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DeAnna Lee's Watershed Scrapbook 2013 WIN!  I am woman enough to admit when I have been defeated!  It was a weekend I will never forget, and I'm sure Watershed will not forget how We Wolf!   

Nick at Night offered to drive me and Wingnut to the Gorge.  It seemed harmless enough right?  Until we get almost to the Vantage Bridge, and Nick realizes that even though we've stopped TWICE for food and rest rooms breaks he has forgotten to GAS UP THE CAR!   Oh and he likes to drive with one hand on the wheel, and the other on the phone!!!!

Wingnut will tell the story of how we had to get out and push Nick the rest of the way to the Gorge!  It wasn't pretty y'all....up hill...both ways!  Lesson learned...fill the tank up brother!  

It was beautiful at the top of the Cascades though.  We were in for a fun weekend!  

I wanted to make sure and document how excited and full of energy we all were when we first arrived at Watershed!  Ready to go y'all!  We were gonna kick this thing in the pants and give Watershed everything we got!


Then the fun of the first P1's I got to see almost made me tear up, because he just got back from his deployment in Afghanistan.  His name is Kyle McBride, and he got one well deserved party weekend at Watershed after getting home this past Friday.  Thanks for your service buddy!  

Then I saw a couple of the Kitsap County Redneck Crew members and some loyal P1's...

I want to give a big shout out to the Wolf Boot Scoot Troop!  These ladies worked their butts off all weekend making sure everyone was having a great time!  They line danced in 90 degree weather and never lost that country girl charm.  Y'all are my Watershed dancing heroes!  

This is my Watershed scrapbook, and it's the Good, The Bad, and well...some of this you may never be able to "un see" again...I won't call it ugly.  I'll let YOU be the judge.  But just know...



And then there is THIS... I think Toby Keith would be proud???!!! 

They should know better than to put me on the mic, because if there is country music playing then I'm gonna be singing along!  We sang Wolf-A-Rockie ALL Watershed weekend long y'all! 

The view at Watershed is the best part of this whole adventure.  I love this venue!  Thompson Square tweeted that it's the most beautiful venue they've EVER played!  

Wingnut, Nick at Night and me stayed at a haunted motel.  In the middle of the night Nick woke up to water running in his sink.  The alarm went off at midnight scaring Nick up out of bed.  When we asked the motel manager if he's ever had any complaints about ghosts in people's rooms, he asked if Nick was staying in room 215.  There have been reports of ghosts in that room all the time.  Ummmm..... ok...and we got the hell out of there!  

Day TWO Watershed...

Sunday was a lot of fun, but we were all so worn out!  We had survived running out of gas, haunted hotels, and now the last day of Watershed was upon us.  

The ones with all the energy...The Wolf Boot Scoot Troop!  These gals are troopers for sure!  One of them even got a $10 tip!  Go BST! 

I finally got to see the entire Kitsap County Redneck Crew all together!  They stopped by the Wolf tent to say hi and get a picture!  We love our Kitsap P1's!   They even have their own Facebook page.  You should look em' up! 

Now you didn't think I would go a whole weekend at Watershed and NOT put these boots UP did ya?   #BootsUpSunday 

Gotta give some props to the Promotion peeps who put all this together!  When you come to see us and everything is moving along and the party is Wolfin', you have these people to thank!  

This is Brian...we call him BT!  BT is the Promotions/ Marketing Manager of Entercom Radio.  Basically he does ALL the hard work!  Notice the cool Wolf shirt he's wearing!!!   And this is our friend Leslie who works for our sister station The Mountain. 

And of course I gotta give a huge shout out to our Promotions Coordinator Molly!  We love you sister!  Thanks for all your hard work at Watershed! 

At the end of the weekend, there wasn't much left to give.  We were all Wolfed out...

Watershed....YOU WIN!  

Watershed - 3 

Wolfpack - 0  

As the sun sets on another fun Watershed, we wanna say thank you for Wolfin' with us all weekend!  We had a beeeeeee-last with y'all!  See ya soon!!!  We Wolf YOU!! 

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08/05/2013 11:54AM
DeAnna Lee's Watershed Scrapbook 2013
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08/05/2013 12:35PM
Looks like it was a fun filled weekend..I'm going next year for sure come hell or high water! :) I tried so hard to win tickets but maybe next year :)
08/05/2013 1:39PM
Looks like ya all had a blast :D Thanks for Sharin the pics with us :D
08/05/2013 7:07PM
fun photo show/livce reports
i didnt go ...bout i had a blast listening to the reports oevr the week and especially looking at the exciting pictures!
08/05/2013 7:48PM
Thank you
It was nice meeting you(: Next year is gonna be crazy!! And maybe you could stop by our camp and watch us line dance!! Lol Much love, Kitsap Rednecks Crystalynn
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