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Find Out How DeAnna Lee Lost 20 lbs.!

I stepped on the scale this morning, and FINALLY the magic number I've been hoping for popped up!  It told me I've lost 20 lbs!!!

The picture on the left is me when Cassadee Pope came for a station visit back in May I think it was.  I loved visiting with her, but I really don't like how I look in this photo.  And the right is me today!   You can really see the difference in my face!  

If you want to know how I lost the weight, please read on.  I am going to be super honest about this, and I hope it helps someone to be inspired to do the same.  

You may already know first hand that once you reach a certain age, it is much harder to lose the weight than when you were younger, more flexible, and faster at everything!  

I could go on the South Beach Diet for 10 days and lose 15 pounds, and be like, "oh look at me"!   Well that was 30 lbs. and 15 years ago!  Or I would whip out my big soup pot and rock the Cabbage Soup Diet for a week and drop 10 pounds.  I'd seriously hurt myself if I tried to do something like that to my body now.  

So I lost the weight the old fashioned way.  I started at the beginning of June.  Here's how I did it.  

I cut out ALL ALCOHOL.  When I say ALL, I mean absolutely every drop of alcohol.  I used to love to go to Happy Hour and sip on those heavy IPA beers and nibble on Happy Hour bits.  Or if I would have a glass of red wine while making dinner, and I'd end up having another with the meal.  I read that 2 glasses of wine equals a bag of mini powdered donuts!!! That's crazy!

So I decided to do something drastic and with lots of encouragement from my fiance, I bought a bicycle!  Since purchasing my bike in early June, I've rode over 215 miles on it.   When I'm on my bike, I get this amazing feeling that I'm free and can do anything!  It's hard to describe unless you get a bike and experience it yourself.   You know those crazy people that ride in the rain in Seattle?  I'm gonna be one of them!  I've already started buying gear to make sure I am ready for the fall weather.  

Believe me, no one is more surprised by this change in lifestyle than me! I used to point to people riding their bikes to work and say, "suckers"!  So to be someone who is on my bike every chance I get seems crazy to me.

If you can simply cut alcohol from your diet, you will lose weight!  

I also stopped drinking anything with sugar. No sodas!  Ever!  I drink sparkling water ALL THE TIME!   I will keep glasses in the freezer and pour sparkling water in them and sip while I make dinner.  

The only other thing I drink besides water and sparkling water is coffee. And I do put half and half in my coffee!  I cut out alcohol, and no one is messing with my morning coffee!  

I also line dance almost every day.  Working with the Boot Scoot Troop and teaching dance on Friday at Bourbon Jacks helps too.  

Let me tell you what I eat.   

I've always been one to eat healthy as much as I can.  I don't eat big meals with lots of carbs.  I NEVER touch fried food.  NO FRENCH FRIES, ONION RINGS, BLOOMIN' ONIONS!  If it's touched a deep fryer, these teeth ain't touchin' it.  

I eat lots of lean proteins and veggies.  Once every two weeks, we will get some nice steaks at Ballard Market and grill them up. Otherwise, I do not eat red meat.   No burgers!  If I want a burger, I make one with ground turkey, chicken, or fish.  

This all sounds so militant.  But I do cheat!  I LOVE Totinos frozen pizzas! Every once in a while, maybe once every two weeks I will mow one down.  I just have's in my Redneck DNA!

I also love to snack on M&M's.  I keep them in the fridge, and I take em' out and eat em' one by one.  I crack the coating off like opening a sunflower seed and then eat the chocolate inside.  

If you're wondering, WHY?  How could you make such a drastic change?  
The obvious reason is I knew JMR was about to propose.  I wanted to look good, and I wanted to feel good too!  We will be planning a wedding soon, and I'd love to lose another 5- 10 lbs. before that happens.  With the path I am on that seems doable.  

I sleep better at night.  I have more energy during the day, and I'm infinitely happier.  If you are thinking about making a lifestyle change, do it!  You will be so happy you did!  I can't explain how different I feel about myself.   

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09/20/2013 1:05PM
Find Out How DeAnna Lee Lost 20 lbs.!
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09/20/2013 1:30PM
Well said, DeAnna! Love your honesty!
09/20/2013 1:36PM
You look great!
09/20/2013 1:40PM
On My Way!
I am taking your advice and cutting the alcohol! Love the taste but hate the way my body looks because of it! Good luck to you in the win you will obtain for your next goal!
09/20/2013 1:41PM
how long did it take you?
09/20/2013 2:17PM
Great job!!
You're inspiring! I too want to be infinitely happier! I'm going to do it. Great advice. And yeah, Totino's pizza are fabulous! Lol
09/20/2013 2:18PM
I recently have decided to change my life for the better as well. I am on my 7th day not smoking and went pretty much all organic and no gmos in my food. Feeling fantastic and so in control. Congrats and keep pushing forward!!!
09/20/2013 2:54PM
Congrats! I have lost 75lbs myself, WW for over a year now. Keep it up!
09/20/2013 3:23PM
Weight loss
I'm very happy for you because your right it's not easy to do after the age of well say 30ish...I have lost 36lbs also and mine was using and it counts my calories for me when I just put in what I eat, so I'm on my way to losing more but I still have like 35 more to go and I started mine in April so it's very slow but it's working and that's all that matters. Good luck with losing the rest of yours and you look great!
09/20/2013 4:05PM
Great Job
Changing how you eat and what you eat can make a world of difference. I have lost 66 lbs since April 2012, 10 of those since August 12th.
09/20/2013 4:07PM
weight loss
So happy for you !!!! I could really stand to lose weight and I am sure beer every night doesnt help at all!! If you can do it with your life-syle I can too !!! Hang in And you look BEAUTIFUL at any weight!!!
09/20/2013 4:50PM
Way to go!!
I'm 32 and have been trying to lose weight too. Mines in my coffee drinks, sodas and snacking. Especially when I'm bored. With your inspiration I am going to cut out the above! I work out a lot but it's not enough. Congrats on your engagement. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!!
09/20/2013 5:27PM
You did it the smart way! I'm much older than you and finally learned fad diets don't work.
09/20/2013 10:17PM
You look amazing and I'm so inspired by your story and honesty!!
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