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Asian Coleslaw with Ginger-Peanut Butter Dressing

Spring is here, and so are all the beautiful vegetables!  I love making a dish that has every color of the rainbow in it.  It just makes you feel happy when you see it! 

Eating this is so much fun too!  You could add grilled chicken, turkey, or any meat you like and make an entire meal! 

Asian Coleslaw with Ginger-Peanut Butter Dressing

1 bag of broccoli coleslaw mix
1 bag of snow peas
1 bag mung bean sprouts 
1 yellow bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
1/4 chopped red onion
1 carrot 
1 handful fresh cilantro
1 cup roughly chopped peanuts 


1 inch fresh ginger minced into a paste
4-5 cloves of garlic minced into a paste
1 heaping tbsp. peanut butter 
1 tbsp. fish sauce
1 tbsp. rice wine vinegar
2 limes juiced 
1 tbsp. Sambol Olelek (Asian hot sauce -it's yummy- try it!) 

I used half of each of the bags of broccoli, peas, and bean sprouts.  So I have half left to make more slaw later in the week.  But you may have more mouths to feed than me, so just eyeball it.  

Pour the broccoli slaw, peas, and bean sprouts into a big bowl.  Add chopped yellow and red bell pepper, carrot, red onion, cilantro. Mix everything together.   

Mince the fresh ginger and garlic together.  I just chop em' like a mad woman channeling my inner Iron Chef until it begins to ooze liquid and starts to turn into a paste.  Then, add it to a jar with a lid.  

Put the remaining ingredients for dressing into the jar with the ginger-garlic paste and shake until it becomes a smooth sauce.  Add the dressing to the veggies 1 tablespoon at a time.  You don't want to over dress the coleslaw!  Nothing worse than soggy coleslaw!  Ha!  

I just eyeball it, and test it as I go.  I probably added 4-6 tbsp. of dressing.  I add the mix together, then taste!  

At the very end, give a rough chop to your peanuts then add them to the bowl and mix together!  

Notice I DID NOT ADD SALT!  The fish sauce and Sambol Olelek are full of it, so you do not need to salt this recipe.  

I hope you try this recipe, because it's super yummy!  AND easy to make!
Add your favorite meat to it, and it's a meal that's low calorie and out of bounds tasty!  

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04/01/2013 11:25AM
Asian Coleslaw with Ginger-Peanut Butter Dressing
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