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30 Day Plank Challenge

One of my listeners, Danielle Schooler of Burlington, put out a challenge on Facebook and I accepted!  

It's the 30 Day Plank Challenge!  

This graphic outlines how you get started and what to do everyday.  Don't worry if you haven't started yet, just start from Day 1 and move as the days pass!  


So, I started that night.  It was two nights ago.  Let me preface this by saying, I do not work out on a regular basis.  So this is couch to planking for me!  It's a starting point, and I'm hoping to add squats and other things to this as time goes along.  

This is for someone who is going from ZERO to exercising!  

Yes, I teach line dancing and dance A LOT, take the stairs everyday, go for long walks, but I don't focus my energy specifically on exercise.  

I challenge you to try it with me.  It only takes 20 seconds to start!  You can so do this!  And, if we hold each other accountable and check in everyday to see if we've done our "planks", I think we can get to the end of this month and beyond healthier and happier!  

I even asked my FBP if he would do this with me, and he said yes!  Challenge your entire family to get involved!  Have the kids make a contest out of it to see who can hold their plank the longest.   

Here's my plank last night: 

I'm a beginner here, so my form is not perfect.  I need to put my feet closer together, and it looks like I need to drop my shoulders a bit.  But like I said, this is just the start!  

The first 20 seconds were a little tough, but it wasn't outrageously tough.  My core is weak, but I want to make it strong!

Will you do this with me?  

30 Day Plank Challenge!  Let's go y'all! 

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04/03/2013 10:40AM
30 Day Plank Challenge
Please Enter Your Comments Below
04/03/2013 11:25AM
And that is pretty good form keep it up! - Alex, Kirkland X Gym
04/03/2013 11:52AM
30 Day Plank Challenge
Nice DeeLee! i am in, did mine 2 nights now too! - Alice, Snohomish
04/03/2013 12:01PM
Im in!
04/03/2013 12:07PM
I am in looks like a grab core exercise
04/03/2013 12:30PM
I learned about planking just recently as well, and I think that since today is the third, I will need to catch up so I will be doing mine a little longer for the next few days to "catch up" :) Lets git er dun!!! :)
04/03/2013 1:53PM
lets do it
I'm in, let's do
04/03/2013 2:29PM
So, what is the correct form for doing planks?
04/03/2013 2:31PM
What is the correct form for doing planks?
04/03/2013 2:32PM
Sorry about the double entry
04/03/2013 4:38PM
I'm in :)
05/06/2013 3:13PM
So you just do it once everyday?
05/06/2013 7:38PM
What would you suggest for to maintain after the 30 day challenge?
07/05/2013 12:11PM
What's your status?
Do you have tighter core? It's now July. Are you still doing planks?
11/13/2013 3:11PM
Danielle Schooler
Thank you for this! My 10 year old son is doing this with me!
01/12/2014 1:47PM
tanya pauly
So u just do that for 2014-45sec.? Thats it
02/13/2014 7:39AM
I am starting today I'm excited
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