced to my FitBit, which tracks how many steps I take daily, and my trainer is able to log in to see if I've been staying on track.

Once I landed in Chicago my first priority was to get lunch. By this point I was feeling hungry and I knew my body needed actual food. By the grace of God, a place called "The Protein Bar" was located on the main floor of the hotel I was staying at. Not only did this restaurant list all of the calories on the menu, it also showed how much protein and how many carbs were in each dish. As a rule of thumb I always try to eat more protein than carbs in one sitting. Knowing I was under calories and without any idea when I'd eat dinner, I opted for a higher calorie option. However, that doesn't mean I overdid it.

To read the rest...Click HERE!

To read Weight Loss Wednesday #7 - The Skinny on Ellen...Click HERE.

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Weight Loss Wednesday #5 - The A-Team

Change your mind, change your life.

Think about that. It's not up to other people to change you. It's up to YOU to change you. As I continue on my weight loss journey, I've noticed three key people who have been vital to my success. These three very important people have kept me motivated and on track. This get fit path I'm on isn't meant to do alone. I admire, appreciate and genuinely love these people. My A-Team.

Ever hear the phrase "perception is reality?" I find that to be 100% true. So when a professional athlete, nonetheless a Super Bowl champion, asks if you've been to the gym, it's quick to assume he thinks your fat, lazy, and out of shape. Even perhaps that he's doubting your commitment. But being in this right mindset, I know that Greg Scruggs sends me these texts because he sees my desire. My want. My motivation to succeed and achieve my goals. And he supports me. He encourages me.

Greg Scruggs Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday 1 Greg Scruggs Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday 2

Greg. You were one of the first few people I met when I moved to Seattle. Over the last few months, we have become close friends. I only hope you understand the impact you have on those around you. The impact you have on me. I pray that I can be as good of a friend to you in return. I also promise to have enough food for you the next time you come over. hahaha. Now go get yourself another ring, Champ! #GoHawks

Two weeks ago, a great friend from college, Steve Smith, moved to Seattle and has been staying with me. Steve noticed the photo I have on my refrigerator. I keep this in plain sight because it's when I felt my best. Halloween 2006. I was 21-years old and a senior in college. Ironically, this was taken at Steve's house! He's seen me at my best and now at my worst.

Ellen Tailor GVSU

We came up with a pretty nice roommate agreement. I cook. He cleans. I have never eaten this clean, for this long, in my entire life. Steve's what I needed to get my diet right and my biggest improvements have come because of what I put in my mouth. I have energy to get through workouts and feel better than I could have ever imagined.

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday Eat Clean

Thank you for being a great ManMate, Steve! You're the positive influence I so desperately needed. I've looked forward to our dinners together every single night. Our chats about clean eating, relationships, and life in general has me opening up not only to you but to everyone around me. I didn't realize how lonely I really was. I'm looking forward to building on this amazing friendship we have over the next few years. And Charlie wants to know when we're going on another hike. ;)

Ellen Tailor Steve Smith Snow Lake Charlie Dog

Now here's where I start to tear up. All of this positive change began with one person. One person who speaks to me in terms I can understand. One person who knows it's possible because she's done it. My personal trainer, Karen. While I believe in God, I don't consider myself religious but I truly believe I have been blessed to cross paths with this woman.

In a month I'm starting to see a difference in my physical body. The biggest change has happened internally. I had given up. I was convinced I was going to be like this for the rest of my life. I was starting to accept that. But I met Karen and my world completely changed. I wish these photos reflected how much weight I've shed emotionally.

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday Month 1 Front

Ellen Tailor Weight Loss Wednesday Month 1 Back

Karen deserves more credit than I'll ever be able to give her. She is a friend. A soul sister. A beautiful woman who has worked really f*cking hard and inspires me every single day. Not to mention she's saucy, feisty, and absolutely hilarious! I don't know if my abs hurt from Russian Twists or from laughing so hard when I'm with her. I'm not into the mushy stuff. Neither is she. So I'll spare everyone and continue to work hard and prove to you all just how much she's influenced my life.

Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone needs their own A-Team. Be willing to let people in. Be willing to ask for help. Be willing to be vulnerable. The rewards FAR out weigh the fear.

To my A-Team: THANK YOU!

Did traveling undo all of the hard work I've been doing? Read Weight Loss Wednesday #6 by clicking HERE.

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Obliteride: I DID IT!

The only thing I've ever finished was a value meal from McDonald's. That was until I crossed the Obliteride finish line!

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 1

Much love to Element Cycles in Redmond for setting me up with this oh-so-pretty bike! They outfitted me with a bike, helmet, and padded shorts that were an absolute life saver during the ride.

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 2

Due to construction, the route turned into a 30-mile ride as opposed to 25. I almost quit 37 times during the first half. But I finished! Find out what kept me going, what almost brought me to tears and even more photos by clicking HERE.

08.11.14 - Ellen Tailor Obliteride 5

There's still time to help the amazing work happening at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. If I can ride 30 miles, you can open your wallet and donate a few bucks. Thank you to everyone who helped support my ride! This will be a lifelong shining moment for me!

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