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Favorite Moment at No Shoes Nation Concert

Many of you know that I teach line dancing every Friday night at Bourbon Jacks in Kent!  I have a lot of fun with it, and I am constantly choreographing new dances to the Fresh Country songs we play on The Wolf!  

My latest dance is called "Stomp-Clap", and it's danced to Kacey Musgraves "Blowin' Smoke".   The Wolf Boot Scoot Troop performed "Stomp-Clap" at the Wolf Pre-Party and rocked it!   That moment was really cool, because I got to see a team of 19 people bring my dance creations to life in front of a huge crowd that was cheering them on!  But the day just kept getting better!    

My favorite moment of the No Shoes Nation day was meeting Kacey Musgraves!  

 A few weeks ago I tweeted that I was teaching a new line dance to Kacey's song, and she RETWEETED me!  

When Kacey met me, I told her I was the one who choreographed the line dance to "Blowin' Smoke"!  Kacey immediately asked me to teach her the line dance.  I said, "really?  Right now"?  She said, "YES"!! 

So I showed it once to Kacey, and she asked me to show her again.  THEN, she said would you mind if I filmed it on my iPhone?  So now, Stomp-Clap is on Kacey Musgrave's phone!  Weeeeee!  

Have YOU learned it yet?  Push your chair back and try it with me!  

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06/04/2013 12:55PM
Favorite Moment at No Shoes Nation Concert
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06/04/2013 2:02PM
Congratulations! Looks like Stomp Clap may end up being a national sensation!
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