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In November I will celebrate three years of living in Seattle and working for The Wolf.   It really is a wonderful place to live, laugh, and love!  There's not much about the Pacific Northwest that I don't like.  

But there's a lot of times when I feel like a "country girl in the city"!  I live close to the Fremont Bridge and Lake Union in Seattle.  So I'm really in the heart of it all, and I see things that are so different from where I grew up.  

For instance, everyone rides bikes.  They even have a meter on the Fremont Bridge with a goal that one million bikes will ride over the bridge in one year.  Every time a bike goes across the bridge the meter keeps track for everyone to see.  On a typical weekend close to 3,000 bikes will cross the Fremont Bridge, and since January the number is closing in at a half a million.  That's a LOT of bike riders!!  

So this country girl decided it's time for me to get in gear (pun intended) and get a bike too!  

This past weekend I bought my first bike as a grown person!  It's so cute and has a basket, a bell, fenders, and I LUUUUURVE it!  

I got the bike at Velo in downtown Seattle.  They have free parking, AND they let you test ride the bike before you buy it.  The one I picked out is a GIANT Escape Women's Xtra Small.  Yup, always gotta get me the shortie size in everything!  Ha!  

I spent all weekend riding the Burke-Gillman Trail with my FBP.  We rode from Fremont to Matthews Beach the first day which takes you through the U District past Laurelhurst to this quaint little beach tucked back in the neighborhood.  It's a 8.3 mile ride from my house.  On the way back we stopped at Agua Verde in the U District.  It's right on the water, and they have amazing Mexican food.  Try the Diablo salsa!  Super HOT and super YUM!  

Then like a real city girl on Sunday we rode our bikes to the grocery.  I took the basket off my bike and carried it into the store.  I put all my groceries in the basket, and then hung it on my bike and rode back home.  

After we marinated our chicken for dinner, we rode our bikes over to Gas Works Park.  We layed out a blanket, played cards, and enjoyed some of the best views in Seattle.  

I'm still getting used to the fact that things like Gas Works Park and the Burke-Gillman Trail are all close to my condo.  I guess it's the country girl in me.  

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07/08/2013 2:19PM
Country Girl in the City
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07/10/2013 2:26PM
Love it!
This looks GREAT! I want to go to that beach too! I have been racking my brain for the Mexican restaurant that you mentioned so THANK YOU for the name! You look great on the bike.
07/10/2013 2:26PM
This is from Emily Thousand
Sorry the comment above is from me, Emily! I forgot to write that.
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