Born In May? Watch OUT!

How many of you have that friend who is always pulling pranks on you, or sending you crazy joking text messages? My pal Dave in Sacramento does this to me all the time.  Most are funny but some are just wrong.  His birthday is in MAY and I HAD to SHARE this with him!  Is your B-day in MAY? Do you agree with this stuff?

People with May birthdays may have a greater risk of developing multiple sclerosis than those born during other times of the year, according to British researchers. Specifically, a newborn's immune system development, vitamin D levels and risk for multiple sclerosis may be influenced by the month of birth. It's not only multiple sclerosis that has a link to birth month. Scientists have also found a link between the month in which you were born and a predisposition to Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, and diabetes. The results:
  • The May babies' vitamin D levels were 20 percent lower than the November babies.
  • May babies' blood had roughly double the level of potentially harmful autoreactive T-cells than did the blood of the November babies.
  • Since higher levels of autoreactive T-cells have the ability to turn against the body, May babies appear to have a higher risk of developing MS later in life.
While the study uncovered an association linking birth month to vitamin D levels and MS risk, it did not prove cause-and-effect.

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04/11/2013 6:02PM
Born In May? Watch OUT!
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