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Dance Like The Wolf Boot Scoot Troop Part 2

When I heard the new song "We Were Us" by Keith Urban with Miranda Lambert, I got really inspired.  One of the lines in the song is "Low Beam Lights", and that's the name of this dance.  

You need to use low center of gravity when you dance this.  So make sure to keep your knees bent when you learn it.  

This dance is a lot of fun, and maybe you have seen The Boot Scoot Troop dance it at the Jason Aldean concert in September of 2013. 

C'mon, let's burn some country calories together!  

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10/03/2013 2:17PM
Dance Like The Wolf Boot Scoot Troop Part 2
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10/07/2013 8:52PM
Troop Openings?
Hello of my friends friend is in the dance troop and she mentioned there might be spots or auditions coming up for the troop? Do you know when they are going to run again? I love line dancing and would love to possibly get involved! Please let me know...thanks and keep up the good work!
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